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as much as i would literally be in extreme hype mode if sony is making a new sonic game AND ON PS4 ( WUUUUT ) .
as a huge fan of sony and sega myself .
but i dont want to be that selfish you know there are people who would like to play sonic on other platforms lets hope sega do a great job on this one .
i have hated the past two years because there was no sonic game on a PS system lets hope they make it up for me with this one btw they dont owe me anything XD .

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i believe they can add it, socom through the PS2 classics system that they announced recently .
the part that i dont understand is that they arent bringing the online portion or something .
anyway i read at an interview with shawn layden it was when he introduced himself at E3 he spoke about Vib ribbon after the conference fans were disappointed because they wanted the game to come to the US then according to shawn himself he started making contacts to make the game come over...

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haahaaa lol really tell me what kind of future telling crystal you are using because quite honestly it seems broken you should return it and get your money back .
IN MY OPINION i liked the show i loved REZ and Ni no kuni 2 and ratchet and clank .
do i like shooters no i dont, do i like every game with big explosions no i dont, do i like star wars no i dont, do i like many of what people call AAA no i dont, so in my opinion sony killed it for me this year .
gravity ru...

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time flew by very quickly .
i barely enjoyed anything, in my opinion the generation started with bloodborne and mgsv and tearaway unfolded .
the first was bad just a wasted time .
hopefully from now and on we get the awesomeness of the PS1 and the PS2 era .
NOTE : 2016 is sick already gravity rush 2, the last guardian, tomorrow children ,persona 5 , ratchet and clank , mirror's edge and if another quality platformer announced, then 2016 would be one of th...

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twisted metal black was my fav

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well they need to be innovative and unique .
releasing a system mid-gen is never a position you would like to get your self into because before you even start putting your feet on the market the competition would have surpassed you and ended the cycle .
i believe no unnecessary risks should be taken they need to differentiate themselves so they can build their install base without being affected by the competition .
financial wise the risks should be as minimal as pos...

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who said killing is natural i didnt say that .
in fact i dont support games like GTA or COD, the last GTA game i bought was san andreas and honestly i regretted it .
I hold the morals and values to a very high place and rarely care ( in fact never ) for the opinions of people who dont look at the morals and values as i do .
again thats me i will never change if you agree hit agree if you dont just hit disagree .
not everybody is a rabid sexual animal followi...

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i find it these kind of mods to be stupid .
because it doesnt seem right and too hmmm how can i say it animalistic or flat out lust seeking .
but thats me and thats my opinion .

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as if it matters if she is strong or a normal female character, i dont know whats wrong normal females .
just make her as believable as possible and not like lightning .

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i prefer not say what is in my mind about america and the west in general because i dont want headaches, especially from people defending them .

now about the game hmmm in my honest opinion i am extremely honest here so please take this as my view it has nothing to do with you so please no headaches, the game is not important pretty much like most of the games i have seen last gen and this gen, i play specific type of games that only focuses on FUN factor.
but any gam...

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i like these kind of games like tearaway and yoshi its just there to let you have fun, no morals no beliefs just pure fun.
i miss the old days of gaming but i am glad that sony and nintnedo are supporting those kind of experiences .

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i guess when a society is built around sex thats what you get

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beside enforcing it at schools and making it normal on streets so that my children can be exposed to such a crap plus teaching them things at schools i disallow in my home .
and spreading it to the point where there is no way to avoid it which will make me have to flee away from the country or the place i live in all together just to save my future generations from this kind of trash .
thats in short what my problem with it and i didnt state the full list of reasons thats like...

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you dont get the bigger picture arent you ?
first its optional then its forced then on streets then on your face then corrupt your children without allowing you to respond or you will labelled ( BY THE STUPID LAW ) .
if you dont interfere the moment you see it you will regret it later on .

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i didt see it BUT wow man even SONY games i think i must research even deeper from now on .
i dont think tearaway unfolded would have anything of that sort because lol it doesnt fit .
but true what you said is true and for the fact i am not worried about my self because i know myself really really well but my future generations and my family i dont want them to be exposed to this crap even in their entertainment .

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technically speaking he might be afraid about his future generations i personally DONT want my family to move on that direction even if it requires leaving the place where i live, this is trash .
and my friend you might know this but nowadays in fact for the past 25 years we have been exposed to A LOTS and A LOTS of estrogen from our unhealthy air and food, estrogen is the female hormone which many kinds of fatal disease like cancer but no one is fighting they are busy with justin bie...

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thats why i dont buy bioware games specifically and for the matter any game that has this kind of mentality

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they are trying to counter mighty no.9 or at least capitalize from it since mega man was the source of inspiration .
clever move capcom

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R.I.P iwata san you gave everything you had for the industry and your career and believed in your vision .
RIP Nintendo's CEO :( .

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you cant blame them the game cube wasnt successful even though it had good hardware .
the most successful thing they had was the wii and honestly they played it wisely as we know they arent an electronic company or a software giant both which have an infinite number of engineers they were unique .
releasing a powerful console now is pointless they will be at price disadvantage since you know both sony and microsoft will cut the price of their systems and as soon as they star...

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