I want Snatcher 2 :(


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Doom - id Software
Wolfenstein - Machinegames
Dishonored - Arkane Studios
The Evil Within - Tango Gameworks

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Just wasting time in this thread.. nobody agrees with us.. even with me stating simple facts I still got buried.. Everybody's experience with this game was different in which mine was positive.. my only beef with the game are those lame fetch quests that infinitely repeat, lol

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No wonder it's your best friend's ex-wife.. you know what she was doing to make Bucks9000!

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It's alright beaks.. I get buried all the time for stating facts such as that I had no problems or bugs with Fallout 4 on PS4 at launch.. or liking such games as The Order and DNF.. or that I dislike the GTA series.. or that I've never played The Witcher III or Bloodborne.. you get my drift.. alot of statements and opinions get buried here..

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I never had bugs or glitches on ps4 and like I stated above, I got the platinum 3 weeks after launch.

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Holy mackerel! Well better late than never I suppose. I went to a launch party and had the platinum in 3 weeks. Good stuff :3

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$10k it says :(

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I owned Shattered Memories for PS2 and PSP and it was more of a stand alone reimagining than anything else. It's by far my favorite Silent Hill story wise next to 2. I'd die to play Shattered Memories on my PS4.

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Friday the 13th

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Very tempted by that offer :3

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Silent Hill

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I had a blast with this so I'll eventually get it

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I heard the second game had way too much filler but I'll eventually get the remaster

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I actually hated Guerilla.. now Armageddon kicked ass! That game was so much fun! If they make another I hope it's either like that or the second game.

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I have disagree.. BioShock: The Collection is my most anticipated game and I owned all 3 at their respective launches and played the hell out of them.. probably 40% of my purchases are remasters because I only own a PS4.. now we need Mass Effect Trilogy and I'll be satisfied..

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Yeah I wish it was the future now so I could be playing this!

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Wondering if this will ever go F2P

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