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Honestly I think the DLC should focus on the gap in the timeline WARNING SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINT

Thanks to Uncharted 4 we see Nathan and Sam run off together as kids.. but then the next thing we see (In Uncharted 3) Is Nate as a kid by himself when he meets sully (obviously older than he was when he ran away with Sam). What happened to Sam? Because next thing we see is Nate and Sam together again (adults at this point) in that prison twords the beginning of Uncharted 4. N...

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People need to stop bringing up the Last of Us sprint button as a valid point because while it is third person like Uncharted it is a completely different game. If you only sprint around online you will get rekt, hands down. But uncharted 3's online was horrid compared to two because of the sprint mechanic, They made the maps bigger because of it and it ended up making you have to sprint half the map from spawn. The multipayer became all about the sprinting and it ruined it, but omg the U...

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uhh what? I will NOT suck it up... why are they fucking over their LOYAL CONSUMERS?! I've had this fucking camera since the PS4's launch and only used it a hand full of times.. and now I get a reason too (Playstation VR) and they won't even let me pre order it?! WHY?! Give me a reason.. if there will be individual headsets at launch.. why not let them be up for pre order?!

This has me worried.. I bet once launch comes around you will find very few individual heads...

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This comparison is pointless mainly because the Xbox One controller is flawed in base design and as long as the Xbox One Elite controller still follows that base design it will be inferior. Not to mention it costs way more than it should.

Here's a simple list of why it's flawed:

1. The bumpers

On the inner part of the bumpers you can't press the button it simply isn't possible. Now this wouldn't be a problem if that wasn&...

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How do you figure? It's up on Playstation's Youtube Channel

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I have a launch PS4 and it has never and I mean ever randomly ejected a disk. Now with the Dualshock 4 have the rubber tops on the joysticks started to wear away? Definitely but am I super upset about it? No; why? Because it's the only problem I've encountered so far and I don't consider that a make or break problem considering my gamecube controller has had it's rubber off for years (because my dog chewed on it) and I still use it to this day for smash 4, and that's mainl...

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This controller is $150?! That's a bit overkill if you ask me. Now watch Playstation VR will cost about $300 and the same people that buy these controllers will be calling Playstation VR overpriced.. even though it's simply the price of TWO of these... only difference being Playstation VR gives you a whole new experience.

Not to mention I think the Xbox One controller is flawed in the base design to begin with. I think it's absolutely horrid, the Xbox 360 controll...

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So what's the game? It's now 3PM BST... Does anyone here know?


Nevermind someone just posted what it is ^^^ meh

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Umm you forget the big difference between this and call of duty is that the campaign is never the main focus of call of duty, it's always multiplayer and zombies/spec ops/survival/extinction so call of duty's campaign being lackluster doesn't really matter because that's not why people always buy the new cod, this game however only has the story mode.

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I don't understand what you mean? The AT-AT's walk forward by themselves.. no player killed him.

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Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't removing a feature a step backwards? I mean don't get me wrong I personally am not too upset.. I plan on playing co op online anyways.. But I do feel like if you ever remove a feature it's not a step forward.

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The original portal instead of 2?! and Destiny is on the list?!?! list is bad. Done.

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I mean it's pretty good.. but the Uncharted Collection has the absolute best theme in my opinion. It has the music, awesome emblems, and amazing background.

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This level looks insanely hard.. not gonna lie not sure I could beat it.. the one bit with the yoshi.. not so sure.

But omg N4G change your idiotic policies now.. once again writing an "article" about a Youtube video all of a sudden makes the Youtube video news worthy.. just let us use Youtube as an original source! Stop feeding these sites clicks with these so called "articles" do you really think they deserve the click when almost everything covered in t...

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Metal gear solid 5 has the same rocks copy and pasted all over the world... and if you don't believe me i'll make a video showing it... it's really sad actually... nothing says bland like copy and paste.

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Sorry for this not being a reply but at this point it's getting ridiculous.

Okay so an "article" on a youtube video is okay.. but not the Youtube video itself?! Seriously N4G change your policies because at this point it doesn't make even a little bit of sense.. and the worst part about this policy is that it contradicts itself.. if the video is on Youtube it will get rejected because Youtube can't be a source (which makes no sense) but the exact same v...

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Sorry not a reply.. but omg OH LOOK another video that if it was uploaded on Youtube IT WOULDN'T GET APPROVED. So dumb and i'm not going to stop complaining about it until N4G pulls their head out of their a** because it is ridiculous to not accept Youtube as a source especially with how big youtube is and has become. N4G get your sh*t together!

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Sorry for this not being an actual reply to you but what i'm gonna say still bothers me about this site. Why can youtube still not be a source?!?! It makes ZERO sense.. the whole point of this article is the video attached.. nobody cares about the one paragraph that dualshock wrote about it.. everyone is here to see the gameplay.. so why does N4G NOT ALLOW us to cut out the middle man and just put the youtube video as a source?!!? It doesn't make any sense other than they are getting...

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sorry not really a reply to you but just need to put this out there.. the fucking double standards on this site are ridiculous.. So this video counts as news because it's on IGN but if this exact same video was on Youtube it would get denied simply because it's Youtube why is Youtube not allowed as a source?! It doesn't make any sense.. idiotic N4G logic.

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but takes about two cars to get there?!?! wtf....

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