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The popularity of gta online is the thing i understand the least in all of gaming. Clunky with little to actually do. I just don't get it.

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Early adopters are rewarded the least? What? U mean about 4 years ago. My reward was playing games for 4 years. Would u say the same thing about apple. Man since the release of the iphone 7 apple just doesn't care at all about there iphone 5 users. This is how technology works. It's not like they released the pro and x 6 months after the base models. They also don't care about ps2 early adopters anymore, cause it was 17 years ago.

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The humor seems really lame. Gameplay looks boring, might be fun if it had co op. Ill pass. I bet this game bombs.

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Would love to see socom come back. Who would develop it? Of sony studios only sony bend would make sense. They have a syphon filter and resistance retribution background. There obviously making days gone tho.

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Not just normal patches. Like a year and half worth of patches. After that it was pretty good.

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I think days gone will be surprisingly great. Its success tho will be determined by its release date. New ip needs room for people to take a chance on it. A march or early September 2018 would be perfect.

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Lots of people say there tired of zombie games. I get that. I enjoy open world ones tho. As a ps4 player theres not really many options. The newer dead risings are not on ps4, the last of us is great but not open world. I really enjoyed dying light, but its 1st person and totally diff. So im excited for days gone. I think its minor survival elements. Manipulating the zombies as a weapon. Sons of anarchy setup. Changing weather with stealth or aggressive being an option. All these things leave...

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It could hit 100k. If all it has is multiplatform games, who cares. At e3 they spent like 10 min on assassins, and showed a 30 sec trailer on crackdown 3. Pathetic.

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Im a little older now. So i run into the issue of time more than money for new games. So i like to pick 1 console and enjoy what it has to offer. I have trouble just keeping up with the new ps4 games.

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Actually yes... Some console launch exclusives are just timed.

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Id rather have bc and developers focus on new games. Plus sony doesnt remaster games i want like Socom 2. Instead they remast SotC for a 2nd time. SotC is great, but come on. Plus how many ps2 classics are even on the store? 20 maybe 30. Besides a few classics id rather play new games anyway. So its not a huge factor for me. Ps now runs better than i thought it would. Still not as good as native tho. Its also a pretty terrible value for the price. Its mostly trash with a handful of great game...

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Wierd conference. Spend like 10 min on assassins creed, only show a 1 min trailer for crackdown 3.

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I would love mario golf 3ds to come to switch.

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Wait a brand new console is outselling one thats been out 4 years and sold 60ish mill already. You dont say. I can tell your pants got tight, but lets settle down.

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Based just on the first hour. The story seemed super interesting. The combat horrible.

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Im loving Andromeda. Don't get the hate.

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I never buy remastered games. This and if sony did socom. I would buy these remastered. I never got to play them. Seen enough to know i would love them. Hope there is a 4.

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If u spent anytime with the old battlefront games. U would realize how pathetic this one was. So actually it is as bad as people heard.

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I liked the style of it. I just don't like arena shooters.

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It all depends. I got every penny and then some out of witcher 3's season pass. As long as games are complete not holding back content, and the dlc is good. No problem with it. I more have a problem with mp focused games like shooters. Dlc and season passes break up the community.

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