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Its hard for most people to justify purchasing a system for one game. But there is that rear game we all hold dear that most of us would do almost anything to play. For some its Halo/gears of war. Though in my opinion the gears series was already stale as fu** by gears 3.

For me its MGS. If that game was only out on a virtual boy i would find one and buy it. A new god of war might do it as well. #1.1.3
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@wobblypopz I wouldnt consider this a system seller myself either. The reviews are good which is great but there are very few games i would consider buying a console for. In fact MGS is probably the only game i would truly buy a console for. Maybe Uncharted, god of war and gran turismo. Everything else is just nice games to play but not worth console purhcase.

I own 360 and not a Halo fan. Matter of fact, the only game i TRULY TRULY liked from 360 was gears of war. I bought 3... #1.2.6
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I agree that a lot of people missed out on the game. But it just seems a little lazy by sony. If they had remastered all 3 for full price it would have been more sensible. It was cool with the last of us and GTA cus those games came out towards the end of PS3 life cycle and were more ground breaking. GOW3 wasnt even best game in the series. Just seems lazy #1.1.2
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Well considering selling the Xbox division has been a strong recommendation from most financial analysts for a while now, i will say this is a VERY common opinion.

Bottomline is that Xbox doesn't make money for microsoft like it should. They did well last gen but they did poorly with the original Xbox and not looking good for Xbox 1 (at least financially). #1.1.6
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This is a lil lame. Would make sense if they did GOW1-3 remastered for 60 bucks i would purchase that. I'll pass on this. #1.1.8
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Oh God, Please Please Please, don't let this affect Phantom Pain. We have waited long enough as is. #1.1.15
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Man sony is getting criticized for not naming their console playstation dolphin or sumthin silly. These xbox fanboys just cant seem to keep sony out of their mouth. I used to be a big time Nintendo fan. I had a N64 loooong before i had a PS1 even though PS1 was out first. What made me switch was when i saw MGS on PS1 for the first time and then i realized Sony was right CD roms are better for making games than lame cartridges. I haven't looked back ever since.

PS1 and PS... #1.1.23
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i didnt think the load times were that terrible tbh. More interested in firmware 2.5 release date tho #2.2.3
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Yea PS3 and PS4 both seem due for a price cut. #1.1.5
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These fanboy squabbles are lame

Some people will prefer Xbox and some people will prefer playstation. For those ppl it will always be PS4 year since they buy PS4 games and for Xbox one fans it will always be XB1 since they buy XB1 games.

That being said reality is PS4 will outsell the Xbox this year HANDILY. Whether or not they drop the price again or release HALO 50 #1.1.32
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lol @ ruining the entire franchise. Like its that great a franchise to begin with. Just ONE titanfall game that was good not great. #1.1.2
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Tough loss for Harrison. With his experience and resume though, i am sure he will land on another fantastic opportunity in relatively no time #1.1.22
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MS screwed up with weaker ram so now they are trying to rectify the problem... hopefully they succeed but frankly i don't care one way or the other. #1.1.17
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TBH i have never been a big fan of Kojima's work... aside from metal gear solid that is. Zone of the enders and all the other stuff he did never moved me so i'll hold my excitement for silent hills game with kojima.

That being said. MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 and MGS4 were all the best games ever made to me at the time i played them and i am eagerly anticipating MGS5 will be the best game ever made to me as well.

It would be really really nice to get a releas... #1.1.9
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This title made me laugh. Like Microsoft just let sony get the lead so now they will lurk and pounce to regain it. Lets forget about the lurking and pouncing they did with price drops and how they have better games and better clouds. e.t.c.

Too early to call but unless MS does something drastic like comes out with a killer must have game or xbox one feature then they will remain in second place. PS4 has already established itself as the console of choice for most gamers. #1.1.5
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The only major game i see missing for playstation anyway is the show. Pretty sure it comes out on PS3 as well but not sure. #1.1.4
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I will agree that Microsoft has been more creative this generation compared to last but that has been out of desperation. When you mention sony and creativity, one generally sticks to the topic of games. However, here you are touting price cuts as creative and system updates as well...SMDH

They had their chance to create their own game to match uncharted instead they went and purchased exclusive rights for an existing franchise. VERY CREATIVE INDEED. #1.1.8
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i came in here to add the exact same comment in. It really is pathetic now smdh sony #2.2
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Consumers have known for a while now that the PS4 simply has more value than the Xbox. How much more value is debatable among most gamers but at least Microsoft has finally accepted its has at least $50 less value.

Now that they are back behind PS4 perhaps they will lower the price even more. If not i'm sure if PS4 drops price they will feel serious pressure to do so and they maybe i will finally pick one up...when the price is right #1.1.3
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So we are back to cloud power i see. I'll believe it when I see it in action #1.2
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