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Xbox isn’t doing great but they are doing alright. Wishing for xbox death as a PS4 owner is dumb. The ONLY reason Ps4 is great is Cus of how 360 kicked PS3 butt in the early release years. Sony learned from their lumps Microsoft didn’t. 360 was however probably great because of how ps2 destroyed original Xbox.
Bottom line is competition is ultimately what push these guys to give us more value per dollar which is ultimately what we want as consumers of video game stuff

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Well since we aren't developers, for the consumer this means what exactly?

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If this was for Xbox one x it would be more impactful.

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Regardless of console it would be AMAZING if they brought this back. Amazing

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I am slowly being convinced to dive into the world of uncharted one more time

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I really hope so. There hasn't been a great God of war game since god of war 2 incidentally directed by the same guy working on this one. God of war 1&2 were the real deal. 3 and everything after that was just more of the same with better graphics

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That's great let's hope all this corporate speech manifests into something substantial for the brand. More competition from Xbox would be great from my perspective

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We can all do the math why do you feel the need to defend PlayStation honor. Honestly I hope Xbox does well Sony has been slacking and only true competition will make them sit up

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This day and age no wireless equals no purchase I don't care how long the cord is. I have been playing wireless since late ps2 days . Not going back for nothing

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I didn't buy a pro for the same reason I won't buy Xbox one x. I dont know if it's that I am older but I am still yet to play a game that completely floors me as far as crazy fun or entertaining to play. Last gen there was bioshock, mass effect, warhawk, uncharted, gears of war, last of us, metal gear solid. I mean those were simply amazing games so far this generation has failed to release a game that would really blow my mind in that way. Just really sequels of the best stuff fr...

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Perhaps it is. But I would still rather be playing last of us 2 right now instead of another uncharted a yr later

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Lol well i guess size is relative

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Is this game out on PS4 yet. Forgot it existed tbh

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We don't need a PS4 super pro or ps5. It would be great for Xbox one x to be a success if not for any other reason than to make Sony respect the competition. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't seem to have a clue what to do

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Been a very bad yr for Microsoft like og Xbox bad. Perhaps they focused too much on the Scorpio instead of games

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This will be the first uncharted game i will be passing on. Maybe i will play it a yr from now at bargain prices but the Uncharted franchise has gotten a bit stale for me. Bring on last of us 2 pls thanks

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People are really really upset sigh Sony over the 10 bucks increase. I buy subscription yearly so I personally haven't really thought about it and won't till about June next yr. I can definitely understand how a 10 dollar increase will piss you off I mean hey how dare they. If you wanna piss Sony off back just do us all a favor and cancel your subscription instead of this endless complaining and nagging.

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Why would it hurt their pride when all they are paid to do is make halo games

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Oh ok I guess I will buy Xbox one version then. Oh wait I don't have an Xbox one. Guess I won't be buying then😕

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This argument is dumb. Sony is a corporation not your friend they answer to share holders who rightfully don't really care what games Sony is releasing as long as it generates profit.

You as a consumer have a choice and you make that choice with your dollar. If you don't like what Sony is doing then just don't buy. If enough gamers don't buy they will lose profit and realign their strategy accordingly

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