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I'm on the west coast US. Psn came back online last night for me. But has been down most of today. Luckily I have dragon age to to play offline, which is awesome. Hopefully the psn is back up soon. #6
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Because most of them are 2d side scrollers. I have zero interest in 2d side scrolling games. #35
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I live in portand OR area. Samsung tv's are popular here, this is a smart move by Sony. #8
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Halo had a chance to take this. With the issues halo had, the last of us us or gta 5 takes this. My vote is the last of us. #3
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Dmc might have rpg elements. Like almost all games nowdays. Dmc is an action adventure game. Hack n slash combo based. Much like god of war, beyonneta, and ninja garden. All diff in ways but in the same genre. Great games but not rpg's. #5
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I love the combat in destiny. Everything feels polished and tight, supers and classes are fun, and I love the games art style. Everything else in this game is a complete mess. The 100 diff currency's, the total lack of story, caps on vanguard and crucible marks a week, a broken loot system where a lv 2 grunt is just as likely to drop something good as a lv 30 boss, long loading screen cause it's matchmaking every time u go anywhere, I can go on forever. It's too bad. #3
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It's not a popular opinion, but I think the order is going to be good. Remember the first uncharted or the first gears of war. Kinda bear bones but good at its core. That's what I think the order will be. #2
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Look I'm all for creative freedom. I shake my head at most the anti gta,God of war,manhunt or whatever current game people want to throw under the bus. But doesn't hatred take it to far. It's like a snuff film for video games. My opinion on snuff films is why do they exist? Whoever is enjoying them must have something seriously wrong with them. That's also how I feel about this game. #15
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Polygon is the ultimate joke website. At least there consistent tho, cause every time I read one there articles or reviews I comple disagree with almost everything they have to say. #4
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Jaffe just did what pretty much every other developer has wanted to say at one point, but are not in position to. This is why most people either love or hate him. He says exactly what he is thinking all the time. Ya he should of just ignored it. It's better than the phil fish route. The ultimate childish route of just taking your ball and going home. #3.4
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What david is gone? Where did he go? I'm still excited, but less than I was. I didn't know david was gone. #6
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While kinda true. Gta 5 and last of us remastered are awesome even Diablo 3 ultimate is great. There some great games this year. The new dragon age is great. I also had a lot of fun with shadow of mordor. Even with its shortcomings, with friends destiny is a good time. With the Witcher 3, evolve, Bloodborne, and the order all releasing in February or March things are starting out strong next year. #5
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Limbo had great art style. If it wasn't for that I don't think anyone would ever talk about it. It's gameplay was fine, but nothing special. It was also pretty short. #11
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Persona 5, bloodborne, and the witcher 3 for me. #6
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Shadow of mordor and dark souls 2 were both awesome games. I'm sure bayonetta 2 was great I never played. I would also imagine ssb wii u is on a lot of people's list at the end of the year. But hands down dragon age inquisition is my game of the year, and one of the best rpg's I've ever played. #9
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I know everyone has been hating on unity. Obviously it's glitchy, and needs patched more. But it's my fav ac game prob since brotherhood. With 2 being my fav. I love the changes they made to combat. It's a little harder and more strategic. Some of the missions are way more open. U can go stealth or combat heavy u have more of a choice. The customation options are great. The co op is a lot of fun. The game has been pretty glitchy for me tho, bad enough that I at least think ubisoft... #8
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I know this was written just for clicks. But I can't help it, it makes me beyond irritated to think that anyone could like the 2nd one better. #9
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Gamegear of course. #7
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I agree with u guys. But the cable companies have to be careful. Cause most people have other options for Internet than just cable. So if they start charging people extra for Internet to use certain services, then people would be canceling both cable TV and cable internet. #3
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Taking what kurruptor and darth said. What if u had 2 games and 2 movies u could choose from. U pick any combination of 2. They would prob be Sony picture studios movies, but still would be an interesting idea. I'm not bashing them, but just in my opinion. Im not into the 2d indie games at all. I've never downloaded one, and I never plan to. There just not fun games to me, so any other option would be a welcome one. #5
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