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This is typical in interviews. They want to talk about the product, not the problem. It's like that news caster that started asking Downey Jr about his past and Jr walked out. Who's to blame there? The newscaster, it was an interview for the movie, not Downey Jr.

Without actually hearing the question, it's hard to say if you couldn't mention his name at all or maybe they knew he was trying to sneak his way into a question they don't want. I remember talki... #23
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Chris Pratt should take the role before they offer him Indiana Jones. #43
It's something I note about phone developers a lot. They can very easily make some of their games better with memory, but since a new phone releases every 6 months with more memory etc... they don't bother. What happens then is perfectly fine phones get "out dated" and can't run new apps because a developer doesn't know how to manage the memory.

If a better looking game can run on PSP, but not a phone with double the specs, something is wrong. #1.1
The subject of the article flew over your head because you have a negative view on it. The subject is that we see articles all the time state that female audiences are ignored, yet E3 showed otherwise and nobody said a thing. So why not try to highlight the positive? You would instead read another article about how MGS flashed boobs for no reason? I wouldn't, I'd rather be able to fire back at an article like that and say "Well what about all these other games that portrayed fema... #1.2
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It's releasing tomorrow. No online modes at launch though. #7.1
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Didn't Sony state what their part is in it during an IGN or Youtube interview? They said the game is entirely the developers, they are not paying for development or buying rights to it, they are simply helping get it out (aka being a publisher) #8
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You can just tell a lot of these are grinding ones, and getting S-Rank is normally hard as heck for at least a few missions. #2
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I was happy they went back to the original style of keeping it within a park and doing "runs" for points, but the game visually looks like a PS1 title let alone a PS2 title.

It looks clunky, it looks visually like it was meant for smartphones, and it doesn't look fun. Hell half of what they showed off was just copy and paste from the HD release..... #2
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Honestly they need to improve the game and I doubt this will do it. They need a storyline that makes sense, can't believe they don't even have books yet to at least tell me why I care. They need public matchmaking for ALL events, regardless of what they "believe" I don't want to do their job and get my friends to buy the game, then rely on them to be online.

Second they need to make it so it's not a repetitive mess. Honestly I didn't even go far... #9
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If it's 60 I'll wait. If it's 40 then day one! #24
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It's not a feeling, it's Konami telling him he has to. He can't do anything because his hands are tied until this game releases. #7.1
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Geoff Kighley hyped it up so if we are lucky it'll leak on the Doritos site shortly! #6
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I'm confused. Tetris and WoW made it, so what is the question? lol #1.1.1
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Being honest the idea of playing multiplayer (especially 3) on PS4 was the only slight interest I had in this collection at all. #20
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People simply found a new target, EA did nothing new.

NFS has always online.
BFH still has tons of DLC and other problems.
Battlefront is missing basically everything and sounds like a Battlefield skin more and more.
NHL 15 (next gen) was the biggest waste of money ever, and they act like they don't care with NHL 16. "Oh here is the rest of the game, jut pay another 60 dollars"
Speaking of scams, their sports titles are start... #18
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It was then I think the new consoles or something were announced in 2008 and 70k+ people decided to go and that's when E3 started limiting attendance to around 50k.

That convention center is way too small for any bigger crowds. #1.3
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Where is that person that offered me 21 dollars? :P #25
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If Konami were smart they'd bring Yu-gi-oh to Vita in similar fashion as Pokemon on 3DS and partner big time with Sony, but this is Konami we are talking about.... no common sense to be found anywhere at that company. #34
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Seriously, can't tell if this was translated or what. Amazon also has discounted of discounted games lol #2.1.1
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It's a good plan in my books. Right now if you go to GameStop and trade in a game and another person buys that copy, the publishers get ZERO from it.

One thing I'd add is that "used games" can't be sold until say 30 days after launch. That way the publisher can still push new sales.

If you create a system digitally where the publishers squeezes their hand in there, they at least get something.

They need to face facts... #8.2.1
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