Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Rivals wasn't that bad, it just wasn't Underground. They need to bring that back with all the customization.

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How did I not see that!!!!!

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Man, it took forever for Battlefield 3 to get here, now we are on 5 so soon. Just seems as if things are getting rushed.

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I'm f'n stuck on Halo C.E. Truth and Reconciliation. 2 hunters and all I have is one health bar left with no weapons around. Been trying to beat them in the back for 2 days lol.

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..... because they made it.

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Good for them. Doesn't hurt/help my pockets.

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Well damn!!!!!! Thanks.

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I hope it's more than the one level we've been seeing, although I doubt it. Can't wait either way.

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So Classy.

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When they first showed the game (trailer), I thought that is what the game was gonna be about. Open area coop against "whatever" enemy type. It was kind of deceiving lol.

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The games spoke Volumes.

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So sex choices shows that gaming is growing up?

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Game Sharing works great. I do it with my nephew. We split the games 50/50 if we want to buy them. $30 is not a bad price for a new game.

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Is it really just matchmaking? I haven't attempted to get online as of yet as I'm more of a single player guy. Always have been and probably always will be. The way the internet was blowing up I thought it was you couldn't get online at all and the game was crashing.

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I understand your point, but you went about it the wrong way. If this were a debate, you would get creamed.

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I am nowhere close to the par times for Halo C.E.

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@ SoapShoes

Good for you that you didn't take it negative.... but you're contradicting yourself with the rest of your statement. It doesn't suck to be me (or you) I can assure you that. PS4 is a great system, just nothing stood out in the first year. Knack was fun and different. Can't wait for Uncharted 4 and what Insomniac can/will do with the hardware.

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It wasn't negative, or positive for that matter. People choose to take it negative because they are too emotionally involved.

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...... I have never seen so many broke internet analysts in my life. You guys/gals should team up and start a company. You obviously know so much about business and how these companies should run.

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Other than multiplats, and Resogun, nothing really stood out on PS4 for me this year.

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