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I can play the same game I bought years ago on any of my new PC. I can't do that with consoles.

For consoles I have to pay MS and Sony yearly or monthly fees to play last gen games which are streamed from some server. I don't do that with the PC. #1.2
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Honestly, that is the first time I ever heard a game being too underpowered for any type of hardware. There are countless 2D side scrollers for next gen consoles but Hatred, built using the latest Unreal engine with a fully destructible environment with objects and debris get thrown about and high number of AI on screen is just too underpowered for them? #1.3.2
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Exotic animals? They are correct about the abundance of animals in Australia. Exotic locations? OK, they got that covered too.

Story? That would be weird. The singleplayer campaigns in the FC series have always about some foreigner stranded in a hostile new place with little or no contact with the outside world. Even if they do set them in fictional locations and settings it will still be Australia because there is no other place like it in the world.

Lookin... #10
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I'm the exact opposite of what the author is. Like him I don't hate multiplayer but I am put off by the fact that I can't be very invested in them. I've tried a number of F2Ps, looking for the one that would hook me in, but sooner or later I loose interest.

And I have to disagree with the author when it comes to game accessibility after a prolonged idle time. I could leave any single player game for a very long time and still continue from where I left off. In... #2.5
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Rockstar call of dutyfied GTAV and everyone loved it. #4.1
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I'm just trying to clear the misconception about PC upgrades.

Besides, it's gaming media that's crying over the RAM, not gamers themselves. I gave the article a glance and quickly leave it because it offered nothing new to talk about. TW3's system requirement is not that demanding. Just save up on money, look for a good deal and pop up the case. #17.1.3
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I was hooked by their early promotions of Remember Me- thousands of potential combos and exciting memory altering mechanics. Then they ruined it for me when they talked to much about how it was hard to introduce a female character to the gaming community. There was no need for them to use that angle because there was already enough buzz with game's mechanics.

They hooked me too with Life Is Strange's first trailer. It introduces the characters, the world and tone. It... #1.2.5
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If you can afford to upgrade your PC, why do you want to buy a console? The right upgrade could boost your PC to run games at higher framerates and resolutions than consoles.

Personally, I only have to add more system RAM to my current 4GB. I have been meaning to add more but there is no rush to do so, especially with TW3 pushed to a May release. #17.1
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They talked a lot about about beta testing, possibly early access, and mods for Hellblade. Both features that are not present for DmC and Enslaved which were straight up, run-of-the-mill ports with not much to add. #4.1
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You sit there and wait for scary stuff to jump at you? That's the new standard of horror games- Jump-Scare Simulators? #2
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In some ways PC gaming is better. Remember the time when a lot of people expected to die(when the PS3 and 360 reigned supreme)? No, exclusives except for MMOs and RTSes, devs jumping ship in droves, new hardware like DX11-powered cards not being pushed and ridiculed by console fans, Microsoft disolving pretty much all of its PC dev teams. And yet there are still gamers who stay loyal to the PC platform even with those "hateful" and not-so-much-holier-than-thou problems.
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True. Gaming has become a good outlet to express or expend those violent tendencies. Why trouble yourself and your future committing actual violence in the real world when you can do it over and over again in the virtual world?

I wonder if violent games actually, ironically, taught gamers that violent behavior is not only not welcomed in the real world but have terrible consequences far better than any other forms of media. Movies and books tend to inspire people to do stuff,... #1.4
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It's not strange because the article limits itself to some number, in this case 5. There's a lot of influential people so there's bound to be some omission when the article only pick 5. Put Yu Suzuki in the list and we'll have other readers questioning why the some other famous people is not included.

The good thing about these Top "X" Lists is that they narrow down the subject matter. The bad thing about it is that some glaring omissions will persis... #2.1
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"At the beginning of the current console generation, hardcore gamers and game marketers decided on a benchmark for consoles"

Oh, no. Don't you try to put the blame solely on gamers. It was the gaming media who speculated that the new consoles can do such things. It was the gaming media that planted the seeds of high expectations long before launch.

Remember, after the PS4's first announcement the media had a frenzy speculating what it can do... #21
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You are correct. We can choose whatever game we want to play. Activism, however, doesn't choose. It spreads wherever it wants and pressures everyone to pick a side.

When the other, non-violent games/genres are filled with activism there will be some pressure on violent games/genres to follow suit. There will be voices from that side asking why is the other side is not supporting them and try their hardest to spread it there, too. There is no neutral ground when activism c... #9.1.1
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I'll be getting GTA V on my PC soon. I'll think about this article as I gun down countless people, civilians and policemen alike, in it. No real malice intended towards anyone in particular.

Just me, some guns and a whole sandbox of pixels and polygons. It's a game just as any should be. Not a platform for political agenda.

Besides bringing anti-violence agenda to a hobby that is predominantly have the players do violent stuff is very contradicto... #9
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As much as I want to see the Dragon Ball stories all over again, I think they should make new DB games with genuinely new stories and adventures for our heroes per game. Almost every DB games rehashed the same old stories from the manga/anime timeline. The Battle of the Gods is just an episode for a new game while the "new" story arc is just a story device to rehash the same old DBZ and GT storyline all over again. Instead of expanding the DB universe in a meaningful way, they just... #9
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Is this even true? I haven't heard of i5-2500T before and after Googling around I found out that it's just a step or two below my own i5-2500K.

I really want to believe it because that would be amazing. A huge open world game like that can run smoothly on a low end CPU released years ago. #3.2
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I think they already have come together and create a standard they all can agree on- the day they kept silent when the Zoe Quinn story first came out and then the dozen or so articles claiming "gamers are dead" released almost in unison.

There's nothing wrong with reviewers expressing their personal views about a game but they have to be tactful about it. Recently PC Gamer reviewed a SWAT tactical strategy game, Doorkickers. It started good enough with the usual... #2.2
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I'm sure when the transgender developers in the article started making games it's because he/she was interested in the new emerging industry. I'm sure the last thing in his/her mind would be "Gee, there sure are so few transgender people in this new gaming market so I think I should represent them!"

If a person, male or female or in between, is interested to get into game development, just do it. Gamers will judge them by their games, not by what the dev... #2.3
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