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"Realistic physics in games will never catch on. Lara Croft would keep falling over forwards."


@Godmars - No, they actually *are* that severe:

Knives and genitals, right there. #2.1.3
Here's the problem. The threats and a lot of the language of the gg types undermines that. Like the people who claim the Civil War was about state's rights, not slavery.

Especially because even a biased game review doesn't justify rape and death threats. It betrays a certain lack of perspective. #3.1
Who's getting threats from 'feminists'? I see people claim that, but I don't actually see examples. Kinda like how weev claimed Kathy Sierra sent out DMCA takedowns, and yet no one can actually produce any... #1.2
"You won't acknowledge my good argument, so I'll threaten to cut your genitals with a knife then kill you"? #2.1
"And us men will not take kindly to women stepping in and telling us that we are gaming 'wrong'."

The problem is, there's a real different between "not taking kindly" to criticism, and *death threats*. Feel free to protest if you think criticism unfounded. "Ain't the same league, ain't the same ballpark, ain't even the same $&#*in' sport."

See, here's the thing. Some women object that the games... #13.1.2
Well, "name calling, harassment, false threats" definitely seem more intensely aimed at women.

But that's not actually relevant - I didn't say "demanding the threats and harassment *against women* stop", I said "demanding the threats and harassment stop", period. Includes men, children, and underage squid.

If "it's the internet bad shit does happen", then maybe the internet needs to change? Why is it conside... #1.1.2
Hold up. Now there are lots of women interested in games, and rather than make games that they would *want* to spend hundreds of dollars on, you think the best decision is to make games that actively discourage that?

How is that in any way good business sense?

"The backlash will only get stronger and more disgusting when you try to snatch that toy from that boy."

And gamergate isn't about harassing women. Stay classy there. #13.1
Well then maybe people should start demanding the threats and harassment stop?

If you don't want her getting attention, and the harassment is what's getting her the attention... seems pretty straightforward. #1.1
List of men hounded out of their homes in the "gamergate" mess? #5.2
Sorry, still: What?

What exactly, in your mind, brings *rape and death threats* 'upon yourself'?

Look, if you resist a mugger, they may well get angry and shoot you. That doesn't mean the mugger is in any way rational or justified!

Some gamers are upset with certain reviewers giving Alien:Isolation a low score. Does that mean that if those reviewers get death threats, they 'brought it on themselves'? Or does it mean there... #7.1.2
"Lets blame the gamers for the hate and atmosphere of intimidation the media itself has generated."

Wait, what? Who in the media is sending rape and death threats? #7.1
They threatened to rape you before killing you? #3.2
You feel attacked... because someone pointed out that people *are* demonstrably attacking others?

If the "TROLLS" are giving your group a bad name - what are you doing about it? #1.4
Lots of things have to be rethought for 3D, and VR just makes it more complicated.

Like transitions between scenes. Notice that things like dissolves and cross-fades have become far less common, especially in big-budget effects movies? It's all jump-cuts now.

Because a cross-fade in 3D doesn't work. Last time I saw anyone try was in one of the early 3D IMAX films in the mid-90's. Trying to figure out what to focus on, as one scene faded out and th... #1
Seems like hardly any difference beyond some shadows. #2
I'm actually curious about what the game looks like on a PS3. I wouldn't actually *buy* it for PS3, of course. Unless it was $2 in a discount bin, for grins. I'll pick it up for PC, probably.

Still, I wonder how much of the experience they managed to squeeze into 256MB of RAM... #12
Or maybe instead of shutting down people who say things you don't like, you could try to fund or even start outlets that say things you do like? I mean, if you're right about the corruption, then a better, non-corrupt venue should wind up more popular, right? #7.2
Wait, this claims says that "[A QA guy] reminded me that the game is entirely randomised, not just the Alien itself but the whole layout of the station is different every time you play it."

Now that's the first I've heard *that*. I assume he means in terms of where androids and other people are... I don't think they are dynamically generating rooms and corridors, right? #1
Yeah, Sega burned up a whole lot of credibility with the whole Colonial Marines fiasco. Almost everything I've seen points to this being a good game... but then again, there was that lying Colonial Marines preview.

So I'll wait for reviews. Until then, if Sega said the sun was rising in the east, I'd still go to the window to check. #3.1
Dammit, I want to be cautious about this game, but all the stuff I've read screams "loving care and attention to detail". #1
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