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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


scalebound looks good. Next year is looking solid for the XBone #9
I will be purchasing it. Glad their conference wasn't filled with shooters. I give it an 85. Crackdown looks awesome. #11
............. That is a lot of f'n maps #14
looks pretty good.

sidenote: All of these online coop games though. Can I get some great single player offline games from the devs. #12
It looks pretty good TBH. I'm probably gonna purchase it. I haven't purchased one since black ops. #12
LOL. I'm at work so my 920 will suffice. I can hide it quickly if necessary lol. #3.1.1
Love me some Kirby and Mario Galaxy last gen #10
Cant wait. I'm watching it on Lumia. #3
LOL. People act as if these types of people don't exist in real life. They do. That's why they are in video games. #5
Why is this site down so much?

OT: As it pertains to gaming, since the internet nearly sucked the fun out of gaming last gen with their negativity, I don't even look at reviews anymore.

Trolls are trolls. I think in all my years of being on N4G I have only ever down voted 1-2 comments because they were that stupid. #2
If thy remade FFVIII I would buy it before day one!!! #3.3
Cant wait. If Microsoft can do to the XBone what they did in the first few years of the 360 which was provide many MANY different styles of games that were fun to play, this will be a great gen for them. They just have to keep it up.

Not every game has to have 50-100 million dollar budgets to be great, or to be successful. Lets get another Kameo going. How about a nice Perfect Dark. Of course Crackdown. Crimson Skies. MechAssault (Titan Fall I guess?). #7
I would actually love a new podracing game. Especially if they add customization. I still have my n64 copy #5
You guys that have crapped over people paying for gold to play multiplayer then went and bought a ps4 only to realize you have to now pay for multiplayer must feel like crap? #8.1
Didn't take it as a bad thing. I knew about ps plus but I just got an Xbone and tried it out before I had one when the games first released last week. I got the xbone going and downloaded the games instantly.

I figured they (Microsoft) could use some good news. #4.1.1
For those of you who have an xbox 360 and xbox live but do not have an XBone yet.......

You can go to and purchase these items now (for free) under the games with gold tab so that when you get an XBone they will be available to download for free. As long as you keep your Xbox live subscription. Just letting you know in case you didn't already #4
People keep saying that, but you both (xbox/playstation) dished it out equally. You both looked for minute differences to claim some type of emotional victory for your consoles.

One thing you did get right though, it was years of nonsense. No grass, Xbox wins!!!! 2fPS better, playstation wins!!!! In the corner if you stop moving and pause at the 6:32 mark, you can see that a crate is missing from the ps3 version, xbox wins!!!!!!!!!!! The shadows look crispier, playstatio... #8.1.1
A PS4 version of Halo 5 will not make me like it even more than the XBone version. They are both still limited by the laptop hardware. That's why I say just focus on a game being good or bad for these consoles. That should be the argument. We shouldn't be arguing about who has the better resolution. Frame rate comes into play if a game is just unplayable because it drops under 30. I can see debating over that.

If anyone thinks that devs do not have to cut thin... #12
Meh, I get none of the profits from sales. I just game to have a nice relaxing time. #3
1 more day and people can destroy the internet. #6
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