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"I am WAY past COOL "


exactly what i was thinking in terms of disagreement .
but also with a little bit deeper thinking we start to realize that the problem might be a little bit bigger than just MGS disagreement kojima was the chief creative director of the company if i am not mistaken he had a say at everything at komani this huge problem between him and the board caused them to erase all his involvement with the company it just shows how big it is .
MGS is indeed part of it but there are still... #28.1.1
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some people have different tastes than yours naughty dog is a great studio they could expand and make team 3 if they want so dont worry .
i didnt like uncharted even though it was amazing technically same with the last of us i respect their efforts because i am not selfish i respect the people who like these games , for me a crash game is far more interesting but thats me and good luck for them whether they do it or not . #1.1.4
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So what man I hate pc gaming and pc gamers as much as you hate sony but that doesn't stop me from playing very little pc games and enjoy with friends get a life.
Liking something blindly is no good, love what you want but enjoy others if you can #3.3
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Yeah but I thought it was about MGS V ads not the game boxart if I remember correctly.
Konami wanted to get things under check they didn't believe in kojima's future vision I guess so they decided to play boss on him.
I think kojima would have faced same problems at companies like capcom sega and square enix. #28
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aha so it isnt out of place because its as scary as the ones you just mentioned .
thanks for the relieve . #1.5.1
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learn some ethics of speech before speaking first then know who am i after that .
Because your strategy of responding and observation is very weak and no no one is born gay full stop its a mind issue and inability to change or no well to change thanks in part to vaccines and unnatural food .
i am working on my post graduate degree on such a topic so calling me ignorant just shows how deep mainstream media can affect people fascinating.
again e... #1.4.5
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african american issue was stupid full stop because there is no way they can change themselves or hide themselves and why no ethical thinking mind would want that .
now to the other issue ohhhh boy i doubt any family would want their son to be ***** just saying ( me included ) and its unacceptable by all religions .
i am not saying they should get punished or anything but let them do their thing without publicity its been that way since ever and humanity were fine .
se... #1.4.3
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I wasn't buying the game anyway now I am more sure of not buying it. #1.2.14
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They spoke about it at one of the PSX panels.
Unfortunately we got the same trailer we saw at gc 2013 #10.1
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I haven't noticed #1
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I am really waiting for this game.
My next gen starts with tearaway unfolded #2
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Those 12 - 17 year old kids don't deserve a response in my opinion since you know they pretend to know everything beyond their age yet they couldn't figure out such a very simple logic looks like they never knew about ratchet the original crash trilogy journey sly cooper and many other examples of ips being owned by sony but you know 12 years old kids who know everything turned out not that clever lol again. #8
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you might have a point i respect you opinion .
and since you played the game your opinion is valid , well just to explain myself .
games like mass effect dragon age are pushing certain things the same could be said about COD .
i refuse to support their views or agendas and believe what i believe is correct .
i dont take knowledge from TV or games because most probably they are just pushed in our face to believe .
i play games just to have fun and not t... #3.1.1
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i didnt play the game so my opinion may not seem valid .
but generally i play games just for fun and not to accept or relive what i hate about this world from politics to stupid personal topics .
yeah so i will accept what i want and dont accept what i hate there is no way to push something on me .
i am as stubborn as a rock .
cant wait for my fun innovative games like tearaway . #3
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i am not interested in VR or AR .
but congrats to sony for their amazing work hopefully more good news to come in the coming months . #3
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That's why the author doesn't qualify to become a CEO - the real title of this article #11
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You don't know how much I agree with this comment.
The majority of time this gen I play with my brother on his wii u yeah I have a ps4 I played rayman ( platinumed it), lbp3 which is a blast I am hoping for more this year and better.
It seems like the majority of 3rd party publishers aren't interested in creating platformers and in return I am not interested in their games the last 3rd party games I bought were super monkey ball on vita XD and rayman legends on ps4 the... #2.1
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You know a lot of the so called hardcore gamers are a just a punch of call of duty fans.
They think everything can move their way if they believed in it.
No doubt why they consider other gaming genres kiddy for example platformers.
As long as sony keeps satisfying me with platformers and other unique games I will still be a gamer #2.1
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That's your opinion right .
I completely don't agree #1.1.1
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Why all the hate.
At least their games have colors and makes you happy when you play them unlike the gun shoot blood gritty boring games of today.
I wish all the best for nintendo and sony my favorite #1.2
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