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"I listen to Yuzo Koshiro cuz am ninja-hard."


Dat face. #1
"It will take until 2020 to come out other wise if done in one go"

Ridiculous. How would releasing the game in partition decrease the time to complete the overall product, if it would take that long to complete it anyway? If anything it would probably take LONGER OVERALL having to coordinate 3 seperate releases!

"and also need to have things cut and then make it much more streamlined."

Longer dev time = more things being c... #7.1
You sound like my mother. #4
Permadeath, Iron Man. One Save.

I can get behind some implementations of these features but not all.

For example, the idea of playing Mount and Blade on it's One Save mode is not fun to me.

But I look at Xcom's Iron Man mode as 'the way to play'. #5
Isometric FTW. #4
2 deep 4 me #2
Always found them too scary to play haha. #4
Bought that trilogy for my brother but the wii couldn't read the disc. Something to do with it being dual layered.

Super sucks man. #1.2.2
Bring back MGO2 #6
Paid for N4G Comment
lol. #2
Hardly a criticism, more of an observation.

Spector prides himself on games that provide freedom of choice.

Personally, he wants to see more of those type of games.

Uncharted didn't do this, but, it didn't set out to do this. It's great at what it does. #13
Digimon World 1 was teh best. #2
So what pray tell would Total War layered onto Warhammer be like in comparison? #2
There was GamesMaster on TV.

I used to stream on Xfire too. #2
We had The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis in Primary School. #4
There was a cycle in AC2... big whoop. #14
I liked in the FWE Mod that Fast Travel was restricted to an in-game Motorbike that you could build and had to maintain. #6
because that takes effort in comparison. #7.1
Damn, this game was hard. #8
This one still makes me hype: #8
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