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battlefront.. 😲

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I tried this at the mall kiosk last week and I was very very disappointed..😲

if sony or oculus are anything close to this, VR will fail..

but I'm guessing they're much better. this samsung attempt is scary tacky

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he's already masterbating 3x a day and has access to the Internet..

do you actually believe there's ANYTHING in GTA V that he hasn't already seen?

living with your head in the clouds creates adults that think jet fuel melts steel.. just stoppp ✋

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do you poop piñatas?

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we need a new word for any race that acts in such a barbaric, selfish, rude, inconsiderate way.

I hate White's, Black's, Asians, Muslims and Indians that act like the rude, vile, violent gangsters they emulate on tv, music and movies.

for me, my hate is never directed at skin color, instead I direct my hate towards sociopathic humans that treat others with disrespect on the daily, incorporating it into their personality.

now imag...

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Obviously greedy EA didn't learn from nhl 15's lack of content..

I've been waiting a while for a new ea golf ⛳ game, but now I'm going to wait until it's in the bargoon bin used 😞

and for the same reason, I won't be preordering nhl 16.

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it's amazing really. I think its akin to crack, for a whole generation of grown up man baby's and fresh preteens, unaware of how much more advanced the competition is, only because when they try it, they immediately realize it isn't another COD and their years of 'skills' aren't exactly transferable lol

and so they are trapped, in the tens of millions... 😲

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I forked out last year and yet I still game on my ps4 and wii u more then the glorious pc that sits at its shinny new desk, waiting for me to play dota and gw2 😦

in my real world 🌍, my friends play console as priority, it's simple, easy and above all else FUN 🙌🙌🙌

I can't remember the last time I had some of the boys over to crowd around the pc and play a game together. Makes me wonder, do pc elitists have frien...

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not sure if you've noticed, but if console makers could pack in enough performance to achieve 120 fps for 399.99, I'm pretty sure they would.

so your pc elitist comments carry no weight and just result in you looking like an ignorant gloating buffoon.

it's almost like you expect a next gen KIA to have the same performance as a current gen Ferrari. it's ridiculous..

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dragon age was in a flash sale I think in January for 24.99 CND psn

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that's because piracy actually helps sales of GOOD games if you ever look at the data and can see past the propaganda.

there's many an article out there that clearly explains why this is the case.

in summary, many non prepubescent pirates actually purchase the games they pirate IF they like the game and respect the developers. The pirates that don't purchase the game ever, usually wouldn't have in the first place, they'd wait to borrow o...

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your disagrees shall come from old relics that all still rely heavily upon mega Corp media conglomerates that litterly shape the way they think via now perfected spin & propaganda.

the dull selfish mind of the many doesn't stand a chance in today's manipulated world 🌍

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are you insinuating that I should 'hit the hay'?


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I'm going to rape everyone on n4g, then I'm going to TAKE OVER THE 🌍 *evil 😈 cackle

did anyone get mad?

that's the way it should be on the Internet. All these easily offened by typed words types are the ones that need help.

Find the cure for dumb and victim behaviours, peace on earth..

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BLASPHEMY, this game is smash brothers perfection! 🎊🙌🎊

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well said. we live in a world of complacent greed zombies that will die for the products and corporations they've been brainwashed to defend.

if you're not fully aware of the evils of no limit profit capitalism, then you are part of the disgusting problem.

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when it comes to multi billion dollar corporations that pay near slave wages, no, no shame at all..

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Lucky devil 👿

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it's Monday morning though 😕 I thought the midnight release wasn't until tonite?

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could this be an epic troll? 😕

absolute blasphemy..

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