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Then you're either blind or just stupid.

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Where's yours? Or you just show me one second of the trailer last night where it said it was an exclusive? I won't wait for your answer since I already know you have no proof.


I can read just fine. You are obviously having problems though since absolutely nothing you posted proves for 1 second that it's exclusive. Bringing up a useless trademark just proves how little you are clinging too. If you knew anything ...

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I love people disagreeing with FACTS hahahaha THIS IS NOT A SONY EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! Get over it fanboys. The best place to play this game will be on PC.

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Because they said it was you idiot hahaha. What does the engine have to do with it? Decima is not an exclusive engine even if only Sony exclusives use it now. It was never for one second a Sony exclusive. Please point to anything that says it is. Sorry a Sony console won't be the best place to play Deaths Stranding, but you hardcore Sony fanboys should be getting used to it now. Hahahaha and you of all people trying to say people get payed to post about other p...

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It's coming to PC also. It's not exclusive.

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It's not exclusive it's coming to PC also.

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You think PC needs games to play? I'll gladly compare games lists between PC and all Sony platforms combined. I'll need a few hundred pages probably just to list all of mine. Sonys list of good games wouldn't even take up one.

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No I didn't. It's not my opinion it's actual fact.

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Still waiting for amazing and varied. Is that list supposed to change my mind? You'll have to do a lot better than the usual third person action games.Listing anything by Naughty Fraud will always make your lists laughable. They are the least innovative developer on the planet. It's one linear tps after another with them. Even worse is they stole all there ideas from other better developers.

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Wow that was a lot of wrong. Funny thing is you list some pretty unimpressive games. Star Citizen destroys all of those games combined. You Sony fanboys really like your short linear games don't you. Not surprised since they are made for the lowest common denominator gamer. You don't even have to think while playing those games. Nothing impressive graphically from linear scripted games. Funny thing is I can play some of those games on PC since they aren't exclusive anymore. The PS...

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They work faster? Weird how the PC versions release mostly at the same time. That would be impossible if what you said was true.

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More people to play with is totally wrong. PC players outnumber all console players combined. More value is also wrong. I can do things on my PC a console could never even begin to dream of and still won't be doing 20 years from now if consoles even exist by then.

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Yeah both my friends who ought one are really mad. The games are shallow and short and the graphics just can't compare to PC and Xbox. It's going to be a very sad Christmas for any kid finding one of these half baked systems under the tree. I guess kids need to find out Santa isn't real sometime though. It shouldn't be like this though........

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I'd have to disagree with "amazing and varied". All I see is the usual third person action games and bad racing games that Sony are known for. Where's this amazing and varied? I think you have Sony confused with Nintendo when you say "amazing and varied".

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Sonys lineup is the usual boring same old third person action games that it's been doing for over a decade now. They have absolutely no innovation at all. Just save yourself a lot of money and disappointment and rent them for a day. It'd only take about a weekend to beat every Sony exclusive worth playing. Pretty sad.

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Nope you're totally wrong. PC has 4-5x the highly rated exclusive games per year as every Sony platform combined. Hahahaha the Last of Us? You mean that short linear Scifi channel tier game that is barely worth the days rent it takes you to beat it? Thank God our great exclusives don't have the completely below average gameplay that ND games are legendary for. Just mentioning GT Sport makes your post laughable at best. By far the worst racing game this year and there was a Need For Sp...

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Who cares what MS has done either? I'm not loyal to one brand like you. Sorry to hurt your feelings by telling the truth about Sony, but maybe be mad at them instead of taking it out on me.

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Cinematic tps #245552454346-32424246 *yawn* innovation isn't Sonys strong point is it? Guessing there's almost 1 full weekend of gameplay if you combine all 3 of those together. Sadly most of that will consist of bad QTEs.

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Uhh GT is simcade and always has been. If you want a real sim go play raceroom or iracing. They do laps around all 3 of those games in the sim department.

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Uhh there's a lot of reason this game would never be 60fps on a regular ps4. Name another game where you can have 100s of dinos on the screen at once along with all the physics, particles, tessellation, etc. Lucky the ps4 can even run this game.

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