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Agreed. I see Skyrim as having a bit too much in a lot of aspects compared to TW3. My character can do almost anything I want like pickpocketing, become masters of different weapons, become a weapon smith or armorer, learning a lot of spells, and sneaking around to name a few.

I didn't care about the struggles of the people in Skyrim(I see them as XP dispensers) but I listened intently to each and every character I met in TW3. In Skyrim I ran off the... #1.1.3
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I am currently writing this reply on my gaming laptop from my hotel room. Minimize the browser I'm using now and there's my Steam Library with all the 101 games waiting to be clicked.

I don't see what's so hard about PC gaming.

As for the times wasted due to unoptimized games the answer is simple and easy - Don't pre-order or buy upon launch. Wait a little while longer, play other games in the meantime or buy during Sales. I bought most of... #3.1.5
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The 12 people working a huge open-world game is the issue while the mere weeks given is a force multiplier that made the end result even worse than it should be. #1.2.1
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They spent over a year promoting the game but then gave 12 people from an external studio to port the game to the PC version. What do you expect will happen?

If they gave the PC version the same amount of time, money and resources as the console versions, what do you think will happen? #2.3
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They outsourced the game to 12 people to make the PC port. Enough said. No amount of AMD Furies can run a game properly if the dev and publisher don't even care about the PC version. #1.4
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I'm waiting for Arkham Knight to get price slashed in the next Steam Sale. It'll be several months from now and the game should run perfectly by then. #1.3.1
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"in the mean time they also need support from the gamers who are addressing these issues."

Meaning: "Please, don't use Steam Refund!" #3
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Me, too. Earlier this month I brought my PC to my grandfather's village. I spent weeks looking for a proper monitor portable enough for the trip. I found some very thin USB-powered monitors but their resolution was to low for my liking while a 1080P version was a bit expensive.

In the end I bought a regular 22-inch 1080P monitor that is light enough to carry around. #1.1
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Considering that most of the devs there will be making mutli-platform games, it's not a surprise to see the PC conference turn to be a bit underwhelming. The PC offers a lot of room for them to experiment new stuff but not the big pile of money that Sony and MS has for consoles.

Still, it's a start. I still remember reading articles several years back saying that E3 is not for PC gaming anymore and now we get it's return. #2.1.4
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"Besides this, 343i has assured us that a balancing system will be in place to make sure they can’t be abused by pay-to-win players"

Sounds like there is pay-to-win, not just cosmetic stuff. Why would they need to create a balancing system if they only sell flaming helmets and whatnot? #1.1.3
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I'm a PC gamer so I experienced the opposite compared to yours. I used controllers from time to time and I often missed the accuracy that only a mouse can give. No, I'm not talking about being better than a controller user but more in terms of having total control of what I'm doing.

With a mouse I can freely point wherever I want while a controller has that weird turn that feels so mechanical. I've played a lot of games with the controller attached to my PC bu... #9.2
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I'm torn between the sultry Yennefer and the fiery Triss. Ciri, however, feel too much like Geralt. #5.1
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"They just can't make it on strictly PC anymore with big budget games."

In contrast, smaller console devs are having a hard time on consoles because of extremely cramped market place so we're seeing a lot of ports to the PC. In other word all three platforms are too risky to invest in alone.

From what I've seen the console market is where a game dev "win-or-die" while the PC market is where they "try-and-try" again(e.... #3.2.4
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Agreed. I really don't care much what the gender of a game character as long he/she is interesting. Games before this generation have female main characters because the game devs wanted to add them. No one asked them to so and it felt somewhat refreshing. One moment I would be storming Omaha Beach on D-Day, watching my fellow digital brothers-in-arms getting torn to shred by Nazi machineguns and in another moment I would be playing as Kate Archer, sneaking around a village full of female... #5.2
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The word "diversity" got to you, too? #1.1
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The funny thing is it's the people who cried about the game's trailer that got me interested to buy Hatred. It was the game's theme(a maniac with a flimsy reason gunning down people) that attracted me, not the perceived violence on helpless people. The shock value might not have worked on me but it does have a domino effect on others that eventually got me considering of buying it later on(still busy with Witcher 3 atm). #1.2
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Let's not give them any more special treatment. As much as I love indie games I'm really not a big fan with their devs' attitude and how some people revered them so highly.

The much reviled(for some reason) AAA game devs are adapting, albeit slowly, to the changing market while indie devs think they are the untouchable messiah of gaming.

The Steam refund is for everyone involved so the indie devs have to adapt accordingly. If they are complainin... #1.3
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I spent hours/days exploring the moment I got into the bigger part of the continent. Opening up new areas and discovering new side quests along the way. I'll try to finish some quests in an area but most of the time I retreated because the enemies are too deadly for me so I continue opening up new towns.

I avoided the main quests as often as I could but I keep stumbling into some of them during my travel. #1.1.1
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Same here, especially the Bloody Baron mission. I love the part where the Baron and Geralt sat side-to-side facing the fireplace with only their shoulders filling the screen and two little choices pop up at the corner. It was beautiful for some reason. I'm still looking for the wife, though.

The side quests in TW3 are amazing world building mechanic, far better than those over-used audio recordings in other games. As I travel through Novigrad and listen to other NPCs that... #5.2
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I wonder if some modders out there are busy making a Hatred mod for GTAV? #7
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