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It's understandable because it's your job to report stuff about gaming so a drought is not a good thing.

But it's still a funny thing because it mirrors what I do. I kept opening the Steam store everyday even though I know there won't be any major games coming soon. There would be daily sales on other, less well-known games but I know deep down that I might not even play with them for most of the time. #1.1.1
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This has always seem weird to me. Everyone, mostly the media, always complained about these "Summer droughts" and then later they moaned about all the backlog of games piling up.

Sure, the journalists don't get much to say during a gaming drought but for a gamer it's a great time to catch up on those backlogs. #1
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Capcom was just an example of how a fighting game can flourish on the PC. King of Fighters and Mortal Kombat are also doing well in the PC gaming scene so Namco could perceived it as a good indicator to branch out to new platforms.

I might be mistaken but being an exclusive to one particular platform might not the best thing for a fighting game these days. #7.1.2
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I'm a PC gamer and I'm happy that The Witcher franchise reached a wider audience and have grown bigger without offending or leaving out anyone. #11.1.1
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We want games, is that wrong? Console fans love to point out the PC was only good for MMOs and indie games and yet now those two game types are among the top hottest items for next gen consoles.

Console gamers get Battlefield, Diablo 3 and The Witcher 2 & 3 so why can't PC gamers get some console ports, too?

Yes, PC gamers do disses the consoles but only from the technical level. There's nothing wrong the games themselves but we would like to see... #10.1.2
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Yes, it does look pathetic that the "Masta race" is begging for games but I sense fear in comments like yours.

If the "Masta race" kept getting games that they are begging for then that would mean there's a possibility that they can get other console exclusives. Does it matter if they look pathetic in begging if in the end they are able to play the same games as console gamers do?

Even the makers of The Division and Destiny challenged... #10.1
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Street Fighter 4 was released on the PC and ever since then PC gamers are still receiving the same updates and other releases, including Street Fighters X Tekken, as console gamers. Why would Capcom kept releasing their games on the PC if there are no interest from PC gamers? #7.1
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QuakeCon have always been about PC gaming so it's understandable when someone appear to promote stuff that won't appear on the PC will get no warm hugs and cheers. Consoles edged out the PC from E3 with the 360 and PS3 so seeing next gen console stuff on other PC-centric conventions is worrying. #1.1.3
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Both Sony and MS praised how easy it is to port PC games to their next gen consoles so I imagine the reverse process would be similarly easy. This mean they don't need to confirm the existence of a PC version while promoting the console versions. The process would so painfully easy that they would just spend half a year milking the console versions as exclusives before suddenly putting out a PC version thanks to next gen porting.

GTA V for the PC was never said to have ex... #3.2
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I used to avoid Youtube because I was preoccupied with gaming. But now my time is split between gaming and these gaming videos. A lot of them are just fun to watch and listen too. So much so I haven't watched any TV in years(my viewing taste branched to other topics besides gaming).

I also "study" these videos. I paid close attention in particular the use of language to convey a particular point or topic. These observations helped me greatly when doing assignmen... #4
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Infamous? Tomb Raider is a nice substitute or any other third person action games that are also available on the PC.

Sunset Overdrive, an open world third person action game with crazy, over the top characters, humor, even crazier weapons and parkour. Yeaaaaah...PC has something similar in the guise of Saints Row IV. #3.1.5
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There's a new article about how a Sony rep is wowed by the difference of playing TLoU at 60fps...

Should I stay out that article? Don't worry, I won't bring boring details about PC hardware sales but I do remember you guys kept calling out on us PC gamers when we try to explain why we prefer gaming at 60fps. #2.3
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World of Warcraft provided Blizzard with nearly 1 billion worth of yearly profits for years.

Think Destiny will achieve the same level of achievement? #3.1
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It's strange for a lot of people to cite antiquated weaponry to be the reason for the lack of WW1 games when there tons of other popular games with even more primitive weapons like swords and spears. Sometimes a combination of matchlock guns(even more antiquated than WW1 guns) with swords. #2.2
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It matters for the future. These new hardware will be expensive and not many games will be optimized for them early on but give it time and you'll see future versions of them in the PS5 and XBOne2. Hell, I won't be surprised a whole room of these Octo-core cpus will be powering the XB1's cloud servers.

Say what you want about PC gaming but the fans are pretty much made the future possible. All those praises that everyone showered Sony... #1.1.6
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"If I had a lot of time to game,"

That's why I sometimes felt a bit perplexed by console fans who said that a true gamer shouldn't limit themselves to the PC and expand to consoles. It's a really flimsy excuse since having multiplatform gaming habit would only multiplies the backlog even more and as a result one of the platforms, usually the PC, will be forgotten. For a good example...darkride66's own experience- trying out more experience across mul... #1.2.5
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You don't have to limit yourself to a high end PC. Yes, it's strange to say that buying a high end PC as "limiting" but it really does if you consider it as the main point of PC gaming. Console fans considered that the enforced limitation of consoles is some kind of technical wonder while PC elitists are enforcing the idea that we need to buy higher end hardware.

I'm currently gaming on a laptop powered by a Geforce GTX660M, hardly a powerhouse compared... #1.3
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It is a successful formula but some changes wouldn't hurt. COD was part of the WW2 shooter genre that over-saturated the gaming scenes before it changed to modern warfare.

One danger that comes when clinging to a successful formula is that consumers don't give other titles a chance. There are other games that have new interesting features but get buried under the hype for the next COD. We can also a parallel in Hollywood where movies likes Pacific Rim and Edge of Tomo... #6.2
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That's a rather bold statement. The thing is, not everyone has or need to buy a PSP while everyone has a phone.

It's interesting to see you funnel your argument to PSP vs DS while ignoring the smartphones' role in gaming considering they can also be used to watch movies, browse the internet, listen to music and be connected to the TV. There's also an emulator app where you can play PSP games on a smartphone. Let's not forget the traditional functions of a... #2.2
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