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Thank you for responding to my carefully written opinion piece. I would normally engage in a conversation with you over your disagreement, but due to your inability to form a coherent statement I'm going to assume you are either:

A.) A troll
B.) Did not graduate past the point in school where they teach you how to use a thesaurus.

I bid thee good day.


The apparent "complete idiot & retard" who ...

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My point is that alot of characters don't come off as realistic or even deep. The are often shallow and contrived to serve as plot devices and little more.

There is often little room for a character to grow and discover, their is only a standard sequence of action, plot, action, climax, end credits.

Look at something like Game of Thrones. Those are some of the most realistically written characters around. They grow, they fail, they make mistakes. Some of ...

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Nope this would be dante's reaction.

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That is quite possibly the worse review I've ever read. He basically complains the whole time because the game is to hard for him and doesn't hold his hand.

Gaming journalism at its worse.

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I'm glad to see that everyone has opinions on my article but remember its just my opinion. There's no great plot twisto meter out there.

These games are on this list because they stuck out from the rest of the game. They stuck out like sore thumbs and just felt wrong. Has nothing to do with a lack of understanding or anger, I simply did not like them. And these are the moments that when I look back at a game I remember them.

Hell Final Fantasy 8 is o...

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I was never a huge MGS fan in the first place.

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It has nothing to do with paying attention it has everthing to do with intent.

Kessler did nothing when The Beast showed.
Kessler did nothing when The Beast was slaughtering millions.
But when it killed his family he THEN decided to go back in time.

So Trish and his kids dying was clearly the catalyst that made him want to go back and fix it all. If it was just about the innocent lives then he would have done something before his family got in...

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The world can't handle that level of crazy.

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Actraiser, that's one I haven't thought of forever. Good choice sir.

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Agreed. Grandia 2 revived my love of RPG's, the soundtrack is so good. A Deus is on my playlist right now.

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I don't think they'd always hire them. It would defeat the whole purpose of using mods as content. More expensive to hire a person than to buy a mod.

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All you have to do is google it, tons of articles about it.

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Yea Kratos jacked the whole going to hell thing. Charon is dead so he's unable to ferry the dead across the River Styx and Hades is dead so there's no order to Tarturus or Elsyium Fields. So all the dead are prolly stuck in Limbo.

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I left sly and ratchet off because I think that if they did a Playstation Brawl I think they'd go with an older edgier crowd. Because they would HAVE to have Kratos, and Kratos vs. Sly would just be....odd.

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Because Snake was in SSBB and I don't see Sony using a char that was in Nintendo's franchise.

Plus Raiden gets no love. His transformation into cyber ninja badass is stuff of legend.

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I find it amusing that while America is trying to paint EA is being this awful company, they stand there group and backup the games they publish.

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I can't totally agree with the "Bad Kids, Bad Parents". I knew kids growing up that had loving caring parents who tried everything but the kid was just a douche.

Show a kid right from wrong. Smack em when there wrong, hug them when there right. Love em, protect em, teach em.

Anything after that is just there nature. Nothing you can do about that.

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The problem with that is only giant corps like EA have the funds to SURVIVE A GAME TANKING. Your example is the very reason why they want used games gone in the first place.

If Dead Space had been done by a smaller studio there would have been no sequel.

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