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Ummm ok. Still doesn't change the fact that it runs smooth as silk on a 970 and below on ultra textures. All sorts of people on that thread with benchmarks with them enabled on 3gb-4gb cards getting really high framerates maxxed out. #5.3.2
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You're fine. It doesn't require 6gb vram for ultra textures.

Runs like a dream even on cards with 3gb vram maxxed out. #7.1
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It's plenty bienio. You don't need 6gb vram for this game. Look at the link below to see it runs like a dream maxxed out on a 970 and many cards below 970 specs. The vram requirement was a lie. #5.3
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All you have to do is check uth11 comment history to see he comes to ever single PC article and spreads his total nonsense. He's nothing but a jealous little mouse. If he actually knew what he was talking about maybe people would actually believe him.

"PCs on the other hand have gotten worse. Windows got more complex and there are all kinds of driver conflicts, bugs, malware, hardware fragmentation, and more that would more and more cause issues."
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"i dont mean to sound rude or anything but considering my $400 ps4 runs this game as good as high end pcs"

hahaha No it doesn't. A high end PC will be running this at 1440p+ with better textures,aa,af,framerate etc at the very least. Setting just not possible on any console. You need to learn more about technology it seems.


I want whatever you're smoking because it has made you completely clu... #5.1.5
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"DC seems like it offers much more, technically and feature-wise"

Not sure where you get that idea. DC is a simple arcade racer where Project Cars is a sim. Project Cars also features more cars,tracks,way better physics, almost 3x the online players in a race, actual destruction, 60 fps, VR support, etc etc etc. I'm trying to think of one feature that DC has that Project Cars doesn't, but I'm drawing a blank. You also shouldn't... #16
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No you haven't. Just looking at your comments proves that easily enough. You know absolutely nothing about PC gaming and constantly cry about things that just aren't true about it. You're not fooling anyone you troll. Try to use your last troll bubble better than your first two.


So you really going to compare a the 20 fps Thief with a game that was running at a higher resolution and better framerate than most conso... #4.1.3
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Not like you would know. You are nothing more than a console fanboy troll who is jealous of PC. Funny thing is I have yet to play a console game this gen that didn't have plenty of bugs. Everything from Destiny to Last of Us. Sadly all you guys can do is sit and wait to see if they get fixed which they don't most of the time. Just look at Thief PS4 and Skyrim PS3. Those games are an absolute mess and they'll never be fixed. Both of which run like a dream on PC :) #4.1
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Well looks like I was 100% right about all this. Tested the demo last night on my 6+ year old backup PC and it ran a smooth 100+ fps at 1080p. So much for this game being "unoptimized" as you guys swore it was. Next time maybe have an idea of what you're talking about before posting your nonsense. #1.1.5
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How do any of you know how it runs on lesser hardware? You all seem to be talking out your a#& about things you have no clue about. I've seen no proof that the game is unoptimized at all. Ever game "recommends" stuff like 8gb these days, but it doesn't mean it needs those requirements to run well. My comment is 100%(I can use 100% also) valid still. It's a sports game which, like every other spots game before it, will probably run great on all sorts of hardware.
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Sounds like you didn't read the requirements since it only takes a 6 year old PC to run the game. It doesn't take 8gb to run the game it only takes 4gb. So of course my statement stands.

"6 years? Even as a joke that makes no sense."

Maybe if you actually read articles instead of just reading the article titles and commenting it'd make more sense to you. Being n4g though I can't say I'm surprised. #1.1.2
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Requiring a PC that over 6 years old is what you call unoptimised? #1.1
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I think you're looking at the chart wrong. A 980 is 19% jump from a 780 for the same or less price. Think you're looking at the 780ti which is a $700 card. #8.1
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You'd think with no games to play you ps4 fanboys could actually come up with something original to post. Thanks for proving the opposite. Only 6 more months till your next 8 hour linear tps with no replay value at all. Have a fun wait :) #15.1
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Weird cause it's running fine for people over on gaf.

Seems it can chug a bit during cutscenes, but it's still running much better than the Xbox1 version and at much higher settings. #5
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Well then you're not looking hard enough. If you can't see ps4fanboy is nothing more than a bad troll then you need to go see an eye doctor bad. Not surprised since you're an obvious ps4 fanboy also. Next time try to be a bit more original. Individual thought was never a trait you ps4 guys were known for though. Crawl back into your hole. #3.2.2
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I'll take gafs opinions over a two bubble troll on n4g named ps4fanboy any day of the week. You sound mad because they probably banned you long ago for being the true fanboy troll that you are. Back to posting on gaf where most of you trolls are banned from :) #3.2
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That didn't stop anyone from modding the NBA games from the same developer. A lot of games don't "allow" mods, but still get modded to hell and back. #3.1.1
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You can get 60fps in the beta pretty easily. Also they said the final game will be optimized for 60fps on PC. #2.1
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Star Citizen uses cryengine and it puts that simple linear short tight corridor tps to shame graphically. It also does it without having to sacrifice gameplay, framerate, resolution and player freedom which makes it even more impressive. #22.1
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