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Uhh MX9, BF4, Watch Dogs are all much much better ports than the console versions so any issues they have aren't just related to PC. Not sure about Batman and f1 since I haven't played them. I can list many more high profile games that are "disasters" on console than I can on PC. #1.1.2
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A couple bad ports are a drop of mist in a bucket when you have over 1800+ games being released on Steam alone this year. #1.1
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How does one or 2 games change that? I can give you literally thousands of examples of PC games being much much better than the console version. Meanwhile you'd be lucky to use all your fingers on one hand counting the versions of games that are better on consoles over the last couple gens. You seem really insecure about your platform not having the definitive versions of 99.99999% of the games out. #10.1
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Games with the scope and ambition of Star Citizen take a lot of time to make. Weird people can't seem to grasp this simple fact. If this was some linear third person cinematic game or qte movie game these articles might have a point, but this game is well beyond any other game coming out in both graphics and scope. Scenes with 30 million+ polys and every other advanced graphical effect don't make themselves. #9
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What innovative ideas have Naughty Dog come up with? They make nothing but linear cinematic tps. They copy all there gameplay from other games. As far as I can see they haven't done anything new or innovative in well over a decade. #13.1
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The problem with your argument is that we are just counting ACTIVE steam users. If we're going to go by your reasoning then we'd have to count the hundreds of millions of non-active steam users as well and we'd come right back to the same conclusion that Steam is just killing it these days with nothing else coming close. #9.1.5
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Yeah that's not how it works dude......There are these magical things called APIs. #3.4
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"Lol, you have no idea boy, maybe you should play it first"

I have. Funny how you fanboys always try to use that as an excuse for people who don't like your games. Really one of the saddest excuses around these days.

"Driveclub is the best racing game yet this generation, not only because it absolutely destroys every other racing games on a graphics level but also because it is the most FUN to play."
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I think you misread because this articles about a racing game that's actually good. Not that crappy 71 metacritic game with the horrible rubberband ai. Seriously that game makes the Crew look like a top tier racer........ #2.1
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You don't have a gaming rig. Pretty easy to see you only have a little box that isn't even powerful enough to do 16xaf. Have fun waiting for your next mindless linear 8 hour cinematic experience. I think it's called Uninspired 4 or something. #18.1
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Well morpheus better not be waiting for a reply because that's like a freshman band geek trying to talk to the senior star quarterback. #7.2
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Some people have this special skill that lets them do more than one thing they like in there free time. Luckily I also have this skill as I went to my favorite spot in the Everglades today and now I'm about to go play some games. I have a feeling these modders also possess this great power that lets them play the Witcher 3 along with modding it. #2.1
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You're an idiot if you think it requires 4x titans to play this at 4k. No wonder you've lost so many bubbles lately. Here's a hint: Just because someone uses 4x titans to play a game it doesn't mean said games requires 4x titans. Of course you're the troll that keeps trying to convince people that the ps4 is really 3.6 teraflops because of some "hidden power" you think it has. Sounds a lot like a xbox troll I know that has his own website...... #1.1.1
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Same demo much higher settings and framerate on the Oculus. #3.1
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I'd love to hear where you pulled those numbers from. It's like you just made them up.

First console: 1972 Magnavox Odyssey

First PC: 1964 Programma 101

I don't know how anyone could seriously think the first PC wasn't until 1981. Seriously took 2 seconds on google to find that. #4.1.6
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"False false false."

No actually that's true true true. DC online worked fine for most reviewers. It got bad scores because it just wasn't a good game. It's a pretty well known fact at this point that's easily proven by reading the reviews.

Some examples from popular sites: #5.2.4
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Not odd at all Mystic it's a much much much better game than Driveclub. Also Driveclub didn't receive bad scores because of tech issues since most reviewers didn't have any problems at all. DC only had tech issues after most of the reviews were out. #5.2.2
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Just check the wipers. Easy to see that gameplay has less polys than photomode. Also the dashboard. #1.1.3
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Driveclub only uses 250k poly cars in time trial mode. If there's more than 1 car in a race it swaps out for lower poly models like:


Gameplay #1.1
It looks amazing but to be the best it'd be going up against heavyweights like Iracing, Rfactor, Grand Prix Legends, Richard Burns Rally, etc, etc. Not sure it'll be the best sim ever, but I can't wait to play it :) #2
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