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It'd be a goody thing if publishers were not involved. Give a creative team this power, episodes would be amazing. You could get a much longer game for 60 dollar game.

Get publishers involved and it'd basically be a 3 hour game broken up into 15 parts all costing 25 dollars each, or a season pass for 100 bucks.... #4
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Need For Speed on the Vita is one of the best games it has! That's a steal for anyone wanting to buy it! #12
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Okay 6/10 was pushing it. 4/10? Yeah...uhh.... nope! No way in hell. It failed to meet expectations, it isn't a broken mess.... #4
That's the funny thing. Some of the best games on the shelf we written by a female, a lot were even designed by a female. #5.2
This is just going to be a game that is decent that picks up all kinds of heat. Probably won't be as bad as Destiny haters, but it will get bad. #11
I may start following him, this is a really good review! #10.1.1
A lot better review than GameSpot. Rare that I say that for IGN, but it's true here. #10
I don't entirely understand this complaint. Are you doing the same task? Yeah, and I wish it had more dynamics to it. The sword level was awesome!

That being said, COD is popular and what do you do in that? Capture a zone, kill a person, die, respawn, repeat. Story mode? Sprint a few feet, ambush, sprint a few feet, ambush, sprint a few feet, a tiny bit of story, run from something, slow mo black out scene, sprint, ambush, etc...

Battlefield? Sprint a l... #2.1
I could see specific aspects of this being freaky in a game under the right setting, but I do agree it all smashed together wasn't as frightening as PT.

It was better than a modern day "horror" game and movie, but it wasn't at PT level scary. Probably because I wasn't playing it though. #4.1
Why isn't there a butt load of articles talking about COD content being timed to Xbox, and MS pretending COD is exclusive all the time?

Xbox players still get Halo - check
Xbox players still get Bungies game - check
Xbox players get a fully EXCLUSIVE Insomniac game - check
PlayStation players don't get anything Resistance - Check

And yet the people complaining are Xbox people, why?

Plus hey remember Destiny &q... #7
I don't get it. Why is it that there is always a game every now and then that can't just be average? Instead it has to be destroyed. "This game sucks, no one should buy it, anyone that likes it is stupid!!!" No, people enjoy it, let them enjoy it....

It's never a game that actually sucks either.... #13
If you actually read the review you would understand the tiny excerpt that was used here..... lmao #1.1
A local radio station here said it best. You don't cater to a new audience because that audience isn't your target audience, and it won't work. The ones that have been there and supporting you shouldn't be alienated in hopes to expand, because then you just lose them too. If there are people from that other audience that wants to join in, they will, and they won't mind why it's not targeted at them. And yet there will be things for them too.

They also... #8
What I hate is that there are not standards in Crucible. I got 8k points on a team that totally sucked, next guy in line was about 2k points. I saw the third guy on my team get a level 20 exotic weapon.... I got NOTHING!

I know it's all random, but that was totally a low blow to moral haha #5
Imagine coming home and someone is just playing Doom on your printer. I'd just sit there and watch haha #11
It's like going through a tutorial in any other game, beating that, and going "well this game was too easy..."

You get to level 20 because you get to try out all kinds of different armor's, guns, and different play styles. By level 20 you have that variety and can change the game to play the way you want. It also puts you on a better playing field to keep up with other people. Otherwise you'd have noobs at level 5 playing max rank level 20's within t... #7.1.2
I don't think people understand that level 20 really does change the game. Level 20 is when the real grind comes in, slower leveling, more dynamic drops, etc...

People "beat the story" and got to level 20 and thought "well that was easy." Look at the trophies, less than 5 percent of players have a legendary or exotic item equipped, let alone a full set.... that itself proves these whiners are not really going far in the game. #7
They could just create a fail safe plan, make a WiiU version and if all other ideas fail release that and make this money back in less than a day lol #68
Seriously. It even advertises on the box "winner of 180 awards" or whatever, and those awards are from these same sites.... I saw Destiny at E3 and a few other events, it was pretty much the same build we got here, and they had the final build running at events just before launch. These sites were all still praising it to hell.

Then a few sites turn and give it negative reviews on launch and everyone follows? What? You were just praising this game like mad right aft... #5.2
At the moment, simply equip a shotgun and go around getting easy one shot kills.... lol I just got an exotic shotty that is main weapon slot, mowed down an entire team without even caring.

I'm sure they will eventually tone down the shotty like most games though. #4
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