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+ Luigi's Mansion 2 on Wii U :D #2.1
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I said it before i'll say it again... I think it was delayed for Project Morpheus support.. it was delayed into the launch window for Project Morpheus and it would be a great title to help push units.. can't think of a more heavy hitter than uncharted. I can tell you i'd love to be playing Uncharted 4 on Project Morpheus.. not to mention if they add some sort of first person mode just for Project Morpheus... omg that'd be great :D even though I know that most likely wont happe... #1.1.11
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@Unholy one,

Its nothing like an undercover sting.... at all... that analogy couldn't be any more wrong. A more accurate analogy is trying to catch a murderer by giving him a gun... I think we can all agree that's idiotic.

To put it into simple terms to prevent and mindless arguing Dice gave cheeters an exploit to exploit.. yeah real smart... as soon as it gets uploaded to youtube of course many people will do it just out of curiosity it's simple... #1.1.8
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So... I was just thinking.... is it possible this was delayed for Project Morpheus support? I mean it was pushed back into the release window for it.. and they're going to need a big title to help push them right at the gate.. what better title than Uncharted 4? #1.1.23
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FIX THE DVR! This is my biggest gripe with the Xbox One... saying Xbox Record that only records the last 5 seconds or something minimal like that.. maybe the last 30? Not %100 haven't used it in a while because I hated it. So to record for longer than just a few seconds you HAVE to snap the DVR to about 1/4 of your screen and go into it seperately to start it and even then it only records for 5 minutes.. AND if you let the time run out.. as in it records the full 5 minutes.. then it doesn... #1.1.2
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woah you guys aren't getting the big picture.. it's 3 3's... so... that means Portal 3, l4d 3 and Half life 3!!!!! :D omgg yayy! every gamer's dream come true :D (cries internally because you know they will never happen) #1.1.5
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EA does a HUGE and BLATANT money grab at having people pay yet ANOTHER monthly/yearly fee on top of everything else you pay, simply to get some of their games early and some discounts... Sony turns down the extremely obvious money grab and everyone gets mad at Sony?!?!! WHAT?!?! Sure it would all end up being your decision in the end but what i'm so confused about is why would you want to give them more money anyways?! I'm in utter confusion right... #1.1.15
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woahh you need to play that game as soon as you can... it's brilliant! #5.1
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Nope GT is now considered non canon, in other words Akira Toriyama basically came out and said GT didn't happen. So consider it now a completely different series. Which is a great thing because GT was utter garbage and they now have the ability to add onto a great series.. even though they probably wont and will just keep milking out movies.. ie botg and the newest one comming the return of frieza or something like that. Which is a shame because id love some s... #2.1.6
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this is just my opinion as an Xbox One owner but.. I for one am so dissapointed.... I bought the Xbox One for Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, quantum break, Ryse, and Project Spark. Now i'll start with the ones I already own.. Deadrising 3 and Ryse.. Deadrising 3 is fun to play.. i' not gonna lie.. but I was severly dissapointed with how last gen it is.. If you drive a car at anything over 10mph you have objects just poping in because they take too long to load.. it can... #1.2
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I just got my Xbox One like a week ago now and.... I seriously don't know how ANYBODY is even saying that the Xbox One controller is even a step up!

Seriously... the Xbox 360 controller is WAY better and once you hold one right after the other this becomes extremely apparent. The triggers on the 360 are miles better! The grooves fit much butter to where you finger actually is... where as with the one controller the trigger curves up so much it becomes horizontal at the bo... #1.2.12
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The other half is working on last of us DLC..... #2.2.3
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I chose both and I gotta say i'm pretty excited :D #2.1.5
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umm... why the disagrees?

I'm stating facts... yet Xbox fanboys are on here calling Sony fanboys insecure.. yet I state facts and you disagree..

If I would have known I would get such a fanboy response I would have taken pictures of the displays.. but I can still take a picture of my Day one editions of everything along with the card I get for getting the Day One edition of the Xbox One.. if you really need me to do this to stop you from being ignorant i... #1.1.7
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Went into gamestop the other day and saw loads of Xbox Ones... Went into Sam's club today and saw an entire display of Xbox Ones... If the demand is supposedly so great why aren't they selling..

Not to mention I ordered an Xbox One from Best buy online 2 days ago (I assumed they would be out of stock in my area.. there are alot of 360 supporters here) then literally 5 minutes after I ordered my One online my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go make a quick... #1.1.5
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If I was a parent I would get them whats on their list. (If I could afford it all) #1.1.5
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nope... from a consumer's point of view that owns both... I can say there's a clear winner here... and to most I would say that winner is pretty obvious.

Also from the company's point of view (Sales) I would say the winner for the consumer is also the winner here..

The winner is obvious everybody. #1.1.2
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Why am I getting dislikes? I did get day one editions of everything.. I even got the Day One membership card thing with the free killer instinct character.. If you guys are seriously going to fanboy it up I can upload pictures... #2.1.4
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I actually just bought one today too... and got the day one edition of everything lmaooo

Day one edition of dead rising 3, day one edition of Ryse, and day one Edition of the Xbox One itself ahah and they still had plenty of Xbox One's there :o I went to Gamestop :p

And just saying I have a PS4 too... but got that at launch :p #2.1.3
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I believe he is talking in regards to Nintendo developed titles... Not just titles on their system.. #7.1.2
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