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So true, it would be great if they focused all their development resources making games for the switch so we wouldn't have these extremely long game droughts. But that'd be just too good to be true. Instead we will continue to see Nintendo trying to support 2 systems simultaneously and if history is anything to go by they will favor the dedicated handheld device. PLEASE prove me wrong Nintendo.

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This actually looks really good... finally changing up this boring genre. I'm probably actually gonna get this now

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Botw constantly having fps drops and freezes in Docked mode is top of the line? Good to know. and yes it does still happen so don't even bother replying saying "OHH bu bu but they fixed it!" Because they didn't, I own a switch and Botw on it.. it still happens all the time so enough of that nonsense. but hey lets just give Nintendo that free pass again.. and that's not even mentioning that lackluster ending..

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Unless you forgot the Last of Us remastered only cost $50 as apposed to the full $60 and came out only a year after the initial game came out and included all DLC. Now yes MK8 Deluxe also includes all DLC and even includes battle mode and adds a few characters... but unlike the Last of Us it costs full price and is coming out 3 years after the initial release as apposed to one year... so please do not compare MK8 Deluxe to the Last of Us remastered because it is not the same.

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You claim to not be a part of the Nintendo defense force yet here you are.. what if he had said "We probably will be supporting the Switch" Would you be pointing out the probably than? Or rejoicing saying it's getting third party support?... I think we both know the answer.

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Let's call this what it really is... Capcom see's the lack of games on the Switch and they are taking advantage of it, they know people are desperate to play good games on their switch even if that means over paying for them. Really wouldn't surprise me if the game sold well.. I mean hell I know it's a rip off and i'm still tempted just because i'm looking for a reason to turn on my switch again.

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@ Neonridr

Tired of hearing this, the frame rate issues and full on freezes are NOT fixed for Breath of the Wild while docked. My system software is up to date and so is Breath of the WIld. Still experience many frame rate drops and full on freezes. Did their patch make them less frequent? Maybe but I can't tell. Anyone saying this is fixed with the patch doesn't even play the game, or is just flat out lying because they feel the need to defend Nintendo.

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the only reason i'm getting this is to have a reason to pick up my switch again.. already own it on my Wii U. Although I am very concerned about how well this will run in docked mode.. Zelda still has terrible frame rate issues while docked so how will this fast paced racer hold up?

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It's a great portable... that is all. Still has horrible frame rates in dock mode no matter how much you and other Nintendo fanboys try to deny it. Not to mention since beating Zelda I have had absolutely zero reason to touch the thing. Also botw final boss was the easiest final boss in a zelda game to date, but now i'm getting off topic.. horrible framerates in dock mode make it a crap home console but a good portable device.

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The joel is too young and the ellie is too old, not to mention the joel looks more like hello game's sean murray

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I was more than willing to pay $300 for it... but I don't think it's worth it. I LOVE Zelda and Mario... that's why I got it... but after I beat Zelda guess what my switch has been doing... nothing. and sadly I have to say I was a little disappointed with just how easy the final boss was to beat.. I mean oh my god.. I went there with loads of full recover + food and didn't use any of it.. it was beyond easy. I might have to say easiest Zelda final boss ever..

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It does not play fine after the update, I've experienced two full on freezes today alone. The freezes lasted about 5 seconds. I am so sick of people trying to shove this under the rug I could puke.

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Zelda absolutely does not run fine docked. Stop lying to yourself. It flat out freezes so often one of these times i'm afraid it's going to be permanent.

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This article is just so wrong.. the Destiny sheep are so hooked on it they'll buy anything Destiny related. It's like the new cod.

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Eddie of course you think its something amazing... you're EddieNX. Let me guess, you also think 1, 2 Switch is amazing and that the Switch and Zelda BotW aren't flawed at all.

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It's sad but true... if they've learned anything it's that they can completely fuck people over with the initial release of Destiny (absolutely no content and a lot of content held back for expansions) and then release expansions that help new players more than day1 players and get little to no scrutiny for it. It is literally a cash cow, it makes them so much money.. because if you want to stay relevant in Destiny you are basically forced to get the new expansion, such a slimy ga...

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They have to have a good showing period. Whats sad is all Nintendo fans are clamoring about Smash bros for the switch being unveiled at e3 and it's just like.. cmon.. you're excited for another port?! Except this time the portability won't be a new feature because it's already on the 3ds... so... I don't understand it, also what huge block busters could they have in store? They already have new games for their 3 most relevant franchises, Zelda, Splatoon, Mario. You KNOW we...

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This is what people are not understanding, he was not fired over his opinions (although that is the claim) He was fired for saying a statistic (Fact) during a debate, which is ludicrous. He said more rich black people commit crimes than poor white people, which is not a study he conducted but a different party, he simply restated their findings and is now being crucified for it. Absolutely bonkers. People are so sensitive these days it's pathetic. I think his response video is brilliant. ...

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I think you mean the best? Especially in this instance, did they have the right to fire him? Yes of course, but firing someone over stating facts in a debate is ludicrous. I mean if he was spewing random hate speech sure, but facts in a debate? Cmon can we quit being snowflakes already. Now whats the best way to show them they messed up? Hit them where it hurts.. boycott their game.

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How about this. JonTron stated a fact with plenty of evidence and research to back it up and lost a job over it. Now get this, the law says this is perfectly fine! Weird... a real eye opener. This SJW era needs to end, now. I find it strange that you can simply say facts which are you know... FACTS, and be socially judged for it and be fired and you become the bad guy, that says a lot more about our society than anything else.

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