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@ Zeee, No matter how much money MS spends on XBox advertising you have to understand that it is easily justifiable for them.
Xbox is not that important to Microsofts bottom line. In fact there have been talks to sell off the Xbox division to some other corporation and I still believe it will happen. I don't think Xbox experience has been as promising as Microsoft may have hoped when they first ventured into it with the original Xbox.

That being said Microsoft ha... #1.1.3
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Lol @ long past 42 countries thats funny. Xbox fans will be happy about this because hey its a positive result. I don't see why Playstation fans care though. It seems there is some insecurity among PS fans. According to VG chartz (which isn't reliable but is the best source for worldwide console sales especially considering MS and Sony will twist and bend the numbers to please stakeholders), PS4 still has 7million lead so i don't really understand why the insecurity. #1.1.7
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Microsoft is playing the long game. Whatever money they may lose now as a result of price cuts is probably far less money than they would lose if they just let the consoles sales continue to lag behind. In terms of Microsofts core business, the Xbox division only contributes a small fraction to overall profit so their bottomline isn't as important to Microsoft hence why many Microsoft shareholders have been calling for them to sell off the division.

Regardless, Microsoft... #1.1.12
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Mighty hand to microsoft. 2 price cuts and they have now managed to close the gap by a whopping 400k. Now only like 5 or 6 million to go #1.1.23
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these hackers need to get a life, just a bunch of attention whores to me. Trying to make yourself relevant by crapping on everyones fun is just annoying. They aren't a revolutionary organization and i don't see in anyway how anything they do benefits anybody including themselves except for drawing attention. What a nuisance. #1.1.6
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cartman bra!!! #1.4
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omg forgot bout this game. Was pretty fun playing it on ps3. #1.2
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vgchartz numbers so take with a grain of salt. Great numbers by playstation incredible numbers by Xbox. They were able to take major advantage of lowered price to really boost sales to avoid becoming irrelevant in the console race so early on.

Hopefully they both can sustain the momentum its time for more people to make that jump into current gen. #1.2.9
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tbh i am happy for the Xbox one if this is true. They have dropped their price twice now in a few months and they stay getting pummelled by the PS4. If for anything else let all the money they are throwing away in these price cuts account for something. #1.1.32
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lol this is pretty funny. #1.1.30
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Typically I would agree. But i haven't enjoyed a GTA game this much since vice city or san andreas back on the PS2. Playing it for the first time on PS4 and i have to say i am VERY VERY glad i waited. #1.1
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That sucks. I am glad i didnt play this game on PS3 playing it for the first time on ps4 the game is pretty fukin fantastic. I haven't enjoyed a GTA this much since vice city or san andreas. Still completely engrossed in the single player hopefully when i'm done with that connection issues will be sorted out #1.1.1
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I swear i have been hearing MS has the best games forever but it seems they have to keep cutting price of their console just to stay relevant. It seems to be majority of gamers aren't really caring about Titanfall, Halo, forza and killer instinct as evidenced by below expected sales.

But don't worry Xbox 1 will dominate because i will it to #1.1.3
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The best selling games year after year after year are multiplatform. Fifa, destiny, watch dogs, both call of duties are the top 5 selling games on the PS4 each selling 3mil+ with the exception of COD ghosts.

The Xbox one has 2 exclusives in its top 5 (Titan fall and forza). But none have come close to even breaking 2.5 mill sold.

Forbes or whoever else may feel Xbox may has the better exclusives but the vast majority of gamers either don't think so or c... #1.1.10
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I am sorry. I have a brain I don't always use it but I do is e it most of the time. My brain tells me there is no way Microsoft sold/shipped 2 million+ copies in the 2 weeks since they announced their price drop without anyone being aware of it but Microsoft.

Sorry just impossible to ship 2mill+ in 2 weeks under the radar talkless of SELLING. Last we heard Microsoft had shipped 6 million. but all of a sudden they are close to selling 4mill + on top of that. CMON MAN #1.1.4
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Even with that i am still not buying it. The logistics of moving 2 million in 3 weeks is very very impossible to happen by chance or without at least some supply constraints along the way. For this to happen microsoft would have had to overstock retailers heavily without anybody knowing.

My guess is that microsoft is just doing typical pr dance. They could be around the 7 million mark maybe 8 million. Both of these numbers could arguably be considered as "Closing in on... #3.1.1
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so i am supposed to believe all of a sudden the xbox sold like 2million in 3 weeks? Not buying it #3
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who cares about sales. i'm more interested in cod attatch rates #2.1.2
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its comical to see these xbox fanboys argue with ps fanboys over sales.
Now its my console has better attach rate than yours vs my console has more 1080p than yours.
Comical #1.1.25
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The only way microsoft can "sort their shit" is by creating the perception of better value. The whole not being able to do 1080p thing certainly hurts their case in this regard because regardless if you agree or not you can't deny in the perception of many gamers 1080p > any lower resolution.

Microsoft can lower price but more importantly i feel what they need is a new compelling ip that can represent the Xbox one. Sort of how uncharted represented the PS3 e... #1.1.29
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