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I've pretty given up on buying online games when they are more then 15.00. I just don't play online multiplayer that much. I bought the Halo 4 top edition, whatever that was, and you know how many hours I have spent in multiplayer......... maybe 2. I have battlefield 4 through E.A. access, maybe 2 hours of multiplayer. I should note that I prefer mouse and keyboard when playing battlefield.

It's the main reason I can't wait for Halo MCC. Everyone is goi...

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That silver ps4 and the COD Xbox one are ugly to me.

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Who give a you know what? I swear people look for the smallest things.

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It's 399 right now.

If there are any left and you wait until NOV. 2 it will be 349

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What if the resolution was the same and you had better textures, aa, and lighting?

Would you still feel shafted? More goes into a game than resolution, I think that is what most people are trying to say.

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when you saw Infamous, did you think, Jet Set Radio?

Infamous did not invent that style of play or genre, I guess it made it more known.

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Man I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow morning. I would stay up and play at midnight. Oh well. I'll just play for about an hour tomorrow night and get my fix.

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I didn't go for this deal, I don't like the colors.

I do agree that they should give you a 50.00 credit or something. Has it been more than 30 days? Worse case scenario, get your money back and just order again lol.

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Wow, if the term "over your head" never had any meaning it does now.

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man that is a good deal. Congrats to those who waited it out for this one.

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Back to my point so many many months ago.

Make a great game.

Release it.

Don't say anything about specs/resolution/frame rate etc

Let the people decide if they like it or not

3 months later let DF do their analysis and let the people who really just really have to know these things know what the res/framerate were.

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You want something that is gonna kill your arms...

Fruit Ninja Kinect
Kung Fu High Impact

It's like f'n tae-bo, crossfit, MMA, UFC all rolled into a gaming session lol. You will feel it the next day.

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Meh. I like to build my own for studio and another for gaming. It might help the basic windows users though. Less clutter to carry around.

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Ok. I'll agree with you. You backed it up with facts.

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Of course they are gonna play games on it Cornholi, it's a gaming platform.

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Don't think so. Even their exclusives won't do it. It's all about perception and they are perceived as being the weakest console.

Majority of gamers (kids) don't care about games anymore. It's all about what is "the best". What is considered cool. My own brother told me he will not touch the Xbox One because it isn't as powerful as the PS4....... note that he has always been a playstation guy though.

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The majority of ps3 updates did nothing noticeable and too F'N AGES TO DOWNLOAD!!! That was the major complaint. The updates thus far for the Xbox One are done when I turn on my console. You will have no idea there was an update to it if the internet didn't tell you.

That is the difference. I hope this ps4 update goes well (since we're paying now) or it's gonna be more of the same.

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You're not going to see apologist spin. Features, specs only matter if the competitor doesn't have them or can't do them. That goes for both sides of the coin.

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Swerve, lol.

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Are we talking PS4 or Sony as a whole (ps3, ps4, vita). If we're just talking PS4 then I haven't been excited to play a game on my ps4 since Resogun (exclusive wise).

edit: Ok. As you said. Personal preferences.

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