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Are you sure it's not the weapon? I shoot for a basket every game and the different weapons do different things. Soldier 76 main shot does almost nothing, while Tracers will rocket it across the room for example.

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This article isn't even an article, it's a random rant....Provide backing at least.
1 The reason people are saying GamesCom isn't because it's an event, it's because Red Dead was supposedly scheduled for E3 and cancelled last minute.
2 You really think Mafia, WWE, and a sports title is bigger for Take Two than Red Dead? Or Rockstar which is probably half of their assets?
I don't think it will be shown at GamesCom, but this reasoning is fla...

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Rockstar has shared the stage with Sony multiple times in recent years.

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This was just damage control by Nintendo. Most actual investors knew this already and were just waiting to sell. Since Nintendo broke this news and made it more apparent, they figured now is the time to jump before smaller investors ran scared.

Nintendo simply said it so when they do their share holders meetings people are not confused.

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Has nothing to do with that at all. It's stock. People buy low, they see movement, so more people jump in. stock hits a high point, the people flipping finally sell. Stock decreases back down to an average point. (If i'm not mistaken, Nintendo stock is still around 10 percent higher than it was before Go)

Happens all the time when new products are introduced. The interesting part is finding where the high point will be, and finding where the fall point will be. You...

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They announced two games. this one for all the "hardcore" fans that will cry about a new sonic, and an actual new sonic that is 3D mixed with old school.

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It's sprouting up again because Hillary Clinton has a spotlight. If she becomes president, get ready to fight it like the 90's all over again.....

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Depends. I overall agree with you, but the Kardashian method is a lot easier on Youtube. Basically take a boatload of cash, throw it at Youtube advertising, and bam you got videos with half a million views. Do it a few times, you get followers, and eventually the channel runs itself. (Kardashians only remained "famous" by advertising themselves since they are rich, eventually the dumb people saw it and began following)

It's very easy to see the Youtubers that...

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1 I don't agree with PewdiePie acting all high and mighty these days, but he's right. For starters he didn't do anything wrong, the guys that advertised their own Counter Strike website did do something wrong. Yet who's name was used? Pewdiepie, and the counter strike people were mentioned in one sentence.....

2 The day of honest journalism is here, it's in smaller gaming sites. These sites no longer get pushed by publishers because their focus shifted ...

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People wonder why gamers never go outside. It sucks, obviously. Ever since Pokemon Go released it's been constant "gamer gets in trouble" or "gamer gets shot" bla bla. Fine, I'll go back to playing games indoors and listening to the news complain that I'm a vegetable.

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Didn't feel like it when I played. Was rather simplistic. Basically just people rolling around and hoping to get shotgun kills.

If people actually utilize cover mechanics and the whole map it would be rather strategic.

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I'll be getting it for SP. Won't bother with online since I'm not a fan of shotgun festivals.

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But what happened to it being the same experience on both, and the only addition is the need for 4k?! Oh that wasn't true this whole time, no wonder people are mad......

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It's the opposite for me. There is a single Pokestop in my neighborhood a mile away. I have shopping centers nearby that don't provide anything. I walked around every block in my neighborhood and Pokemon only pop up in a three locations within walking distance. I have to drive to places to get anything, thus I've run out of pokeballs and have 100 Rattata candies.....

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I'm interested to see the longevity of it. Right now it's hot and popular, I wonder who will stick to it. They will add some cool features by December, including second gen pokemon, so I'm curious if that is enough to keep people returning.

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Not here. It's 120 outside and nobody was out doing anything, this game comes out and parks are suddenly filled with people and random stores are seeing customers. If that translates to other areas that suffer in winter instead then I assume it will be fine.

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I'm sure there will be like 10. First we have to suffer casino machines which Konami will without a doubt expand upon and shove down our throat. Then we will get a fairly decent MGS under a new director, and from there Konami will either milk it to death or make it into "mobile" titles, or even an episodic title..... Either way it will be filled with DLC galore.

I can't wait to see the special editions lmao. "400 dollar you get plastic toy!"

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Niantic is already making partnership to create pokemon go stops at stores, I don't see the problem with that at all. More pokestops for me, doesn't mean I have to buy anything.

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I'm so tired of media outlets blaming the game for stupid behavior. I'm sorry that you don't know how to sell your business to a crowd of people that randomly showed up for a game. I'm sorry that you are such a negative person that people having fun around you disrupts you. Boohoo, no one cares.

As for the actions, come on now. Phone apps have existed for some time. The morons playing the game while driving are the same idiots that text and drive. The idiot...

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AKA don't expect it within 5 years lol

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