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If it's anything like the final game it will be fantastic, but really all they did was rip off PT. (Considering PT is just Konami now I couldn't care less) I want to see how it translates to the full game. The final jump scare was rather lame and there wasn't anything really hinting towards being RE overall.

However it reminded me of the mansions and linear corridors in the early games. That's fantastic! I just want to see action blended in to really judge...

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They had a variety of games, but nothing really that blew my socks off. I can't wait to buy the games for Xbox One, but a lot of their tech stuff was out of my price range. I'm not buying a slim Xbox and couldn't care less about Scorpio. Designing my own controller is rather neat, but it's nothing to really talk about.

A lot of their games were already known from last year and I'm not a Forza fan so I couldn't care less about basically their 1 new g...

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The core issue is with the bundle sites. They need to track the keys. If they did that, when a card is fraud and the key is listed as "stolen" they can deactivate it. This in turn would cause issues for G2A when customers complain their keys are not working.

However getting mad because people took a bundle deal and flipped it is absurd. You made the deal with the bundle site, you not making money off those specific codes is your own fault.

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Being honest, I don't even know why there is a touchpad on my controller. I never use it.
The most use it has had is being divided up into two buttons by pressing left or right sides of it.

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Activision is trying to be like "look Marvel, we really do care! We won't make crappy games with your licenses anymore, we promise!"

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The only thing I find stupid is the fact her put headphones on before sneaking into the facility. Like really? And it was crap music to boot.

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They already addressed the mutliplayer issue. People from "other networks" have a special icon by them, if you want to only play with people on Xbox Live (Via Xbox only) you can switch the setting to only allow that.

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3DS vs Vita is a good comparison. Nintendo doesn't get third party support, so what do they do? They make their own games! Sony threw out a bunch of tech demos and half arsed attempts, then let Vita die. Good quality games like Killzone or Gravity Rush sold fine, but crap like Resistance didn't.... It wasn't Vita's fault, it was the half arsed crap.

It was also filled with failed promises. Like COD. We expected the same game, take it on the road with less v...

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It's funny because when they were ahead with 360 that's all that mattered. Then PS3 started passing them, and now PS4 is dominating them, and suddenly it doesn't matter.....haha

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As a PS4 gamer, I think I counted 4 actual exclusives? 2 of which were remasters.

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It depends on the time of day. One year Killzone was in the theater area and all morning they had empty space, then by afternoon you couldn't get in line because it was too long.

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I agree because that seems to be Microsoft's plans. The whole program of games on both Xbox and Windows proves it. They know that if they kill the console market, they win with PC.

Sony can't let that happen so it will be interesting to see where they go. (They already said Neo won't have exclusives, but still.)

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This is the whole problem with the "new" consoles. They can say nobody gets left behind all they want, truth is they will slowly push you to them no matter what. MS is just bad at hiding the truth, but Sony will be doing it too. Yay the game is on both versions, but those with the old consoles will get some crap fest with poor visual range while the new consoles get a whole different experience.

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Basically the only real game on that list is normal price, 60 bucks. The others are tech demos and are cheaper.

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These comments arise every time COD is shown. "This is the first game since (insert random COD title) I don't buy." Game goes on and sells millions.

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The entire single player is normally exactly how they show it off....
BO3 had jumping and sci fi, we got that
Ghosts was slower, more CQ style, we got that
Advance Warfare had massive scale battles, we got that.

If you liked what you saw then you like the game, even if it says COD after it..... People are just "too cool" to admit it.

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This is why it's so annoying. I was telling people before the title its COD and they were going "Yeah right, this looks awesome!!!" Then the title and "OMG, COD is so garbage....." really?

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Just went to BestBuy in store to get mine. Wal-mart price matches so you can just do that if it isn't on sale.

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Not hard to check online. Amazon, Bestbuy, Gamestop all have it at 40 dollars. I just got it at Bestbuy

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One problem with this theory. The new units will be sold alongside the existing units at an increased price. Sony is continuing production of both units, so unless they are remodeling the current units as well then they will still be producing the old processors.

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