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I always got distracted by the chaotic random rapid clicking and turning of the controller when you watch tv people playing video games. Angry Joe does that well in his vids lol

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You sound like a huge crybaby, read your post, your whining and complaining. You see no reason to patch it?
LOL Ok there, not including weird animation youtube is full of vids of glitches in this game.

Ignorance is bliss I guess, keep having a "blast"
next time you go to Chuck E Cheese, have an extra slice on me buddeh

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Is it? I don't know, they are using too much of the systems power just for a resolution boost. I think that's a waste of power. Would you rather play the Witcher 3 the way it is now at 4k or would you rather play it almost looking like CGI or pre downgrade at 1080p. I would take the latter version any day!!!

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Any business will flop if they "screw up their messaging and first impressions" lol
in other news rain is wet but will dry if the sun comes out.

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Yeah, what happened? Maybe they were losing too much money in the gaming divisions.
Halo should be a huge franchise instead it's just meh, Forza is doing ok I guess. But pre ps4, I loved my 360 even though the damn thing kept breaking, and my last one died. But I was more of an xbox player and now ps4 reversed all that. I still haven't bought an xbox one, and probably wont. I guess we'll see what they are up to but they are losing a lot of ground.

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Yup! They should create a thing, instead of pre-orders, we can call it post-orders. You get the game delivered 6 months after it's release.

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You go boy! Use that logic! See people, that's what brains are made for.

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Thanks 👍🏽

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Something about this game makes me not even want to try it for free

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Gamestop shot itself in the foot with it's antiquated consumer un-friendly business model. Amazon is killing them because they sell more at better prices, if Gamestop had realized that they could still make a profit without screwing the consumer for example in used game sales etc they could have thrived. Not to mention people don't like going to their stores to get harassed by employees who are forced to give you a spiel on how you should pre-order blah blah blah.
What a poo...

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You always have to go for a stake in future profits

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In a couple of months it will be a steal. I guess EA is feeling the "effect" of rushing out this game! Drum clap

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Lol 👍🏽😄

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Hey and with all this controversy and not so great reviews it will be pretty cheap soon!

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I know, instead of strategizing so hard to try to save money and make money by screwing everybody and shipping an unfinished product. I have a new concept for them:
Make a quality product!!!
I know it's mind blowing

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nobody reads these save your time, in the first couple of words we can tell it's spam and then ignore it.

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2018 now? Come on Rockstar, I know you're milking gta online but this is getting ridiculous.

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two people don't want better AI i guess lol.

Yes, exactly, I meant more sophisticated AI, it's 2016 and we don't have any games with interesting AI that you can interact with or have novel experiences with. AI as it is now is just something that takes cover as you shoot at it and it doesn't even do that well!!

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yup, me too, luckily I'm playing Witcher 3, just got it this Christmas and that is making up for it, another thing though I am really surprised about is the complete lack of advancement of AI in games. Its basically the same it has been for the last ten years or more.

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Hard to disagree with that. As the saying goes it's better to be safe than sorry, but there is a point when you play it too safe, and Nintendo has been doing that for too long. Look how long it took them to bring Mario to mobile. They could have been making millions on their IP's for years. Think about zelda on mobile or metroid etc they should be raking in the cash.

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