Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Wow. Where did this come from lol

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Reminds me of Crysis 3 multiplayer for some reason. The sounds of the guns reminds me of Crysis 3 also.

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Interesting. I would like to play 3rd person and then jump to 1st person when I go to aim down sight.

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Cheaper than the digital version was last month ($25.00)

I know it's only $5 but I probably would have bought the digital version if it were this price. I did go ahead and buy the pass for $6.25 even though I didn't have the game. Gotta be prepared lol.

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I agree. I could see myself going back after I have finished it and playing multiple playthroughs. I wish there was a difficulty setting though.

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My Kinect broke!!!!! (Microsoft is fixing it for free) Now I can't say "xbox record that" when I do something awesome in this game!!!

I have encountered 2 bugs in the game. One where I fell when I was fighting Fizzie, and I got in a continuous "portal" respawn loop. I had to end the mission and start it over. Another was when I was fighting the "Norton dragon". In all the franticness I somehow ended up inside it's body. It was weird....

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The Fizzie battle was epic!!

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white ps4

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White ps4? Nice

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....... That's kind of why he said NPD.

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My only complaint is the profanity filter. I wish it was actual different dialogue instead of the beeps. For example, instead of "What a beep (F***) up" I would rather have them say "What a screw up".

I hated answering questions everytime my son asked why is that beep there.

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Medium settings?

I think I would've preferred 900p and higher settings. Gotta have that 1080p on the box though.

Edit: it still looks good though. Not gonna pre-order it. I will wait and see what I'm gonna buy it for about 2 weeks after launch.

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Title should be.......

DLC totally screws over gamers!!!

Remember when you had to put in codes to unlock costumes and hidden characters? Or beat the game to unlock other levels?

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You too huh?

edit: The Super Samurai game for the Kinect was okay, the controls sucked though, especially for little kids. It couldn't really read your movements properly.

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Thanks. I was thinking about getting a set for my sons for Xmas. Not sure if they will be interested or not but it's worth a shot. I only let them play certain games, on the weekend, so this seems interesting.

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34 million!!!!!!!!!!

How in the world.

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Can anyone who plays any of the Skylander games give me some insight on what they are about?

I keep seeing these huge boxes in the stores but haven't budged yet as I already think Disney and Nickelodeon are warping kids minds enough. What are the games about? Do you scan the action figures into the games?

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Great. I'm happy for you. Doesn't change what happened to me. A web browser is just a web browser and I'm happy with what I use now.

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why is everything a troll attempt with you people just because it doesn't agree with your personal stance?

When Chrome first came out I installed it. I used it for about 2 days. On the second day, I SAT THERE AND WATCHED POPUPS GALORE COME UP ON MY PC!!! I'm pretty good with PC's. I somehow got highjack malware. I took my drive out. Scanned it with my gaming pc. Removed all entries. Then once I was able to get my pc started, I uninstalled Chrome and scanned...

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