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"Realistic physics in games will never catch on. Lara Croft would keep falling over forwards."


This will be very important for the Steam Machines. It might actually make them viable.

Game devs already have to make their engines target at least PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And for PC, they usually have to do multiple tweaks for AMD and Nvidia. An engine that can target Vulkan can be easily ported to other systems.

In particular, Linux. And Valve has already announced the Source 2 engine will support Vulkan and work well on Linux. At that point, a Linux port b... #7
Yeah, the PS3 version is supposed to have significant framerate issues. Nex-gen consoles or PC are very nice, though.

I've been playing on PC but I'm thinking about maybe getting a PS3 version when I find it in a discount bin, just to compare. #22.1
VR is going to allow revolutionary ways of interacting with computers and data.

This is not one of those ways. #1
Got one for my original fat PS3, and then another for the Slim that replaced it. Very handy to be able to charge multiple controllers, while having the Eye plugged in.

The PS3 version even has a card reader in it, SD and MS. Very useful to move media files around. #4
I'm stuck because my PC controller broke. I'm not going to retrain for mouse and keyboard, so until I can fix it or get a new one... #14
Really plays well on the PC. Incredibly smooth, and still looks really good, even with just a 560 Ti. I can imagine with a serious card it could be this impressive. #7
My problem is I was planning on jumping to a new card this year, to get ready for the retail Oculus Rift. Displaying two high-res game images is going to be VRAM-intensive, so I wanted a 4GB card.

Now I'm really not sure if I want a 970. #4.2.1
Does there exist a decent wheel set for PC in the neighborhood of $100? #3
Sure, that 512MB is there. It's just *much* slower to access than the rest of the VRAM. As in, three to eight *times* slower. That's more like having 3.5GB of RAM, plus 512MB of L2 cache or something. Check the numbers - drops from 150GB/sec to 46GB/sec, all the way down to *19* GB/sec.

No one's saying that memory is "off limits permanently". But VRAM is supposed to be immediately accessible to the GPU, and this memory... isn't. So it's memory, b... #1.2.1
Actually, you should try to move uncrouched as much as possible; the longer you're in an area, the more the Alien will zero in on you. Save crouching for when you know there's a threat, and running for that last-ditch chance when you know you're spotted and *maybe* you can get to that door... #16.1
Sure, the car holds 20 gallons. The tank holds 15 gallons, and there are five 1-gsllon cans in the trunk. Sure, actually *using* those last five gallons is slow, but there's 20 gallons. What are you complaining about? #1
@Foxtrot - Actually, it was special (especially for survival horror) in that the alien was unpredictable. No set routes, no 'trial and error to determine the golden path' BS. And the 'set design', the way they nailed the look of the first movie, is quite rare even in licensed properties. So that's two special things right there.

Did it excel in *every* area? No, of course not. I'm not sure any game ever did. But it's not just 'good for a movie... #5.1.2
I can very seldom justify $60 for a game, especially not *every* game I buy. That said, I *do* try to spend extra on games that I'm pretty sure I'll like, because that's the most useful incentive for developers.

Accolades are nice, I'm sure, but if a game isn't profitable, there won't be more like it. So when I saw that CA was putting such care and attention into this project, and taking actual chances with unusual game mechanics, I knew I wanted to en... #7.1.1
If it's not important, why aren't the proportions approximately 50/50 male/female? #1.2
Gee, I dunno if the PS3 can handle Duke Nukem. I mean, it took a 486/66MHz with 16MB of RAM to really handle it back in the day. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

In any case, it's worth it for people to play it today, just to see how far ahead of its time it was. As Tycho of Penny Arcade said: "I shot Gabriel once with a shrink ray, and he used his jetpack to fly out the window like an insect. Fifteen years ago. Still talking about it, about scenarios that to this d... #3
Paid half price just before the holidays. Loving it. If it were a movie it'd win awards for set design. Amazing setting, pacing, everything. They deserve to make plenty of money off this.

Seriously, tell developers you want them to care about the games they make, show some passion, take risks. Money is a great language to express those sentiments. #5
"The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time." —Tom Cargill, Bell Labs #4
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The graphics look quite nice. Don't really care about the graphics that much, really. I've got JC2 on the PC, but I mostly play it on my PS3. Still go back to it sometimes, it's a ridiculously fun sandbox. If they just give you more to do, that's cool with me. Nice graphics are just icing at that point. #2.3
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This reviewer went in expecting Fantasia and got Phantasm. Not all games are - or should be - happy power fantasies. #1.5
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@sin7279: Let's check with real developers for a second.

PS4/XBox One games like Alien: Isolation and Far Cry 4 are running at 30fps; on PC, they can run at 60fps or better. (I'm running a GF 560 Ti from more than two years ago, and I'm getting 60fps solid with Alien: Isolation.)

To do real 3D, you need to get 30fps minimum to both eyes, which means 60fps total. That's *minimum*. Ideally you want 60fps to both eyes, so that's 120fps.
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