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I would watch some videos on this game before u buy. I've never played anything like it. I do highly recommend it tho. #2
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I thought this game was pretty good. This is kinda a telltale type game, where it's very choice and story based. I'd prob give it a solid 7/10. Like all these types of games it will depend on how the episodes story and decisions tie together. It's a solid start tho. I will for sure be buying the next episode. #3
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They should bring back the mode there is a trophy for. There was also bounties for it. They took it off after like the first week and never brought it back. Dumb. #2
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We all know the order is not a long game. Somewhere between 8 and 12 hours. Your not paying for gametime with the order. I'm buying it for the polish, story, characters, sound design, graphics, the general world they created. I love big rpgs that I play for a hundred plus hours. I'm also buying bloodborne and witcher 3, which will provide lots of hours of fun. But a looks to be well crafted game like the order still has a place for me. #16
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Ya monsters inc is Pixar. Pixar is part of disney right? I don't know how that all works. #7.1.1
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I have 2 daughters and they love the disney classics. Beauty and the beast, dumbo, and Cinderella I think are there favs. They also love frozen, more than wreck it Ralph or big hero 6 ( which I liked a lot ). Frozen wasn't my fav but kids love it. So it will prob be in the game. I hope they do some classics tho too. I only played kingdom hearts 1 and 2, I didn't play the portable ones. So I don't know what all worlds they haven't went to. But I'd like to see sword in the s... #7
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I played it and really enjoyed it. Starts off kinda cheesy, but I got hooked and will be getting the rest to see where the pretty interesting story goes. The rewind time to make diff choices idea is very unique. #2
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As the second wave of non launch exclusives roll in this year I expect Ryse to topped. Either by halo or quantum break. Much like ps4 where infamous is still prob the best looking game. With Bloodborne, the order, uncharted and others I expect that will be topped this year as well. #20
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Simple. PS4's 2015 lineup looks incredible. #14
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I agree with u. Although I thought PS3 twisted metal was awesome when it worked. That's the prob tho the online didn't work very well for a long time. I tried to get my friends to buy it, but when I showed them the game the online wasn't working very well. Too bad. #8.1
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Usually I hate when games go f2p. I think it's a good move for this game. Because jaffe has knocked it out of the park before with twisted metal and God of war, I will always be interested in what he's making. But if this game came out at full price or even $40 I don't know if I would end up buying it. All they showed was a 4 player deathmatch. It looked fun, but not a full price type game. This way everyone gets to play and give them some money if they like the game. Hopefully no... #10
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Well that sucks. The l4d games were some of the best games to play with friends. I hope valve or someone makes it. #8
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I like a lot of the changes they made. I like the money system better and the new game modes are pretty fun. I still feels like more of an expansion to me than a full release tho. Also the level of destruction isn't anywhere close to what I want it to be. I expected they would of topped how destructive bad company 2's levels where, but they have went the complete opposite direction. I had fun with hardline, but the series has went backwards in my opinion. #3
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KOTOR, Demons Souls, or Dark Cloud 2. I can't decide. #11
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I've played every metal gear game even the portables. One of fav franchises. Can't wait for phantom pain. I couldn't bring myself to buy ground zeroes at full price, but I bought it on the psn on sale for 6.50. Great setup, but it should of been 5 bucks at the most. #1
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I don't think this game will sell very well, but I will be buying it. I don't know what it is but I just love the battlefield formula. It's not the most popular opinion, but bad company 2 is still my favorite. #15
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I love wrpg's and am not tired of them. But a mix would be nice. I'm super excited for persona 5. Im curious what level 5 is making. Ni No Kuni 2 or dark cloud 3 would be awesome. #5
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I understand why people like this game and dead island. The lack of difficulty is what's stopping me from buying this. Also why I didnt end up being able to finish dead island. Just mindlessly killing zombies with no real threat of dying. It makes there level up system and crafting of weapons kinda pointless. #8
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I have almost bought this game twice. But the lack of challenge is what's holding me back. The night time seems cool, but the day time seems so mindless. Between the order, evolve, and dying light I can't decide this month. I only wanted to buy one, maybe 2. #2
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It is for me. I don't want it to take away from new games there making. But if they put a little side team on remastering dark souls 1 and demons I'd buy that too. And add that demons broken archstone we never got to play would be awesome. #9
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