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I will say this happened to me once. On PS3 they(dunno who it was) bought a few games and some random DLC, all linked to my account. I called Sony, they basically said too bad. So I said "fine I'm reporting it to my bank" and they noted that my entire account will be banned if I did that, simply due to terms. Lucky me it wasn't my main account, so I did it anyways. Got a new card, and the PSN account was closed.

Thus I don't save my card on there anymor... #54
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That sucks, I always find brand new games there for 10 bucks haha

I Got Mass Effect 3 for 9 dollars two weeks after it came out :P #39
There are paid alternatives that the publishers of every industry destroy too. Netflix used to have a massive library until studios started getting mad about how much money Netflix made and not them. Redbox offered new games for a dollar, and Redbox paid the studios for it, then Redbox got blamed for "lack of sales" and the studios stopped that.

Game publishers are no different. They whine and cry about "lack of sales" when it's them releasing half br... #22
To be honest, as internet users, you have to admit you have wanted to tell some trolls the same thing.... I'm sure plenty of devs do, but out of PR reasons they don't.

Does the game look amazing? No, but will I say it sucks without first trying it? No. #13
Free games wise, PS Plus pays for itself. If you pay for a year eventually you will get at least one game you enjoy, which in the end pays for itself. #7
I'm not saying that, I personally just lost my job and have been looking for work, but I'm also not standing in line at the Apple store to buy the next iPhone.

There are people that make a living off ripping people off like this. Their sole purpose is to stand in line for something hot, or some sale like Black Friday, just so they can go sell it for triple the price. #13.1.1
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Yeah, this is why stuff like this should just be invite only to select customers. Even games or sales at stores. Otherwise redneck central see's it and since they don't have jobs they can sit there all day and night to get it just to flip it on Ebay..... #13
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To be honest when a mobile game beat out Smash Bros for mobile game of the year I lost interest in the core award part of it. Then my interest slightly came back, and another commercial win.... It's just like any other awards show, whoever pays for the advertising gets the trophy.

At that point I was just waiting for new trailers and didn't care about who won at all.

Overall though, it COULD grow into something good. It was 100 percent gaming, which... #7
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"We fight for the people that deserve better!"

*Never attacks politicians, government secrets, or anything worth hacking and constantly takes down services made for the people, while stealing and selling their information.*

For the people. #95
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Holy of all things Batman! That was insane!! #16
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Seems to be more confirmed for this event than the gamer awards lol #6
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Got mine on launch, hope I get both :P #36
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As a Vita user I feel bad for wiiU. This has almost nothing to do with WiiU at all. It has to deal with ubisoft entirely. Priced too high, released too late, offered nothing special, etc and yet Wiiu will pick up the blame. Just like all the crappy third party games Vita gets, then the publishers blame the Vita for nobody wanting that crap.... #24
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The one here is pretty funny, "Play PS4 on your roof" #7
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You seriously took the words right out of my head! #1.3
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I'm curious if this has to do with Shareplay? If it was seriously not working, other games would have issues too (beyond DriveClub too) and they would know.

I think they just forgot to block Shareplay, and we will get a slight "update" to the game to block that and it will work fine..... #27
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I honestly thought Knack would at least be included by now, but nothing. Can't really blame lack of retail or that ps4 is only a year old.... look how fast Uncharted (the best game for Vita at the time) hit PS Plus.

It'd be one thing to offer one of these games and keep them (like they did for Vita) its another thing to expect everyone to be content with side scrolling indie titles.... and when it isn't side scrolling, it's top down arcade titles.... #9.2
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It's a different story. PS3 went through a period of constant back end updates that really added nothing to the experience. THAT was annoying. Wake up, attempt to play a game before work, nope.... gotta update....

With core features being added people were ALWAYS excited for the update. When they added trophies people stayed up all night waiting for the update to hit. #6
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Does anyone know how to get the PS4 to not say "please press the PS Button" when turning it on via Vita?

It's kind of hard to do that when I'm not home... or someone else is using the TV, thus the whole reason I'm attempting to use my Vita lol

if the PS4 is already one it works fine, it's just when I turn the Ps4 on with my Vita. #12
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I think you replied to the wrong person :P

I was referencing the demo of Driveclub being free for Plus members at some point. Heck the delay for that alone should tell people something is wrong. #25.1.1
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