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gay teen simulator i hope they don't ruin it too much with modern crap.

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I hate to be the only anti political correctness person but here we go.
Besides the fact that they used a picture of an already did woman just speaks volumes about the true nature of these events.
Anyway I suggest we start thinking and use our brains on something other than pleasing the private parts of the body.

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Couldn't care less.
Just to clear myself buying a PlayStation doesn't mean you support the companies values or morals because certainly I am not with them at many fronts and this is one of them.
For me they just provide games that I choose to buy based on my taste they aren't my parents or my nany just saying.
Lol I wouldn't like to be associated with this crap if someone see me buying a PlayStation.
If for some reason Sony started shoving...

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weird really whats so weird about his games, he just seems to put too much effort into these games which is a good thing and not weird its called dedication .
metal gear and zone of the enders ( especially the 2nd runner ) are truly a showcase of how detail minded he is .

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Political correctness if people find you are straying away from the official narrative they will always get on you, it's not speech freedom but more sjw 2.0 in other terms " thought police ".
I personally don't give much value to any government or any law that comes from it or the people who defend these laws because they are playing the zoo keeper role " for free "
Politics was never and will never make the wrong right or the right wrong for me ...

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Honestly if it wasn't for my limited budget and the amazing amount of great exclusive and persona 5 coming soon I would have bought it day one.
I still gonna get but after I recover some gaming money.

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Me too it's so far my favorite persona 5 is coming soon and horizon is a fantastic game too.
But I love KAT

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Political correct stuff .
i hate it, way to ruin a game it wasnt even needed .
politics /= correct choice .
games are supposed to be our escape anyway i still have my beautiful platformers and Persona 5 which as far as i know doesnt have any main lgbt character.

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Is that a political correct review or what

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Political correct effect. Just flopped I am glad

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You should have said in my opinion.
Not everyone will agree with you but nevertheless those characters plus more are PlayStation icons.

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There are many PlayStation characters my personal favorites are Crash bandicoot and recently Kat from gravity rush ( oh that game is amazing I love everything about it) .
Aloy is good, not my type of icon but still a good character.
The good thing to take here PlayStation has an icon for nearly every type of gamer.

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Ps4 is just hitting it's stride and started to feel like the ps2 that I love.
Way too early to kill it.

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i loved the demo if the game is anywhere like the demo then i am just ignoring this review altogether.

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gravity rush 2 i just love this game .
is it ok to like it that much LOL .

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Ps4 is producing a hit after hit I will be getting nier after that the gigantic bomb persona 5.
I can't remember a time that was similar to now

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how dare I forget gravity rush 2 this game is my addiction

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great scores indeed i might check it out with my brother he is the nintendo guy i am the sony guy but we share games lol .
this year is so great so far zelda, sonic mania ( PS4 ), Nier, Crash, Horizon, Persona 5 ( big big game ), Mario, Yooka laylee, Horizon, Possibly spidey, splatoon 2 .
sony and nintendo fans might be in for a treat this year

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for sudden kids who are masquerading as nintendo fans ( while they are just sony haters ) .
one game " Persona 5 "
wait for it, it will come soon enough

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I didn't like the game I tried it with friends.
I didn't buy it btw anyway back to nioh " for me "

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