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im looking forward to this. I'll be getting an Xbox One when this comes out.

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I cant wait to pick this up thursday.

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Mad Drake

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I don't see anyone mentioning Destiny new Content. that's welcome also. I wonder if it's raids or what?

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I don't think Agent ever really existed. :(

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lol at all the idiots complaining about the graphics. It looks much better that the last Fallout game. I think it looks great. I don't even care whatever games they show at E3 this is the one game I been waiting for.

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I could care less about 4K graphics right. It will probably be 10 years before I even get a 4k tv

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This is my first time hearing about anyone being disappointed by this game. Everyone I ask about it who is playing it loves it. I guess this is just a flame bait article.

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that would be awesome and would explain why they didn't use his voice for big boss. they needed two voices.

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this game came out. I played it for a few hours then went back to playing Destiny. Destiny is my most play game of 2014 followed by Infamous Second Son.

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I don't understand how you could love fallout and not love mass effect. To me they are equal just set in a different world but both stand on its own and are equally great.

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I got a PS4 at launch and decided that I would wait for the Xbox One slim and a price drop. If they do both I'll buy one. The launch Xbox One is huge.

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This game looks incredible. i cant wait to play it.

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It never matter. Who are these people that care about playing a music on a PS4 on a new gaming system that much. I agree that its a feature the system should have but I will probably never play a cd or mp3 on the PS4. I bought PS3 at launch never put a CD in it. I have played MP3's sometimes while doing something around the house but I have a iphone so it is not a big deal. I just can't believe people still even care about this feature.

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Not right now!!! Maybe in 3 years when the price drops and there are several exclusives. no shade..

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How? I know I have played at least 10 hours and I am at level 12. So how did you get to level 20 in 5-7 hours. I am waiting.

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Moon Missions are dope and when you get to Venus it gets really crazy, and more challenging. I'm at lvl 12 now.

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I'm enjoying the game. I think the only issue is everyone bought it but it is not for everyone so people are kinda split on how they feel about the game.

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No one agrees with you.

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I think things will start to look better for Microsoft once they release some triple A exclusives. It's still very early in the game. I there will still be a big gap in sales though.

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