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The amount of amazing PC exclusives just keeps growing and growing. It seriously seems like every couple days there's a new amazing PC exclusive to play. Just in the last month we've had City:Skylines, Reign of Kings, Pillars of Eternity, and this. It's so easy to see how good PC gaming is these days when you realize other systems have to wait over a year just for one good exclusive to play. #4
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I'd like to see your sources on that nonsense :P PC gaming has been thriving for a long long time now. It makes more money than every console combined just on games. There are single games that have more players on PC than all of consoles combined players!If that's what you call being on "life support" then I declare console gaming flatlined and dead. #33.1
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Spoken like someone who has absolutely no clue about the PC platform.

"1 good game and ohh master race is back."

You should go check metacritic because no other system has had as many good exclusives released this year so far as PC, just like how it took the exclusives crown last year by far. PC gaming isn't back because it never went anywhere in the first place. It's still the best place to play with the best game... #1.1.6
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Pillars of Eternity says hi :) #1.4
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I think you mean sharing the highest metascore with Pillars of Eternity :) #14.1
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That's because under all the flash lies a totally average at best game. It's plagued by some bad design choices like the horrible rubberband ai, the bad physics, stupid penalties in place of destruction, and wonky handling all which led to the deserved 71 meta score that it has. I'd say it could be fixed with a ton of work, but after they gutted the studio I highly doubt it will. #3.3
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Yup as usual I was right. Didn't even last more than a few hours. LoL has been crushing it on twitch all day long. #9.1
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We going to have articles now every time a game beats LoL twitch numbers? If so we'll need another website just to post all those. A lot of games on release day do. Then after a day or two they're praying to get half of LoL numbers. DotA2, Counterstrike, Hearthstone, and even Ultra Street Fighter 4 regularly beat LoL twitch numbers during tourney times. Talk to me when it holds the top spot consistently for years like LoL has. Not saying the game isn't great or anything, but it... #9
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I've never had a friend NOT notice how much better my games look on PC. They're always blown away when I put games up on my TVs. #12
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You need to take off the goggles because PC has more exclusives than every other system combined. I haven't been desperate for a game since the 80's thanks to the PCs superior library. I can see why you'd be jealous though since your ps4 hasn't had an exclusive game worth playing yet. #4.2.1
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Say all you want about Hardline, but there's no denying it's far ahead of any next gen game in the most important aspect. Yeah that's right, Burger Tech! #2
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By "better optimized" you mean just turning down the settings to below even PC high settings and cutting the framerate in half at best.

Yeah have fun with that neutered version..... #5.4
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Seriously you really need to stop linking the same 2 old links everytime I prove you wrong. The Carmack one is from YEARS ago before the ps4 was even released and has NOTHING to do with todays tech and the second one is from a company who's OWN GAME doesn't take anymore PC power than what is in the ps4 to run better than the ps4. You are one delusional fanboy. Just point to ONE game that requires 3.6 tf on PC to run the same as ps4 settings? Well? Oh yeah... #1.2.6
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"PS4's specs are fine....3.6TFLOPS of performance is unheard of and mind PC game even requires such a spec to play a game."

I see you're still trying to convince people that ps4 has 3.6tf hahahaha Are you the sony version of Misterx or something? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's only 1.7+tf and nothing more.

"PS4 has the performance of a 3.6tflop gpu, thus developers will make a game that seeks... #1.2.4
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Just amazing how many PC gamers there are these days. Well deserved numbers for the best gaming service around. #8
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This is why I'll wait for the complete edition to go on sale for $4.99 in a year or so. I'll stick with my $4.99 Mortal Kombat 9 Komplete edition until then. #5
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"3.6TFLOP is the performance of the PS4, consoles are 2x the performance of their listed specs... sooooooo."

hahahahaha no it's not. It's less than 1.8 tf and you don't need a PC anywhere near 3.6 tf to blow away ps4 graphics. That quote isn't even about the ps4 or anything close to that. You're totally taking it out of context yet again. #5.4.4
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You must only have experience with ps4 racers if you're gonna say that because there are many many many better racers than DC. The cheating rubberband ai alone disqualifies DC from being a good racer. #1.5
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The price you pay for having the best graphics ever in a game along with one of the largest scopes. This game is beyond ambitious. #11
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Yeah but that was back in the 90's. Times have changed. What was fine for Ultima 7 20+ years ago isn't fine for games today. #3.1
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