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With a new battlefield and titanfall 2. I'll just wait till they sell it separately.

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There was a time when all arcade digital only games, like alienation. Had demoes on 360.

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I just want civilization.

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Oh something else for the babies of society to complain about.

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Polygon itself is sketchy. I will not click on any of its links since it's abismal the last of us review. I hope they shut down.

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People still buy new iPhone. Knowing there will be a new one down the line. Why would someone miss out on playing a ps5 just cause a better version will release in a couple years. That's how all electronics work.

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Seems pointless. Focus on gameplay in games not raw power. That's what PC is for.

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No people would rather spend there time complaining about it. That's too logical.

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Come on at least spell the game correctly, if u want people to read your article.

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Why? Sounds like the perfect genre. I would love it.

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As internet infustructure gets better this will change. I'm lucky and get fiber optics with no cap. But my previous house and most people are not this lucky.

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I don't think the $20 has deterred many. The online numbers seem really solid. Great game.

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While I agree. Can't we just say good game regardless of platform. One of my favorite features of this game is u can go 4 player split screen and still play online.

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This is one indie u should really try. If u liked any old school competitive arcadey sports games. Like NBA jam, NFL blitz, NHL hits, or the bigs. This scratches that itch for me.

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A 2/5 u guys rated it to high.

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Ease of use like everyone has said. Also local multiplayer while being portable. I take my console to friends and family's houses, and easily hook up 4 controllers. Its a combination of all those things.

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I can't do fighters anymore. Besides graphics. Its the one genre that hasn't changed in about 20 years.

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When I first got my x1 I thought the interface was garbage and slow. Now I think its the best one out there. Lots of improvements have been made.

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Maybe I shouldn't. I like the numbers in rpg's tho.

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I played this but on the Saturn. Good game at the time at least.

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