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I wouldn't call it double standard as of yet. The article is just saying that the game might have a hard time getting into Steam or any other distributors out there.

It isn't fair to call out on Steam when it's pretty much a standard practice in the media industry around the world. We see violent content readily accessible in every media available but pornographic material is a big no in a lot of countries. On Steam we have Postal but nowhere do we see Rapelay. #2.1
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I don't get it with this crusade trying to associate violence and video games. Countrstrike and GTA 3 are among the most popular games at cyber cafes in my place years ago. You could go to any cyber cafes and you'll find those two games with kids playing them. Even when some of my nephews or young cousins saw me booting up my PC they'll ask whether I have have GTA 3 on it- they don't even recognize other open world games like Just Cause 2 and Sleeping Dog have a similar premis... #1.1
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Finally a dev with a sensible idea! And with a good reason to do so. #1.3
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A much closer comparison would be the game characters themselves. Vaas pillaged the villages of his own people, massacred them, sold them to human traffickers, deal in drugs, kidnapping tourists and yet everyone praised him for being such a colorful character. Hatred(I'm not sure of the character's actual name) on the other hand just want to commit that one night of genocide before he is gunned down.

I wonder how people would react if someone would make an isometric s... #9.1
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Now, instead of helping gaming all this rush to add female characters to appease some activists or popular view presented game devs an uphill battle when they try to do so and gamers are not particularly wrong in their cynicism. If they want to release a new female game character, make her an interesting one. Focus on her character and her abilities-make her awesome. Don't give her an external baggage(added due to pressure or agenda from outside party) that will... #1.5.1
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I agree with darthv72. They should've put a rogue general or fictional cousin in place of the real leader they are parodying. The North Koreans would still be angry and make a lot of noise but they probably would be less dedicated in their protest like we're seeing now.

Another movie that has a similar premise is Zoolander that has an assassination attempt on the then still ruling and living Malaysian Prime Minister. It's no surprised they didn't like that and... #1.1.2
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Honestly, I didn't even know that the Winter Sale starts today. I was waiting for MGS: Ground Zeroes to be available for purchase but was surprised to be greeted by the Winter Sale banner. #6
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I thinks we all have layers of varying degrees of desensitization instead the overly simplified perception people kept referring to.

For example I could say I'm desensitized towards violence in games but I would shudder and cringe with the extremely graphic violence in movies. I can't wait to play Hatred but I haven't and probably never will watch any of those torture porn movies or the beheading videos during the Iraq/Afghanistan invasion. #6.1
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Gaming is becoming a lot like Hollywood these days. Both are full of big budget tent-poles, indies and family friendly casuals. The difference is that Hollywood has it's own genre of movies that are ultra violent or offensive. They're not for everyone but they are allowed to exist nonetheless, albeit in the fringes.

Gaming though tend to filter out the ultra violence with satire/parody or cartoonish features that is hard to associate with real life. While GTA hides be... #2.4
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The game itself was already on it's way to some sort of success when it first arrive on Greenlight. Over 13,000 votes(97% approval) in the first 6 hours after submission. There's no need for false mouth of word when 13,000 Steam users wanted to see the game published before it was taken down.

As for your plan to make a rape simulator, the Japanese already did that. Do you see them selling those games on Steam? #1.3
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GTA V has been out on consoles for a while without any repercussions because that was before all the banning craze that has recently griped the social sphere. We've seen the GTA franchise being singled out and survived Jack Thompson's crusade but this time it's a little bit different- the boycotts are actually working thanks to social media.

Valve can see the domino effects the Australia ban can produce and severely affect GTA V's return to the PC so they actu... #8.1.2
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I don't think Valve's action is based purely on social responsibility. I have a feeling it's partly of Valve's calculative move on the business side of things. Why did I say that?

GTA V is coming to the PC.

It'll be a big money maker and the last thing Valve want is some bad publicity from an upstart indie dev from Poland to ruin a successful GTA V launch on Steam. We should be hearing some activists flexing their rights against Hatred aft... #8.1
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"mass shooters that dress like Mr. Rogers"

You just given some modders a very sick idea for the game(or a DLC the dev might think about). Not saying that I'm against it... #6.1.1
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PC gamers are spoiled? Please, just look at your list abd you'll ses why we're not really excited with every MS promise. Your list contains paid games with micro transactions, mobile ports, a game that they forced to be XB1 exclusive and indie games(Steam is already filled to the brim indis games so another two from MS is just a tiny drop) while wanting all the AAA titles stay exclusives on the Xbox. Let's not forget that one of DX12's big features is full support for mobile g... #7.3
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Ok, I was on the fence about buying GTA V when it comes out on the PC in several week's time but these articles are driving me to get it. At least I have that to thank Polygon for. #51
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That's the problem about console exclusives- fans think their exclusives are the only thing that matters. You kept telling us we're missing out on something when there are literary millions of PC gamers who dedicated a decade of their lives to WoW. Yes, they are missing out on your exclusives but it doesn't matter because they are having fun with their own game.

How can you say that we're missing out on something when it's not... #1.1.5
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So what happens when game devs stopped adding women into open world games to avoid being called out as women violence simulator? Will the feminists praise the move or will they cry out it's unfair for not including women?

What happens if the game devs do include female NPCs in their open world but designed to be un-killable, immortal(like the children in Fallout 3), while male NPCs are free for all? Wouldn't that be unfair for males?
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In the Colbert Interview, Sarkeesian assured Colbert that she and her movement is not out to take our violent games away.

A few weeks later GTA V was pulled off the shelves from some of Australia's sellers because it offended some feminists. #1.8
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Gamers are not making unrealistic demands from consoles but they were misled by gaming media from the very start. After the first PS4 announcement, a lot of websites proclaimed that the age of 1080 console gaming is upon us and some even whispered the possibility of 2K. So it's not a surprise to see in reality 60fps 1080p is still a challenge even for next gen consoles and the fans who bit on the early hype looked like a demanding bunch.

One thing's for sure - no more... #2.2
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It's more like Epic's Fortnite(cartoon graphic, hordes of enemies, build fortifications)but open world. #2.1
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