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"Realistic physics in games will never catch on. Lara Croft would keep falling over forwards."


Alien/Aliens nerd here. Ripley did have a daughter (in a deleted scene from Aliens). And in Aliens, the script talks about the "*shuttle's* flight recorder", not the Nostromo's.

And the Alien script has the Nostromo underway back to Earth before Kane wakes up and has his last meal. So if *its* flight recorder survived, it'd be somewhere other than LV-426.

If you want to get *really* geeky, you can guesstimate the Nostromo's speed (th... #5.3
Actually, OpenGL already had features along the lines of Mantle and DirectX 12 when they were released. But yes, competition is good! #1.2
Being good's always been tougher in the Infamous series. You have to worry about civilians. That made powers like "Thunder Drop" only rarely useful. As evil, you could just blow everything up, or even use civilians as a source of energy.

I always did two playthroughs - Good/Normal, and Evil/Hard, for that very reason. #4
I always do a Good/Normal playthrough, then an Evil/Hard. It's easier when you're evil and don't have to worry about roasting civilians. #2.2
I recall back when the PS3 and 360 were new, the fanboy wars over how multiplat games looked worse on the PS3. (For some reason the Ghostbusters video game seemed to be incredibly important for a while.)

It never made me regret getting a PS3. I mostly went for the exclusive games anyway. It'll be pretty much the same with the Xbone. It *does* have some features the PS4 doesn't have (Kinect, HDMI pass-through, etc.) that make it a somewhat better media center than the... #10
I've been replaying I1. It's good, but some parts of it can be a slog. A couple tips - get Induction Yield ASAP. Don't be afraid to take the high ground; it's easy to get swamped on the ground. (And in the boss battles, if you're good, use the rockets; if playing evil use Arc Lightning.) And if you're going for trophies, PM me for a couple tips.

I2 smooths things out a lot. Just tons of little improvements that add up to a much more polished game. And... #1.3
If there were a buffer overflow or similar security problem in the Blu-Ray code, then people could potentially stick in a specially-crafted BD-R and hack the console. Companies often call such bugs 'stability-related' rather than security-related so as not to draw attention to the problem.

It's even sort-of-true, in the sense that if you don't abuse the bug correctly you'll crash the machine. Sometimes that's how they are found, some dodgy but legitima... #2.3.1
The user-generated content was an interesting way to address the side-quest issue. It didn't entirely work... but it *could* have. The main issue was that it was too hard to find the good ones. (Yes, there really were good ones.)

SP needed to *curate* the missions. They needed somebody playing the missions, and highlighting the good ones - *every week*, not just every few months. And it needed to be easy to find those choice picks *in game*. #13.1
I found it challenging, not 'a pain', myself. You weren't invincible, you had to pay attention to what was going on, but if you applied some strategy, and were willing to retreat once in a while to regroup and heal, it was fun.

Tough enough to keep your attention, but not so tough it was unfair. In I1 I ran into some cheap kills, but in I2 when I died, I could usually identify what mistake I'd made.

Really curious to see what they do with comb... #7.1
Yeah, I'm replaying Infamous 1 and enjoying it, but it points out how much the graphics jumped between 1 and 2, not to mention how the gameplay was smoothed out.

Sucker Punch has a history of that, of course. The Sly Cooper games got steadily better, too. #4.3
Even if you buy into the whole "war" scheme - which is pretty iffy anyway - it's kinda early to call a 'winner'. The PS3 started off wobbly last gen but steadily improved and its sales caught up to the 360 (and neither one matched the sales of the Wii).

(And I'm saying that as a mild Playstation fan. Microsoft won't just sit around and let the Xbox One languish.) #15
The gamepad is the Wii U's key differentiator. (Yes, Xbone has SmartGlass and the PS4 has Remote Play but they are not a part of the base system a developer can just assume.) Nintendo *should* be emphasizing the hell out of it... #3
It did, for several months. You missed out. I1 had some rough spots but I had a great time with it, first game I ever Platinumed. I2 gave a big jump to the visuals, and smoothed out practically all the issues with I1.

I:SS is pretty much a system-seller for me, it's why I want a PS4. #6.1
@MestreRothN4G - Actually, when it comes to movie-based games, Alien/Aliens has done better than most. Though I haven't played it, the original Jaguar game is still praised.

I *have* played AvP (1999) and AvP2 (2001), and they were good. Not ten out of ten, but good. I still fire them up once in a while. Even the latest AvP game got decent, though not amazing, reviews.

Compare that to the majority of movie tie-in games.

I agree that I'... #2.1.2
I agree that "hyped" is premature, but "interested" seems fair. #3.2
Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation fame) explained in detail why "First Person Platforming" is a bad fit here: http://www.escapistmagazine...

Basically, "When gameplay is based around acquiring an accurate line of sight, as it is in shooters, first person is ideal... Precision platforming, contrarily, is gameplay based entirely around k... #9.2
Well, it matters in the sense that, just as Alien was a different genre of movie from Aliens (horror vs. action), this game is intended to be a different genre from A:COM (survival horror vs. FPS). It's most emphatically not a shooter.

Hopefully it also differentiates itself by having, y'know, some kind of quality. We'll see. #1.1
I can see several ways of changing things up. For example, just like in the film, an android programmed to come after you. Also, environmental hazards - you have to repair the life-support system, quickly, before it fails completely.

And something I realized last night. There's a crafting system of some kind, according to the articles. Well, I'd bet you can eventually, in the later stages of the game, craft a flamethrower unit like in the film. And now you've got... #1.4
Who says it's only the Alien you have to worry about? I can think of at least two other hazards - life support failures that have to be repaired quickly, and an android/"synthetic" not programmed with your best interests at heart. #3.2
And just a week ago there was this article about how under-the-ocean was underused as a setting in video games: #3
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