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This game wasn't even that good though... still wouldn't say it was worth it even though I only payed $40

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or just don't get that grinding cash cow of a game...

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These articles are just idiotic.. wouldn't it just be easier to point out all of the AAA 3rd party games that are coming to switch?

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The only thing I think is completely pointless on the switch is the touch screen.. seriously someone explain why it has a touch screen..

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They are re selling this game so many times it's insane

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I know this is just a rumour.. but it wouldn't surprise me one bit, Nintendo really knows how to piss me off. But hey maybe with this new switch we can actually do voice chat! Nintendo fans: "wow revolutionary! Nintendo has done it again omgzz!" 😧

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I got it because I love Nintendo games period. I never expected it to rival it in specs, nor do I think it has to, I just want they to finally get up to date with features.. I mean at this point it's just getting sad, I've been waiting since the Wii for them to catch up and they're still miles behind, and now they're going in the wrong direction trying to put features I want on my phone? Which my phone can already do?! No thank you Nintendo. I really thought this was the conso...

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Just always have it hooked up in your bedroom?.. anyway i've already said the gimmick of portability doesn't outweigh the many lacking features, I stand by what I said, I wish Nintendo would go 3rd party.. I mean look how great their games look even on weak hardware! and imagine playing smash bros online with no lag and voice chat! A guy can only dream..

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The Wii U did that too? Also maybe get a TV for your bedroom? I mean I own 3 TV's and a projector.. i'm sure you could work something out.. not to mention it's nice to fall asleep watching Netflix.

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I really hate to beat the dead horse but the only unique thing the switch has going for it is the portability.. but portability is a gimmick rarely utilized outside of japan. Most people mainly play their portable consoles at home, because when people are out and about they are doing things besides gaming (shocking right?) The portability doesn't make up for it's shortcomings in terms of other features. The real question is... if the only thing they do right is games.. why are nintend...

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it will probably be 2030 before they match 2012 standards at this rate... ugh just so frustrating

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Do so much more right than wrong? The only thing they truly do right is make games...

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This is seriously a joke, I could never have imagined it would be this bad... to create a party you have to go to the splatoon 2 lounge on your switch click a button that creates your party then prompting you to open the party on your phone?!?! WHAT?! Seriously why so fkn complicated? Paying for this is an absolute joke, and morons will still defend this.. i'll say this again.. what is the point of the app?!?! just use the millions of other apps like skype. Unless they are going to requir...

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as long as trophies aren't created around them i'm good :)

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world of goo, cave story, and i'm sure even more were out on the Wii... yay?

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Well found the article talking about their stock dropping alot after people realized they barely profit from pokemon go

Yet of course its a few days after the article beggda35 posted, just as I thought. Not to mention i'm posotive Niantic got the bigger cut of the profit between them and the pokemon company, like a 75/2...

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But Tell Tale "games" are trash...

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His point is that he will defend Nintendo no matter how stupid their decisions are because he's an illogical moron.

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The fact that people disagree with you is mind boggling. Why do morons have such a blind spot for Nintendo?

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