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wii u is lame. Nobody wants to sit down and play with a giant ipad. xbox tripped and fell early in what was going to be an inevitably close race. Sony needs to step it up with the games tho or risk losing momentum #1.1.8
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ps4 by its compact size alone defeats xbox console as far as design. I think the darthvader design is cool not a fan of the controller but other than that its more than fine in my view. #1.1.8
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@Beefcurtains. Why be such a bubble burster #2.1.6
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lol i agree with u completely reddevils. I was all about PES/winning 11 PS2 era and hated fifa but they dropped the ball big time when they transitioned to PS3 and Fifa picked it up and ran with it. It took me a while to accept back then probably 3+ yrs because i was so used to PES/winning 11. The same thing will happen now. PES series last yr was much improved from the previous stuff but Fifa isn't as bad as it used to be and more importantly i am very very used to playing it. I might gi... #1.1.3
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What if microsoft got kojima to make an exclusive game for them. That more than any Halo or lame EA access would get me to buy an XBox one in a heart beat.

I am very afraid for the state of MGS. Konami is trying to destroy my favorite gaming series since i can remember. #1.1.2
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As a Ps4 owner i dont care about these debates cus i know i always get the best stuff.

PS: No interest in pc gaming. Thanks #1.1.9
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The whole football isnt football thing is OLD and played out but i guess it will never go away.

American Football is pretty much only called football in AMERICA. If you don't live in America or aren't American then feel free to call soccer football.

Why do English people drive on the right side of the road. Makes 0 sense to me but i don't whine about it cus i don't live in England and quite frankly don't give a crap what they do there. #1.1.2
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2 very different genres so i want to say yes #1.1.10
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I dunno. I completely forgot this existed to be honest. Still don't care #1.1.12
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I dont think the devs had enough time to make a GOOD single player that would still match up with the film release in December. The nobody likes single player is a lame excuse we have known that for a while now #1.1.4
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To be honest i am also a bit skeptical about the open world stuff. Open world doesnt automatically make a game better. I have strong confidence in Kojima but hearing all the issues with Konami makes me even more skeptical. MGS is by far one of my favourite game series if not absolute favorite.
I just want to play MGS in its full glory. Remains to be seen if the open world will make it better. From what i played from ground zeroes its 50/50 cus it was just a small slice of what we sho... #1.2
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This generation seems to be defined by lame remasters and glorifying old games. SMH. #1.1.12
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I am yet to play the order but i will definitely give it a chance. PS4 generation is about 2 years old and to be honest i am already tired of these open world games.

Majority of the games this gen have been open world even games that have traditionally not been such. And i am already bored with the open world concept. I just hope open world doesnt screw up MGS for me. #1.1.1
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i have a ps3 and a PS4 so don't really have any desire to play old games definitely don't see myself paying for the streaming service either. #1.2.5
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I don't get the imaginary urge to play old school games. I bought a 600 dollar ps3 that played ps2 and ps1 games. I NEVER played a single ps1 game and played like 2 ps2 games on it in its history.

Maybe its just me but when i buy a new console i want to play new games not old ones. #1.1.2
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I want an Xbox one but good on the 40inch Samsung #1.1.3
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Well i still dont have an xbox one and so far none of the games on Microsoft lineup are really calling to me that much. But i wouldnt mind getting one for some of the NFL features and the DVR stuff. #1.2.5
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remasters are cool and all till they start taking away resources that should be dedicated to stuff like new games. #1.1.6
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720 is extremely disappointing. Would have liked to see 1080p. But good stuff depending on price. #1.2.6
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Lets be honest. Most of us will be playing this game on PS4 so i personally know i do not care even a little bit about Xbox one misfortunes. #1.1.16
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