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Impressive sales #1.1.8
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Well the downtimes are annoying I'm sure but being completely honest I have only been affected once since I bought my ps4. (By affected I mean wanting to get online and not being able to. )Truth be told I was not even aware this was happening so often until reading this article. As psn becomes a paid service though they need to tighten up their reliability so hopefully sony isn't taking this lightly #1.5
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I am actually hoping for this. Ever since I heard of this rumor I have held out playing GTA. Can't wait #1.1.10
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@zod can you point me to any photo realistic games on pc. I thought crysis was graphics king on pc and as good as it looked still not photo realistic to me maybe i missed something you can point out.

Last of us is a very good game that some are yet to play. However, Last of us 2 on ps4 in my opinion isn't necessary. The PS3 version already looked and played great. The game was designed to max ps3 strengths and it does that very well. Simply making the game 1080p and 60fps... #1.2
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Well I don't consider myself a casual gamer and probably never will so it's hard for me to agree. I do believe a key factor to the casual gamer is price point. Not many casual gamers are willing to spend 500 bucks to game casually when there are so many cheaper options particularly on the iPhone. Without some major innovation it will be hard for sony or Microsoft to seriously get into that casual market like the wii did. Especially not at it's current price. Just too many cheap co... #1.6
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Watchdogs doesn't really look improved to me but I dnt really care about that game. Battlefield looked better to me on first reveal. I dnt feel like going thru internet looking for proof. But based on the fact that all we have seen is high end PC footage for a game looking that good I just have to remain skeptical #1.1.10
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lol @ brett favre. As for the division, i won't lie this game looked straight up fantastic when first revealed. But i will remain skeptical till i see it running on actual hardware considering all the visual downgrades that have been occuring with a lot of these games that are shown running on high end pc #1.1.4
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I did not pay for any dlc but i am still on the fence about this primarily because of price. Definitely worth it if you havent played this. However, think this is a little lame of sony. #1.4
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Seeing is believing. When I see it functioning in an xbox game not some juiced up computer working under perfect conditions. Till then I remain skeptical. #1.1.5
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@Brish, I couldn't agree more

@Maximus Prime. The reason you don't skip cutscenes is because you can't. Trust me if you finish the game on good and evil you will skip cutscenes at some point. Unless offcourse you're just weird #1.1.4
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What i want is a retutn of most of the ps3 features like youtibe app and more specifically streaming or some sort of music or video playback #1.4
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Yes I grasp the fact that you need to perform at your job to see well. Those who lost their jobs will hopefully find more success in new roles. David Jaffe left after god of war 1 and i was worried but Cory Barlog did an even better job with god of war 2. When he left stig still did a fantastic job with god of war 3. All 3 have now left sony at some point and 2/3 have returned to Sony in some capacity. I have full confidence sony studios is still in good hands.

However fuck y... #2.1.2
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lol @ Sony's standards. You do realize you are talking about individuals livelihoods right?

Anyways its a business. Its a new generation so expect some parts of their divisions to expand and other parts to contract. #2.1
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I think console makers need to focus on both graphics and performance simultaneously but ultimately most important is gameplay and i think Infamous gameplay is just straight on fantastic. . I mean look at Titanfall poor graphics and poor performance yet with great gameplay the game is massively entertaining #1.1.14
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The game is not perfect and not without its flaws but still remains very fun to play. Extremely fun to play. The powers available make city traversal very fun and that is ok. Review scores don't matter. #1.2
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Agreed there could have been more varied enemies certainly makes the game a tad but dry. But the highlight of infamous are not the enemies but the powers that make the traversal of the city fun. They do a great job of making the game fun to play much more so than the other games #1.3
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I dunno at the rates games have gotten downgraded i suspect this one will be too which will be quite disappointing if true. The animation though in some scenes was just unreal #1.2
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Microsoft really miscalculated here. Believing the Xbox 1 with its weaker specs and kinnect was of greater value than the PS4. $100 greater value in fact. It seems they have realized rather quickly that is not the case. Even i did not forsee a price drop this early.

However the disadvantage of being the more expensive console from the onset means that your competitor can also cut price to stay ahead. Solution for MS here needs to be swallow pride and take out kinnect. Develo... #1.1.6
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I just started playing. So far I can say this game has some extremely impressive graphics I can't wait to see what rock star folks and naughty dog folks can do with the ps4 #1.1.2
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I dunno I am firmly on the fence on this. I have been very critical of all motion tech from move to Kinnect to ps eye. I however am intrigued by the prospect of vr gaming. I however am quite skeptical this will be properly Implemented to make it worthwhile #1.2
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