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"already moved on to other games"

Yup, that's why. PC gamers tend to be much more dedicated than console gamers. While console fans have "moved on" from a particular game, PC gamers still play them months even years after launch.

2 years later? That's nothing: tons of exclusive titles on consoles and graphically better looking games on the PC couldn't pry millions of people off WoW for years. The first Starcraft received patche... #1.1.2
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I don't see anything misleading about it. The article actually does talk about a remaster that is released for free just as the title says. They don't need to include the fan-made in the title since it's elaborated in the very first sentence. Let readers discover that fact instead of treating it as some sort of badge.

Readers who are unaware of the mod's existence would certainly be surprised to learn that not only this is a fan made mod and free but it's... #3.1
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I'm a PC gamer and yet I congratulated XBox 360 fans when they get their own version of The Witcher 2. I didn't shove my PC spec on their faces or belittle them for getting it later than us/that the PS3 didn't get one.

I'm a PC gamer and I'm happy that PS4 and XBO fans will get to play The Witcher 3 alongside us PC gamers. I'll be happy playing the game on my PC(which only change every several years, not every few months) and I don't see any reason... #2.2.2
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Progress is constantly happening in gaming. A new concept appears, get accepted, grow and meld into the gaming world a bit too smoothly. One day it's a radical new idea but then it became just another slice of gaming that most people would consider normal and expected. That's why a lot of gamers were scratching their heads when people said there weren't that many female characters. #2.1
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The video is trying to use the recent Thorina logic by saying that "Link" is just a title that anyone of any gender can pick up. What's next? Gordon Freeman turned out to be just the codename for the orange hazardous material power suit that anyone of any gender can pick up and play in Half Life 3?

"it's very possible that Link's gender identity doesn't matter when you play a game."

That's true, the gender of game chara... #1.4
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Same here. I've only finished 67% of the game and I've died over 600 times. After 10 hours the monotony of constantly dying against increasingly harsher puzzles/levels and tougher enemies is starting to bear down on me but I kept going. #2.2
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Let's see you say that again that again when The witcher 3 comes around and all those max PC settings(to be fair let's leave out Ubersampling for a while) versus consoles screenshot comparisons start popping out. #7.1
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Make it awesome and people will come. Make it hellish to enjoy and people will avoid like the plague.

It's weird that a newly, highly-praised city building game came out just after the old guard, Sim City, get scuttled for poor sales(and poor design decisions like always online DRM). #3.1
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If some of the most hyped AAA games actually delivered on their promises, dared to add new stuff and run smoothly upon launch then perhaps there would be more of them receiving higher scores. #2.2
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Yeah. Let's hope both Valve and MS remember that the PC's key features is openness and choices. #6.3.1
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True, it'll a be huge undertaking on MS's side but they are doing it as we speak. MS have already been throwing a lot of money around and most of it is spent on preparing everyone for the Windows 10 enclosed system. Any surprise to see Valve deploying the Steam Machines now and eagerly backing the Vulkan API in response?

We're actually seeing these two tech giants preparing the grounds for the upcoming battle between them. MS can'... #6.2
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"Five years from now you’ll be able to buy Steam games and be able to buy games on the Windows store."

This feels so much like they're setting up an environment where they can gradually cut off Steam from the market. Ubisoft and EA tried to do something similar with Uplay and Origin respectively but they still depended on Steam. MS, however, have enough resources and willingness to play the long war of attrition.

Let's say that The Rise of T... #6
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it’s the company’s intention to bring more games “of the right genres”

F2Ps, micro-transacntion heavy online games and MMOs. That's what the genres he's talking about. MS only see the PC as a quick, never ending cash cow if it's focused on certain genres.

He's avoiding confirming AAA XBO games coming to the PC except through streaming while telling us that the PC is only suitable to play certain genres under their new initiative. #2.2
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That's probably because it's not for us regular PC builders. One of the most cited reasons for gamers who switched to the PS3 and 360 was the hassle of building PCs and the cost of maintaining them. Steam Machines are there to provide a bridge or platform for them-a little pond for them to dip their toes first before making the plunge.

Accessibility is one of the main features for people to pick consoles over a PC. Yes, anyone can Google up PC building guides but in t... #1.6
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The fact still remains that our perception of the 970's overall performance is based on the yet-to-be-revealed lower spec. Before launch everyone just speculated it's capabilities and then it proceeded to go beyond that.

When I first heard of the fiasco I thought Nvidia was caught using low quality VRAM modules that degraded after mere months of use. That certainly made me worried and rage start to boil. Then, I realized it was just some spec differences and my Zotac... #1.1.3
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Lol. A Grammar Nazi reference in a game fileld with Nazis. #4
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I won't be buying a Steam Machine since I can build my on PCs but I won't be joining the camp that's hating them. I see their purpose and hopeful on their impact on PC builders in the near future.

I'm hoping that the Steam Machines will help advance the small form factor PCs(something that I'm into these days) at a faster rate than it's currently at. At the moment PC hardware vendors are slowly filling the demands for ITX hardware but perhaps the intro... #2.1
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Affected, how? The fiasco only revealed that the card is just lower specced that advertised. Performance-wise it is still the same card that everyone endlessly praised when it first came out.

In fact it was already running on a much lower-than-advertised spec when it garnered those praises. Sure, let's call out on Nvidia for false advertisement but that card still performed tremendously at that lower spec. #1.1
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"it also means porting pc games to the xbox is now easier than ever."

How does that help PC gaming if this all in one ecosystem only benefits Xbox users? When MS started the early steps of the new ecosystem with Windows 8 PC gamers only get F2P games or Surface ports while the heavy hitters are still Xbox exclusives. Before that two PC classics, Flight Simulator and Age of Empires, were stripped into F2Ps for Windows 7. For Windows 10, Fable Legends, another F2P, is... #4.1.2
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It drew me in. After 3 years carrying a heavy tower case between my home and work place(I stay there during the week days), a gaming laptop or a small form factor PC can become very enticing. Some might scoff at the idea of Steam Machines but I'm more interested with their impact to the small form factor concept. The ITX form factor have steadily grown over the years but I'm hoping that the Steam Machines might be the shot in the arm that will kick it into overdrive. I mean just look... #5.4
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