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Since consoles are just doing 2 year cycles, ill just buy a gaming PC again. Only reason I left PC for consoles was due to cost. "but but you can still play all the games" yeah at lower settings, just like having an old graphics card in a PC......

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He does bring up a good point though. We all know Konami is going to milk MGS, yet who will be voicing snake? Neither Hayter or Sutherland seem to be in talks to do so.

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Yeah, just saw them clarify that. Thank goodness. I've yet to finish a single story mission because my team(s) always gets owned at the last part of it.... I lead teams every time I try and yet I'm still like 0 for 20 trying to just finish one....

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Being honest, Overwatch provides even less content and I'd still prefer paying full price for that over Battleborn. If I'm not mistaken, DLC maps for Battleborn are not even free either.

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It's the Washington Post, being completely honest here..... almost EVERYTHING they write is total garbage. If I had it in newspaper form I'd mistake it for toilet paper.... Some of their stuff is so bad that you would assume the source is The Onion, but sadly it isn't. These people really believe the stupidity they write.

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I love the multiplayer. Ironic thing is there are a lot of people that want COD to go back to bare bones gun on gun combat, and Doom did that. Yet they supposedly hate it? People just can't be happy, it's against life rules....

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They did nothing but praise it when it releases, then this person copies and pastes random complaints from Reddit into a review and give it a 7.1.

Just to point it out, they gave COD Ghosts a 9....

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Sold my Vita for a 3DS. Thought I'd regret it, but my 3DS actually dies because I'm using it all the time.

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Yeah, but you gotta pre-order from 5 different stores. Bestbuy has a bonus level so you get two with them, the other 4 are spread across GameStop, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and some mom and pop store nobody heard about. (Sarcasm)

Oh and if you actually want to use weapons you better pre-order the special deluxe Target exclusive version.

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They are "better than us" because they have an audience. You see them play it, they randomly tell you it's good, you go buy it. It's advertising.

It's the same reason reviewers get it early, they have an audience and it puts the game in front of potential buyers. Note that it's not anyone that gets it. The audience has to be substantial enough to get noticed so joe shmoe can't start a youtube channel, get 3 viewers, and start getting games ear...

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The game wasn't hard at all. I beat it all on accident in one sitting. I was like "really, it's over?"

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I think not being 60 dollars really helped, now if other games would continue the trend we'd be golden.

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Personally unless it has the whole on the go experience as rumored then I really don't care either. I'll buy a new generation of DS, but not a new WiiU.

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Don't you need external storage for a 3DS?

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If it's two separate games, it's just going to split the player base and there will be hardly any reason to buy the new game...COD4 remaster will outlast the new one.

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These install sizes are getting insane. Even on PS4 they are getting large. I'm surprised Sony and MS haven't stepped in to address it at all. Next thing you know games are sitting at 100GB installs, from disc.....

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@kalebninja Bestbuy, 20 percent discount on ALL new games (not ones just released), 10 dollar voucher for pre orders, discounts on used titles, extra percent for trade ins, other coupons sent throughout the year, all for 30 dollars for 2 years. Want to shop online, free site to store and release day for free.

Looking at Amazon they NEED to ship items, not us. If they were not an online retailer there would be no shipping fee, you could go anywhere to avoid that. So "f...

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Game wise BestBuy beats them a lot. Amazon used game prices surged lately for whatever reason so even that slipped. Then top it off with the fact non prime members now have to spend 50 dollars to get free shipping. Also the marketplace is seeing very inflated prices, and then Amazon tops it off with forced shipping fee's, so Ebay becomes a better option.

Elsewhere other places are cheaper for their specialized interest. NewEgg for example beats Amazon all day for compu...

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Dude I've spent so much at BestBuy since getting Gamers Club. I'm usually on the fence then I'm like "oh I get 20 percent off, might as well" haha

I haven't paid more than 45 dollars for a new game, it's so nice. Usually it is around 30-35. When I got MGSV I got the game and the collectors edition strategy guide all for 40.

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BestBuy Gamers Club. Check it out! New games get a 20 percent discount, no matter how long they have been out. (Prime only gives a discount for the first week or pre-orders) Plus most pre-orders give you a 10 dollar voucher, so you could chain things together and only spend like 35 dollars on new games.

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