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what a stupid pc fanboy, im not going to waste my time explaning to this fanboy who knows nothing about consoles. go jack off to world of world craft loser.

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my friend beat the game last night and he sucks at games so this bioshock must be really easy if a noob can beat the game.

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i dont see a big difference in graphics.

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@ minato, you are right. @ nintendo fanboys. nintendo lol wow here comes the nintendo fantodlers coming out of their strollers. smash bros is not the first one, there was DBZ legends before smash bros was even thought of so suck on your baby bottle pops and learn more about gaming history before you start asuming. omg sony copied 2 times wow what a big deal and whatever sony copied from nintendo they did it better, example is the MOVE. It is way more accurate then feels more real than the wii...

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wow you must not be good at doa cuz its way different than VF, as a former EVO champ i know what is the difference between DOA and other 3D fighting games, they all have their own style of gameplay and DOA is more freely and fast paste fighting with alot of different counters as well as fighting moves. tekken has a slower style than DOA but the gameplay is different and VF is the slowest but more realistic than the other 2 plus the way to do moves are different as well. none of them have same...

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Dragon ball z legends is the first brawler before smash bros came out, nintendo taking credit for somethign they didnt start. ps1 came out way before n64 and thats when DBZ Legends came out, so this means smash bros is a clone as well.

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new voice actor should be chris tucker jk lol, it should be cristian bale or the guy who plays wolverine idk his name but he would be a good one to.

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sorry to burst your bubble but the greatest JRPG is Kingdom Hearts thats why KH3 is the most wanted game along with FF7 and FF VS13. just had to throw that out there but yea person is one of the best.

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this game isnt KZ4 its KZSF, if it was KZ4 the graphics would shit on everything like all the other KZ2 and 3 did at that time. cant compare BF4 to a game not shown.

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have fun with a game that has the same guns and gameplay like call of duty, nothing new with modern shooters cuz they all have the same stuff.

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BF4 looks like BF3 i couldnt tell the difference, but with KZSF i saw a big difference and love the new art work they have and the colors OMG!!! orgasim. its not KZ4 but its still good. BF4 will still be good cuz i like battle field but trying to compare it to the sony's halo is stupid cuz KZ always wins as best looking FPS. when KZ2 and 3 came out they got best graphics of the year.

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banjoo and kazooie really, ratchet and clank and jak and dexter did waymore and they are more legendary than banjo. from ps2-present ratchet and clank is the first and only next gen platform characters thats made 5 games more than any platformer this generation. fox hasnt made a game since gamecube. this list sucks and sonic is just getting better this late so he doesnt belong in first place, in my list he is 3rd.

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this is about consoles only and ps4 is a console not a pc, just cuz how powerfull it is doesnt mean its like a pc cuz consoles look like consoles and pc looks like pc. its not rocket science to see how different they are and just google pc and ps4 images that will show you what is a console and a pc. look at this link to know what is a pc and what is a console.

O yea dang, or unless they ask if they can put them in it like how kojima asked for snake to be in smash bros.

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they need the elric brothers and fairy tail characters as well and SAO, wow anime is the best i can keep going on.

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KZ4 is not KZSF if you didnt noticed, if it was KZ4 it would say KZ4 just like all the other games that put numbers in their games. like there hasnt been a ratchet and clank 4 but there was deadlock and the future series and the other ones but none was R&C4. you get what im saying cuz its not rocket science to read a name.

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Modern shooters are not as innovated as future shooters, KZSF looks amazing even though its not KZ4 while BF4 looks like a regular modern shooter with nothing new to show. i like both but i go for the more innovated out of the two with a bad ass enemy.

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for those of you who think KZ shadowfall is killzone 4 your stupid, that is a new killzone like COD black ops and people was calling it COD5 just cuz new name. if it was really KZ4 then it would shit on everything in graphics like always. BF4 looks like BF3 to me but it has more epic moments than BF3 and thats cool but dont compare BF4 to KZ4 a game that hasnt been shown cuz thats stupid. AGAIN WITH CAPS, KZSF IS NOT KZ4. :)

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