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Yeah. Not really worth getting a PS4 just for PS VR but if you have a PS4 already and want to expand your gaming experiences, definitely recommend it.

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I tried the demo and was extremely disappointed and got super sick with it. The way that you turn in that game made it one of my worst PS VR experiences unfortunately. Try the demo that comes with the demo disc and judge for yourself though.

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It's a good game. It's right up there with Batman Arkham VR for me. At least Eagle Flight has more replay value and multiplayer.

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How do you like it on PC?

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Yeah. It's definitely not something I'd go out of my way to try but it looks good enough that I'd try it if it went on sale or something.

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@IamTylerDurden136m Bingo. I don't play fighters or competitive FPS' so I really don't care. I saw that input lag was worse than other TV's with the OLED's but since it really only matters to those type of gamers, I didn't care. I got the OLED and it's the best freaking TV I've ever laid my eyes on.

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Can't wait to play but this is an old trailer.

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Funnily enough, Rigs is the only game that made me feel sick out of about 9 other PS VR games I have.

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Full game experiences like SportsBar VR? EVE Valkyrie? Rigs? Resident Evil 7? Bound? Farpoint? Ace Combat 7? Robinson: The Journey? Gran Turismo Sport? Final Fantasy XIV? Project Cars?

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We are getting a Western localization of Yakuza 0 next year for sure and I believe I heard something about Yakuza 6 I just need to find my source again. But at the very least, if a bunch of people support 0, then we're more likely to get 6.

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He never said that. In fact he said nobody will ever cross paths and it's not a multiplayer game.

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I need to get another navigation controller for Farpoint

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Yeah. North American PSN will have games from $9.99 USD to $59.99 USD according to the PlayStation E3 press release.

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Final Fantasy 11, Final Fantasy 14, Pure Chess, Portal 2, DC Universe Online, Paragon, Street Fighter V, Rocket League, Monster Hunter, EVE, etc. There are several games that have been crossplay on PlayStation platforms for ages. It's up to the dev but Sony has had their networks open for a while.

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Obviously. Only third party games would be crossplay. You're not going to see Halo on PS4 or Uncharted on Xbox ... ever.

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Only game-based movies that I enjoyed so far were Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (pretty good animation) and the Tomb Raider movies (which were mediocre, really). Prince of Persia and the Hitman movies weren't bad either.

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Destiny is a rip off. The so-called expansions we have had so far were all locked on the disc and you had to pay at least $40 extra beyond the game's $60 price to access that content that should have been in the full game.

The tiny bit of story that was in the game is cut short because it's all locked behind a pay gate - the DLC.

The Taken King seems to be the only real expansion that Destiny is getting. It should have be...

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You say PS+ for PS3 is way more value? You have one PS+ sub that works across all platforms. It's a great value for me. I get games for my Vita, PS4, and PS3 each month plus other benefits. Online is still free to access on PS3 and Vita.

I understand why it's being charged for PS4. People always compare XBL to PSN. XBL has been charging for their network a lot longer than PSN, so it better be of superior quality. Sony just started charging recently, so it takes time ...

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It was on the show floor. There just wasn't a playable demo on the show floor.

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