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Actually the quote doesn't hold up at all. It's been proven wrong thousands of times already. I even have a AMD 280 which is 3.34tf which has proven that statement wrong on every game I've played with it. Every single game I've played with my 280 which is less than twice as powerful than a ps4 has not only run at a higher fps but it's also had much better graphics while doing so. If that quote was true then that would not be the case.

@yetter below

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You should really let go of that statement since it's been proven wrong on about 10000 different occasions. Might have held some truth back when consoles and pcs had vastly different hardware inside them, but now it's completely false. I know this from first hand experience.

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If you think GT is anywhere close to a sim then you obviously have never played a real one. Just because some marketing guy puts it on the box doesn't make it so.


LOL so you admit it's not a sim. At least you agree with me. Simcade does not equal sim. You saying it's physics are at the top of their game just shows you've never played a real sim. Real sims have far far better physics. Go play Iracing, GT Legends, rFactor, or coun...

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They don't. Simple as that. There's far far better developers out there that give us much more innovative and better games. Naughty Dog just does the same old games over and over. Nothing but short linear cinematic tps with average and dumbed down gameplay.

Edit: Hahaha looks like the truth hurts. Inzo I know there history they haven't made anything but short linear cinematic tps with average and dumbed down gameplay for over a decade now. Facts are facts unlike...

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LoL the biggest troll on this site asking for others to be banned. What a joke......Go back to making petitions and port begging. It suits you better.

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Wow that looks really bad. Project Cars looks far better graphically and is also doing far more. A lot of the textures look straight up bad along with the shadows. The lack of good AA is killing the IQ and the half or less reflection fps is jarring. Eurogamer is also reporting that it has a bad framerate as well. Really looks like Project Cars will stay the only racer worth playing on PS4 even after all this time. Disappointing....... Just look at this mess. Looks like they spent too much ti...

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What's worse begging for games or begging for legit reviews to be taken off metacritic? Oh wait it doesn't matter because you ps4 kids do both! Keep on making petitions and begging Spyroo.......

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Seriously at this point all you fanboys should just make a numbered chart with the excuses that you use because it's always the same thing. "you're just jealous" or "you haven't played the game" blagh blagh blagh. Just like Naughty Fraud there's not an original bone in your body. It's just constant copying and repeating things other better people have done before you.

"You look like a moron especially m...

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Uncharted 4 was beat on PC before it was even released so not sure what you're talking about. I find it funny when someone tries to brag about some console exclusive having good graphics because it comes down to the same thing every time. The game is always linear, short, has zero depth. They are not technical marvels or anything they just cut as much gameplay and openness they can to impress young console kids. Lets take a look at all the console games that the fanboys try to brag about....

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Of course it does. ND is well known for stealing and recycling other developers ideas so it should be no surprise they are doing it again. They haven't released a game in well over a decade that wasn't a ripoff of another developers series. Original thought is not one of NDs strong points.

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Must have never played PC games then. Much better looking games there and they don't have to constrain themselves into being linear games with no depth just to get good graphics.

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Always so easy to tell when a person is new to gaming when you hear comments like these.

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Neither since even if you combine them both you have less than a days worth of entertainment. Far better games for cheaper that have exponentially more playable hours.

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New site is a mess. Much much worse than the old style. Why so many scripts? I used to be able to navigate the site without having to mess with my Noscript addon. Now the site has countless useless scripts that do nothing but make it more of a mess to use. Reminds me of Gametrailers years ago when they had a great site then for some useless reason decided to redo the site for the worse. Look what happened to them.......

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Oh yeah nothing even comes close to Star Citizen graphically. Game features 30+ million poly scenes, 4-16k textures, by far the most advanced character models in a game, and every other advanced graphical effect known to man. It'll be a long time before another game tries to match what Star Citizen is doing.

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No it does not. None of them do.

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One of the worst written articles I've ever read on this site. I guess they think Google Cardboard made a mockery out of Sony then since quality and specs aren't considered by the articles writer. OSVR also made a mockery out of Sony far greater than Sony did to the others since they are releasing a headset with the same specs for $100 cheaper. Seriously horrible article that makes no sense at all.

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Well deserved. Game is shaping up amazing. Best graphics ever in a game and a crazy scope.

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"SFV filled with cheater as well in PC"

"SFV already proven cheater only on PC not ps4"

Oh and I'm gonna need some proof of those statements because I see nothing about cheaters in SF5 other than the rage quitters and that's on both platforms. Can't find a single thing on the net about the PC version having cheaters.

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"how you cheat on ps4 or xbone if it's not hacked yet??


By having things client side. Just look at Diablo 3 on consoles it's a cheating mess because your characters are stored client side. From what people discovered in the PC beta is that a lot of the information was stored locally which it more than likely is also on consoles. Leaves it open to manipulation regardless of platform.


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