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I seriously don't get this article, it is a very classic Nintendo console.

1. It's under powered.
2. It's a gimmick bundle, it's every gimmick Nintendo has ever done bundled into one.
3. Idiotic online practices (Voice chat and parties done through a smartphone app that you have to pay for) also the fact that we have to pay for their online now (Which if they haven't improved it since the Wii U then it will still be bad)
4. Sti...

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wow that's when you know shit is getting bad when EddieNX doesn't even try to defend it!

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Yes it is more portable than a console, whoever says otherwise is a moron.

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how do you not realize that all you Microsoft fanboys say the same thing every year.. "You know Microsoft has more right around the corner! You just know it!... I mean.. how couldn't they?!" It's the same thing EVERY YEAR when will you realize? If you're not getting Halo Gears or Forza then you're getting nothing.

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This game actually does look fantastic!! absolutely cannot wait!

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wow 2017 truly is the year of xbox.. I mean a new colour scheme?! It's hard not to get excited!

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not gonna lie I was excited for this..but I also though from way back that it seemed a bit ambitious.. I mean 4 player online co op with all 4 players being able to control their own dragon? But I loved the concept and really hope someone picks up this project, and honestly I think it could go either way.. Sony or Nintendo could easily pick it up.

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Why do so many of you waste your time on septic? He is either a moron or a troll.. either way he doesn't matter, him constantly spewing his delusions doesn't make them any less false.

We should all just continue to enjoy our console of choice and allow him to keep telling himself he enjoys his. (Which he clearly doesn't based on the fact he keeps trying to convince us; even though the person he is truly trying to convince is himself)

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Vendetta or not it's completely accurate and a load of bs.. I am getting the same issues and when I contact Sony support about it they say the problem is with LG, but it absolutely is not because my Xbox One S plays 4K content just fine on my LG.. Netflix and Blurays... so the fact that Sony is trying to place the blame makes me feel like this will not get resolved any time soon which is very frustrating for me as I bought a 4k TV just for the Pro.. and now it isn't working properly.....

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oh it is very annoying and very frustrating.. and when I called Sony support about it they said the problem is with LG... yeah... right... then why does my Xbox One S play 4K content just fine on my LG?

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I am actually very upset with the ps4 pro.. so I have a 4k TV with HDCP 2.2 and 120hz refresh rate but for SOME REASON my PS4 pro will not detect my HDCP 2.2 so i'm stuck with 1.4 and right when I select 1.4 it says while using HDCP 1.4 some 4k applications will not actually be in 4k.... like ok... then what is the point of me having the PS4 pro and a 4k TV?! well I've read about it and apparently a good amount of people are having the same problems.. the PS4 Pro for some reason is ha...

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But how strong it is will decide how much effort will be required to port xbox/ps4 games to the switch.. which also helps them decide whether or not they will bother porting the games to the switch.. so yes it does matter no matter how much you try to downplay it, Wii U was under powered and look how little of support it got.

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Oh is the Tegra X2 confirmed now? wow good to know.. /s

Anyway can we please stop calling this a hybrid.. because it isn't.. my tablet I have now can hookup to my TV and I could buy a controller for it... does that make it a home console? No.. Just because the switch has a dock that connects it to the TV doesn't make it a home console. It is portable first and foremost no matter what Nintendo says.

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You are delusional beyond help..

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What exactly will bump it up? Nintendo has confirmed the dock adds no processing power.. and if the tablet itself can handle 1080p.. then why not give the tablet a 1080p screen?

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But Nintendo has confirmed that the dock that the tablet connects to does nothing more than display the tablet image to the TV. It adds absolutely no processing power, there is no way a tablet can be as powerful as the Xbox One, it is literally impossible, I doubt it can even be as strong as the Wii U.

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Just read my other reply up there ^^

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okay but even VR on the PS4 doesn't look amazing.. imagine how bad it will look on a console with half the power.. not even worth it.

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i would reply to your other comment but I can't. I am not spreading misinformation. The people saying the screen is 720p are the same people who leaked everything else that was accurate back when it was still the code name nx, safe to say it's accurate especially considering it is multiple sources saying the same thing. Stay in dream land as long as you can bud.. it will be confirmed 720p in January.

It is also confirmed by *Nintendo* that the dock adds no processin...

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but... the switch isn't even close to being powerful enough.....

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