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i never thought i would like this but i love it #1.1.6
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@mr sec thanks for the lengthy post. Hope sony w3new you a check for your efforts.

This title is a joke. Xbox smells blood in the water my butt. The Xbox probably marginally outsold the PS4 in the US and all of a sudden they are smelling blood. I hope its not the same blood they were smelling after price cut cus that wasn't blood that must have been kool aid #1.1.2
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these remasters come off as lazy. Industry is getting stale no more effort for innovation

Uncharted though is a fun series and i might purchase for ps4 collection but not something exciting or worth anticipating #1.1.10
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I dont think it necessarily has to be an exclusive. Think it just has to be a big game like Metal gear solid #1.1.8
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Agreed, Vita Price cut is rather unnecessary and won't change nothing.

Historical precedence implies a price cut might happen but with Microsoft barely showing any competition not sure how it will play out. #1.1.1
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If we are talking in terms of being a major player in the video game industry, i would have to say both the Move and the Kinnect are dead. If we want to argue that Kinnect isnt dead yet we can but most of us can agree its certainy dying. #2.1.3
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Why so passionate to give publisher your money early? Minus stupid pre order bonuses whats the incentive to preorder that has everyone loyally spouting support for game a or b.
Why pay for an item before you receive it. Why empower the producer at the consumer's expense.
Makes 0 sense to me. Games are never sold out so why? #2.2
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GOW was fantastic when it first came out. The second one as well. However i feel replaying this game would be a bit dated but perhaps the enhancements will be more significant #1.1.8
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I dont know for certain if it was planned but to be honest i believe this stuff happens way too often to be accidental.

First impressions matter quite a lot when it comes to games and what other way to show great first impression than graphics. Its become the standard for most developers and publishers with new releases everybody cried down grade while developers cries upgrade. This is the way video games are now and even if i don't like it i have accepted it by simply no... #1.1.25
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ok mrbattleaxe. does your pc blow clouds tho? #1.1.10
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No way to know if any of that will happen but i wouldnt mind a pleasant surprise or two. Only thing we know is it will have hours of glorious cutscenes and will be so fu**ing fantastic regardless #1.1.1
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I actually feel like a price cut is rather likely for E3. Microsoft might try to drop off another $50 from Xbox for Holiday season perhaps to coincide with Halo launch. #1.1.2
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Man i can't even remember the last time i was aware of my console updating. Usually i only know after the fact when i see a little notification. I swear people will whine and complain about anything #1.1.8
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Old republic would be pretty fantastic but battlefront will do for now. This game has replaced Uncharted as my second most anticipated game after the Almighty MGS #1.1.2
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Man i am pretty hyped for this. I just hope the can focus and make a really good game so i can live my star wars fantasies #1.2
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At this rate, 400k lifetime seems optimistic #1.1.4
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Xbox One managed a colossal 902 consoles WAAAAAY up from 250 it sold a week before. 260% increase. The Xbox one has finally turned the corner. #1.2.3
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your judgement is obviously clouded #1.1
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god of war 1 and 2 were def AAA (to me anyway) not so much GOW 3 and ascension.

In my opinion next GOW needs to return to combat roots. A more comprehensive combat system would be great the square square triangle combo is basically standard since gow 1. Need to add more counters and more overall depth to the combat and a better story. GOW1 story in my opinion was the best, #1.1.3
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Its hard for most people to justify purchasing a system for one game. But there is that rear game we all hold dear that most of us would do almost anything to play. For some its Halo/gears of war. Though in my opinion the gears series was already stale as fu** by gears 3.

For me its MGS. If that game was only out on a virtual boy i would find one and buy it. A new god of war might do it as well. #1.1.3
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