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I agree Lukas, there's no way it's gonna be 60fps
but we don't need to mark your words because to me it seems pretty obvious. When a dev says what he said it's basically doublespeak for "I don't want to say right now that it's going to be 30fps but yes it will definitely be 30fps." Besides that if it could run at 60 fps they would probably add more graphical touches again lowering it to 30fps #1.1.25
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Or I'll just play GTAV instead and avoid that abomination #1
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Yeah I noticed this too, I'm guessing the game struggles to keep up if the car goes much faster than that so they reduce the top speed of the cars. I noticed this on PS4. #8.1
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Thanks for teaching us how to listen!
Thumbs up.
I love you posters who act like the guy no one listened to, or the only one who "gets" it. Or the one who "called" it when something happens #1.3.7
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Or the guy himself put the rocks in and claimed the previous customer did it. Unlikely a return will just have bags of rocks and no one notices, I can't imagine that the previous customer went in there with a bag of rocks in the box and just hoped they wouldn't look. Not a good plan. I would guess it's either an inside job or the guy himself did it. #5.2
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What I wonder is how Microsoft would have done if they hadn't screwed up the launch of the xbox one. I was one of the people who was ready to buy the one and got a ps4 instead. If the launch had gone smoothly and they didn't mess up all the goodwill they had built up they would be killing it right now. #1.1.11
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Your mom is 60 and she walks in your room while ur playing? How old are you?
What did she have you in her late 40s? Lol sorry just sounded odd I pictured this 40 year old living with his mom #3.1
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Was Far Cry 4 any good though? Haven't played it yet #1.2.3
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Yeah not acceptable
Ubisoft should change the name to Assassin's Greed #1.4
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The quality speaks for itself? Most reviews I've seen say the AI is not that good, and this article says that the AI is "lackluster" and then goes on to gush about how cool the water droplets look. What do I care about water droplets when the AI isn't that good. Come on guys AI is a really important component of a good racing game, one of the most important, why is that getting glossed over in favor of water droplets moving realistically. Fix the AI and then we can talk a... #1.1.13
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Good point, i wish Microsoft would've spent the money they are now losing by selling the Xbox much cheaper than they planned and by removing kinect etc. on a powerful console.
It would have changed everything, and gaming would have been pushed further instead of having all these ridiculous arguments on resolution and frame rate. The consoles are struggling and they just came out. #2.3
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Yeah totally agree, and the voice acting and dialogue are really well done #1.3
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Yeah exactly no dips, keep it a steady 30 fps
No low 20s that's ridiculous #20.1
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Hey Ubisoft you guys are on Fyah!! #1
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I know, Hey Assassin's Creed

“Don’t you want to give me the chance to miss you?” #1.5.3
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They should be announcing a sequel to this sequel later this month lol They're calling it Assassins Greed!
I'm trademarking that by the way

Ubisoft is becoming a joke, it's comical #3.3
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People disagreed with you getting a refund lol #2.3.2
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Ditto #2.23
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I agree, maybe most gamers are optimists, because every time I say this, they tell me the opposite, but all I see is the same bs in new packaging. #2.4
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Totally agree hit them where it hurts is the only way to change companies disregard for gamers #1.5.2
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