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BF3 sucked. Bought it and have a total of like 5 hours played. I can't speak for mw3 it probably sucks too. But man BF3 is such a crap game.

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you are insane.

Graphics in Witcher 1 easily crap on 99 percent of games today.

Detail is good. Witcher 1 overall is a better game then Witcher 2.

Witcher 2 however has an overall better presentation its a shame the game is horribly balanced and the difficulty curve is so retarded.

Witcher 2 starts off so freaking hard then gets insanely easy. No build up. Meanwhile Witcher 1 remained well paced and hard the entire game. ...

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what do you expect.

Consoles are 5 years old and outdated as heck.

They have to make sacrifices to pump on 60 fps on consoles.

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Same here. this mouse would fit perfectly with my white nzxt phantom case.

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reason to get it on pc is not only better graphics but.

+ faster load times
+ no pop up
+ Way way better graphics
+ 60+ frame rate

and best of all


can't wait for the realistic arrow mod that makes arrows hurt depending on where they hit and you can make people bleed out from arrows etc.

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Sony will never become Nintendo.

Nintendo is LOVED.

Sony is HATED.

It's really that simple.

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Cmon now lets all be honest.

Nobody here was going to buy Resistance 3 anyway lol. amirite

But seriously why is there so many sony shills here.

You guys defend anything I swear. Hate on the idea of online access codes when thq and Ea does it but when Sony does it its all good.

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On pc it will trump mw3.

On consoles though, they both will suck.

Both gimped to low player counts, both with small constrained maps, both just lite versions.

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Blooper thats pretty delusional.

Not only does a 130 dollar graphics card look and play games better then a 360 or ps3, but it also plays with much higher resolutions, much faster 100+ frame rates, further view distances, and higher res textures.

If you make a game on consoles especially these old outdated pos consoles out now you have to make compromises.

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Zink want a bigger leap in graphics.

Build a gaming pc.

I bet any money a gaming pc 2 years ago will be better then next gen consoles.

All of the next gen consoles willt ake the safe route and go profit day 1.Low power machines with old hardware.

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snipers have never been an important part of Bf games.

They are pretty non existant in bf2 and 1942.

It wasnt until bc2 that almost everyone uses them.

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I knew it I knew this clown was behind the insanely stupid tittle.

Whatever im gone this is a waste of time. N4g needs a feature to make HHG stories not appear to you.

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It's a dead franchise. People don't want sequels of this franchise yet they keep pumping them out.

Guerrilla needs to start from scratch on a new ip.

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Daam steam sale im buying games and I dont even have a gaming pc to play them with.

:/ need to build one soon.

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Ask anyone outside of n4g and they will tell you the gears 3 beta was hands down better, smoother, and all around amazing.

Ask people on n4g and of course they will say the uncharted 3 beta is better even though its a pos and plays just as bad as uncharted 2 mp did.

Ill say it again.

Naughty dog noobs of mp gaming.

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Reason is quite simple.


The ps3 controller is absolute crap, its outdated, old and not suitable for modern games.

360 pad is perfect for modern genres.

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its going ot suck either way.

Naughty dog noobs of mp gaming.

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Makes me laugh when people say kz2 and kz3 on consoles are the best looking games lol.

Crysis 2 and other games like uc3 and gears 3 are miles ahead of anything we seen in kz2 and 3.

In fact kz3 was a downgrade in graphics over kz2.

Rage without a shadow of a doubt is the best looking console game anyone has ever shown.

Open your fanboy eyes and just accept it.

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EA is only publishing it, respawn is completely independent so they can do what they want.

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Naughty dog are multiplayer newbs.

Uc3 will probably have terrible MP like uc2 did.
But eventually they will get the hang of it and some future game of theirs will have good MP.

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