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There hasnt really been a decent effort to make a good superman game in recent times at least as my memory serves. But with todays video game technology a good superman game should be very doable. Just a question of getting a dedicated developer and publisher

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English isnt everybody's first language but we all still got the gist of whatever he was trying to convey. But kudos to you on your english language mastery

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Considering I haven't enjoyed a wrestling game since snack down vs raw 2006 I will humbly manage the "nba crap". That being said games with gold has better offerings than ps plus. Hopefully it convinces ppl to buy more Xbox.

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I still dont see no must play games on the Xbox one. But to be fair minus Uncharted no real must play on PS4. Best games this gen have been multi platform at least in my opinion. I already own ps4 an xbox one would be redundant when i dont see any games on the horizon that have me excited. Perhaps gears of war tho

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Zero chance i pay full price for this. Maybe 50% chance if the price is halved.

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500 is more likely for the pricing

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Well, at least they are no longer going to try to sell us on the cloud voodoo and dx12 wonder

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Well at least we aren't still waiting for promise of the cloud and dx12 graphics

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I think the new consoles is a mistake by Sony and Microsoft. A lot will depend on how many developers will take advantage of the new power or not and how much of an advantage in terms of actual game graphics and performance we will end up with.

But ultimately this takes away focus from what both ps4 and Xbox one needs which is better games.

Microsoft going the more power route is dumb because if ms can up their power so can Sony it's just a question ...

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I honestly can't remember the last time I played a good ghost recon game. Maybe early Xbox 360 ghost recon which is like 10 yrs ago. Can't get hyped for this at all. Same goes for rainbow 6 both used to be such great games

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nba2k16 would be great. Sure basketball season is almost over but i think this would be the first $60 dollar title to come out on PS plus for PS4. For PS3 we got at least one of those a month and i have been generally disappointed with the PS4 offerings but this is a good sign they might turn the corner

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I am skeptical about this new console crap. If Microsoft releases 6tflop tomorrow what stops Sony from releasing 6.5 next year only for Microsoft to release 7tflops the following year.
I am all for better looking games but will we even get to see the level of improvement. I will be too jealous of better graphics to not buy the better graphics console but I can't be buying new console on a yearly basis

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Rare and Microsoft partnership hasn't been nearly as solid as rare and Nintendo. A new banjo game would be great though. Let's hope they can capture the spirit of the original I don't really know if a straight up remake would be possible due to past Nintendo dealings but that would be cool too. First banjo games was fantastic and what Microsoft needs is more games that are less of the shoot Em up variety

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ok... instead of playing this great game some choose to engage in sales debates. The game is great it will sell very well on its own regardless of any debate

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There is no need for spin. Uncharted is a great game on the top selling console and will be the best selling exclusive game on any console yet. I dont know if it would do 10 million or even 6 million but i really dont carel It will however outsell every other xbox exclusive so far or coming this year. The install base is a big factor but more crucially uncharted is just a great franchise that perhaps not everybody loves but more than enough do to make the game worthwhile.

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i kinda felt the same way when I first saw the initial trailer. Last of us one of my favorite games ever played and Uncharted probably the single most important game that helped PS3 survive when they were getting thrashed by Microsoft. Combine elements of 2 great games and end up with a masterpiece.... Naughty Dog best developer in the industry as far as I'm concerned

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Are there people out there still expecting Xbox to catch up? Xbox one lost to PS4. Its over just move on and hope they do better next gen.

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This is the beta they already improved from the alpha so there is good chance the visuals will improve some more. Gears on Xbox 360 was one of the most graphically impressive games on the system so expectations for Gears 4 were high.

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Amazon is a very poor representation of sales in my opinion. I remember last gen quite a number of PS3 games led on amazon only to lose after NPD came out.

This game will sell well would honestly be surprised if it didnt. The marketing coupled with the fact that really ait much else to play should guarantee enough sales

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