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"I am WAY past COOL "


i like these kind of games like tearaway and yoshi its just there to let you have fun, no morals no beliefs just pure fun.
i miss the old days of gaming but i am glad that sony and nintnedo are supporting those kind of experiences . #2
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i guess when a society is built around sex thats what you get #13
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beside enforcing it at schools and making it normal on streets so that my children can be exposed to such a crap plus teaching them things at schools i disallow in my home .
and spreading it to the point where there is no way to avoid it which will make me have to flee away from the country or the place i live in all together just to save my future generations from this kind of trash .
thats in short what my problem with it and i didnt state the full list of reasons thats like... #1.3.1
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you dont get the bigger picture arent you ?
first its optional then its forced then on streets then on your face then corrupt your children without allowing you to respond or you will labelled ( BY THE STUPID LAW ) .
if you dont interfere the moment you see it you will regret it later on . #10.1
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i didt see it BUT wow man even SONY games i think i must research even deeper from now on .
i dont think tearaway unfolded would have anything of that sort because lol it doesnt fit .
but true what you said is true and for the fact i am not worried about my self because i know myself really really well but my future generations and my family i dont want them to be exposed to this crap even in their entertainment . #5.2.1
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technically speaking he might be afraid about his future generations i personally DONT want my family to move on that direction even if it requires leaving the place where i live, this is trash .
and my friend you might know this but nowadays in fact for the past 25 years we have been exposed to A LOTS and A LOTS of estrogen from our unhealthy air and food, estrogen is the female hormone which many kinds of fatal disease like cancer but no one is fighting they are busy with justin bie... #3.2.1
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thats why i dont buy bioware games specifically and for the matter any game that has this kind of mentality #6
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they are trying to counter mighty no.9 or at least capitalize from it since mega man was the source of inspiration .
clever move capcom #5
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R.I.P iwata san you gave everything you had for the industry and your career and believed in your vision .
RIP Nintendo's CEO :( . #32
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you cant blame them the game cube wasnt successful even though it had good hardware .
the most successful thing they had was the wii and honestly they played it wisely as we know they arent an electronic company or a software giant both which have an infinite number of engineers they were unique .
releasing a powerful console now is pointless they will be at price disadvantage since you know both sony and microsoft will cut the price of their systems and as soon as they star... #59.1
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what you just said might sound good for general people but if you go for deep understanding it doesnt make sense .
and here is why :
-nintendo will start from zero and the rest are way ahead of them and by the time they start getting their feet going a next gen PS and xbox will be around the corner already made their investment obsolete so it makes sense to make your own cycle and your own market and not directly compete .
- going for a low price and low manufacturing... #55.1
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they never said its a next gen or a successor to the wiiu people are assuming thats the case .
also remember they will start from zero they need something to catch attention more powerful hardware will put them on the same situation as sega with the dreamcast .
Sony and microsoft are already cutting the costs of their consoles nintendo DO NOT like to take losses on hardware they like to make profitable hardware and with sony and microsoft always on the cutting edge of cost re... #48
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i coundnt agree with you more buddy .
people seem to be thinking everything the law says is allowed then its right in my personal opinion i think mafias create our laws but anyway thats not the subject here .
homosexuality is a sickness i agree 100% because if its not then why the pedophiles are viewed differently oh because the law prohibits sex with people under the age of 18, ok what if the law didnt prohibit that , then its lawful as ugly a... #1.2.23
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no one at nintendo said its a next gen or a successor to wiiu .
its a brand new concept yet you are expecting a traditional console weird i must say . #1.11
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didnt miyamoto himself state such a thing .
he said the problem with wiiu was the price, he then said we arent competing at high tech we try to make unique ideas .
after that he said we want to catch that appealing element again ( the wii ) and make a very affordable console .
please check those articles before acting surprised .
and lol at people who only care about power really power isnt everything you know .
diddy kong got trademarked like 5 months... #19
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nowadays everything is acceptable as long as its fits your liking .
adoption is considered normal now in fact as normal as making a child, which isnt true at all, adopted child isnt your child and the child doesnt have your genes or your blood so basically you just raised him and quite probably with bad beliefs .
by the way wasnt that child coming from a normal couple i mean the natural way which those people are cursing and not accepting lol .
they should give a chil... #1.2.1
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how did you know they are for a fact ico and shadow of colossus had their art style which looks very comparable with the last guardian also the game doesnt look bland empty and also it promotes it self as an artistic game .
star fox looks cheap even my brother who is a nintendo fan sees it as a cheap game .
lets wait for the reviews shall we . #9.3.2
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did you just compare the last guardian a game that looks fantastic in my opinion did you look at the creature moving with the boy .
the boy himself looks different from the environment which gives a heart warming affect i dont know but i felt it the game looked amazing and calm .
on the other hand star fox is trying to look edgy its an action game and it looks bad so bad ratchet and clank a crack in time on ps3 puts this star fox to shame . #9.3
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ps4 didnt sell because of its power look at PS3 and now look at the PS2 .
many factors come to play nintendo needs to fix a lots of issues the game cube wasnt weak yet it received far less 3rd party support than the ps2 .
and to make matters worse ps4 will be at 40 million units approximately at that time i dont know but i think nintendo should have waited for a fresh start and not think about making the first move too quickly look at sega for example .
plus playstatio... #5.3
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you should listen to what reggie is saying lol.
if anything iwata is the voice of reason in nintendo and clearly understands everything .
riggie isnt even acknowledging they did bad .
i am sure nintendo will do something dont know if its good or bad but they figure a way .
speaking about your comment seems like that press conference did something with many people lol .
and on my part if believed in your type of gaming i would have got pc but you know wh... #1.2.1
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