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"I am WAY past COOL "


i think if you saw the above comments you will get a better idea about how many games are coming to the PS4 at the same time you can guarantee that PS4 will be supported in the long run with even more games .
why PS1 PS2 PS3 say thats the case so it will be no different here on the other hand what makes people so sure that microsoft will support the ONE appropriately lets see the Original Xbox ( died too early and got owned BY the PS2 in every department ) the 360 ( was somehow suppor... #1.3.2
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ONCE UPON TIME when A console named the X360 WAS ALIVE EXCLUSIVES didnt matter but multiplats were what gaming was all about HAAAHAAAAAHAA.
i love how criteria shifts with what microsoft offers i cant hold my self from laughing , ..... man this company has no dignity no identity they can switch opinions like in a split second you cant hold a WORD for them .
Sony didnt change ( the are awesome we know it ) nintendo didnt change ( they are awesome too ) but microsoft is the sp... #10
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and israel are bombing Palestinians left and right .
those scumbag low life bastards known as the chosen people LOL .
but yeah people people need to sort their priorities and stop being dumb and over sensitive about meaningless subjects like these .
i mean does this time looks like a good time to evolve society while we are at the lowest point in history #30.2
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i understand your sarcasm yeah really gamers or should i say people these day are EXTREMELY annoying .
you find annoying people at the news annoying people in politics annoying people everywhere and now in games where should i go then LOL .
they just want to be mad about something like oh its a great game BUT WHY NO FEMALES WHY ASIANS WHY NO THIS WHY NO THAT .
and the sad part is they always mention time as if its something shameful like how comes this happen and we ar... #22.2
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suddenly more females equal better games .
i dont understand why people always like to bring those political issues in games .
i want my games to be created as they were intended to be .
am i annoyed about tomb raider no am i annoyed about devil may cry ( the original one ) also no .
those are what the designers wanted to create as simple as that .
let me give people some history lessons most of the legends and back in the history heroes are males t... #26.1
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they can take the story at any direction they want now thats good .
also under the new sony management house and shuhei i see sony focusing more on their franchises and making them look more prestigious pretty much like nintendo and at the same time introduce the new and the fresh it needs balance but i am more than sure that Sony can handle that challenge .
I think andrew house loves ratchet and to be honest i love ratchet too and i wish sony to make more games with platfor... #3
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i dont think 4 is too many if anything in this industry is too many and yet no one complains about it is the number of shooters released every year . #5
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i want them to showcase the new ratchet game and Rime , also a bunch of new announcements ( SURPRISES ). #2.3
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honestly for me I CANT WAIT FOR LBP3 !!! and RIME !!! also ratchet and hopefully more on the way . #4
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Past generations say otherwise buddy you must have just started gaming to not figure it out .
on a more serious note : i know that they will announce the games that i want ( quality platfomers and a wide variety of game experiences like Rime which reminds me ICO so excited ) .
Sony will address these issues in the near future and if history repeats it self PS4 shall take off strongly starting 2015 . #2.1
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the world has bigger problems at its hands right now and probably for the next 15 years, than some hurt feelings because of something stupid like that get over it and enjoy the games we used to enjoy them before so whats the problem now . #12
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lol looks like i will ignore it again XD.
one of the most overrated players ever , each time he wins a golden ball the criteria for the award changes to fit what he has done through out the years even at his worst season ( very very bad season ) he nearly won the award that alone is a proof the people can be at the same intellectual level as goats or donkeys they just follow what OTHERS say . #19
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you dont know how much i agree with you buddy #16.1.1
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please be a big scheme and Sony wants to play with our emotions before they announce crash at games com ( someone can dream right ? )
on a serious note : activision if thats true then i cant find words to describe how EVIL you could get the only rivals you have is microsoft and EA but you proved yourself worse than your rivals congrats . #16
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look Sony needs something like Crash with mass appeal
something that sells millions and can be a reason for somebody to buy the system for .
infamous is good its not generic or a shooter that tries to beat call of duty so for me infamous is something you can find on playstation .
mario is like that for nintendo and I hope Sack boy can show us what he can ( already very successful ) .
and hopefully sony can get their crash back . #1.5
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sony already have enough military shooters or shooters in general .
i cant see how those guys can expand the PS4's lineup with anything other than a shooter .
Ryse i know that ryse is different which might give me some hope . #56
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i have a PS3 and didnt get it .
i have a PS4 and still wont get it .
because different people have different tastes in the other hand i cant wait for LBP3 , Rime , and maybe if i saw more bloodborne .
the last of us is the best game in its genre and in providing cinematic experience glad that people can enjoy a wide variety of experiences for me i like fantasy innocent out of this world games or classic formula games like Sonic and ratchet , ICo . #22
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i dont care about killzone at all.
media molecule are legends in my book but i doubt its their game .
i think its one of the 4 unannounced japan studio games #1.6
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Sony focus on their job just give us a PS2 like lineup and i will be happy .
@ irishguy
try water which doesnt include fluoride on it and your brain might feel better ,
might because i dont know how much damage it did receive all those years #1.1.26
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you know what i saw the article .
shuhei is totally right here .
AAA he meant not indie games ( i like indie games ).
he was happy that nintendo received a great praise for IPs like splatoon which by far looks very interesting as shooter for me in my opinion .
am sorry if i was nagging too much its just after last i just started to hate the sound of guns ( military or normal ) in video games that .
last gen was very bad in my opinion the worst playsta... #1.1.19
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