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Then it must be the only game you’ve played this year.

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Played it on EA Access. Super generic boring shooter, with a super pretty Star Wars coat of paint on it. Bought the first one, regretted it, won’t buy this one. Let me know when they make them like the old ones.

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Who cares. I played a couple hours of it with ea access. Not very good anyway.

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Still play it weekly. Fantastic game.

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Its not a tough sell. It just might not be for u. Do u want to play all the best 3rd party games at the highest quality on console? Its not as many as ps, but do u like the exclusives we have. Like reg forza, horizon, gears, halo, state of decay 2, crackdown, and a few more? Do u also want do be able to play upresed classics on the same console like KOTOR, Oblivion, fallouts, left 4 deads, CODs, and more? Thats the sell.

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Im playing kotor for the first time on xbox 1. Since they released it on BC. What a great f ing game so far. Its clunky but the story and characters are so detailed. Its amazing.

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I so wish andromeda was better than it is. I dont even care about facial animations. I just wish the story and structure were good. There not.

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I can already play all of them on xbox 1S. And have. But yes there great games. Putting them on switch would be great.

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I agree with u, but i choose to buy the games that look fun to me. This is one of them. I have never and will never purchase a loot box in this game or any. The way i see it. If no one buys loot boxes they will go away. No reason to miss out on the whole game.

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To go along with pubg. Forza 7, cuphead, sea of thieves, state of decay 2, and crackdown 3 in the next 6 months. Not just multiplats.

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There not x exclusives, but xbox 1. Forza 7, cuphead, sea of thieves, state of decay 2, and crackdown 3. Also pubg even if its just a timed console exclusive. All those in the next 6 months or so. Seems pretty good to me. Now i get that they dont have any other exclusives announced. But if they come out at e3 and show a new halo and forza horizon, along with 1 or 2 we dont know about. Doesn't seem bad to me. Mix this in with the system itself and controller that i love. Game pass and ea ...

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I could see a black friday 199 deal for s or ps4. Either one would be a steal at that price. Even at 250. Some great games to play.

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The x is very powerful. But i actually just bought an s. Excellent system so far. Pretty cheap now. Ya i know ps4 has way more exclusives. But the s has forza and pubg even if its just timed, this year. Along with great multiplats. Then state of decay 2, crackdown 3 and sea of thieves, all in the first half of next year. All games i want to play. Check my history im a long time playstation guy. Legit the s is a great system. Im trying game pass out. Having a blast. For sure best controller ev...

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Jealous douche alert!!!

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They have sea of thieves, state of decay 2, and crackdown 3 for the first half of next year. Pretty dang good lineup. If they have stuff to announce at e3 for next fall. Could be good year for xbox.

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DD was a really wierd game to be honest. But i had a ton of fun with it on ps3. Hopefully there thinking about a sequel. If your into fantasy rpg style i highly recommend it.

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I still feel that way about dlc. Ive bought dlc for 2 games this gen. The witcher 3 expansions and the following for dying light. Both totally worth it. I ignore dlc i dont want. I dont see your point. I will ignore shadow of war's micro transactions, and enjoy the game. No big deal.

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The popularity of gta online is the thing i understand the least in all of gaming. Clunky with little to actually do. I just don't get it.

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Early adopters are rewarded the least? What? U mean about 4 years ago. My reward was playing games for 4 years. Would u say the same thing about apple. Man since the release of the iphone 7 apple just doesn't care at all about there iphone 5 users. This is how technology works. It's not like they released the pro and x 6 months after the base models. They also don't care about ps2 early adopters anymore, cause it was 17 years ago.

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The humor seems really lame. Gameplay looks boring, might be fun if it had co op. Ill pass. I bet this game bombs.

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