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"Realistic physics in games will never catch on. Lara Croft would keep falling over forwards."


I just remember they gave Alien: Isolation a 5.9 and Terminator: Salvation a 6.3. Whatever criteria they're using, it doesn't match mine.

That said... Mad Max looks interesting. Might pick it up eventually, but Just Cause 3 first. #23.1
TDP isn't a huge concern in the gaming PC environment. (If it were, nobody would bother with SLI.)

AMD's issues have mostly to do with drivers. Their drivers have been... problematic for Windows. And I like to run Linux, and only use Windows for games. (Though less of that, lately.) AMD's Linux support has been lackluster at best.

Nvidia's Linux support has been quite good, on the other hand. So I've only ever considered Nvidia hardware fo... #1.2
Really well done in almost every respect - AI, graphics, level design, just the look of the station. Some people complained about pacing, but I thought they captured the feel of the original movie quite well even in the pacing. #1
Yeah, JC2 is pretty cheap now. Give it a try, if you like it, you'll know you'll love JC3. #8.1.2
Of course, it's not like these are *new* Windows installs. They're just updates to the latest version of Windows. So, yeah, "duh". But things are changing.

Borderlands 2, Shadow of Mordor, Metro 2033 & Last Light - playing on Linux. Even Arkham Knight is announced for Linux. Companies are porting majr games *already*.

And then there's the big deal - the new Vulkan API. Even closer to the metal than DirectX 12. Vulkan drivers will be... #10.1
There was perhaps a bit too much padding, but I wouldn't say the second half was superfluous. Maybe the game should have been 75% of its actual length. The later portion where you don't have to worry about the Alien - I found it refreshing. You could use techniques that weren't possible before.

And the portion where the author claims things were scripted... I didn't experience that. I had to reload a couple times and things happened differently each time. The... #2
Yeah, it's running all right on my system - also i7-2600K, 16GB RAM, but GTX 970. Haven't gotten too far but no glitches yet.

I wonder if they just managed to get it working, and ran out of time to actually optimize it? #2.1
Tron 2.0 was a better sequel for the original movie than Tron Legacy. I'd love a sequel to that game. #2
Just downloaded it last night from the same deal. Ran okay for an hour or so. We'll see how it behaves after the first challenge mission... #9.1
Don't get me wrong, HZD looks exceptionally promising, and I will be following it closely. But one early trailer, however awesome, doesn't make a game a must-buy.

Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I don't see any warning signs of that happening here yet. I just need more than an impressive trailer, that's all. #4
I think your *trolling* is a little lazy. :-) #1.4
As I understand it, Vulkan (the successor to OpenGL) borrows heavily from Mantle. So while there aren't Mantle games *yet*, there effectively will be, probably sometime next year.

And the simpler drivers for Vulkan will help AMD out tremendously, too. I'm actually hoping they get their Linux support in order. #5.2
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I liked Penny Arcade's take: "Minimum system requirements: Skynet. Recommended system requirements: Two Skynets." #11
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Well, they brought some harshness upon themselves from "Aliens: Colonial Marines". Though from what I understand, that wasn't entirely their fault - Gearbox flat-out lied to them about plans and milestones and such.

Too bad. Alien: Isolation was really, really good. Especially as a multiplat, it deserves more sales than that. #1
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I'd like to get a new video card this year, so I'm ready for the Oculus... but I don't have an infinite budget. The GTX 970 looks to be the best thing I could afford. But I'm wondering if it's really going to be enough to drive the consumer Rift? #7
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I do Nvidia mostly because I run Linux a lot, and Nvidia has much better Linux drivers. But I really want some competition in the market, and if AMD can get better drivers, I'm in.

Possibly the new Vulkan API will help. Supposed to be *much* simpler drivers necessary for that. #3.2
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My non-gamer father is looking to play some racing games - not serious simulators, just fun stuff. *Is* there an affordable wheel-and-pedal set out there, in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks? #1
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Just finished it last week. And if I can do it, anyone can. 23 hours total, but most do it quicker. One thing that helped me - a well placed Molotov or pipe bomb can save a lot of flamethrower fuel. And don't crouch all the time; don't run of course, but a steady walk, whenever possible, gets you through areas quick. #1.3
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This will be very important for the Steam Machines. It might actually make them viable.

Game devs already have to make their engines target at least PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And for PC, they usually have to do multiple tweaks for AMD and Nvidia. An engine that can target Vulkan can be easily ported to other systems.

In particular, Linux. And Valve has already announced the Source 2 engine will support Vulkan and work well on Linux. At that point, a Linux port b... #7
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Yeah, the PS3 version is supposed to have significant framerate issues. Nex-gen consoles or PC are very nice, though.

I've been playing on PC but I'm thinking about maybe getting a PS3 version when I find it in a discount bin, just to compare. #22.1
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