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It's a well known fact that polygon count increases with each generation. #2.4
Yes they have. Sony can do no wrong, and when they do, it was for us because they love us.

EA was wrong (Sim City DRM, online passes)but they can implement changes (got rid of online passes, showed a great looking Battlefield 4) and all is well.

Ubisoft was wrong (Splinter Cell and Assassins creed DRM) but they can implement changes and show great games (Watch dogs, the division and the crew which are online only by the way) and all is forgiven.
I actually thought, for a sec atleast, that we were finally done with these articles.

It seems as if I was wrong. #25
You obviously didn't read because I didn't "think" anything. I stated my opinions on a certain practice and the things I would like about the approach and the things I dont like.

I said nothing about what I thought they would do at all. #7.1.1
You mean hello bubbles. #10.1.1
I dont mind the system as long as prices reflect it. It's one of the reasons I like steam. I didn't like the checkin every 24 hours approach with the XBone.

I understand Microsoft and Sony have to have a relationship with retail, but that didn't stop the video industry from moving forward. You either change with the times or get left behind EX: Blockbuster Video.

Even retail purchased PC games have DRM. They are physical copies are they not?... #7
Meh, I would rather go over to and build me a monster. #3
I can agree with you on this. #1.4
I liked the game. I just cant stay focused enough to live in multiplayer. I think Battlefield 3 was the longest I have played one game steadily, multiplayer wise. That still was a short time. #8
Great Game. #2
Deal with your government, not Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. If you want change go out and make a change. Dont sit there and hope someone makes it for you. #5.5.1
If only everyone took that approach to articles. Especially articles on consoles they have no intention on purchasing. Unfortunately the world doesn't work like that. #1.2.1
You can listen to music while you do other things. And people do say they are walking away from television. I haven't been a television watcher in a while now. Its just boring. I have gotten rid of my cable. I do have Netflix and watch it when I'm in the mood for something. #5.3
I hate NPD and sales figures on N4g because the people that comment have no stock whatsoever. It's just for fanboy wars.

Console X sold 10,999 for the month.
Console Y sold 11,000 for the month. WE KICKED YOUR ARSES!!

LOL WUT!! #7
That's what I've been thinking. Most of what people bitch about they barely or never f'n used. Isn't that the same logic people used when Sony took away the Other O.S. feature....... "who cares only a small amount of people used it"?

I have never imported a game and probably never will. I'm sure out of the 70+ million ps3's sold, maybe MAYBE 10000 imported games. And that's on the liberal side. #5.2
........... Why not just one N4g Submission?

Is this gonna be the Cerny thing all over again? #1
I've been bored for years. The only series that caught my attention this gen was Mass Effect. I haven't even finished 3 even though I put hundreds of hours in both part 1 and 2.

My personal opinion is that the internet is sucking the fun out of gaming. During the ps2 and Xbox era I played so many great games. I had both magazines that came with demo discs. I bought so many games based off of the demos and not trolls on online forums (they weren't that popular... #6
He is not a great speaker and can't think on his toes very well. That is his tragic flaw. #6
The new DRM will be online only gaming requiring codes (online passes). Free to play games where you spend more money with micro transactions and boosters. We are slowly getting there. If Sony really doesn't care about DRM then they wouldn't file patents for them. Dont give me that, people file patents all the time bullcrap. You dont file patents for something you aren't planning on using or building or see a future in.

I, for one, am glad the DRM in the XBon... #12
...and it was 30 FPS.

?????? So was/is Killzone. What is your point. #8.6.1
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