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It's not about having characters who don't need to poop, sleep, piss or eat. Everyone knows about those ludicrous things in games.

Looking at the first tweet it was just an ordinary inquisitive question about a particular part of the game. That seems typical for a hardcore fan who is deeply invested in the lore so there's nothing wrong for him to ask for some sort of clarification.

There's a lot of ways for Hines to answer that question(tell t... #5.2
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"a blockbuster article"

Lol. Try "desperate." As much as Kotaku thinks that it is entitled to free games or preview access to upcoming games, game devs/publishers also have the right to pick which game sites to have such entitlement. Obviously Kotaku have pushed a couple of buttons a bit too far and this is the path that the devs chose to take. #4
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For new IPs it's feasible.

For long-running franchises with huge dedicated fan bases, it's near impossible. #3
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Forget guns, bows and arrows. In the next Mirror's Edge Faith will only use the power of running around people to kill armed guards(and perhaps some armed-to-the-teeth, hardened military dudes in the later levels).

What's more absurd: a hardened adventurer who knows a thing or two when facing soldiers or a courier who can't be hurt by bullets simply by running faster and faster? #1.2
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The initial reviews were not encouraging but now I'm seeing a number of people saying it's not that bad as the reviewers painted it as. It seems that the quirky controller has a lot of useful settings and features that never made to the promotional material.

I guess a lot early reviewers expected the Steam Controller to be the game changer it was promoted to be from day one when in fact it was designed to gradually grow into one. That's pretty much how Steam and i... #2.1.1
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I chose an i5 2500K CPU for the rig that I built just as Battlefield 3 was about to launch. That same chip is still powering my games to this day. #1.1
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The original game that is currently available on the PC lacks the singleplayer campaign the upcoming EX version has(plus a newer game engine). I wanted to buy the original game when it was first announced but it's multiplayer only nature drove me away.

I was happy that they're bringing singleplayer campaign to the EX version but then I was sad when it was going to be console exclusive. Now that it is hinted of coming to the PC too I will definitely buy it this time. #2.2.1
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The Mad Max: Fury Road Effect in action. Guys are on the cover but inside it's the girls that are in control. #1.2
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I spent countless hours on Freelancer and I have been waiting for its replacement. I enjoyed the ship-to-ship battle in Black Flag and I have been waiting for some dev to capitalize that aspect.

Rebel Galaxy filled those demands nicely. #3
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Don't let the lack of 3D space in a space game discourage you. Just like the article said and from my own experience it is a pretty clever design choice. The game is clearly inspired by Freelancer, a space game that switches between traveling in the 2D plane and dogfights in the 3D plane, but it decided to focus on one plane to highlight the capital ships broadside battles.

Instead of approaching Rebel Galaxy like Star Conflict, Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous, approach i... #2.1
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The first official DLC for the game is a costume pack that contains tights clothes for Rain that you can unzip for tactical reasons. You could say the nude mod is simply just a continuation of what the DLC is scared to do. #3.6
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Titles? Try the whole genre. FPS was almost exclusively a PC genre before Halo came about. After Halo the genre became a console thing.

The same goes for other genres. After the PC gaming lost the FPS exclusivity, console fans said the only things keeping it alive are the MMOs, MOBAs and RTSes. Fast forward to now and console fans want those genres on their consoles as well. The survival horror genre nearly died on consoles but it gained a resurgence on the PC indie scene and... #2.2
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After hundreds of hours slaying monsters in The Witcher 3, kidnapping soldiers in MGSTPP, skewering cars in Mad Max and with more hundreds of hours soon to be wasted on the upcoming Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3...for me Batman Arkham Knight for the PC have really slipped through the crack of interest and excitement.

Atm Rebel Galaxy, beating both AC Syndicate and Arkham Knight, became my interim time sink before Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3's release. #10
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"The M1 Garand is an iconic gun that should be in every video game."

Even in sci-fi shooters? I don't think I would be happy grinding for hours to upgrade my alien character with the most powerful tank melting plasma assault autocanon and shielded power armor capable of resisting similar devastating weapons only to have some other player kill me easily with an ancient Garand. #1
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It's not Elite but it's definitely feels like a surprise Freelancer remake. #4
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It's not simply about having a wide selection of options presented to you. It's great having these many options that you can freely choose to fit your preferences. The main problem is the way these options came about.

These options were forced into games by shaming the core gaming demographic. Had these options were inserted into the game slowly and subtly then gamers would surely be much more acceptable overtime. Unfortunately the media and activists are running on h... #3.2.1
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Truthfully, Securom don't bother me much in the sense that I don't even remember it much anymore. It's troublesome at times but not as prominent as the always-online DRM that I hate.

EA's obsession to get people to accept always-online DRM over and over again even though it cost them two games where they have spent millions on is mind-boggling. I guess EA is trying to get its existing titles into the MP only bandwagon like Titanfall and Star Wars Battlefront... #8.1.2
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I agree about the silly downgrades but I have to disagree on the draconian DRM. Ubisoft learned their big lesson after two years of stagnant PC sales due to its always-online DRM that they removed it completely.

It's EA that keeps pushing to enforce always online DRM. I really thought they learned their big lesson after their first failed attempt with Spore but they never stopped trying to find ways and justification to bring that horrible thing back to their games. Not e... #8.1
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Next they'll be selling the just game's core files to consumers and while the "unlocked" missions have to be bought separately on the publishers' digital store. This reminds me of the music industry's shift from selling retail song albums to just selling singles separately online. #1.2
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That's Denuvo DRM in action. All of my games that use that DRM(MGS5, Lords of the Fallen and Mad Max) will crash during boot from time to time, always when I'm in offline mode. They don't crash at the second boot. #1.4.1
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