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Press didn't get gameplay either. They got a 5 minute trailer of pre-played content.

Being honest I think they are afraid of it being too similar and are covering it up as much as possible. Now people are catching on so they need to figure out how to fix it. #2.4
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Honest question, why do you say that? Especially since Rock Band hasn't even been shown off.

(Personally) I find the "live" feed extremely cheesy. Reminds me of back in the Sega days when they didn't have the technical skill to actually do things so they just threw "live" video in it lol #2.1
If one of these morons actually win a battle like this you know very well I'm going through every single game until I find a character that "looks like me" to get free money. lol #13
Good hopefully that means Battlefields sniper BS and intense spawn camping won't be in it. #7
Quick, go make a bunch of shirts and random stuff before Sony can sue you for it haha #21
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Not alone, it has happened to me before too. That's why I only use gift cards and don't save my information anymore. #31.1.2
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So sad, a moron takes another one out. Drunk and a hit and run, what a coward.... Stuff like this should get people sent directly to the electric chair, no court.

RIP Mike Ey #51
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Please be June 2015! That's all I hope. If it's not a release date then I'm sending a rotten fish to Kojima named "trollthis!" :P #13
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I'd buy another 4 just to make them keep it on Vita! #4.1
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That sounds awesome!

I remember a game back on PS1 or PS2, think it was like an old Rainbow Six or something. You had the squad, and if they got hurt you could let them sit out the next mission, otherwise they'd limp and be slow. They could even die, and if they did they'd be gone from your lineup. #4
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Spoiler -

The scene after the credits show him still in the same location. Tesla tells him to leave because the knights put in Martial Law and he says "no, I think I'll stay." #5.1
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After playing it, I could see why not a lot of publishers wanted to back it and it wasn't due to the main character. Personally loved Remember Me, but even that had flaws in final release so they learned nothing.

Do they not see that Lara Croft, a female lead, is one of the most iconic characters there are? #5
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I would have been mad if I was an "MVP" and wasted money on a trip there just for this. I'd hope they informed me first or something because these "stars" are not even that great. I could jump online and call myself Shawn White and you'd have the same experience lol

Wasn't too hyped up to begin with so I don't really care. #10
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Did anyone else giggle when he tried to throw a grenade through the little bush, and instead it reflected back into his face haha #4
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People were upset with this months ago when we found out it was censoring this bad.... lol

Sorry, but Kotaku is acting like pure hypocrites right now. Do I think the censorship is stupid? Yes, but if it didn't have it Kotaku would just run a story about how the game is inappropriate for other reasons and should be censored or not released yatta yatta .... #5
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No big deal really. It's not like they sold off Naughty Dog, and the good news is that they sold them and didn't just shut them down like Zipper. That means the few people that enjoyed SOE games get to keep gaming, and all those people keep jobs, which is always a good thing.

The sale had to be a huge amount of money since Sony gave away rights to all the games and the license for DC Universe, that's a big deal.

I think it's funny how some p... #23
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I know it's "Cool" to hate COD, but I bet Battlefield was there in some regard.... And all these complaints could easily translate to that too. #31
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Mine has a cap. I can screen grab it stating my cloud drive is full and it can't upload saves.

How do I fix that? #11.1.1
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I don't see why people think the review is being negative. 3.8/5 is not a low score, and it's actually higher than a lot of the reviews on the site. The review itself also praises several aspects of the game, in fact pretty much the whole review is like that. A review is supposed to praise and critique and that's what it did. So how is it negative? #3.1
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Well the actual review at several points states "review in progress" and that the game is getting better as it progresses. Just actually have to read the review and not the summary here. :) #2.2
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