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Seriously, can't tell if this was translated or what. Amazon also has discounted of discounted games lol #2.1.1
It's a good plan in my books. Right now if you go to GameStop and trade in a game and another person buys that copy, the publishers get ZERO from it.

One thing I'd add is that "used games" can't be sold until say 30 days after launch. That way the publisher can still push new sales.

If you create a system digitally where the publishers squeezes their hand in there, they at least get something.

They need to face facts... #8.2.1
The answer is in the digital stores. Look at "sales" or look up old games and look at the price.

Now go to your retailer and look at the price.

Now factor in that those copies at retail were already paid for, but the stores paid maybe 10 bucks a copy. Those digital sales have a higher percentage going to the publisher (not developer, publisher) and the publisher has more direct control over that price, yet it remains higher, why?

... #8
What makes this funny is that it's true.

"Yeah, I was playing a highly anticipated game"
Boss - ".... really?"

"Yeah I stayed out all night at a sports game"
Boss- "Understandable, what a game eh?!"

(Side note, while I'm cheering for Ducks, what a game. :P ) #2.1
Hey look all these new features... oh wait, they are just adding what they took out. lol

Seriously NHL 15 buyers deserve a discount since they are technically just buying the rest of the game. #5
Honestly if I didn't have Minecraft on my Vita I would have already traded it in for the 20 dollars..... #8
The tease itself is only like 3 seconds lol

The rest is all text. #2.2
Hopefully it's a separate story. AKA PES is still a go, just not with Konami anymore.

Now if we can just get their other franchises into better hands.... #19
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Konami needs to just sell the game division. They obviously want out, so get out. #16
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Really depends. 1 What else do they want to show? I know they have Doom that will have gameplay too, and obviously more. So that will take up time, but Fallout seems to be the big one so it'll probably have the most time.

2 They could show off some of it then go "come to our live stream" or "check out the full gameplay online" after the show... Which is common. #11.2
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I expect Kojima to post a picture of a phone on his Twitter now just to make fun of everyone haha #38
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Power struggle. Kojima has went from a peon intern making crap games, to running their biggest flagship franchise. He was then promoted to lead the company as a whole. He probably had ideas that would take the company in a new direction, while Konami's boss said to stick to casuals.

They fight(business wise), he wins, thus he "hates" Kojima because he doesn't want Kojima running "his" company and Kojima won't stand in line and follow. #1.6.4
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Unless I missed it, no Freedom Wars or Disgaea for Vita.... Was going to buy some games for Vita, but guess ill save my money. #28
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How so? People like this guy make a living by being "loud" about their opinion, and they make it seem like fact. He then gets into fake debates with people on air, and the second they start gaining an edge he cuts them off, then he will continue to talk about his side and why they are wrong until he gets that edge back.

From what I hear this guy has a real hard time even staying on topic half the time and needs a crew to "hold him back." #18.1.1
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Sports "journalists" are terrible. People make fun of game journalists, but sports journalists say the first thing that comes to mind all the time. #18
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I was excited, but it's a regular watch and its not even nice looking. It looks like rubber, like those cheapy ones you have as a kid. It even has "made in China" stamped on the inside of it....

Sony if you want to make nice ones, I'll bite, so get on it. #26
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-Their other business is coin machines. Currently Konami regeared this side of the company to target gambling and casinos, but that is illegal in Japan and Konami is losing the battle to make it legal. So they basically re-geared their company for nothing.

-They said they dropped NYSE stock due to low trading, but it's the most popular market in the world, if people are not buying, then there is a reason. Could it be that over the past 5 years their Japan stock (which th... #3.2.1
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It's good because Konami Digital Entertainment is going belly up. If Konami can't spend enough money to make gambling legal in Japan, Konami as a whole might go belly up.

I don't think Kojima needs to worry IF he wants to keep making games. I think it's pretty clear who it was that kept Konami relevant for so long, so any other studio would welcome him. #3
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Ouch! Still overpriced as hell all these years later. PSP cards were dirt cheap by this time in its life. #4
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Konami as a whole is not in trouble. They still have their rip off machines, but they are reorganizing to that model everywhere.

Expect a lot more free-to-play mobile titles and less AAA titles.

I doubt they license or sell the branch either to be honest. #15
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