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Guess they're going to keep digging that hole to bury themselves in.

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Unless the backstreet boys kick my door down and start singing, I'm going to say you're getting carried away.

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So they're sticking with that stupid bionic arm theme.

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I opened the article thinking to myself "Just so long as it isn't W.S. Anderson".

Then I saw the picture of Milla Jovich and my heart sank.

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Paul W.S. Anderson directing, staring Milla Jovich.

Guess we can expect her to lead with another Mary-Sue character, who was never in the games, with completely overpowered kung fu and magic abilities?

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"Look at my article, everyone!"

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We get it. You liked the game. Now please; stop.

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I'm telling you not everyone buys a "AAA" game when it comes out. You assume literally everyone has every "AAA" game, and therefore they shouldn't eventually come to PS+ - a dick-brained assumption.

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You're defending any criticism made against PS+, like a typical fanboy.

The games lately have been inferior quality, save for a couple. The end. No one said anything about graphics vs gameplay.

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Seriously, N4G?

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If it wasn't for people like you we could still be playing online for free. Stop defending every bullshit decision a company makes just because you're a fanboy. What's even at stake for you?

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If people gave a backlash for Sony introducing PS+ as mandatory for online play, maybe you wouldn't have to be paying extra money just to use your own internet.

Instead everyone was busy sucking Sony's length for not screwing them over like Microsoft was trying to.

This is why fanboys are a problem.

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"I don't get why so many people want AAA games when they will just be games they have either played before or still own or games they have avoided because they are simply not their type of game"

I wish people like you wouldn't use assumptions when trying to make a point.

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Okay so you've given one example.

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I LOVE PS+, but you shouldn't need it to play online. It's a bullshit move by Sony who only did it because they saw Microsuck getting away with it.

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What guys? I see disagrees, but not a compelling rebuttal to my question. Standard on N4G.

I love my PS4, I have PS+, but that's not the point. When everyone was busy sucking Sony off for not screwing their customers over like Microsoft were, they slipped it under the net and no one said a thing.

The fact that Sony nut huggers previously brought up free online play during silly console wars makes it even more confusing.

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True enough.

Why was no one was pissed at Sony when they started charging for online pay?

They gave into the same bullshit Microsoft pulled and sold out.

PS+ is a good deal, but I shouldn't have to pay for it to play my games online. The same goes for XBL Gold.

I pay to play games online already. It's called my internet bill.

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They basically mean "Microsoft" exclusive. Who can blame them for putting the same game on another of their own platforms? It's not on Nintendo or Sony products, so it makes no difference to them.

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And you're all giving into it.

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You're basically proving you don't even watch his reviews, and can't see past your own bias.

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