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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


...... So securing games for your games console now means they have too many games?

Why does it matter who (1st/3rd party) makes the game? Someone has to get paid regardless. Would it make you feel better if instead of paying for development, they just bought the studios? It's still spending money. #5.1
I agree. For the ps3/360 gen with 512mb they did a great job. #3.1
I honestly think I have gotten too used to playing on PC because these ps3/360 games have been looking stuttery to me for the past 2 years now.

Granted I still play on the platforms, its just finally started to get on my nerves, lol. #1
? #1
It's free next month on Xbox Gold. #4
Mob wives lawsuit? People sue for everything these days. #1
nevermind then. I already have 1 and 2 for pc and 1-3 for xbox 360. #6.1.1
WTF #7.1
No. Please no. #10
Does the PC trilogy come with all the DLC, atleast from part 2? #6
Yeah, back in 1999-2000 I worked at KB toys while in school. We got all this old stuff in. 32x, Atari Jaguar, Sega CD, Virtual Boy. I bought everything I could lol.

I love Joe Montana football, now, not so much. #11.1.1
I still have this game. #11
I thoroughly enjoyed Godzilla soooooooo much more than Amazing Spiderman 2. Godzilla was a great movie. #4
They should add some Road Rash elements to it. #7.2
So are they saying PC will be stuck at 30fps? #4
I need a new pc pad but I'm thinking about getting an XBone pad for that when the drivers are available. #10
Are you my lost sibling? #3.1
I preached all last gen the differences didn't matter. Get it where you had the most fun. I'm preaching the same this gen. The differences aren't "mind blowing" as some of you put it.

Last gen, other than a few broken games, I'm sure the ps3 only crowd had fun playing their games regardless of how they looked (even though everything looked the same to me). other than resolution differences, I'm sure the XBone only crowd will have fun with t... #4
because it doesnt get hits #4.1
disregard #5.1
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