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So, you're telling me that we should play this game again just because of some HDR boost? Come on.. HDR console gaming just got very expensive, you can get a very decent high-end gaming PC for that amount money (PSPro+4K HDR TV) IMHO

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The Last Of Us Remastered Remaster

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As someone who switched back to PC from consoles, first thing I've noticed is that every single game so sharper and better looking, even Fifa and NBA games, so I just can tell you one thing: Youtube comparison SUCKS! I tried so many games that I played on PS4 and X1, and every single on of them, even those that didn't look any different when I watched comparisons on youtube, was looking SO MUCH better on my TV/monitor. So.. DO NOT JUDGE BASED ON SOME YOUTUBE VIDEO! Do it live, if yo...

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It's a very fun and addictive game, as you play you unlock new weapons and gear and just want to lock in new mission and try it all out

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There's ony 5 reasons? hahaha

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Hahaha "uses Destiny". Who writes this shite?

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So, can I purchase now all DLC's I do not own for pc for cheap, and get this remaster for free?

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Ban her from this world, pls.

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Nice! I really liked first WD, despite the 'downgrade' drama. And Aiden Pierce fellow.

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Doom strategy guide: shoot everything that moves with your trusty shotgun.

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I have Delta, Mike, Sierra errors since Day Two. Day one was all fine, but than it started kicking me every 5-15 minutes, it is so unplayable. I even reinstalled my Windows, opened ports, did this and that, but with no success. I play on pc.

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OoglyBoogyl, I didn't came INTO THE ARTICLE; the TITLE on n4g said it all (about SAD ending).

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I'm so glad I switched to PC, so I don't have to put up all this PS4 vs X1 bullcrap.

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full rage in 3, 2, 1...

WTF !?????????????

Why are you telling me that the ending is sad!? I'm just about to start the game and now I know that the ending is going to be sad?


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I switched to PC, consoles are a joke.

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NO NEED, SONY! We are not interested in some low-budget indie shit.

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I had Xbox one, for a 5 months, but switched back to PS4, as I play 3rd party games more than exclusive ones, and X1 sucks in that department. It's good for exclusives, but PS4 is better for the 3rd party games.

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