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Perhaps it is. But I would still rather be playing last of us 2 right now instead of another uncharted a yr later

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Lol well i guess size is relative

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Is this game out on PS4 yet. Forgot it existed tbh

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We don't need a PS4 super pro or ps5. It would be great for Xbox one x to be a success if not for any other reason than to make Sony respect the competition. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't seem to have a clue what to do

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Been a very bad yr for Microsoft like og Xbox bad. Perhaps they focused too much on the Scorpio instead of games

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This will be the first uncharted game i will be passing on. Maybe i will play it a yr from now at bargain prices but the Uncharted franchise has gotten a bit stale for me. Bring on last of us 2 pls thanks

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People are really really upset sigh Sony over the 10 bucks increase. I buy subscription yearly so I personally haven't really thought about it and won't till about June next yr. I can definitely understand how a 10 dollar increase will piss you off I mean hey how dare they. If you wanna piss Sony off back just do us all a favor and cancel your subscription instead of this endless complaining and nagging.

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Why would it hurt their pride when all they are paid to do is make halo games

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Oh ok I guess I will buy Xbox one version then. Oh wait I don't have an Xbox one. Guess I won't be buying then😕

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This argument is dumb. Sony is a corporation not your friend they answer to share holders who rightfully don't really care what games Sony is releasing as long as it generates profit.

You as a consumer have a choice and you make that choice with your dollar. If you don't like what Sony is doing then just don't buy. If enough gamers don't buy they will lose profit and realign their strategy accordingly

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I kinda stopped playing mgs after part one but starting to play again. Can you detonate these nukes?

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Nobody buys Nintendo for the hardware. They buy it for their quality ips like Mario Zelda Mario kart Pokémon etc. With Sony and Microsoft all too focused trying to one up themselves they have essentially left their game offerings more or less the same.

Nintendo is the only platform where u can play Mario or Zelda or Pokémon which literally has no title even close to comparable on PlayStation or Xbox. Nintendos class games are why people still get excited to buy o...

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I don't think you can do a real comparison with just this months data alone. I only own PlayStation but I have been very vocal about how weak ps plus games were compared to what we got on PS3. Some of the best games I played on PS3 I played for free with ps plus. I can't even come close to saying that for PS4. Recently there has been much needed improvement which is certainly encouraging. Hope they keep it up

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Awwww yeaaaa

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This is quite impressive considering steadily declining console sales in Japan

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I didnt say One X had exclusives. The only reason to buy pro or one x is slightly improved graphics (a bit less slight for the latter)

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OK. I would seriously consider buying base Xbox one for banjo kazooie game made by rare

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As far as i know the pro has no exclusives. It will get more support in the future not less suggesting otherwise is just pipe dreaming

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lol I'm holding off on the switch till my kid is old enough to play which might probably be end of the console life cycle.

Not trying to say Nintendo is for kids or anything but I won't have fun unless I am playing with my kid

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Not a single one of those features i care about personally. I cant presently think of a single PS1 game i would like to play right now. I can think of a couple of PS2 and PS3 but not a single PS1 game.

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