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"I am WAY past COOL "


Meh.... yawn.
What's wrong with creating a game without such themes, because I know some people who might be affected by those themes, in my opinion sexual themes should be out of discussion not only in games but every other medium.
It will just cause headaches over do it and you will accused of pushing an agenda even if that wasn't your intention.
Focus on the fun factor please. #3
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The first shooter that interests me congrats nintendo its very hard to impress me with a shooter. #5
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As long as its not a first person shooter or have a middle ages setting, I will certainly get it.
Media molecule is my favorite developer looking forward to tearaway unfolded. #1
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Lol my brother would flip in the air if those announcements are made.
A remasterer can be announced but out right sequel is E3 material. #2.3
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People lack patience these days aren't they?
did you ever buy a playstation system in your life because every single one of them except the vita had a relatively weak first year when compared to the years afterwards.
But you know its n4g am I expecting any kind of human level common sense of course not #1.8
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Personally I am not affected at all because I don't like bioware games in general. #25
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Can't see that happening unless we invent a very fast flawless internet connections yeah and always online too.
Then add controller options, finally stream games to it via that flawless internet connection then boom everything in the gaming medium will become irrelevant high end pc arguments will end and console cycles will stop, but you know thats not happening soon. #24
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Excited cannot describe my feelings right.
Woow those guys created some of the best platformers last gen plus adding the create and share twist to it.
Tearaway is my fav vita game and I will get the ps4 version too.
Go media molecule go. #5
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More shooters, sci-fi and middle ages games booohooo.
Really sad to know that we will lose one platfomer.
Back at the xbox days that game and its sequel made interested into getting an xbox if it wasnt for sly cooper particularly since I just loved those sly games.
What I liked about blinx as a character is that confident smile pretty much sonic style #5
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I love it love it love it, one of my most anticipated hoping for a disc release but will gladly download it if its only download. #2
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Had a pal ps2 and a pal ps1 yet I played all ntsc games all of them #5.1.1
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I am not with the isolation part at all.
But I am with some censorship the media is controlled by westerns telling people what is right or wrong which we don't and shouldn't give a crap about.
So yeah some censorship to keep your culture and identity from being affected by the fancy money stealing western corporations,and capitalism. #10.1
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In my country there is a famous sentence we always repeat.
" me and my brother against my nephew and me and my nephew against the stranger.
China and japan have a long history together from my view they could work together far better than working with nations outside of their region.
Because when someone outside of your region offers help that person most probably is lying or is your worse enemy #8.1.1
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Lol yeah I wonder if they had a vision for their system in the first place.
They didn't stick with anything they believed in as they claimed.
Not even the kinect, that what happens when you get used to splashing money at problems no originality no vision just short term decisions .
Am still wondering did they really research and develop kinect really they didn't even give it a chance XD.
I am still convinced it was a spying mechanic and an advanced one... #6.2
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Yeah like 2 years break to ensure that they can pull everything off correctly yeah I agree.
But deep inside me I want that sonic game on my ps4 a reunion after the 3 games deal and of course sonic colors. #5.1
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I want my ps4 sonic game sega, hopefully an announcement is made shortly after. #7
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I agree with mr. Iwata and I am a sony fan.
Sometimes you just want pure fun something that makes you smile.
Plenty of sony games fits my liking and hopefully more in the future.
3rd parties just stopped interesting with games for a long time now but still interested in some games like persona for example.
Next year ratchet, tearaway, rime and the tomorrow children will sit on my near shelve ( if the tomorrow children gets a disc release also the same for R... #43
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Not looking forward to either even though I respect uncharted.
I want persona 5, bloodborne, the tomorrow children, fat princess adventure, Wattam, wild and rime.
Man too many games don't think I will have enough time play them all. #1.4.1
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Nintendo is great without a doubt.
Sony is great without a doubt, those two proved it gen in gen out.
Microsoft haha lololol still didn't prove anything other than price drops and free games.
If Nintendo had the same 3rd party support as the others it would have been sony and Nintendo for sure. #1.1.4
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Its not like the ps4 is losing anywhere else, just some competition in the us which might end after the holidays otherwise worldwide ps4 is a beast the playstaion brand is very strong #1.1
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