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Maybe not. But there previous game was left 4 dead. And I don't think that really had very much content. But it was highly replayable and a freakin blast with friends, that what I'm hoping from this game. #10
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Great deal. I do plan on picking up a wii u this year. I hope Nintendo has a good e3. I hope that Zelda u is shown with a date. Zelda, mario cart, mario 3d world and that x game will be enough for me to buy one. I do wish mario golf was coming to wii u and not just the 3ds, loved that game on 64. #4
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I've played and loved all of them. I think the middle part of ds2 is maybe a little easier. But some of the stuff at the end, especially the ancient dragon, and the king. Are two of the hardest I think in the whole series. I've platinum both demons and dark and I'm not bragging, I'm just saying I've spent tons of time playing the soul games. And that ancient dragon killed me like 30 times before I finally beat him. So ds2 might ease people into the game more than the other... #3
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I def want most of these especially name change. But I think a reputation system would be kinda dumb. People would just down vote u for killing them and stuff. And I don't want notifications of when friends come online. I want a favorites system were I choose who I want to see when they come online. But I would take all these over nothing that's for sure. #9
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Well I freakin hope so. It was so dumb it wasn't in 4. #1
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I don't think it's on my must buy list. But I do think it's going to be good. I usually enjoy ubisoft games. But I'll prob wait and see what people are saying about it before I buy. #1.1
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Completely agree. I had much more fun with mass effect 3 and red dead mp then the last few cod's. #1.1
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Well I'll remember not to trust any of there reviews. A perfect score, the freakin thing is an hour and a half!!! #3
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That's great that u guys are enjoying the game, I'm sure I would to I love mgs. But by buying this and defending it your saying your ok if developers starting splitting up tiny sections of there game and selling it for $20 to $40 dollars. Konami themselves has said that the real game will be 200 times bigger and also said it was like a tutorial for phantom pain. And it is a 2 hour demo, just cause your playing it over and over again doesn't make it a longer game. I could replay th... #3.3.1
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I don't know, but dark souls did sell almost 3 million. Also dark souls 2 is awesome, so when does blockbuster status come into play. #3.1
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Actually the opposite. Now developers will be able to develop a game for two platforms now instead of just the rift. Meaning more potential profit, less of a risk. Should lead to more software on both Morpheus and rift which is great. #8
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Completely agree. I also wish games like battlefield would do this. Focus on mp, polish it up more, add a few more maps, weapons, ect... Ditch the sp completely. The sp are never very good, they don't hold up to good fps single player campaigns like bioshock or metro, there just a waste. The amount of games that have really good single and competative mp is tiny. Off the top of my head all I can think of is halo, and I actually enjoy both in uncharted. For the most part tho I would way ra... #2.3
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Like already said its dlc not a new game. But damn, that was going to be a " halarious " comment. U were so clever with that one. #1.5
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That's cause it's a demo. I've played demos and betas that have more features and gameplay than this game. I love the mgs series. And I will be for sure buying 5. But it's kinda embarrassing that there releasing this game. #8
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I still think if they partner up with sega and release the dreamcast 2 watch out. I mean I love my ps4 and all. But u better believe I wound be buying a dreamcast 2. #5
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1) learn from mistakes and die less.
2) if u want to wear heavier armor, level up and there are also a ring that helps. Find good light medium armor.
3) this is somewhat true. U can take more hits when u level up a bunch but not much. Key is u becoming more powerful. Leveling up weapons and leveling up whatever bonus damage your weapon of choice boosts off of. Example, an A bonus off dexterity. #5.1
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To bad they don't have like a $70 option that gives u beta access and the full game when it comes out. I would do that for the ps4 version. Also the more I see of this game the happier I get, looks like they might actually pull off that old socom look and feel. One of my most anticipated for sure. #7
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I'm excited for game of thrones and tales from borderlands. But I wish they would just focus on finishing the wolf among us and walking dead season 2. It would be nice if they were set up to have new episodes at the first week of every month. Not 2 or 3 months while they announce new games in between. #3
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I skimmed through it,sounds like he mostly doesn't like that there's no checkpoints and that's it's possible for him to play for a long chunk and gain nothing. Well to bad, that's part of what makes a souls game what it is. There are plenty of RPGs with checkpoints and diff play styles out there. Why would u want the souls games to change, there are millions of fans that love it just the way it is. #3
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Well they did have that man, woman, merman, German Shepard thing doing there reviews. That was at least good for a laugh or two. #2.2
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