I'm a walking mass of complexes.


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Legend of Legaia: Never gets the recognition it deserves.

Legend of Dragoon: More popular, but still never credited enough.

Illusion of Gaia: If you can find it, play it!

Phantasy Star II: The game that got me into RPGs.

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Just let this series die already.

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Apples and oranges. Also, personally, I give Uncharted a 9 while The Last of Us gets an 8. Could not play TLOU more than once while I played U3 five times.

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Her real name is Claire. They reveal it in FFXIII, which to me is proof enough you didn't play the game.

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The beauty of always trying to be perfect is you constantly improve your quality of work. Naughty Dog knows this.

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One of my favorites in the series. Love it to death. Don't see the hate for it. Yes I played them all and this is my 3rd fave behind FFVII and FFX.

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One of my least favorite FFs but some of the songs in the OST are GODLY.

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"but which world?"

That's the worst argument I've ever heard. Same can be said with Disney worlds. Whichever FF characters are present in KHIII, each of their respective worlds are a viable option.

Whatever FFVIII's world was called
Gaia: FFIX
Spira: FFX
Ivalice: FFXII
Cocoon/Pulse: FFXIII

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This game is good. Battle system is very fun, but things take a while to develop. Exploring is done on a 2D plane which is very weird. Y'all will see my review when it's posted.

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Dark Souls II in March.

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It's still my favorite game this gen, and nothing else really comes close. I NEVER get tired of it.

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I've never heard of a more lame "reason." Too slow? It's the NATURE of the game!

As far as the ending goes, without spoiling it, why WOULDN'T that be your first instinct at the end?

This woman has the most backwards logic. She's twisted the intention of the game for her own personal gain.

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Still holding out hope for an AC set in Ireland. Drinking games, exploring that vast green land, infiltration and raiding castles with an army or something like that. Would be quite epic!

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LAMENT OF INNOCENCE! YESS!! I've been wanted to play it again for years. Easily my 2nd fave Castlevania after Symphony of the Night.

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Xbox One.

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The game is fantastic but it's not perfect. Then again, a game doesn't have to be "perfect" to get a perfect score. The AI is horrendous in some parts which lowers the unrivaled tension this game produces. That's pretty much my only negative, but I'd be inclined to give it a perfect score because of its body of work.

Then again, it's all opinions at the end of the day, and I respect that when they're backed up.

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I'm sick of all the supposedly "fans" bashing Final Fantasy and saying it's not an RPG. Go back to your classic turn-based affairs because you have no place in current times. Final Fantasy has ALWAYS been about change; no two installments are the same. This will be as much an RPG as any other in the series. Quit your whining!

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It's not the open world you need to be concerned about. It's the fact that DICE has said they want Faith to be a stronger character, which is amazing and wonderful, but reading between the lines what they mean is more action. I just hope they give us the option of fighting or running away with more than one path through each level.

If I'm being completely honest - and I'm going against everything I stand for here - the game could be complete crap and I'd ...

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It's just business at the end of the day.

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Terrible game. Couldn't even get through it. I thought RE6 was a million times better.

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