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things have changed A lot thats what i get from it .
anyway as for me at least i am not a fan of mid cycle upgrades or things of that sort like the Iphone and galaxy phones which i barely use to make phone calls so it wont bother me if they release a new one everyday .
but with gaming its a different story the care that a dev puts to make a game do appear when you see the final product .
with this move i could be happy if the game runs at all .
i will not j...

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lets wait and see, honestly i am not happy with this gen so far 2016 looked and looking interesting but since nothing is complete we might get these things which we call upgrades to ruin the cycle something i predicted just when nintendo announced the NX, i am laughing now cause its fulfilling exactly as i imagined i will still hope that i am wrong or otherwise i will leave the gaming medium the cool thing about consoles was that you get quality games for several years with the main focus bei...

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yes i had thanks for you reply
i said in my opinion didnt you read it or just went defense mode the moment you started reading .
as for me i am a sony fan it just happens that the majority of the games dont interest me ( personal opinion )
the ps3 was my least favorite playstation but still at the same time period i had more games for it than the PS4 which so far didnt immerse me as much as the PS1 or PS2 or even PSP did .

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i am not buying a NEO even if its true .
i want my PS4 investment to be fully utilized and then i will rate how fun it was compared to other playstation systems .
right now and thats just me and my opinion, my ps4 library is way smaller than the PS1 PS2 and even the PS3( which was my least favorite playstation ) even compared to the same time during their life cycles.
lets hope it will get better or at least stay the same pace as this year .
again thats m...

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@ IZofihht
haaaahaaaaaa hooooohoooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaa haaaaaaaaha
looks at your comments again ......... HAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAA .
just thought to get that out of my chest just to let you know my real laughter was much louder but letters cant translate that .

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Sony needs to assign a top dev for the game .
ND isnt the right choice because i dont think they can make a mario like quality game ( not their expertise ) but they are very very good with what they are doing right now .
i personally dont want a mediocre crash game i want something that shows care and shows commitment not just a line up filler in other words i want something to compete with the best games of the year or at least with the best platformers of the year .

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Enjoy your ADULT games .
let us minors enjoy our games too could you please XDDDDD.
if thats the way you communicate and deliver your opinion to other people i doubt you have grown much, if at all .
but then again who am i to judge people .
i respect Uncharted fans and i give the game its credit even though i dont play that type of games .
Crash or Sonic or Sly cooper or ratchet these are the games that inspires the gamer inside me if these games s...

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Hopefully its the game that sonic team has been working on since lost worlds .
and i also hope it will be better than generations because this time around Sonic team has taken their time to make something .
the CEO of sega promised that there will be focus on games quality from now on which i believe will start with the next sonic title .
yakuza is already great Persona 5 is coming soon ( atlus is a part of sega now ) .

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@ DarXyde
yes thats exactly what i meant, that way they wont have change the studio's whole direction to something they dont know much about, but at the same time use their name which is associated to the franchise .
the first persona game i played was persona 3 portable on the PSP i fell in love with the franchise then i played P4 golden on the vita also loved it then i played cathrinie which had nothing to do with persona but still loved it .
the guys at at...

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@ DarXyde
when i said naughty dog and other studio i didnt mean naughty dog the main teams, here i will try to explain .
they need to assemble a team to work on crash games pretty much like sonic team and nintendo EAD 1 if i remember correctly, those people should be chosen from other studios or hired .
or they might for nostalgic reasons not use that technique ( ex team crash ) they could hire some people to work at naughty dog but their main job is to make crash...

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considering that crash games has a very strong sales track record with sony and it could potentially be sony's way of generating mario like numbers or near mario like, they must not take it lightly they must do it RIGHT without missteps .
personally i love platformers more than shooters or cinematic games so i know for how that market responds .
Sony must do it CORRECTLY .
now ND working on it with another studio why not we dont know how big are these studios so...

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as much as i would literally be in extreme hype mode if sony is making a new sonic game AND ON PS4 ( WUUUUT ) .
as a huge fan of sony and sega myself .
but i dont want to be that selfish you know there are people who would like to play sonic on other platforms lets hope sega do a great job on this one .
i have hated the past two years because there was no sonic game on a PS system lets hope they make it up for me with this one btw they dont owe me anything XD .

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i believe they can add it, socom through the PS2 classics system that they announced recently .
the part that i dont understand is that they arent bringing the online portion or something .
anyway i read at an interview with shawn layden it was when he introduced himself at E3 he spoke about Vib ribbon after the conference fans were disappointed because they wanted the game to come to the US then according to shawn himself he started making contacts to make the game come over...

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haahaaa lol really tell me what kind of future telling crystal you are using because quite honestly it seems broken you should return it and get your money back .
IN MY OPINION i liked the show i loved REZ and Ni no kuni 2 and ratchet and clank .
do i like shooters no i dont, do i like every game with big explosions no i dont, do i like star wars no i dont, do i like many of what people call AAA no i dont, so in my opinion sony killed it for me this year .
gravity ru...

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time flew by very quickly .
i barely enjoyed anything, in my opinion the generation started with bloodborne and mgsv and tearaway unfolded .
the first was bad just a wasted time .
hopefully from now and on we get the awesomeness of the PS1 and the PS2 era .
NOTE : 2016 is sick already gravity rush 2, the last guardian, tomorrow children ,persona 5 , ratchet and clank , mirror's edge and if another quality platformer announced, then 2016 would be one of th...

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twisted metal black was my fav

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well they need to be innovative and unique .
releasing a system mid-gen is never a position you would like to get your self into because before you even start putting your feet on the market the competition would have surpassed you and ended the cycle .
i believe no unnecessary risks should be taken they need to differentiate themselves so they can build their install base without being affected by the competition .
financial wise the risks should be as minimal as pos...

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who said killing is natural i didnt say that .
in fact i dont support games like GTA or COD, the last GTA game i bought was san andreas and honestly i regretted it .
I hold the morals and values to a very high place and rarely care ( in fact never ) for the opinions of people who dont look at the morals and values as i do .
again thats me i will never change if you agree hit agree if you dont just hit disagree .
not everybody is a rabid sexual animal followi...

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i find it these kind of mods to be stupid .
because it doesnt seem right and too hmmm how can i say it animalistic or flat out lust seeking .
but thats me and thats my opinion .

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as if it matters if she is strong or a normal female character, i dont know whats wrong normal females .
just make her as believable as possible and not like lightning .

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