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They were in there 20’s in the 80’s so they are at least in there early 50’s now.

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I played Bloodborne from bed the other day...the Vita is really under-rated!

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I'm not a PC player I'm a console player.

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Because third party games aren't the same on both systems they are superior on PS4

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How quickly you forgot that the Xbox One was $500 at launch... And Microsoft promised 1080p for every game

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This is BS so far the first 2 codes did not work...lame

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Damn they are running for the hills now.

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I feel bad that you feel bad.

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you should have bought a second PS4 you would of got 1TB of storage and two ps4s.

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Lmao cut your toenails! pony?

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Nintendo confused their primary market of soccer moms, retirement homes, and pre teens, with the launch if the wii u. The retarded iPad of a controller I imagine turned a lot of people away, i think they felt overwhelmed by it.

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I hate Gamestop

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I don't think the label is bad, to me Indie means the game is back by actual people not by a corporation..but then again a corporation is just a bunch of people.

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Spaghetti Monster

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Damn shame good to hear something was done

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It's pretty clear why the price drop happened. The pre-order numbers at retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop were drastically underwhelminglly dissapointing. It called for a price drop to increase pre-orders.

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It is very uncomfortable to play after about 30 minutes you start to get some Vita fatigue. The rear touch pad for sprinting and melee don't help much.

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Boston Strong better happen.

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Maybe its because guys love it when girls bite their lips?

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We broke this a month ago....

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