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Yeah I'm not saying make it easy. I'm just saying make it less frustrating. There were times when I was trying to switch targets (because my teammate had nearly killed him already), but my character kept returning aim to my initial combatant. I would then swing through him, to try and hit the other person.

Or when trying to get away, the Berserk and Samurai could still hit you while distant from them. Samurai had reach, and berserk was too fast.


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4V4 is understandable with that mentality since there are many areas to run to.

The 2 v 2 map had very little areas to run to like that. Plus with people being the Samurai it was hard to run when he had reach like he did. If you were the guy that was stuck on the bridge, and your teammate goes down, you were screwed. There is no way to cross that bridge and get inside and tuck into a corner.

A better option would be to further develop the mechanic they ...

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You are able to turn off the comments on that video player, i dont know why they didnt do that before stealing it and putting it on Youtube. Could have just screen grabbed what they thought was a big deal, which really wasnt.

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I've been trying. I don't know where to look. I looked at the specs and all it says is that Samsung implemented color enhancements. The same model, but a couple inches bigger, got an HDR update.

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I'd take good audio over 4K right now anyways. The new Dolby tech is insane. Love my sound system, it sounds better than sitting in a theater.

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Does your TV need to be 4K to benefit from HDR? I have a LED TV with the color enhancements by Samsung which is supposed to enable deeper blacks or whatever.

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Finally got in after smashing square, there are a bunch of servers with like 3 people capping all the flags and padding their stats. It's just a beta and people still cheat lol

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Thanks, I'll check them out!

Edit: Turns out that's what I already have. I have a problem with them coming off my controller, they slip off all the time. They were good at first though.

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What kind of grips did you get? I got the rubber cap ones and still have issues at times.

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I agree. I'm a life long PlayStation fan and Sony does better when they are down. That's when they listen and up their game. When they are winning then they just do what they want and the blind ones fall in line. I mean look at the replies you got. Sony could say the new controllers are made of horse poop making you point this out, and people would go "You are stupid, Sony is winning for a reason!!!!"

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I openly use both. The Xbox controller is way better for almost everything. The grips on the PS4 sticks are horrendous, and aiming with them is a pain.

The only edge I'd give DS4 is for fighting games.

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Honestly I miss when Sony was losing, they actually listened to fans then. Now they are selling more units they do whatever they want. I mean come on, most people want to shut OFF the light bar, and what does Sony do? Put another one on it that shines right in your face.... And the battery life in the controllers suck, the least they could do is improve that, but it looks to be the same too....

It's basically Sony's "Do whatever the hell we want, because they ...

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The only reason I traded in games recently is because they forgot to dock to the Xbox One versions. COD BO3 for 30 dollars, turned around and bought it again for 20 dollars. Made 10 dollar profit off it :P

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It's 2016. Breathing is offensive to someone somewhere because "its killing plants!!!"

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That's the thing. I love zombie games too and this game still looks like trash. Friggin portals? None of it made sense and all the characters without saying a single word were extremely cliche in every way.

Above that if Activision was like "hey Call of Duty Zombies is now a 30 dollar DLC" everyone would be bashing it galore. But this is Konami and any hate towards it means "oh that's just a kojima fanboy...." really? It looks like garbage.

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I was wrong I guess. I gave Konami 2 games before they ruined the franchise, turns out they can't even make it a half game without jumping off a cliff.....

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That's what I'm saying. My Xbox is on the shelf hardly even noticeable. The black actually helps because I have a white one too and it sticks out like a sore thumb....

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I already have a white Xbox One, it was a limited edition version, and I don't want 4K. So I guess it's not worth upgrading at the moment for me.

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Are you sure it's not the weapon? I shoot for a basket every game and the different weapons do different things. Soldier 76 main shot does almost nothing, while Tracers will rocket it across the room for example.

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This article isn't even an article, it's a random rant....Provide backing at least.
1 The reason people are saying GamesCom isn't because it's an event, it's because Red Dead was supposedly scheduled for E3 and cancelled last minute.
2 You really think Mafia, WWE, and a sports title is bigger for Take Two than Red Dead? Or Rockstar which is probably half of their assets?
I don't think it will be shown at GamesCom, but this reasoning is fla...

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