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We're humans too. Don't let us burn. Save that for marshmallows which are so good with fire

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I don't believe are post flamitory. I see those as just facts. I don't state one controller is better than the other. That's just inviting unneeded debate with no real point. Or to say PSN is less secure. A hacking did take place but I've yet to still see anyone be a victim of it so to accuse PSN of being unsafe is asking for flame, not us for example pointing out its free nature vs. Live

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Thanks for reading our piece. The point was that Gears could come, not Halo. We understand that Halo is developed by first party while Gears is not.

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Hi Grave,

All of our positions are intern level positions as we are just building this site/company. In the future, we'd love to accommodate our team member financially but currently, we are not there yet.

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Hey Snookies12, we'd love it if you shared your comment on the site with us!

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