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LOL good one :-)

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They have had plenty of time to polish. Part of the reason is gta5 multiplayer is such a huge cash cow they are worried about releasing anything that will disrupt that flow of cash. It's pretty annoying because it's getting close to a decade for a sequel. We've been waiting for this game for so long and they keep bs ing everyone with oh we want to make it great.

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Hey N4g keep puttin in obnoxious ads and popups and you will lose readers like me

and the answer isn't putting in even more ads because you will lose the few you have left.

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The reality is that AAA single player games have always been a risky investment and companies no longer want that risk, and would rather have an easier go of it ala multiplayer or appstore 99 cent games that make a ton vs company investment. I think a good single player game can still make a lot of money but the margins are higher on the other game types available. But I hope single player doesn't go away. There is always room for Red Dead, Witcher, Uncharted franchises, A good story n...

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Really good looking but wow so boring, it was lacking any sense of excitement or artistry in a creative way just a pretty yet dull preview. I couldn't finish it, it didn't pull me in in any way. Games have come a long way in storytellling and direction and this felt like paint by numbers game design.

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Something about that horse hurts me eyes

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Lorne lanning, what is he doing in the industry nowadays? Did he just make a bunch of money on odd world and that's it? He seems like a pretty creative type, but I haven't seen anything other than the Oddworld games.

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I like it too but not when it takes half Of my consoles power to do it, I'd rather use that power for something more than a resolution boost.
Im on board with checker boarding and low cost alternatives though

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Me too, I played a couple of hours and then Installed Witcher 3 which was on sale, and never looked back, since it was a rental I just returned it

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I get what you're saying but what's with people getting mad at others not liking something. Is it not ok to not like something? If you're ok with QTE's then that's awesome, but if others don't like them what's wrong with that?
That's like telling someone you have to like everything you like and shut up about it because I like it and that's all that matters. It's like telling someone you have to like pickles on your chik fil-a, some people ju...

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Is that Uncharted 4s prison level?

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Man such a good point, I don't get it, what's with their obsession with 4K? Everything is blah blah blah 4K. Most people I know don't have a 4K tv or care about "native 4K".
They're talking about 4K as if it were this thing that everyone is. clamoring for. It's not. 4K is wasting the x1x power. Having 2017 visuals at a higher resolution is not the future. I don't get it. Are they trying to sell tvs? Anyone know why they're pushing it so har...

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"I have all the faith in the world..." Lol u work for insomniac? It's nice to be excited but hey don't drink ALL THE KOOL AID. Leave some for the rest.
All the faith in the world is a pretty strong statement. I don't feel that strongly about anything especially video game related. . It's nice to have realistic expectations Buddeh. Hey if you like it that's great. Don't let others ruin it for you. And if you work for insomniac then get back to ...

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Lol I don't know why you got downvotes for being surprised, but yeah I'm surprised too. VR is the future so at some point they must be supporting it. Maybe they have something up their sleeves. We'll see but I don't think they would be happy to just let Sony corner the market.

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why are consoles getting such weak cpus? why the high price for basically a medium level graphics card and weak ass cpu??
haven't seen many people complain about this, but without cpu power we're not going to get any new advancements in Ai in games which is pretty sad.

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Anyone else not care that much about "TRUE 4k" ? Seems like a huge amount of processing power for just a resolution bump, I'd rather have 1080 60fps

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That's why it's so stupid to make us have to upgrade in order to use online. Wtf are you supposed to do just cross your fingers and pray when you update?

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Lol, I know, being uptight is the new fad. Besides it's a fps, aren't all fps's just killing simulators, with a story loosely framed over it. Maybe the real question is why do we like repeatedly performing simulated killing over and over lol, and this comes from someone who just played and loves mad max

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Exactly! Why so much fuss over 4K? Most people are more interested in enhanced graphical effects than a resolution bump that uses half of your horsepower

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