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Why is it ridiculous that having better graphics/performance requires more power? It's not like it requires a 980ti to run at xbox one settings. #25.1
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So during the Steam winter sale I bought games like GTA5, Subnautica, Darkest Dungeon, The Metro bundle, etc, etc, etc. After a few days I finally booted this game up quick to see what it was about and I haven't stopped playing it since. All the other games I've bought have been on my backburner and have yet to be played. A seriously great game that all you PS people should buy. The devs are working on the sequel now. #1
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It's been out for almost 2 years. #1.1.1
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Yeah as much as you'd like to try to convince everyone that all PC games are a buggy mess full of cheaters and such your whole post is easily proved wrong just by linking the Division beta bug forums for consoles.

The only re... #4.1
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That's a stupid thing to say. Especially since he's loving all the money he's making off the PC version. He'd make far less if it was an exclusive.


The Witness is still hangin' out on the Steam top 10 with the brand new AAA games (it is the only non-AAA in the top 10 right now!)

It's also selling the around the same as the ps4 version.

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@... #28.3
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Not sure what that has to do with what I said. Unless you don't think good SF5 players won't get wrecked by someone using elaborate macros. Well then you've never played against a macro player. #4.4.4
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I guess you don't realize that it's cross play do you. Have fun losing to the PC players with macros :) #4.4.2
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ac·cou·tre·ment : additional items of dress or equipment, or other items carried or worn by a person or used for a particular activity.

Not gonna lie this is the very first time I've ever had to look up a word on N4G. #1
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I will when you stop trolling. Yeah I know your agenda brah. #12.1.2
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Compared to your console version you bet your life there's a lot to brag about. #12.1
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Not sure where you get that from. Already hundreds of games that support the Rift and many many more coming. By far the best support out of any of the VR headsets. #4.2
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Sounds like someone who has never played games on PC. Looking at your ps4 fanboy comments confirms my first sentence as fact. #3.2.6
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There was no console optimization that isn't also on PC. Were you running it on PC at the same settings with a comparable rig? You'd have to run the PC version at less than 720p and practically every setting at it's lowest to match the Xbox version. Although from what I've seen it seems a few of the Xbox settings are far lower than even the lowest of PC settings. #3.1.3
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Why would I sit here and list 50 games? It's easy to just go to google and see all the games that support the Rift. You do know how to use a search engine don't you? Fact is that it has exponentially more games and support than any other vr set. Of course gamestop is telling lies about the psvr lineup though since they'll sell it there and won't be selling the Rift. Of course I'm sure you'll discount all the Rift games because of "reasons" and to push your ow... #11.1.2
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Uhhh no it doesn't. That's the Rift and it's not even close. It already has hundreds of great games for it. Everything from Doom to GTA5 has rift support. It'll take psvr a decade just to catch up to the amount of great games already on the Rift. #11
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A 970 is not the min for VR. It's the min that Oculus wants for games on the Oculus store. Doom VR isn't just going to magically jump up to a 970 requirement once VR is officially released when it requires far lower now. Many many games don't require anything close to a 970 now for VR. #3.2
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These are real-time screenshots so no place for DC here. All the DC screens you see are from photomode that isn't real-time and adds everything from polys to cars to better IQ with everything in between. #2.3
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"Sure the game is scaled down on the XBO. But even that setting can perform much much worse on PC then the XBO version shown. And that with much more power on the PC."

I haven't seen that at all. I've played it on my old amd 280 with a 7 year old i7 and it runs and looks far better than the Xbox One version and that's at 1080p.

"Then there are games running on XBO and PS4 that looks stunning and that would run like a warm turd on mo... #2.1.5
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Good to know you have ZERO comeback to my post. Not like you could even argue anything I've said anyways since it's 100% complete facts. #2.1.3
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Sorry to disappoint a console fanboy like yourself but the only "magical optimization" I see in the Xbox One version is that they lowered the resolution to 720p(multiple streamers have confirmed this), switched off all forms of AA, and put the settings to low/med. They even removed most of the physics in the game. It also has horrible screen tearing. Game looks and runs much better on my PC. #2.1.1
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