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"I listen to Yuzo Koshiro cuz am ninja-hard."


We had The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis in Primary School. #4
There was a cycle in AC2... big whoop. #14
I liked in the FWE Mod that Fast Travel was restricted to an in-game Motorbike that you could build and had to maintain. #6
because that takes effort in comparison. #7.1
Damn, this game was hard. #8
This one still makes me hype: #8
We'll see... #1.2
Bringing tonnes of DLC no doubt. #1
I remember when Collectors Editions used to just consist of a fancy box & a T-Shirt. In this day and age that would still be more worthwhile than a friggin' little code to lock away content that later ends up being available to all anyway, of course at a premium price. #7
Press "Print Screen" Key - oh wait. #13
See below: -

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Story quality? - WTF?

Like this website? - No #15
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - Released including OoT & Master Quest - £40. As someone who never had an N64 this shit was as Gold as the game case.

Will such a good deal ever come to pass again?

No chance. #6
AAA Publishers don't do Space Sims no more. #7
So Noughties. #11

I like the Jamiroquai song from the film's soundtrack. #3.2
Edgy "Debate" article.

Emphasis on 'bait'. #1.2
"10 What Culture Pages That Should Not Be Clicked." #1562 #5
Making great progress on the DLC-Front. #10
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