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"A Sony fanboy but not a blind fanboy."


That being said the games library has been declining from a generous amount of AAA games to a bunch of cheap PSN titles, mostly indies.

This trend keeps up and I will not renew my subscription next year. I don't play my PS4 online and not interested in paying $50 for Sony to pick a bunch of cheap uninteresting games for me. #1.9
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Or maybe, if a dad would have better responsibility over his anger he would just take the games and sell them. Even if that means selling the entire collection at GameStop for $20 bucks, that $20 could be used for gas to take the kid to work. #21.1
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This is fake, but say if this is real, then it's a right thing done wrong. Selling the games for money to pay for the kid's future would be a better choice. The games are gone from this child's possession, and you get back some of the money invested in them.

Please don't use rage to get your point across if there are much better options available to you. You don't want your kid(s) growing up reflecting your faults, because they can, and they could end up h... #25
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I am not at all supportive of this whole exclusivity thing, but this is just way off. I didn't open this article and it's probably not worth reading. #1.7
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PS4 needs more games that are not cross gen or remastered last gen content. #55
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Unfortunately for the "real" next gen, the lineup of games this whole year mostly consist of cross gen content and remasters. At least the Wii U is delivering what it should, NEW games, only for the new console.

Every single PS4 and Xbox One exclusive thus far is just good enough at best, but at least the graphics are so great and whatnot... #3.6
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So fanboys can play the games on their console. #16
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If Japan is anything to go by, the Vita is not dead. Everywhere else this system is severely underselling. #17.1
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No it hasn't, it's selling much worse than PSP, and the upcoming game lineup is mostly mobile-quality cheap games. #16.3
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Aren't you also implying you don't deserve any of our money? #42
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Nor the money. #24.1
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Sony is too stubborn about any problems you list about the Vita. We've been complaining about memory card pricing since before launch, but still to this day they refuse to do anything about it, and now look at where things went with this system. They're so oblivious to consumer feedback it's really sad and insulting. #13.1
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Anything "might" save the Vita brand, but nothing so far worked. I doubt this will, I mean, look at the whole PS4 remote play thing, that didn't do it.

This system has next to no hope. The amount of potential it once had is just gone and most gamers have passed on buying one of these. It also doesn't help when Sony is no longer giving it any priority other than cramming in shoddy collections of games that "work" at best and ran much better on the P... #14
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The DRM on PSNow is kind of how the whole service works. The entire game is processed by the servers otherwise the game wouldn't work at all on PSVita, PS4, PC, etc. It works just like OnLive, Netflix, Hulu, and any other media streaming equivalents.

This is different from DRM in its conventional sense. #1.1.9
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Because it's only on Xbox One, a system many gamers don't even want. #1.13
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They wouldn't remake the games if it wasn't for money, so no. #21
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Why bother either way? The new gen is here for the new gen. Let the last gen go already, the install base is moving on to the new consoles. Developers/publishers have begged for new consoles, yet all they have been doing is pump out cross gen content. #5
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It's getting Japanese support, but for most gamers here in the West this thing doesn't suit them. There's too many issues with the system that Sony refuses to resolve and they decided to cut a lot of support for it instead.

Now it's being fed with mostly cheap mobile quality indie titles and PS2 collections that look and play bad, while its competitor handheld's weak hardware is being utilized very well by both first and third party developers. The Vita is... #7
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MS is not at fault. Sony and Nintendo could do the same if it works. All blame is on SquareEnix knowing they're giving the majority of their fans on other platforms the shaft. #22
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"They are businesses trying to make a profit. They will always go where the money is; regardless of the fanboy rage."

Doesn't apply here. Xbox One's install base is less than half the size of PS4's. There's more money to be made on PS4.

Look at TR: DE, that sold way more on PS4. They even considered the last gen versions a failure for selling "only" 3.4m copies in the first month. SquareEnix just has poor business sense. #1.9
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