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Ease of use like everyone has said. Also local multiplayer while being portable. I take my console to friends and family's houses, and easily hook up 4 controllers. Its a combination of all those things. #14
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I can't do fighters anymore. Besides graphics. Its the one genre that hasn't changed in about 20 years. #24
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When I first got my x1 I thought the interface was garbage and slow. Now I think its the best one out there. Lots of improvements have been made. #3.3
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Maybe I shouldn't. I like the numbers in rpg's tho. #1.2.1
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I played this but on the Saturn. Good game at the time at least. #7
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Launch night ps4 buyer. Ps4 is alright. Switched to Xbox 1 in Oct. I'll never look back. I don't care what people say. X1 has way better exclusives and a way better controller. #9
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Fallout Montana. #12
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Ea access is $30 a year. $2.50 a month. U get full access to older games. Some very good although older. They add more games throughout the year. U get 10 hours to try out all ea games that come out. Not just a demo portion, but 10 hours of the full game. Also a 10% discount on those games if u buy them after your 10 hours. Its a pretty good deal. I played 10 hours of battlefront, enjoyed it but realized I didn't want to buy it after that. It actually saved me money. #1.2
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Its a game, get over it. Its also not okay to shoot people, steal cars or numerous other things in video games. Its just a game. #1
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Oculus might be expensive, but not overpriced. There selling it very close to cost. Psvr I expect will be similarly priced. Unless Sony sells it at a loss. I doubt they will tho. Vr's success will be long term. Not short. #8
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I thought until dawn was more the direction I want to see telltale games go. It was like a telltale and quantic dream game mix. #5.1.2
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FF12 is the only FF I've liked enough to beat. I lost interest in 7,10, and 13. Haven't played any other. Also FF12 is one of the best looking ps2 games. Most big FF fans dont like 12 tho. #4.2
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No way are the dying. Last I seen ps4 is on pace to outsell the ps2. The x1 is selling well to if u don't compare to ps4 sales. If the nx really is a powerful console and handheld all in one. The nx will sell well too. #9
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I'm excited for recore. If its a console seller that's great. If not ill still be enjoying it. #4
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I agree there no real chance for x1 to catch ps4. But lets just say there's a 1% chance it starts too. First off it has a very strong 2016 exclusive lineup. Gears 4, sea of thieves, crackdown 3, recore, halo wars 2, and quantum break are the big ones. Then with the x1 being less powerful. Maybe its parts get alot cheaper. If that's the case maybe they make an x1 slim and launch it at $250. Or even crazier $199. Prob not going to happen. Would def increase sales if it did happen again... #9
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The option of matchmaking raids. #7
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Titanfall for sure needed more unlocks and guns. But the gameplay is a blast. And it controls great. I didn't enjoy any of the shooters released this year so i still pop it in every once and awhile and play a couple hours. #8
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I have no doubt uncharted will be great. Horizon looks amazing so far. Although its there first game like this. Everything they've shown looks awesome tho. Tlg tho I'm not sure. Its been in development for so long who knows really. Shadow of colossus is one of my fav games tho. So hopefully its great. #4
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Ya there hipster games. #1.1
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THEKHURG. Really I think the plague of this generation is people accepting half a game as full games. Then they add season passes to release the other half. Its not self entitled. Battlefront 2 has triple the content. Have some common sense. #4.1.4
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