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I didn't even know they were there😐

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They won't price digital lower because it will negatively impact physical sales which retail partners will frown upon. Same way movies have to be on DVD for a certain amount of time before it shows up on digital media. Sucks

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I think the Scorpio is great as a high end console. It will offer choice for those who can afford it which is great. It will likely be successful even but it won't all of a sudden result it massive sales. They are quite late at this juncture

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I would rather have a new resistance title than a remake personally. A new one by Insomniac on PS4 might be a treat to see

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When was there a gaming era that gamers weren't idiots and fanboys😐

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I guess maybe if I had an XBox one the idea of playing older games from the past generation would appeal more but some of us still have our old consoles and just like I don't have desire to replay far cry on 360 I don't have desire to play it on xone.

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I think by having a strong install base it makes it a lot easier to sell publishers on exclusives whether full, times or just minor content.

Hence why it was easy for 360 get these deals but a bit harder for XOne since it isn't the industry leader. That being said it stood to reason that if destiny timed exclusive deal worked out destiny 2 would also be timed

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"Kill for" is a bit of a stretch. Quantum break appeals to me Cus I like 3rd person shooters but I won't kill for it. I stopped caring about halo like 10 yea ago

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Witcher 3 was my first witcher game. Probably tops all other games i have played on my ps4 but i haven't played Horizon tho. I was extremely skeptical about Horizon but it seems to have scored well

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Probably release same time as Scorpio just to try to steal small thunder

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Would be pretty great to go back to ww2

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i'm still waiting to see knack released on ps plus

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Trust me Microsoft is probably more aware of their issues more than we are. Problem is there is no short term fix. Game production is like 2 yrs

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No way it releases April. Playstation needs more time to ramp up marketing. Fall is a good guess but expect an official release date to be announced a while before release

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I think Sony should forego the handheld market too much competition with mobile gaming and it's not like they have must play ips to back the system

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I think the answer lies more with games than anything else. Microsoft stumbled out the gate with DRM higher price and Kinect but so did Sony with PS3. Microsoft had many advantages last gen they didn't have this gen and they were very late to adjust to that reality. Back then when 360 was easier/cheaper to develop for and had a strong install base they were able to score quite a few 3rd party exclusives some significant games that ended up being major classics like gears of war, mass effe...

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There hasnt really been a decent effort to make a good superman game in recent times at least as my memory serves. But with todays video game technology a good superman game should be very doable. Just a question of getting a dedicated developer and publisher

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English isnt everybody's first language but we all still got the gist of whatever he was trying to convey. But kudos to you on your english language mastery

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Considering I haven't enjoyed a wrestling game since snack down vs raw 2006 I will humbly manage the "nba crap". That being said games with gold has better offerings than ps plus. Hopefully it convinces ppl to buy more Xbox.

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