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I am thankful for my puppy. #164
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Have a source where it sold less than 50k? I'm guessing not since you're just making it up. Even that crappy vgchartz site that only tracks physical sales has it over 630k sold so you must have another source. You must be new to gaming since you're so clueless about PC. Why would anyone torrent an online only game that has to be played through Origin? Please answer my questions don't be scared. #50.1
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What's interesting about PC gamers not buying physical editions of games? PC has been digital for over a decade. #40.1
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No CoD is definitely not a good reference to player base for PC and I'm not sure why you would ever think that. Why would most PC players buy that same old rehashed yearly game when there are much much better alternatives. Only thing that shows is that PC players are much smarter since they know to stay away from that crap. Of course the perfect metric for proving that PC gamers aren't moving to consoles are all the steam user records that just getting bigger an... #4.1.3
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I'd love to hear why you think the player base for Star Citizen is moving to console. Like you're seriously using a CoD game to base your arguments on? Really? Those 2 games couldn't be on further sides of the spectrum. Funny how you skip over the 900k concurrent players that play CS:GO, the 600k+ playing DotA2, or the 8 million concurrent(yeah you heard that right) players of LoL all of which absolutely dwarf any console games. Looks like consoles are losing there players to PC t... #4.1.1
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How did it lose any hype? It's about to break 100 million. You obviously haven't been following the game if you don't think they've released anything official. On top of the playable stuff already out they've released more footage than most games I can think of. They are very open with it's development. A day or two ago they had a big q&a and released all that amazing looking Mark Hamill footage that looked better than any other game out o... #4
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Wow by far the best graphics I've ever seen in a game. That character model is simply unmatched tech wise. Really can't wait for this game. #3
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I would love to have that bank account number that Sony and MS use so they can share all that money from multiplat games. Rumor has it Nintendos name is also on the account. #10.1
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Weird since only one of those games had worse problems on PC than consoles at launch and that game(Batman) has since been patched. Guess you've never played Unity and Blops on console since those games are an absolute mess both having resolution and massive framerate problems on ps4/xbox1. Here's some patched Batman shots that blow away any game out or coming to consoles: #25.1.1
You must think every game in existence looks bad then because this is by far the best looking game around. No other game out or announced even comes close to what Star Citizen is doing. #2.5
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Not sure what you're talking about it works great. Never drops below 60fps at 1080p+. Wish I could say even one of those things were true about the console version...... #3.1
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No actually the console versions have been shown to have drops down in the 30s and have a dynamic resolution that drops far below 1080p. More denials from console gamers I see.

Some quotes from the PS4 version of the game:

"Ugh, just watched the video. Dynamic scaling and constant frame drops, yikes."

"... #2.1.3
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Just as many if not more delayed games on consoles with the PC version out first. #5.1
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No it's great. Much better than the console versions which have huge frame drops and run at a much lower resolution. #2.1
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"What makes you say that? I don't think it'll be big on PC until they cut the peer to peer nonsense."

PC uses dedicated servers. #1.1.2
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I have all those games in the article and Ark is by far the best. Such a great game and updated like crazy. Rust is also shaping up great and is updated like crazy. 7 Days to Die should be in the article. It's also a great game. I've owned both Dayz and Reign of Kings for a long time now, but I just haven't been able to get into them since Ark came out. Let's also not forget about the Forest which has been making great progress. #3
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What you're saying is wrong because not one of those titles is a locked 60fps. Every one of them has frame drops. Source: #18.1.5
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That's nothing Eve has ships that can cost $11,000 or more and has had battles where over $300,000 was lost. These hardcore space games bring out some seriously nutty people :) #2.1
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I'd love to hear how you have come to the conclusion that they've "blown through" 90 million already. I really can't grasp how someone would even think that. You have a source that they've spent every single dime that's been funded to them already? I don't think you know how game development works........ #6.1.4
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Rift isn't $700 with a 980 min and neither is the Vive. Not sure where you're getting your information from. #44.1
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