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Not bad. I expected something dumb. But I actually laughed a couple times. One of the better ads in a long time. Damian? #15
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What? What are u people talking about. If the game is great, and I hope that it is. Why would u not want more content. Well to me it sounds great, I'll take my time and enjoy it. I also love the party system. I like to mix in the tactical map combat. #7
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Really? This is the ps4 week I've been waiting for. Diablo 3 and PvZ are day one for me. Counter spy also looks interesting. #2.1
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Polygon shut up no one cares what u think about anything. Polygon is everything that's wrong about video game journalism. Go ahead polygon and ban me again for speaking the truth about your pathetic site. I'll be back. #11
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Thank u for that link, it gives a much better understanding of what this games about. This game is so up my alley. Look I'm not here to start a fanboy war, xbox and Nintendo have some great games. But games like this alongside games like bloodborne, uncharted, lbp 3, and the last of us are why I'm loving the ps4. The pixeljunk games have been good, but this looks much more ambitious than what q games have done before. #1.1.1
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Ya I think if they would of ended it with bloodborne it would of felt more rounded. Cause I thought the bloodborne gameplay looked excellent. But ya wild looked awesome, lbp3 looked good. And for me I thought until dawn looked great. Like a b horror movie with choices. Not sure what the gameplay is like but it defiantly looked like my type of game. I think we all wanted to see GG's new ip. But clearly there keeping that a secret till it's closer to release. I would of also liked to s... #10
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Seems like a pretty good price for it, I was hoping it wasn't full price. I'm excited to play this on ps4. This game looks like a lot of fun if u enjoy golf simulators. The course creator looks awesome. #3
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I miss demolition. #6
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No the the story mode is the weakest part of BF4 and I think the weakest in the battlefield series. #4
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-- Reported by the community --
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Luke is a stud but that 49ers duo is awesome. To bad kiko Alonzo got hurt. He had a beast of a rookie year. #2
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Is it also ok if it doesn't make u uncomfortable. And your able to realize the difference between a video game and real life. I also know the difference between video game journalists and these talentless hacks at polygon. #5
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Polygon gets worse everyday. Can't wait till they go out of business so we don't have to read there garbage anymore. #8
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Wow I didn't know xbox one had this issue. I was annoyed that some games on my ps4 took a half hour to fully install. I'm being serious to, not taking a jab at xbox. If I was an xbox one owner I would just maybe download games depending on your internet speed of course. #2.1.2
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The party system is running on xbl servers even if the game is running on activision servers for the beta. This whole xbl vs psn thing is kinda old news now. Psn on ps4 has been very stable for me. There's issues every once and a while, but there's issues every once in a while on xbl. Since launch party chat on ps4 has worked every time I've used it. In like 2009 sure, xbl kicked psn's ass, although psn was free. But now there both very stable like 99 percent of the time. #12
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Love the game, for sure buy for me. I even liked the multiplayer. I guess my only fear now is how big is the game? How big was the beta compared? The beta caped at 8 which is fine, but they said the full games cap is only 20. I was hoping for at least 50. The game plays great and is beautiful. I'm worried it's going to lack content tho. #11
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Sony and Nintendo are not from china so I'm not sure what your asking. The ban has been lifted. #3.1
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Hardly noticible. Destiny is a beautiful game but that's mostly from its artwork. These games that come out for last gen and current gen aren't really going to push any one particular platform. #14
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I bet they either completely can this game, or totally rebuild it from the ground up. Cause no one wants just a re skinned battlefield 4. It's no secret to this day Bf4 is still not working correctly. Hardline seemed to just be using Bf4 assets. They can't afford to release another buggy mess. I actually love battlefields gameplay when it's running correctly. I know I'm not the only one who won't buy another battlefield at launch till I see it running good online. #6
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For people who are always paying attention to gaming e3 is kinda pointless. But I know a lot people who only pay attention to gaming news during e3. Most of them don't even pay attention to gamescom or tgs just e3. Until that stops e3 is very important. #15
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