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Are there people out there still expecting Xbox to catch up? Xbox one lost to PS4. Its over just move on and hope they do better next gen.

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This is the beta they already improved from the alpha so there is good chance the visuals will improve some more. Gears on Xbox 360 was one of the most graphically impressive games on the system so expectations for Gears 4 were high.

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Amazon is a very poor representation of sales in my opinion. I remember last gen quite a number of PS3 games led on amazon only to lose after NPD came out.

This game will sell well would honestly be surprised if it didnt. The marketing coupled with the fact that really ait much else to play should guarantee enough sales

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I really wanna buy this but i'll be patient and wait for discount

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Thought Gears 4 was a new studio

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I'm with WallStreet. Graphics aren't everything and the gears of war graphic style got old after everyone started using unreal engine so I am probably quite biased bout the graphics but very unimpressed to say the least.

I really don't see myself impressed with graphics by 6montbs

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Cgi is cool and all but gameplay would have been nice.

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I played the order and the highest score I can give it being highly optimistic is a 7. Really more like a 5/10 to me. But I know everyone here wants to pretend the game isn't that bad but I'm sorry I just expect more out of my games than most i guess

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1/5 might be harsh but considering the hype behind that game a 1/5 was justified as warning to stay away from the game. I paid only $20 for the order and it was still probably too much. The game was crap. People saying the game was okay that actually played it I honestly have a seriously hard time trusting your game judgement.
Maybe I have been spoiled by too many great games that I can't be bothered to waste my time playing weak crap. This game is probably another mediocre game...

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Honestly can't say I am too surprised. Lol I just wanna know if ign will give it a 10😁

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I am all for the hate if it gets Sony to give us better games.

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With all this hype around vr i really dont have any expectation that they can do ANYTHING at all with it that will be worth my time.

Maybe by psvr2 or more likely psvr3 they will get things right but ZERO expectation that this will be even worth getting hyped for. A lot of ppl will be disappointed with their preorders

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Oh wow had no clue you couldnt play background music on xbox one since that feature has been available since original xbox

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Agreed Knack should have been free for PS plus by now. To be fair though there have been some cool indy games but generally rather unimpressed with what we have gotten for ps plus. AT least send some of these lame remasters for free or sumthin

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No point trying to bring sense to nonsensical comments

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I am not in any rush whatsoever to get this. I will take the wait and see approach. I will wait and see if the VR games or concept is less useless than ps eye and move controller or sixaxis or any other not traditional gaming crap i fell for

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Good for both terrible for the consumer basically no competition allows them to get away with basically the same game every year with minor upgrades.

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Who cares what its called. ghosts, modern warfare advanced warfare black ops. It will still be same ol stuff been playing every yr for like a decade now. I'm honestly completely done with the series as a whole.

I would check out a return to WW2 or vietnam tho

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For me the bigger issue should be why does EA sports have a monopoly on making licensed football game

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I need more last of us. I am okay with them letting go of uncharted and pushing Last of us and another new ip

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