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"I am WAY past COOL "


I think he deserves a chance with this one the guy created twisted metal and god of war.
I hope he stops consuming too much alcohol XD #5.1
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What's the problem with twisted metal all the games were fantastic I played them for countless hours.
If you want shooters over and over and over again stick to your xbox I always loved the variety in games and rarely play shooters #4.1
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Lol I laughed hard at this.
But yeah sdk updates usually add new tools and middleware for developers to use.
As a software engineer myself I believe that those updates doesn't not only improve game quality visually but improves the systems ability to produce more complex games with less required resources.
The same thing that microsoft and nintendo do too but one thing you cant overcome is hardware differences unless you have terrible engineers working on a stronge... #1.2.1
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Yeah I get what you are saying.
But for the matter we don't know how it will be so it could be true , sony always start doing great after year one of their consoles I won't be so surprised if they do so now.
I would be surprised if microsoft does which I doubt but who knows #5.2
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Couldn't careless just make great games and goty contenders and most importantly diversity in content.
Just focus on that #6
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Honestly so far am 2 hours into the game its soo much better than lbp2 also the soundtrack is wow worthy especially after the first tutorial levels #2
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Right now those studios have no name I mean quality wise, they could be small they could be bad they could just create shooters or downloadable games only or even worse kinect games.
It also depends on how much money microsoft are welling to invest on xbox looking at the company's financial situation and the hardware they manufactured I would say not much.
I hope they succeed and prove me wrong and make me happy to own one of their future systems because I am gonna test... #2.3.1
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I think a change from the realistic shooter or cinematic experiences will be very welcome.
I heard that they have opened new first party studio I hope they are quality because right they are no name studios lets see what will happen.
Sony has more experience than microsoft in this game nintendo too so its not gonna be easy. #4
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What a waste of time its a game and a great one too but this is taking it too far pretty much like how those series dedicated gamers are doing.
Over thinking stuff like video games is worthless try over thinking world problems and find solutions thats more useful.
I am not saying that games with deep stories are worthless not at all in fact some story driven or scenario driven games are on my top games of all time games like ico begs you to think deeply because of the narrat... #4
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This review and the lbp one were very hard for me to take.
I mean its pokemon ruby man it was fantastic during the gba days and I am sure its still awesome with that new upgraded engine but seems Like those review sites are bashing every character centred game and praising the industry standard shooters and killing mature games because you know guns and bullets are cool. Obvious sarcasm. #2.1
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That's pretty much like saying why nintendo released fire emblem on the 3ds and not the wiiu.
Get over it there are some people who own a vita and want games on it why are you so selfish want everything your way .
Learn to share btw all the first party teams are on ps4 projects so no need to panic #7.1
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I want to know more about never alone please sounds interesting #6.1
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I don't think it will happen at all, this generation of gamers are all about explosions bullets and realistic cinematic stuff even if its stupid.
Gaming isn't about pure fun anymore I am not expecting anything magical or pure fun from anyone except sony and nintendo I hope this gen is different but I guess it will be different for the worse. #12
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I got mine pre ordered day 1 edition from amazon.
For some reason people are dismissing lbp3 they say sony has no games while two fantastic exclusives are on the way lbp3 which could actually be goty contender and guilty gear xrd which is the best fighting game second to smash bros. #1.1
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Yeah I agree.
You know what sony and nintendo are the only companies that offer diversity of genres and experiences something that other companies don't care about to be honest with you last gen my library of games on ps3 was like 80% sony developed games 20% the very best 3rd party games I could find not many since all of the games were cinematic or shooters so I had to suffer I hope this gen is better like ps2 better.
Nintendo pretty much like sony are fantastic with t... #2.1.2
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Nintendo are doing great indeed.
Microsoft and sony not so much but we know sony will come out stronger after year one.
Its thanks to sony and nintendo we have content diversity so kudos to both of them.
Btw lbp3 is coming guilty gear is coming soon too those games are dream come true to some people including me dunno about you other people . #1.8.1
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Have a nice time.
I wish I could attend but am very far from vegas as you can imagine lol, enjoy your time. #14.1
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Yeah its not like microsoft were better nope also people are quick to forget what microsoft did with original xbox and 360 horrible engineering fewer exclusives no diversity no goty worthy exclusives unless its halo of course and yet people forgive them.
Sony are always slow in the first year I think it should be history right now.
Nintendo are killing it this year by the way kudos to them, its them and sony are why this industry isnt call of duty clones centered #6.2.1
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You forgot the tomorrow children one of my most anticipated.
Did you start gaming recently or something those kind of games where non existence in the old days.
And please no other company offers those kind of games regularly because people like me prefer games like lbp3 but that doesn't mean uncharted is trash because its a fantastic game on its own even though I dont like shooters or cinematic games.
Microsoft doesn't offer like 30% of what... #6.1.2
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I hope it does nintendo's contributions in the last 5 years along with sony are top top notch they both deserve to be successful microsoft is a 3rd party company on their own consoles I mean you cant change history nintendo and sony outmatch them by a land side.
I hope smash does very well along with lbp3 thanks everyone #5
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