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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


LOL. Thank you for that. #9.1.1

This is worse than Epics "High End" game, lol.

LOL, the descriptions used for these upcoming games is hilarious. #12
Yeah, I did sense some Mass Effect also.

I agree with your post. #3.3.1
Your Avatar scared me #1.1
OMG, soooooo much Halo in this video. Even the way the enemy drops from the ship all together.

Not saying its bad, because I love Halo. I'm just wondering how people who don't like Halo will like this game. #3
Its an MMO. The game takes time to grow and become interesting. #5
I want to use the camera to make my Avatar look like me.


nevertheless, I thought it was a great option in Rainbow Six earlier this gen. It probably won't happen but hey. #2
Damn dude, it's not that serious. Microsoft has been talking games before and since release. They dedicated some time to their TV stuff today, which is the reason you're reading about it.

Every blog has to get their info out and sometimes its the same stuff just worded differently.

It's not that "disappointing". #2.1.1
This summer? Wow, that was quick. #1
You can get this version now for PC. Minus the controller support.

Edit: For 30-40 with all DLC from all games. Then I might consider it. Even then its a stretch. #4
Wow, someone agreed with me.

WTF DragonKnight agrees!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the end of the world. #5
I hope its more of an RPG #9
Until you became a specter........... part 1 was kind of boring. Although the first mission made things exciting.

After becoming a specter it was like a brand new game. It was my favorite series last gen. I even have the games for pc. Mass Effect 3 was so far away from the first RPG game that it was sad. But I don't know about buying it for ps4/Xbone. It just seems too soon. They probably need to wait one more generation to do something like this, and even then it... #4.1.1
touche' #1.1.1
#3, #5, #12 with the art.

Good job #1
If there was no Xbone....... The PS4 would have shipped with 4gb ddr5, which is irrelevant I guess because it still would've beaten Wii-U #4
I miss

I remember having a subscription to official Xbox magazine in ps2 era. Those demo discs were great. #10
They made too many. End of story. No concern. If they just put out all Day one Editions they would be sold out by now. If they didn't make any, there wouldn't even be a story period. #6

nevermind. I read the title wrong. Either way its stupid. #9
I have never had a problem with the ads. I have actually played some good games because of some of the game ads. The other ads I just never click on.

Now I did get into the Doritos Crash course games because of the ads. My kids and I love playing those games. #4.1
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