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"I listen to Yuzo Koshiro cuz am ninja-hard."


Looks like someone opened their "Babies First Journalism Starter Pack" present before Christmas. #7
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It's a nice piece. Shield Tablet is the first tablet I've owned so even the basic functionality makes it worth it for me. The fact it's powerful, gamer-focused with extra storage space potential is icing on the cake.

Game-wise I've only tried some android stuff. Vice City's controls translate well to the controller. Trine 2 is pretty alright, but I get the sense the battery drains quite quickly if you're playing portably. As a plug & play console h... #3.2
Grow some balls. #6
Great games. JC1 really sticks with me. The soundtrack is brilliant.

JC2's gameplay was vastly better but I just never got to finishing it.

I wish there were more interesting objectives to create "progression" rather than randomly dispersed item collection that both games use. #6
"the rest of the game which is beautiful, massive, innovative, epic stories, detailed and well developed characters, unique and innovative gameplay"

lol, implying you know this is the case. Whatever lad. #14.1
People who've only just played Alien Isolation...

Casuals who probs think Slenderman was a big deal and have never heard of Penumbra or Amnesia. #5
I might make a Gamergate article for no reason.

Heh, at least it will propagate this bs fad.

Any good news about games? I just found out I can download the EVOLVE alpha because I own XCOM.

All I know it's made by L4D developers and that it's a 14gb Alpha. That's pretty hench. Will be listening to some Jan Hammer while I wait to D/L for the story. #8
Are X thinking after the release of X.01???

Le Dur-brain article. #15
*New Game Release*

WoW Check out our new Game!

btw it won't look this good when you buy it lol, but so what, look how good our graphics can render it.

Buy it based on that despite the fact you'll never play it this way.


How it should be advertised. #10
"Doing COD was an incredible experience because I'm paid to say so, and if it wasn't I'd have to say so anyway. If you'd thought otherwise you're a proper dumbass." #8
Babies first review. #9
Reminds me of creeping through vents in Half Life. #5
Woah, you mean I can play the game and UNLOCK things? I don't have to pay for DLC to experience it?

So retro. #6
R u Reddy 4 Freddy? Again? #1
It felt right with Ezio that with each game release he be more of a honed combatant.

It doesn't feel right in the next few games, when you move on to new greenhorn characters that they instantly fight like masters. #9
Don't Hate, Appreciate. #4
I got to play Logical Journey of the Zoombinis in Primary School. #2
Bunch of loons with a keyboard. #11
lol at this game crapping on it's own lore by removing key creation magic. #11
Heh, nothin' personal kid.

https://scontent-a-lhr.xx.f... #10.1.1
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