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"I listen to Yuzo Koshiro cuz am ninja-hard."


Probs all Zombie Games. #12
I never played Alpha Centauri, so will probs give this a go. #5
Some New Vegas and FTL for moi. #5
Star Wars fan fiction is flakey, so basing games upon it? I don't know. Star Wars: Zombies sounds boring. Very boring. But I'm not adverse to horror in Star Wars.

KOTOR2 could be pretty unnerving at times due to its dark nature. Especially at the beginning.

And the second chapter of Republic Commando. That was pretty spooky till you found out what was going on. #7
I only got to trying Outcast a few years back. Never completed it though. It came across a tad too archaic for a modern machine. Odd resolution and aspect ratio issues. Control-wise it took some time to get used to.

But even with it being so old, the graphics were evocative and vibrant. A true alien world sensation. Audio was great too. The gameplay sort of reminded me of the Gothic games.

Will be a pleasure to play the re-make. #4
Twin Snakes was only good to ridicule with other friends who also played MGS.

The graphics were great, sure. But the cutscenes were ridiculous. The soundtrack & voice acting inferior.

The only people who pine for a re-make of MGS1 are those who haven't played Twin Snakes.

The game Metal Gear Solid wasn't designed to feature first person gun battles, corner shooting etc etc. It broke the game that you could just shoot anyone anywhe... #6
xD #8.1.1
Only casuals "skip".

The only skip I like are the crisps. #8
Console Trash. #25
Will create a darker mood.

Which is sound. #14
Tactics had multiplayer.

F2 & Tactics had vehicles.

But I'd never heard of some of those Van Buren tid-bits. Really interesting.

I love the fan-trailer with the Beautiful South soundtrack. #4
Halo 2 was such the game. #6
Hey Digimon, Hey Digimon! #6
£18.95 on PS3.

Not PS4... #3
Not bad. #7
Totally agree.

I loved the way Thief and Timesplitters handled dificulty.

Like, there are more objectives and things to do in each level the higher the difficulty is, rather than the bullshit damage sponge, crackshot accuracy AI in modern games. #9.1.1
Games with mature themes, but with a difficulty meant for babies. #9
I concur. First two were great. #4.1
I suppose we're back on the subject of Jeff Gerstmann being fired, again. #7
Should just go back to the roots with this series. #6
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