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Lol right? I said the same thing, Destiny 1 was just as bland, repetitive and empty as the squeal(Even more so really) yet everyone ate it up, then the second one came around and I told everyone, don't waste your time or money, its not gonna add anything new, just same old grind grind grind for gear with loads of garbage DLC, and would you look at that... it's almost as if a monkey could have predicted it, hell i'm sure Patcher did. but just let the mindless fanbase get screwed, t...

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D1 wasn't a decent game either.

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This may seem a bit random but this game is going to have online multiplayer and a multiplayer map editor, just thought i'd let you know, but it is worrying me that it's so close to launch and they still haven't publicly announced it yet, but rest assured they are in the game, just might have some bugs at launch.

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I am not surprised even a little bit that you have a Zelda tattoo.

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Am I the only one who can't stand the music for this video?

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Sonic Heroes was good

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It's just so disappointing that no one is talking about Dreams, that game is shaping up to be something amazing and everyone just seems to be ignoring it, I feel bad for Media Molecule.

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Are you saying they don't listen to what their consumers want and just do whatever they want?

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Heck yeah it did! Pokemon Colosseum/XD (Which if you ask me is the direction they should take with the next Pokemon Switch game) Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, Smash bros Melee(If they added online that would be insane but I doubt it) Mario Kart Double Dash (same thing hopefully online multi but doubt) Kriby Air ride (which seriously needs a sequel so frickin bad!) Paper Mario TTYD (The last truly great Paper Mario if you ask me) and The legend of Zelda T...

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I kinda wish somebody would say something about Chroma Gun, that game is actually really good if you ask me, I mean it's obviously inspired by portal but I think it's a unique enough idea to give it it's own merits. I already own it on PC so I won't be getting it, but anyone with a switch who liked Portal/2 and hasn't played this game should definitely get it.

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There's no such thing as "the right moment" I mean I understand you might want to launch it when they have nothing coming out, but either way people are going to eat up these games in droves. Me I just want Gamecube games on it.. it seriously needs to happen, i don't care about anything else. I am not going to buy my favorite Nintendo classics AGAIN, i've already been dumb enough to buy the overpriced classics multiple times but not again, just give me gamecube games on ...

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All I want from the PS5 is be able to record 4k 60fps footage(and play it obviously, I feel like that's implied but i'll say it anyway), installing disc games not be mandatory(this has made me stray away from disc games this gen because I still have to put the entire game into my system storage anyway), and 2 HDMI out slots, so instead of having to do split screen in games I could actually have it go to two TV's would be awesome for local play, and yes I understand graphics would ...

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Red dead 2 is all I need to say.

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Honestly i can't stand your insane amount of Nintendo bias, so I refuse to click on your site, but you are absolutely dreaming if you think the Switch Pokemon game is coming out in 2018, Prime 4 would be more likely and I think even that is not coming out in 2018. Would I love for both to come out in 2018? Well not really actually, 2018 is already packed with games, but I certainly would not complain if they came out in 2018, but as I said, they won't, i'm willing to bet my life&#...

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I'm just so glad it isn't Zelda. Still sucks that Zelda is second.. but Odyssey deserves it so much more than botw. This site has earned my respect.

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No story (seriously none at all), empty open world with the same limited use "collectables/rewards&quo t; never truly being rewarded for anything you do, 2nd grade level puzzles, tedious mechanics such as climbing and weapons breaking, poorly designed world/game overall in the sense that a lot of features become useless almost immediately, ie horses or food with weather effects. Lack of diverse enemies, along with bosses only slighty varying from one to the other, the list get's so l...

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See but do you feel the same way about Zelda? (if you have played it) Botw never ever rewards you for anything you do giving you puzzles a 5 year old could beat with ease and then simply giving you an orb and a weapon that will break 3 enemies later. It is a never ending grind for nothing. No man's sky at least lets you work towards something now, you can get freighters, vehicles, bases, suit upgrades, weapon upgrades, try to make your way to where a friend is a build together. My point i...

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I completely understand this is an opinionated thing, but to me I don't know how you could give such a fundamentally flawed game goty over games with little to now flaws such as Odyssey. The good does not even come close to outweighing the bad in botw. Plenty of downtime and aimless wandering simply finding the same repetitive things over and over with tedious design, never to be actually rewarded. Then you have Odyssey which goes from one brilliantly laid out level to the next from star...

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