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Mine has a cap. I can screen grab it stating my cloud drive is full and it can't upload saves.

How do I fix that? #11.1.1
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I don't see why people think the review is being negative. 3.8/5 is not a low score, and it's actually higher than a lot of the reviews on the site. The review itself also praises several aspects of the game, in fact pretty much the whole review is like that. A review is supposed to praise and critique and that's what it did. So how is it negative? #3.1
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Well the actual review at several points states "review in progress" and that the game is getting better as it progresses. Just actually have to read the review and not the summary here. :) #2.2
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Finally, my cloud drive kept filling up and I had no idea why. Now I do. Hopefully this helps. #11
This is a big reason so many people hate the idea of "mobile games" expanding. This formula is tacked on to pretty much everything. Bejewled only has so many moves/tries, NFS has gas restrictions, and pretty much every other game has stupid "energy" to do anything.

At the end of the day you spend 100 dollars on a game we used to play for free on ebaumsworld...... #76
I hope so! This is one of my top 5, probably top 3, franchises from PS3! It could develop so much if they allow it #61
I'm 6-3-2 in regular online. I'm not good, but I don't suck as much as that record states.

It's hard competing with a full NHL rosters using an AHL roster, especially my goalie being so low ranked.

Either way, I will soon have all the trophies for the game except for the stupid HUT ones. #2.1.1
I'm 1-10-1 in HUT simply because I refuse to spend real money on it. I wish HUT was one of the modes stripped from the game this year, but it makes EA to much money..... #2
Honestly feels like the frames are higher than 30 to me. The only time it dropped on me was during a massive battle where we had everyone going at it in one area, and a ton of vehicles were in the area too. Other than that it was actually hard getting used to how clean it was moving in comparison to other titles.

This is a beta, so the frame drop during the battle was expected. #14
Anyone that cares to try it first, the game has been in redbox for a while now if you have a box that offers video games. #10
Sony went there already and nobody bought it. I loved it, but it was never supported. (It was still hard to play some games though because the analog was still just touch) #1.1
I think I'll stick with the PS Anniversary one, I love having the PS2 boot up sound that comes with it :D #27
The Wolfenstein one surprised me too because a lot of the dual choices were similar. I think it's because a certain characters yells at you to do a certain task, so your instinct is to go that way. Plus one of the characters was pretty useless up to that point.

Another one that is odd is Minecraft. it has small percentages for things like the first time you get a shovel or mine. #7
Honestly with how much trouble Vita has been having I'm shocked these things are still so overpriced. Sony finally learned to stop building their own OS with their new TV's, maybe they will learn to stop inflating prices for things like this too..... #5
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Doesn't say if this is a revenue or profit number. If they are only making 50 million revenue then that isn't much at all considering most of that probably pays for servers and licenses to give out free games.

If this is all they are getting then it's probably simply paying the bills for them. Servers mostly. Which allows them to rake in money from other sources. #43
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Funny thing is here in the US I was buying a bunch of stuff as props for a film a while ago, when I was like 17.

I had everything like fake airsoft guns, a gun holster, knives etc... I get to the cashier not thinking a thing about it since I didn't have real guns. The cashier got an alert, then a manager came, then they were checking my ID's and questioning me why I was buying it, then they go "well you can't buy some of this stuff."

T... #2.1.1
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Uh oh, card board boxes will be banned now and the news will say MGS is the devil because it teaches you how to use a cardboard box..... #2
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Hate when a "new game" is announced and it's just phone stuff.... I want another Hot Pursuit(with it's arcade feel), Underground, or Carbon.... #9
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I will say this happened to me once. On PS3 they(dunno who it was) bought a few games and some random DLC, all linked to my account. I called Sony, they basically said too bad. So I said "fine I'm reporting it to my bank" and they noted that my entire account will be banned if I did that, simply due to terms. Lucky me it wasn't my main account, so I did it anyways. Got a new card, and the PSN account was closed.

Thus I don't save my card on there anymor... #54
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That sucks, I always find brand new games there for 10 bucks haha

I Got Mass Effect 3 for 9 dollars two weeks after it came out :P #39
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