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Who cares what MS has done either? I'm not loyal to one brand like you. Sorry to hurt your feelings by telling the truth about Sony, but maybe be mad at them instead of taking it out on me.

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Cinematic tps #245552454346-32424246 *yawn* innovation isn't Sonys strong point is it? Guessing there's almost 1 full weekend of gameplay if you combine all 3 of those together. Sadly most of that will consist of bad QTEs.

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Uhh GT is simcade and always has been. If you want a real sim go play raceroom or iracing. They do laps around all 3 of those games in the sim department.

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Uhh there's a lot of reason this game would never be 60fps on a regular ps4. Name another game where you can have 100s of dinos on the screen at once along with all the physics, particles, tessellation, etc. Lucky the ps4 can even run this game.

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I watch enough and yeah it was not a good one. I liked MS more the day before. They had a much nicer variety of games shown and not just third person action game #14343346-#3254346547. Innovation is definitely not one of Sonys strong points.

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Must have watched a different conference than me then because Sonys was boring as hell and full of games we'll be seeing again at next years E3. Definitely wasn't far and away the best. One of the worst Ive seen in years.

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Wow looks far better than the original. Not surprised though since it's a much better engine.

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Microsoft gave Nintendo Minecraft so I don't see why Nintendo can't give them Bayo 2.

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The Pro isn't powerful enough for it. Pretty easy question to answer.

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Bungie already said it was because of the weak cpu in the Pro. It's pretty easy to see and understand why.

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Yes they are Anzil. You obviously know even less than I thought. Also doesn't matter what kind of service it is.
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You obviously don't know much about the game. That was easy to figure out since you're one of the biggest ps4 fanboys this site has ever seen. Do some research before posting about subjects you don't know anything about.

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Yeah don't have to buy one of those garbage ps4s either since those games are coming to psnow which is on PC. Great to see so many games that used to be exclusive on PC now.

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Wow you really have absolutely no clue about any of what you're saying do you.........

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Really? There's a lot of proof otherwise this gen. Of course you don't want to hear that being the Sony fanboy you are.

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It's the most ambitious, graphically intensive game ever created. How long do you think something on that scale should take? Far far far less games have taken 5+ years to make.

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haha I love the crying Sony fanboys disagreeing with 100% FACTS!

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Those things are way too niche to matter.

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Sunjective just like yours. Cept you worded it like you were talking for everyone which you definitely are not. The thing is an absolute beast compared to the competition.

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Why not Sony has been doing well with just generic linear action games for awhile now.

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