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Playing Mass effect Andromeda left me horny, and sexually mystified.

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Possible game of the year contender, releasing holiday 2035.

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Oooh noooo, i need a safe space.

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Im buying horizon and mass effect for sure. So im glad there having an open beta. Its currently an on the fence purchase for me.

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No, but from software finally has a competitor. Nioh is fantastic and is on par with souls and bloodborne, while still having unique features. Lords of the Fallen was ok, not on this level.

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Ya days gone looks awesome. But state of decay 2 is 4 player co op. The first was a lot of fun it just didn't run very good. This is one of the few Xbox games I wish was on ps4.

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Translation. A group of pc players got together to bitch and moan, while I enjoy Nioh on my ps4. There are plenty of great pc only games, like Civ. Exclusives make each platform unique. Don't be cry babies.

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There was people that didnt like the souls games either. He didnt like it, so what. I dont like COD or GTA very much, and people love those games. Life goes on.

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Another mode without Titans. Get the F out of here. No thank u.

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I thought the beta was boring. Ill save my time and money for ghost recon and horizon.

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Yes im so casual i cant appreciate pretentious 2d indie trash. Some indie games are great, Rocket league, Banner Saga, and Darkest Dungeon. Ps Plus offerings have been horrible boring games for months now.

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Who cares it was a mobile game. Touch controls and microtransactions.

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What a waste of resources. Im excited for the game, but who the hell cares about this?

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Looks like one of the demons souls characters I used to make.

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Thats sad. A dozen or so better new games to choose from

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For me the last of us hit on all levels. Loved the story one of the best in games. The gameplay is stealthy and tactical. I loved it aswell. I even loved the multiplayer. For me its one of the few games that actually lives up to the praise. Much like movies not every game is for everyone tho. I feel the same way about witcher 3 and socom 2. I love every inch of those games. Some people dont. Its fine to have diff opinions.

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What? This is what everyone wanted. I loved the last of us. Its like asking, is world peace a bad thing?

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Hopefully it will have the state of the art feature the first lacked. Party up system.

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All I want them to add is support for 4 controllers when playing local mp. Who the hell wants to pass a controller around the room. I won't be buying w.m.d. until it's added.

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