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"I am WAY past COOL "


please be a big scheme and Sony wants to play with our emotions before they announce crash at games com ( someone can dream right ? )
on a serious note : activision if thats true then i cant find words to describe how EVIL you could get the only rivals you have is microsoft and EA but you proved yourself worse than your rivals congrats . #16
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look Sony needs something like Crash with mass appeal
something that sells millions and can be a reason for somebody to buy the system for .
infamous is good its not generic or a shooter that tries to beat call of duty so for me infamous is something you can find on playstation .
mario is like that for nintendo and I hope Sack boy can show us what he can ( already very successful ) .
and hopefully sony can get their crash back . #1.5
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sony already have enough military shooters or shooters in general .
i cant see how those guys can expand the PS4's lineup with anything other than a shooter .
Ryse i know that ryse is different which might give me some hope . #56
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i have a PS3 and didnt get it .
i have a PS4 and still wont get it .
because different people have different tastes in the other hand i cant wait for LBP3 , Rime , and maybe if i saw more bloodborne .
the last of us is the best game in its genre and in providing cinematic experience glad that people can enjoy a wide variety of experiences for me i like fantasy innocent out of this world games or classic formula games like Sonic and ratchet , ICo . #22
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i dont care about killzone at all.
media molecule are legends in my book but i doubt its their game .
i think its one of the 4 unannounced japan studio games #1.6
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Sony focus on their job just give us a PS2 like lineup and i will be happy .
@ irishguy
try water which doesnt include fluoride on it and your brain might feel better ,
might because i dont know how much damage it did receive all those years #1.1.26
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you know what i saw the article .
shuhei is totally right here .
AAA he meant not indie games ( i like indie games ).
he was happy that nintendo received a great praise for IPs like splatoon which by far looks very interesting as shooter for me in my opinion .
am sorry if i was nagging too much its just after last i just started to hate the sound of guns ( military or normal ) in video games that .
last gen was very bad in my opinion the worst playsta... #1.1.19
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Sega could have done far a better job with sonic boom rather than this .
they had a winning formula with colors and generations also they could have added some exploration in the game without affecting the game's pace .
about the designs i didnt like them even though i approached them with open mind .
why not try a CEL-shaded sonic game with graphics on par with cartoons or anime that would be great and sonic already appeared on multiple cartoons so far .
... #3
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you know what now I AM WORRIED .
if AAA means more shooters then count me out .
i didnt get any xbox console because it focuses mainly on shooters now if Sony wants to go that path then FOR THE FIRST i will switch to nintendo i cant stand shooters anymore just cant whether it was uncharted call of duty battlefield .
BUT RIME LBP3 and ratchet's new game gives me some hope there . #1.1.17
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it seems like gaming news are slow these days . #4
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am really happy that they liked the LBP3 reception because that will mean more platformers from sony yay me . #18
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signed in
i really want that game to come over here .
i remember digimon world 4 on the PS2 i loved that game so much .
and i think this one is even better #1.2
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@ skippy
YET nintendo waster their best teams with mario according to your logic or smash bros .
crash is important in fact look at the sales figures for him at the playstation days .
and honestly its all a matter of taste i never liked uncharted even though i bought one and two but only finished the campaign and left it because thats not my style of games to be like movies in story and setting . #3.1.2
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master chief and mario are saying other wise . ( even though i hate shooters so badly )
Sony needs a mascot or other wise gran turismo will be their mascot XD .
nathan drake is your everyday movie hero .
infamous is cool but their characters are no mascots .
ratchet seems great but for some reason he is more like sony 's star fox than sony's mario .
andrew house said that they will bring old beloved characters back and i am very happy .
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this the FPS call of duty generation what did you expect .
btw me too i loved all the games that you mentioned plus Sonic .
i wish if those days could come back am already sick of shooters and realistic cinematic experiences i remember at one point i found the cinema movies to be pointless because games became movies ( in story and setting and seriousness ). #9.1.1
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i see your point .
But mario proved that he can still live nowadays he is still true to his formula but yet he added new things to go along with the times .
crash can still evolve ( considering he came after mario ) and be true to it's name.
nintendo can always count on their fans to buy their systems because they know that they have fans .
and most importantly they have great IPs which in my opinion are more important than the console itself ( game cube... #6.2
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yeah and one shooter is enough too in my opinion . #9.2
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opps wrong address man because your description fits microsoft perfectly .
btw according to your logic how many xbox games died till now . #10.2
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some of the people who work there are very moody ( kamiya ) he can say anything then change his mind in like 2 days .
i got shocked when i saw their xbox game at E3 i didnt like it but it was weird in some way since they looked like all nintendo for some time . #14.1
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bloodborne looks great i think i am biased toward anything that isnt a shooter these days lol any shooter automatically gets to my ignore zone .
bloodborne is on my gaming calender just need to see more .
i am not getting a wii u ( not interested ) but i must be honest in my opinions nintendo did nothing wrong this gen but it seems like everything is going against them for some reason . #12.1.1
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