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nobody asked for this..

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You should learn to acknowledge your extreme bias.

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You have to remember this is Nintendo, they get a pass for literally everything.

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I really hope they don't do anything like this. There is nothing more annoying.

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It's more than that, poor visual style and chaotic gameplay. Look at Dragonball FighterZ it focused heavily on the few characters it had and cracked down the on the mechanics and it ended up being a hit. Not to mention the visual style stays true to the anime and looks fantastic. MvCI simply isn't even nice to look at. It sucks because I love the series and I even liked MvC3 even though some people hated on it.

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If you expect Pokemon switch (A game only announced last year with zero footage to show because it's so early in development) to launch in this already packed year, then you have your expectations set way to high.

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Borders are there for a reason, I doubt he is saying no immigration at all but wants tight control on it, and anyone who doesn't really doesn't know what they're talking about. Anyway if I wasn't going to buy this game before I certainly am not going to now. So sick and tired of this pc outrage sjw era.

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Change his beliefs from being about politics to being about religion and we would be hearing a completely different tune, why is that?... Just blatant hypocrisy coming from this pc outrage culture.

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but firing someone for having different beliefs to your own is simply wrong. How is that any different then firing someone for the religion they believe? I'll tell you.. it isn't, just because he has in their eyes the "wrong" opinion he is being fired, and that in and of itself is wrong. Pure liberal sjw garbage, we need to move past this phase in time already it's only toxic.

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fiveby9 couldn't have said it any better, it's all about having the "right" opinion which is simply toxic. This is where america is heading, simply sad.

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Being anti immigration does not make you racist, go back to your liberal blog and talk about it there. It's ironic you are calling people who disagree with you "uneducated fools". Typical liberal trying to take the moral high ground despite facts, but hey it's okay as long as you just call the other person a racist and insult them right? Purely toxic behavior coming from this one.

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My verdict on you: You have no critical thought and can't think for yourself. It's okay there are alot of news sites out there pushing their agenda that do all of that silly thing called "Thinking" for you. How convenient.

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How about we black list this site and stop GREGMICEK from being able to submit his leftist propaganda articles and just stick to the news eh?

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This game will be worth playing again when the fanbase stops buying their games. Why will they change when they already have your money and you keep buying the sequels? and season passes. If you ACTUALLY want change quit buying them, it's simple. But I am willing to bet my entire savings destiny 3 is no different and the fanbase still buys it and the season pass in droves and then complain about it again. It's like the definition of addiction.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz is the most solid fighting game out right now, doesn't rely on silly gimmicks or single use items, or armour, all capsules give you is cosmetic things. Truly exceptional.

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I think the reason it's annoying because all the reviewers touted it's "never been done before" "revolutionary" "A breath of fresh air" "A new take on open world games" even though none of those statements are true, just kinda goes to show the bias/blindness going on when it came to this game.

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With Prime every pre order of a physical copy is $10 off, great deal if you ask me. I get every physical copy game from Amazon.

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If you're foolish enough to think things will change in Destiny 3 I feel sorry for you.

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Such a lazy illogical joke, keep liberal propaganda to yourself and off this gaming site.

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Honestly I am perfectly content with my Switch, PS4 and gaming PC, I have way more than enough games to play. To be clear I also own an Xbox One too but i'm just saying I don't need them to be putting out heavy hitters, the only ones who do need them too are Microsoft themselves and the people who ONLY own an Xbox One.

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