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As long as there isnt overpriced memory cards attached to it, that's a killer price! (Zing Vita)

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I'm always curious if these people just never sync, or if they legit got the game, installed it, boot it, then never go further.

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Well considering all of PS4's was delayed to early next year, is it really surprising? How many of their Fall titles will get delayed again?

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It's about time PS Plus got a good discount. Usually it is only like a buck.

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Typically a better product equals, well, better sales. Since, you know, people will buy something that is good. Yes there are a few flubs where marketing failed a good product, but Vita isn't a good example.

Vita by itself is pretty amazing, but the overpriced memory cards and lack of support is why it didn't sell. Thus it isn't an overall good product. Vita took a hit when they advertised it at "250" but when you go buy it you also need to toss in a ...

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Without playing it just yet, it seems this game is stuck between GTA and Saints Row and by doing so it excels at competing with neither.....

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This will make people mad, but anyone that disagrees with you either wasted money on VR or is sipping on Sony Kool-aid hoping PSVR doesn't turn into Vita 2.0.

How many stand still and shoot at waves of whatever do we need?

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Nice, you can't state your opinion without name calling. That means you are already on the losing side of the debate.

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@Utalkin, then you didn't read the article considering it's mentioned in it's own paragraph. Not my problem you don't read. lol

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I know that, which is why I've been playing it on Xbox. I simply want to play it on my PS4, and don't want to pay PS Now. Why do people get so anal about that suggestion?

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Fanboys always amaze me. If MS were doing this you would be attacking them for it. "PS now is so amazing! I can't wait to not own a single game and play laggy streamed games! I totally prefer that over a PS3 Classic, or simply playing the copy I already own!"

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Yeah, I already have it on my Xbox. I just wanted to play it on PS4 for the trophies on my profile. Too bad Sony is too focused on shoving PS Now down our throat.

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Ugh, nobody wants PS Now. Stop forcing us to use the lousy service to play old games....

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Hey Sony maybe you should write notes down next time you try to make the Vita.....

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What? During pre-orders they said it was "sold out through holiday." now it's "almost sold out!" ??
They are seriously trying to use the "shortage" advertising, hoping it creates some hype as a Christmas item. If people have a hard time finding it on black friday it will create an artificial "need" among consumers.

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There are so many "experts" on everything, that you can pick anything right now and someone will say it's bad for you. They could find the cure for cancer and some expert will say it still kills you.

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Yeah I'm not saying make it easy. I'm just saying make it less frustrating. There were times when I was trying to switch targets (because my teammate had nearly killed him already), but my character kept returning aim to my initial combatant. I would then swing through him, to try and hit the other person.

Or when trying to get away, the Berserk and Samurai could still hit you while distant from them. Samurai had reach, and berserk was too fast.


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4V4 is understandable with that mentality since there are many areas to run to.

The 2 v 2 map had very little areas to run to like that. Plus with people being the Samurai it was hard to run when he had reach like he did. If you were the guy that was stuck on the bridge, and your teammate goes down, you were screwed. There is no way to cross that bridge and get inside and tuck into a corner.

A better option would be to further develop the mechanic they ...

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You are able to turn off the comments on that video player, i dont know why they didnt do that before stealing it and putting it on Youtube. Could have just screen grabbed what they thought was a big deal, which really wasnt.

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I've been trying. I don't know where to look. I looked at the specs and all it says is that Samsung implemented color enhancements. The same model, but a couple inches bigger, got an HDR update.

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