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Hahaha "uses Destiny". Who writes this shite?

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So, can I purchase now all DLC's I do not own for pc for cheap, and get this remaster for free?

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Ban her from this world, pls.

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Nice! I really liked first WD, despite the 'downgrade' drama. And Aiden Pierce fellow.

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Doom strategy guide: shoot everything that moves with your trusty shotgun.

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I have Delta, Mike, Sierra errors since Day Two. Day one was all fine, but than it started kicking me every 5-15 minutes, it is so unplayable. I even reinstalled my Windows, opened ports, did this and that, but with no success. I play on pc.

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OoglyBoogyl, I didn't came INTO THE ARTICLE; the TITLE on n4g said it all (about SAD ending).

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I'm so glad I switched to PC, so I don't have to put up all this PS4 vs X1 bullcrap.

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full rage in 3, 2, 1...

WTF !?????????????

Why are you telling me that the ending is sad!? I'm just about to start the game and now I know that the ending is going to be sad?


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I switched to PC, consoles are a joke.

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NO NEED, SONY! We are not interested in some low-budget indie shit.

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I had Xbox one, for a 5 months, but switched back to PS4, as I play 3rd party games more than exclusive ones, and X1 sucks in that department. It's good for exclusives, but PS4 is better for the 3rd party games.

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EA Sports FIFA, the SciFi in sports games.

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Finished and deleted long ago...

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It took me two and a half months to beat the Witcher 3, and I still need to finish Batman AK... big games are starting to be more and more a trouble for a married and employed gamer, like myself. I can't even think about those gamers with kids..

Sports games and COD, that's something I can play for a "quickie" when I got some game-time, that's why I prefer PES/Fifa, NBA 2k and now CoD BO3, I can put my mind to rest with those games whenever I got time, s...

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What about 720p vs 1080p games? I remember when I bought Xbox One and downloaded PES 15, that game looked like PS2 game, compared on PS4 (5 months later I switched back to PS4), and BF4 is 10x better on PS4, just saying.
I like both consoles, but PS4 is better one in terms of 3rd party games, and the CoD deal with Sony is proof of that.

IMO, both next gen consoles didn't delivered what I excpected, they lack better GPU's, but I still prefer them over PC, even...

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You couldn't be more wrong. I do not play CoD. Right now I'm deep in Witcher 3 and started playing Batman Arkham Knight, so... getting some rest from shooters.

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Tried it, played for a couple of minutes, deleted it after horrible 'quad bike' ride thru the ugly looking world. Not my cup of tea, I guess.

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