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"I am WAY past COOL "


relax its just a game there are more important things in life .
also its a first person shooter like we dont have enough of them already but hay am not complaining #1.2.1
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Woow amazing features i will try to get it day one at all costs the game is just that good for me .
but i cant stop wondering what would have happened if the title said (.....insert a shooter or a realistic game name..... screenshots and fact sheet ) how much attention it would have generated ,it just saddens to think that in the future gaming might mainly focus on the current trends and leave the concepts that old school gamers love ( scary isnt it ) . #1
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my theory is to answer this new revelation , is that after sony bought crash ( yeah i still believe that sony bought crash ) they saw what they had in development for it then after sometime they decided to cancel it because it didnt live up to their expectations now if you noticed he didnt day activision and he said an indie company which makes me think that crash was handed to an external studio but suddenly a change in plan was due to happen , who is really responsible here we dont know #1.1.6
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my best game of all time is SONIC 3 and KNUCKLES i cant even begin to explain the joy i had with this honestly i fell in love with it . #3
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pretty much like when LBP went from PS3 to PS vita .
it doesnt make sense buddy .
its like saying why nintendo released new super mario bros U on wiiu and new super mario bros 2 on 3ds .
unfolded isnt a direct port its pretty much like the PS4 version of them . #5.6
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quite i think about consoles in the same way .
started gaming on the Sega genesis and i used to play platformers moved on to the next eras like the saturn ,dreamcast ,playstation , PS2, PSP and gameboy .
i noticed that there are experiences that goes very Well with consoles and make it so different from the PC and they werent in direct competition at that time till the PS2 era .
then when the PS3 era begun we started to See ideas and games from the PC world coming ov... #2.4
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yeah i like the Sony exclusives too .
but what i like more is the variety i am not the type of gamer who plays shooters whether 3rd person or first person perspectives unfortunately they dominate the market right now .
So i had to wait and see what Sony will do and quite honestly they didnt disappoint at all games like Rime , Wild , the tomorrow children, tearaway and lbp3 are on the top of my list and i can add until dawn to that list now along with bloodbrone .
this... #2.3
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if you really read along the lines .
its not only the bible who disallowed such acts other holy books also did the same .
which makes me think they MUST have no religion at all to accept such an act JUST SAYIN #4.1.2
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really looking forward to it .
i requested this feature a long time ago so thanks Sony for listening #17
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no its not that way .
for example the day Sega introduces a female Sonic is the day i blow up their headquarters . #1.1.1
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not necessarily maybe he is the one who acts behind the scene and controls everything #8.1
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personally i think the only person who is classy here is phil spencer true class , he knew gamers were mad at microsoft so he gave people a reason to own an xbox and to calm down the others by stating that the game will come to their system later on .
i respect this guy even though i dont like the xbox brand and i HATE microsoft . #1.19
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sorry forgot to add something .
i got annoyed when sega signed that deal with nintendo for 3 sonic games since i love the franchise from the genesis days but i took as a chance for the series to evolve or experiment many new elements to enhance the core game .
and logically it will come to PS4 not the same game but sonic in general .
the same thing here the game will come on PS4 sooner or later just wait for it if you like the sony like me but i will admit that its a... #21.1
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threatening is bad and if you really want your voice to be heard vote with your wallet .
i am not affected by this game since i dont like the whole genre and seriously who would get this instead of uncharted 4 now lets be real .
microsoft needed something to brag about they dont have that super big franchise to grab attention with exception of halo of course so i think its a smart move not a good move for people who like this genre but a smart move for them . #21
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congrats " microsoft you secured tomb raider ( for sometime ) but you forgot about a little thing called uncharted which will be released by the same time frame probably ". #1.3.4
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its whether the author is gay or a girl LOL i cant count the things i hate in american games but for the most part i ignore them why cant you ignore something that doesnt necessarily match your culture .
shut up and review the game probably . #22
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well yeah i hoped for it too .
the update looks great it adds some really neat features hopefully we can get the media player very soon #4.5
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yaaaaay great just got better .
did anyone like the new features by the way they showed new areas it looked Epic #5
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what did you want from it .
could you give me names what games would you consider awesome or which genre ?
i found it great because i like unique games like Rime ,the tomorrow children and platformers like LBP and tearaway #50.1
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well not interested in this genre .
but i think people can enjoy uncharted 4 on PS4 i think it will be the better game .
dunno why people are acting big out of this its uncharted with a female lead and cinematic scenes nothing unique .
i myself not a fan of uncharted or the last of us or assassin's creed or watch dogs or GTA , i like platformers puzzle or RPGs or unique games like Rime , ICo or story driven games ( not hollywood movie like ) , but you never see me... #11
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