Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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I think you're insulting chimpanzees.

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I called it yesterday and I'm sad that it happened. I was really hoping that it wouldn't.

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I think Vizio makes great soundbar systems with the 2 rear satellites. 1 large soundbar that does LCR, 2 rear satellites, and 1 subwoofer. Can't beat that for 5.1

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I think you missed the entire point of what he/she was trying to say.

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........ Sony did it last gen early and they survived.

As a business you have to do what you have to do and ignore N4G analyst.

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Yeah, I've stated many times I'm not into multiplayer like that. I have my times, but that is far and few in between. I might give it a try when it's dirt cheap otherwise it would be a waste of my money.

I know I've harped on these things before, but they need to make a Mass Effect trilogy with all DLC definitive edition so I can play it again right before Mass Effect 4. Single player goodness.

I just hope they turn Mass Effect 4 into the...

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Both consoles could have been more powerful. Should they have been? I didn't price out the parts to them and I don't run either corporation so I can't say.

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I hate how twitter is now a news agency in itself.

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Probably would've scored .5 higher because it would have been 1080p :)

But then, it probably would've scored 2 points lower because the online servers wouldn't have worked :)

Both jokes by the way

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edit: nevermind, I'm think of Shadow of Mordor

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................... Holy F***

Did you guys see how much was going on in that multiplayer. Explosions everywhere, bosses, guns, explosions. That has got to be some of the craziest multiplayer I have seen thus far this gen. Looks like it will be a blast.

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yeah, but it's know through the ps2.

I can understand why they used the ps2 version but I agree with what you said.

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I wish they would give something towards trading in an xbox one. I have 2 and I want to trade in the one in my den for a white one with Sunset Overdrive.

I might just trade it in to gamestop for the 300 and then use the credit to get the bundle when it hits 349

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I've pretty given up on buying online games when they are more then 15.00. I just don't play online multiplayer that much. I bought the Halo 4 top edition, whatever that was, and you know how many hours I have spent in multiplayer......... maybe 2. I have battlefield 4 through E.A. access, maybe 2 hours of multiplayer. I should note that I prefer mouse and keyboard when playing battlefield.

It's the main reason I can't wait for Halo MCC. Everyone is goi...

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That silver ps4 and the COD Xbox one are ugly to me.

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Who give a you know what? I swear people look for the smallest things.

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It's 399 right now.

If there are any left and you wait until NOV. 2 it will be 349

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What if the resolution was the same and you had better textures, aa, and lighting?

Would you still feel shafted? More goes into a game than resolution, I think that is what most people are trying to say.

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when you saw Infamous, did you think, Jet Set Radio?

Infamous did not invent that style of play or genre, I guess it made it more known.

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