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I think not being 60 dollars really helped, now if other games would continue the trend we'd be golden.

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Personally unless it has the whole on the go experience as rumored then I really don't care either. I'll buy a new generation of DS, but not a new WiiU.

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Don't you need external storage for a 3DS?

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If it's two separate games, it's just going to split the player base and there will be hardly any reason to buy the new game...COD4 remaster will outlast the new one.

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These install sizes are getting insane. Even on PS4 they are getting large. I'm surprised Sony and MS haven't stepped in to address it at all. Next thing you know games are sitting at 100GB installs, from disc.....

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@kalebninja Bestbuy, 20 percent discount on ALL new games (not ones just released), 10 dollar voucher for pre orders, discounts on used titles, extra percent for trade ins, other coupons sent throughout the year, all for 30 dollars for 2 years. Want to shop online, free site to store and release day for free.

Looking at Amazon they NEED to ship items, not us. If they were not an online retailer there would be no shipping fee, you could go anywhere to avoid that. So "f...

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Game wise BestBuy beats them a lot. Amazon used game prices surged lately for whatever reason so even that slipped. Then top it off with the fact non prime members now have to spend 50 dollars to get free shipping. Also the marketplace is seeing very inflated prices, and then Amazon tops it off with forced shipping fee's, so Ebay becomes a better option.

Elsewhere other places are cheaper for their specialized interest. NewEgg for example beats Amazon all day for compu...

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Dude I've spent so much at BestBuy since getting Gamers Club. I'm usually on the fence then I'm like "oh I get 20 percent off, might as well" haha

I haven't paid more than 45 dollars for a new game, it's so nice. Usually it is around 30-35. When I got MGSV I got the game and the collectors edition strategy guide all for 40.

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BestBuy Gamers Club. Check it out! New games get a 20 percent discount, no matter how long they have been out. (Prime only gives a discount for the first week or pre-orders) Plus most pre-orders give you a 10 dollar voucher, so you could chain things together and only spend like 35 dollars on new games.

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I was about to subscribe to Prime again too, but after reading that I won't. Absolutely stupid. What happened to Amazon? Did they bring in a bigwig from another retail chain or something? Amazon used to be the best, but now they are shoving prime down our throat and changing into a typical retail experience......

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Spider-Man and X-Men rights extend to 2017, other rights have ended.

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Those rights extend to anything regarding the movie. So a video game based on the movie would be their right to make.

They just can't make a random spider man game.

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The other guns feel entirely pointless to me. I had a guy facing the other way and being me I just use my assault rifle and blast away at him. Next thing I know he is rolling all over the place and I'm reloading, granted I got hit markers galore. Then he finds a way to get around me and just blasts me with a shot gun. It's boring to me. Shotguns in any shooter is always so boring to me. The only other gun worthwhile is the OP sniper, only because you could stand in the open and aim wh...

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All I'll say is that I hope this is treated as a real beta test and changes are implemented. I'm not digging it at all, and it isn't too friendly to new players.

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I have Gamers Club, best purchase ever. I haven't paid for a full price game since I got it.

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They are really shoving Amazon Prime down our throat now, huh?

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All these people leaving ND and Bungie should start a new studio. They could cherry pick a few lionhead employees and whoever leaves Bioware lol

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Then perhaps the PC people should top ruining everything and there would be less crying.

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They are too afraid that someone will find it offensive and cry like a baby about it.....

This new Politically correct world really sucks.

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It hits a bottleneck either way. Either you get the same game with the VR stuff in it and have to buy it all over again. Or you get an update to the PS4 version and they have to create separate lobbies because VR people will have a clear advantage over controller aiming.

Personally the same game with VR added in doesn't make it new and it won't make it worth another $60 dollar purchase.

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