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It has some interesting features but also some that are not. What's up with the RGB lights and backlit panels? They only will make me glow like some alien astronaut in a dark room while unnecessarily draining the battery on the wireless headset #2
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Same here. I'm not very competitive so I seldom play online. During my occasional time playing online I usually hang back and support my team mates. There are other online games that are not competitive like Day Z but the horror stories of people just outright murder you from the start kept me away from it.

I agree that shooters are the easiest form of mp games to jump into but they have lost their luster somewhat. I have played Counterstrike LAN pa... #1.2
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The women in The Witcher are frighteningly powerful. They can easily wield magic from the mundane to destructive WMD level stuff while the men are limited to feeble imitations. The women held significant influence over the fates of nations with their own version of the UN/Jedi Counsel while the largest men only magic organization in the game is the peaceful druid.

I thought the men in the Witcher are the typical brutes but some of the women were no different. Sure, The Bloody... #2
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"“And what’s cool about it is you can split up-and-down or side-by-side, or across two monitors. You can do this in campaign, multiplayer, and zombies,”

That's the split screen options they're offering for the PC? Now, I'm interested even though I don't play split screen games that often. I like having the option available in my games but having the screen split in such small screens have always been a very disorienting experience.

The fa... #5
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A couple of years ago I was playing Max Payne 3 while baby sitting my baby nephew. He enjoyed seeing the action in game and after I'm done playing he was re-enacted some of them in the living room. He was jumping around like Max Payne with his toy gun, hiding behind pillars and even lying prone on the floor while shooting(a set of new "skills" he acquired from the game). It was cute but I was a bit concerned.

Fast forward to last week I was baby sitting him agai... #4.1
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Indie devs are the darlings of the gaming industry at the moment but I just can't stand the childish attitude some of them show when things go south. #1.1
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“You Never Know What Future Holds”

Of course we know what the future holds. It holds more and more updates. #2
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You know what's better than streaming XBox games to Windows 10? Actually playing PC versions of those games.

MS is making this 180 simply it needed the PC as fallback for it's console. It's not doing well against the PS4 but they also see Sony is still not secure financially even with that massive lead. Supporting PC gaming means MS will have a solid financial backup.

MS wants to capture the huge F2P and MMO market especially with China finally li... #1.3
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A good way to see a KBM player versus another player with a controller. No lag or cross platform problems in sight.

Unless they're talking about co-op split screen then, never mind. #4
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If a game wants to be 8 hours or less singleplayer only affair while still asking for $60, it better have a lot of extras and replayability to sweeten the deal. A game may have the best story in the gaming world but it's the gameplay that drew us in so they should let us play with those gameplay elements beyond the campaign/story mode. #7
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It's all about control in a closed garden. Bethesda is the one who pushed for paid mods on Steam and they seem to be looking for a way to extend that into consoles. Since the Steam paid mod scheme failed, Bethesda need to start small with the paid console mods they're trying to add.

Also they can't have consoles only have fan made maps while the PC get all sorts of free mods thanks to the modders' own tools to help them mod hence the limitations/parity. What&#... #3.2
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I have been playing PC games since 2001 and started building my own PC several years later. My main source of information were the PC magazines(remember those?) that were in sheer abundance back then.

I don't build PCs on a regular basis so just imagine the amount of time and money spent on magazines whenever I decided to do an upgrade. One time I spent over six months just catching up on the latest CPU and motherboard tech. Nowadays I can easily keep track of the latest... #1.2
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No wonder Steam Guard asked me the same thing over an hour ago. It usually asked that whenever I'm away from particular device for a long time or using a new device. I have been using my main PC for days and even bought some games from the Quakecon Sale just yesterday so I was confused why it asked for authentication.

I didn't realize there might be another hacking attempt. #10.2
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Nope. Gaming is what it is due to consumer demand on every platform, not just on consoles. Sure, consoles have a bigger install base but where do you think MMOs and F2Ps come from? Before it's popular on PS4 and XB1, those game types were forged on the PC and mobiles.

Where do you think dying genres come to stay alive? The survival horror genre was dying during the PS3 and 360 days but thanks to indie devs it found a safe home to evolve on the... #4.1.5
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“Low-status and low-performing males have the most to lose as a consequence of the hierarchical reconfiguration due to the entry of a competitive woman,” reads the report. “Higher-skilled (i.e. more dominant) males do not behave in this manner as there is no need for them to reinforce their dominance to maintain their attractiveness.”

It sounds like they're not inherently sexists but more like butthurt at everyone. Low-performing gamers lashing out, dumping their frustrat... #6
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Well, the patch is finally available for the PC but it's only over 2GB in size. I assume it'll be unpacked into 7GB. #35
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Note to everyone: They should've put the satire tag or warning just as the article or post is put up, not long after people have voiced their reactive opinions. Some people may caught on the satire from the very beginning, some don't.

I was in the middle because I am aware that Coffee Stain did made Goat Simulator as a satire but couldn't be so sure and earlier there wasn't any big warning sign telling me of satire like the one that pop up in th... #1.2.2
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Consider that they left the PC version still in a buggy state so that you can buy the supposedly superior console version. The money PC gamers threw at their version is being used to make a better version for consoles.

It's ironic that Coffee Stain can get away with selling a still buggy game to great acclaim while Rocksteady have to pull out their game from a whole demographic of gamers to fix it. I mean just look at the article- they practically used the PC bugs and gli... #1.2
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I hope they would follow it up with FOV Police. I find games at 30FPS to feel weird but tolerable most of the time. Most games with small FOVs, however, usually make me dizzy initially and then nauseous if I kept playing. #2.1
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Renaming/personalizing each of your team member, leveling them up, arming them appropriately to enhance their survivability and combat effectiveness. Apart from a much more in depth customization thanks to latest gaming tech it sounds like pretty much what I have been doing with my other tactical, squad-based strategy games before this.

One of my early favourite squad game was Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy. I picked only the best trooper and kept using them over and ov... #3
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