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Yeah people playing it on gaf are complaining about sub 20 fps and bad screen tearing during action.

It's beta though so a lot can change before release. #6.1.2
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haha No it doesn't. These are fake photomode shots and nothing more. Game doesn't look anything like that in real time. Photomode adds all sorts of stuff not possible in real time like soft shadows, much much better IQ, it even swaps out cars models for higher poly ones unless you're in time trial with only one car on the track. #4.2.1
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So where's your pics/vids showing DC looking better than what I posted? Oh that's right they don't exist because DC could never look that good. Which is why you're asking for some compressed vids that hide flaws from DC. It's funny what your fanboy reactions are as soon as I mention that you can't use those fake photomode shots to showoff what DC looks like. You not manning up and posting anything even close to my shots just proves that I'm right.

... #11.2.5
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How about some real time in game screens instead of fake photomode bullshots. #4
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Nope sorry but I'm right. Game just isn't good simple as that.

"No, probably cuz you can't post any car game on PC that looks better than DC."

Please find me some in game shots of DC that looks this good. Photomode shots need not apply since those are fake and not real time. These are all real time shots of Project Cars.

https://farm8... #11.2.2
Sorta like Planetside 2 and Dayz. So many of you console kids begging for those old PC games that I've long forgotten about after playing them for years already. #12.1
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Probably because it's more fun trolling other games than actually playing Driveclub. It's easily one of the worst racers released in recent years which is why it reviewed so bad. No amount of weather can cover up the fundamental flaws that Evolution made with the underlying game. #11.2
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That's not true at all. Windows 10 will be fully usable for as long as you own it without any fees. #2.8.1
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hahahaha you trolls really need to come up with better responses. The whole "he doesn't like it so no way he's ever played it" response is getting old. I know 6 year olds who can think up of more original troll posts. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I've played it plenty. I could go play it this second if I wanted, but fortunately I have many many better racers to play. #1.2.3
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Unmatched at what? Cause I can name countless better racers. Basically any racer that doesn't have braindead rubberband ai that slows down if you crash or speeds up if you're doing good. That's a sin in any racing game.

@Forn below

What's salty about telling the truth? Game is below average at best to anyone who is serious about racing games. Only the diehard ps4 fanboys like yourself living in denial think it's good because you'll de... #1.2
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The braindead rubberbanding ai automatically disqualifies that game. Nothing worse in a racing game than making the ai slow down if you crash to wait for you or speed up and race perfect if you're too far ahead. That's a big no no in any racer. Nothing great or dynamic about it. #2.1
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Got a source of the 70 million active account because I can't find that anywhere. Sony never releases active account numbers. The 110 account number is useless because that's not even close to active. Steam probably has 5x that if we're counting accounts not being used. #9.3
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You should really check your own comments while you're at it. All I see is negative comments about other systems and ps4,ps4,ps4, I love ps4. To answer your question no I don't own a ps4. Does that mean I haven't played driveclub to see it's physics? Nope it doesn't, because I've played it plenty along with every other ps4 exclusive. So the fact remains that your comment about driveclubs car physics being the best you can get in a game... #13.1.4
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You think just because he gets disagrees on n4g that he is wrong igivehugs? Is this your first day here? Driveclubs physics are a joke compared to games like iracing, rfactor, and countless other hardcore sims. Saying Driveclubs physics are as real as you can get couldn't be further from the truth no matter how many people click the meaningless disagree button. #13.1.2
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85% off today! Just picked up the Christmas bundle for $5.24 that has everything heychrisfox suggested along with a few paint jobs. #3.3
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You should go read this then:

As you can clearly see PC had more good exclusives just in 2014 than every other system combined. PC had 45 good exclusives in 2014 compared to a pitiful 4&6 for the ps4 and xbox1. If you're saying the PC lacks decent exclusives then you must think the other systems are a barren waste when it comes t... #14.3
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You're welcome to try to prove me wrong even though I know you can't. Fake photomode shots need not apply. All in game screens:



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Well that's easy it's either Ryse PC or Unity PC. I haven't seen anything close to those two games this year. #4
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I can name just as many console games that have been delayed. Games like Planetside 2, Loadout, Final Fantasy XIV, H1Z1, Don't Starve, Minecraft, Diablo 3, and countless others have all been released on PC with huge console version delays. As you can see every single platform has games that are delayed relative to other platforms. #1.1.2
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I highly disagree with your comment and there is much wrong with it infact.

"No Tomb raider especially on last gen did not look as good as the UC3 or TLOU on last gen"


"not if other devs make linear third person games and you could only find one, Witcher 2 is open world and I give CD projekt credit for great graphics but that is only on PC, witcher 2 on the 360 is easily outshined by UC3 or TLOU&... #2.4.3
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