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Hardly noticible. Destiny is a beautiful game but that's mostly from its artwork. These games that come out for last gen and current gen aren't really going to push any one particular platform. #14
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I bet they either completely can this game, or totally rebuild it from the ground up. Cause no one wants just a re skinned battlefield 4. It's no secret to this day Bf4 is still not working correctly. Hardline seemed to just be using Bf4 assets. They can't afford to release another buggy mess. I actually love battlefields gameplay when it's running correctly. I know I'm not the only one who won't buy another battlefield at launch till I see it running good online. #6
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For people who are always paying attention to gaming e3 is kinda pointless. But I know a lot people who only pay attention to gaming news during e3. Most of them don't even pay attention to gamescom or tgs just e3. Until that stops e3 is very important. #15
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I don't think anyone would argue wilson is a top 10 qb. But top 5 over Brady? #5.2.1
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Seahawks are about defence, and running the ball. Wilson has been the perfect qb for that team. But top 5 qb, come on. Mine would be Rogers, Manning, Brady, Brees, then Luck. 6-10 then Big Ben, Wilson, Ryan, And Kap. That's only nine but there's a big drop off after those guys. U would prob have to stick either Eli, Flacco, or Romo at 10. I'm really not sure who if pick. #7
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I know the game is a copy and paste. I buy madden every year and haven't really thought they made a good 1 since 08. Don't know why but I really liked 08. Now with no collage football gone it really is the only option. To bad those 2k rumors this year weren't true. I know that we all should just stop buying them till something changes, but I love football games so it's a tough choice. #5
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I have to go on to unlock these? No thanks keep your crap. I hate games that try to force me on to there website. #8
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Look ascension was fun but easily the worst GOW. But I'm ready for a new GOW, a proper one. Hopefully we see one soon I love those games. #12
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Honestly who cares. Buy what whatever system appeals to u. For me it's ps4 cause I like there exclusives better. I cannot imagine not playing bloodborne, uncharted 4, the order, and for me H-hour. Yes H-hour it's a big deal to me. And multiplatforms will run at least as good on ps4 if not better in most cases. But if xbox exclusives like halo, gears, and forza is what u enjoy so be it. Everyone needs to STFU, the console war is beyond annoying. #13
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I do like demons the best aswell for many reasons. But demons had a broken archstone planned for dlc it just never happened. #4.2
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U should want all of those. Except for knack, seriously, knack is a terrible game. #9.1
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I want mario cart, Zelda, and the new xenoblade. I know it's a 3ds game but I want mario golf, or at least a new hot shots. Although the golf glub looks awesome. #15
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I'm not a PC guy in any way shape or form. I primarily play ps4. Used to play both ps3 and 360. Let's be honest for a sec. Neither one of these sales hold a candle to a steam sale, and it's really disappointing. Hopefully one day they will. #11
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Vita up 55 percent. Maybe vita selling more is why they are hard to find right now at least in the U.S. #6
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Whatever money they would spend on a 3rd party exclusive I would rather seen be put twards developing a new ip. With that said there are some awesome 3rd party exclusives I'm looking forward to. Mainly quantum break, and bloodborne. But again those games would be just as exciting if they were multiplatform, and that money to make them exclusive meant that Sony and Ms each had another internal exclusive they were working on. #3
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Well sorry your just wrong. The last of us on ps3 is still 40 to buy new. So why would the ps4 version with updated graphics and all the dlc be 40 aswell. Well the rest of us will be enjoying TLOU Remastered. #4.1
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I've also noticed ads on craigslist for xbox one now 399. And if u click on it there's a description of the system , and then just a bunch of links to stores, target, best buy, walmart, gamestop ect...It made me wonder if MS themselves was putting adds on craigslist. Seemed odd, and desperate. #5
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That sums it up perfectly. Also really lackluster online play. I don't think it was a bad game, just very meh. I did enjoy some of the stealth mechanics tho. #5.2
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Come on don't give ea ideas. Pretty soon we will be paying like 10 cents a button press in there games. #5
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The graphical boost is prob the least exciting part about this version. The adventure mode, new class, and expansion is the best part #7.1
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