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Well the main difference is quantity, Nintendo has like 20 IP's they recycle while Microsoft has 3. When you keep releasing the same 20 IP's it isn't nearly as noticeable as when you keep releasing the same 3, but Nintendo still gets criticized for it anyway so i'm not entirely sure what you're talking about. I would get into quality but that is a lot more subjective.

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This article is so pointless.

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I simply want Colosseum but with wild battles included, that would not be hard at all, not to mention they could actually make that a lot more interesting plot wise. Pokemon needs a serious shake up in the plot department and Colosseum/XD are the closest we've came to real plots.

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Depends on what elements you mean from Breath of the Wild, because I definitely want a story, which breath of the wild didn't have, but if by that you mean just an open world then sure. But I don't want to be able to fight the final boss right at the beginning, I don't want stuff breaking constantly, and I do want to be rewarded for exploring, I don't want an open world to be very empty and I do want unlockables, all of which aren't present in BotW.

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Pokemon has already been simplified to the point it's brain numbing to play. Sun and Moon are by far the easiest games in the series. Hopefully now that we have this "Lets Go" series, they can keep the casual garbage there and go back to making the main series games at least a little challenging. Though I still think the real Pokemon game for Switch should be like Colosseum/XD.

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This whole time you have been wanting a sequel that only adds 3 new characters instead of 14, 16 or 19?... That's a really weird thing to want.

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Once again you're getting very defensive. What do I expect? Well I clearly laid out how much new content the previous installments added so at the very least I would expect that much. If you include old characters as new content then you might as well say the entire roster is new.. whats the point? "Omg did you see they added Mario to the new Smash bros?!" I know that sounds ridiculous but going by your logic that makes sense. You should judge a sequel by how much new content it...

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Decided to reply here because you will get the notification. Look don't be so defensive. Obviously they had to redo old characters they are bringing back (Which is still only 6 Ice climbers, Wolf, Pokemon Trainer, Snake, Pichu, and Young link) I was referencing the tweaks made to characters not cut, which I thought was obvious, Not even all of them were tweaked. Some models got touch ups, some moves got touch ups, some gameplay got touched up, but it's still smash 4. Sorry I will say ...

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Okay seriously I love Smash literally more then anyone, I've been hooked since Melee and have spent countless hours on the series. If you can't admit that this game looks like Smash 4.5 then you're simply deluded. Them tweaking a few characters and a few mechanics does not make it an entirely new game, they simply tweaked Smash 4 because it was already good but just could use a little refining thanks to feedback from the community and play testing. Everyone can point to all of the...

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Well they aren't going to say it's the smallest ugliest world they've ever made....

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All poor replies...

@Corndog, Valkyrie chronicles claims to be fictional based on WW2 even the area it takes place is fictional, not even close to a good comparison.

@Last_Boss Resistance is classified as a Science-fiction shooter, once again a terrible comparison

I'll say this again, simply change it to being categorized as alternate history and all of this goes away. Fiction was not used to describe Battlefield One and it won'...

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They claimed it is WW2, what do you think they meant by that? Is it just implied it isn't actually WW2? What is your logic exactly?

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They gave it the WW2 label, no one else, what is so hard to understand about this?

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They can do whatever they want, obviously, but don't call it WW2 and then have it not be WW2. Would you have robots fighting and then call it WW2? No, so why is this any different? Women with prosthetic arms weren't on the front line, it's SJW pandering and honestly I am very proud of the gaming community for standing up against it because it seems everyone else is afraid to. If you want to use player freedom as an excuse you could literally get away with anything "Yeah we ad...

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In what way is the game "MADE UP" DICE themselves say it is WW2. World War 2 was not "MADE UP" It happened, what didn't happen was women with prosthetic arms on the front lines, it simply didn't, that is the part that is "MADE UP". If you are going to call something World War 2, then you portray World War 2, if you are going to create alternate history, then you call it alternate history. What is so hard for you to understand about this? You know what, ju...

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Woah be careful with what you say on N4G bud, this could be considered hate speech against women and DICE, don't want to offend anyone like Parasyte, just say "Oh yes finally women and disabled people are finally being recognized by battlefield for their huge help during WW2! How forward thinking and progressive DICE is WOW they are GREAT! Please take my money, HEROES of the modern world!" /s

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So I haven't been signing into N4G lately specifically to stay away from the comments section lately, I still visit, but simply don't give into the comment bait you speak of. In a way I agree there is a toxicity, but with anonymity on the internet that simply just happens, you act like you have just found out some big problem with this site and then even have the ignorance to use Battlefield V as an example. Shows exactly how little you understand. N4G isn't the only place with a ...

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The only thing giving me a headache is how bad this person is at playing, also the fact that you act like this is unplayable. This is truly amazing for an on the go machine.

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I don't know why you're getting disagrees. This looks phenomenal for being on the go.

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