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It's great news, indeed. I'm a PC gamer but I don't care about how it looks. It's the art style that the developer chose for the game and it'll look the same regardless of the platform it is made for. PC gamers may have higher resolution and fps and can stretch it across several monitors but what's more important is this: we're finally get to Kamehameha on our PC! #6.1.3
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Stop it. Do you remember the last time any game developer or publisher raised the piracy issues on the PC?

Have you seen the number of console games being ported to the PC? It's rising and piracy have never been uttered by the people porting them. #6.2
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A contract. A deal between game makers and publishers for exclusivity. That's the only thing that prevents PC gamers from getting those console games.

Technically, there's nothing to stop any game maker from making games to any platform especially when all the main ones use similar architecture. Battlefield Bad Company and Star Wars The Force Unleashed was made for every gaming device available at the time except the PC, all because of a deal. Makers of those games sa... #3.1
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Final XIII is coming to the PC. Metal Gear V is coming to the PC along with a fashion line to boot. Killer is Dead silently appeared on Steam. Street Fighter, King of Fighters and Mortal Kombat punched their way to the PC. Even The Way of the Samurai 4 is joining the fun soon.

Not really sure what I have to say about that. #25
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Why are you comparing a brand new card to another card that you bought used?

You have two cards that are apparently keeping you happy right now so you should keep using them. That doesn't mean you should feel smug about it and look down on newer cards, especially when you have no intention to buy them anyway. #10.2
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It is pretty boring. The announcer sounds like he's trying his best to get viewer excited but most of the things he said are pretty much what we would expect to see.

Have genre mashing reached it's peak? When Fallout 3 combined FPS with RPG elements, it was a breath of fresh air. Now, there's not much to get excited about. #1.1
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Agreed on the always online thing. In fact two of the biggest games from Ubisoft, The Crew and The Division, is among the few of my least anticipated games because they are always online.

But...why do you lose interest now? I thought Ubisoft made it clear that the game was designed to be online only when they first announced the game. #5.1
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Male gamers have a strong preference to male heroes and sexy women because...they are MALES!

What a shockingly honest revelation! Really, it's that simple and if Anita and gang had thought of that, all this messy controversy wouldn't had existed.

Then again, there is not much money to be made if there's no controversy. #21
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This is sad. I like Cracked but this article made me hesitant. It's already open in the next Firefox tab but after reading the Editor's Note, a disclaimer of sorts, at the start of the article I'm not sure whether I want to read it even further. #23
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I was planning to get a GTX760 to replace my old GTX570 but then I remembered that the 900 series will be announced this September. Might as well have a little bit of patience and wait for the 960. It may be a rumor but an October release sounds sweets.

Although, I might have to wait much longer since the ITX case I'm wanting to use only allows cards up to 210mm in length(unless MSI or Asus managed to spin another of their magic wands and release an ITX version of the 97... #2.1
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Ports do take time but what happened to the claims made by both Sony and MS just months ago? They both said that it will take mere hours or days for a PC dev to port their games to their consoles.

A whole year of timed exclusive? I don't buy it as some technical difficulty but I do see as an ugly future we're going to see a lot more-MS throwing money around to get year-long timed exclusives. If will only get worse if this strategy cuts into Sony's plan and they st... #4.1.2
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I might if it's easy to use.

I recently used Far Cry 3 in my English class and for several years I planned to make an educational mod using Arma 2 but I kept postponing it. I even downloaded CryEngine3 but it was immediately scrapped when I discovered that I needed to be online to use it(there's no internet connection at my school where I stay for most of the week). #2.1
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Really? It's the same game that required a 13GB day one patch when it was first released on next gen consoles several months ago. #3.5
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I've played Far Cry characters who fought mercenaries in the Pacific, war lords in Africa, pirates and drug dealers in another tropical islands and soon a civil war in Nepal. It's strange to play those brave characters when the studio that made those games is desperately trying to appease an animal rights organization. #8
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That may be so but the PC kept games like this alive while consoles tend to kill them off. Survival horror games were once popular on consoles but they disappeared during the PS3 and 360 age. In contrast we see the genre popping up on the PC by indie devs. While we see Resident Evil became a cover shooter, real survival horror games like Amnesia appeared on the PC.

The PC might suck for not selling tons of games but it's so good at keeping old ideas, genres and games ali... #2.1
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Let them come. Although it'll be much more interesting to how they respond when GDDR6 is out.

It's funny that the PS4's revered shared memory wouldn't have existed if PC gamers hadn't kept buying all those graphic cards. #5.1
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...those are examples. Examples of how the industry would treat us if gamers don't voice out our concerns. Bitching is one of the few ways for us gamers to convey those concerns. The other way is to vote with our wallet.

Exclusive deals, microtransanctions and DRM may look different topics from each other but they do share the same theme: how the industry treat gamers. Again, I ask you to imagine if gamers don't bitch to any of these topics.

Here'... #21.1.2
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They shouldn't because if they just shut up and let MS get away with it then MS will and the industry as whole think we're allowing this practice.

Imagine if everyone just shut up and let MS continue with it's original plan of implementing the always online DRM+kinect for the XB1. Imagine if everyone just shut up and let game devs enforce all manners of microtransactions on already full-priced games during the early months of next gen consoles. #21.1
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In a way it's sweet irony. Console fans complained about the high cost and buggy PC gaming experience but all the while those dedicated PC gamers shrugged off those problems and helped to create PC hardware that MS and Sony later can cherry picked for new consoles.

Several years ago console fans said PC gaming is bad because they have to wait for games to be installed. Now, installing games into the hard drive is fast becoming an industry standard in console gaming.
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If none of this needs to happen, then consoles would've been an awful place to be. Really, your beloved consoles are practically made up of PC components while playing genres that PC gamers have tinkered with for years(F2P and indie games that previous gen consoles couldn't play or simply left to die like survival horror). Imagine if PC gaming continues as it is today while the PS4 and XB1 have to endure another cycle of hardware development from the previous gen. There's a reason... #5.2
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