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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


............ Why did you have to take it to the console war. My remark was nothing about being the more powerful console it was about the camera being needed for this or not.

PS4 + Camera + VR headset or
PS4 + VR headset + if the game dev requires (camera) #7.1.1
Soooooooooo, I'm guessing no Camera no head tracking? Or no Camera, no VR?

If it's no Camera no VR tracking, then those claims about it included originally might hold some weight.

This is an edit for MasterCornholio: This question has to do with price and purchase options. Not the console war. Not being the most powerful, or the weakest console. This is a serious PURCHASING QUESTION. #7
I seriously might jump on it. My brother gets a 10% discount which would put this deal at just over 400.00. I paid 300 for my ps4. I'm sure it comes with a download code which I could sell as I don't plan on playing titan fall, which would put this under 400.00

Sounds like some win to me.......... until the price drops again, lol #7
Are the controls still ........... funny? I remember going back to play the original and the controls were like WTF??? It was just weird. I have a PS4 but, like I said before, will be buying this game when the price drops. #4
I didn't know Apple made a console, since I stated "consoles" in post. I understand what you mean and I should've been more specific in my post instead of a generality.

Ouya had no major marketing, no one knows the company, and their games can be played on mobile phones. Everyone has a mobile phone, that I'm sure cost more than the Ouya itself, so there was no need to buy that product. Not to mention you can play those Ouya games on your PC/TV anywa... #15.2.1
It's all about the price. Get the consoles to a good price, people will buy. #15
I seriously can not wait for this game. I remember seeing the trailer for it so long ago. Looks like a great story and game. #4
It will be turned into a negative shor........ nevermind. Look a few posts above you. #6.1
Global Agenda? Tribes Ascend? SWTOR? APB Reloaded (lol, good fun)? #1.2
Sony is gonna sell more consoles. That is a fact. No way around that, I don't care who you are or what you believe in. But the XBone will be more profitable for Microsoft than the Xbox 360 and probably sell more consoles.

They are not dead. #1.2.1
That is what I was thinking. Anything over $1 for a one day rental is too much IMHO. I'll download it and probably forget to play. #19.1
My favorite game currently is Radiant Defense. Just can't get enough. Have it on my W8 tablet and Windows phone. #10
Wall street, bankers, politicians, and insurance ceo's are the real criminals.

Oh yeah, and murderers. #1.1
"another bad news"....... #4

.......... You are one of those that are so quick to post what you think is a "witty response" that you missed the entire meaning of the post you are responding to. Read my post again, and then explain to me where a "budget" has anything to do with what I posted.

I've been paying bills since I was 16 (helping my mom). Got through college, UF, by paying bills. Of course you knew that already though because you are so... #5.1.3
I understand that. But most of the people on the internet arguing are "grown @$$ men".

They talk about how they go out and buy a 400.00 or 500.00 console day one. How they buy every game, especially exclusives DAY ONE. They brag about their high end PC's or how they have a 10k television (exaggerating) and how they expect every game to be at that resolution or it sucks.

You mean to tell me these same people can't afford to skip a few games... #5.1.1
Why do people feel as if they always have to "switch" or choose a side. Why not just enjoy the games on both, or all 3? #5
Graphics and Resolution are two different things. Yes, resolution can be considered apart of the graphical landscape, but they are different aspects all the same. #3.2
OMG ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #8
What? #5.1
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