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Good point, it also seems publishers like EA really want games to be around 100 a pop hence season pass and all the extra crap they push. They really want that hundred dollar price point. I know a lot of gamers are going along with it but not this gamer. I'm actually becoming more and more budget minded because of crap like this.

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Yeah, Microsoft lost in the first couple of months of the reveal. They shot themselves in the foot and have not been able to really overcome it. I'm sure the launch strategy for the xbox one is now being used in business classes as an example of what not to do to gain customers for a product.

as an aside, I was all set to plunk my money down on an xbox one, all they had to do was just reveal this new awesome gaming console and then "it" happened and my wall...

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Who the hell is disagreeing with you lol
The next thing will be most games should be cut in half and each half sold as full price, it's a good thing!!!

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exactly, this franchise makes too much money, there's no way Drake is going away permanently. He'll be back in some form or another.

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That is assuming that it will even look like that,I doubt it will even look this "good" on the consoles unfortunately

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Will complaining about complaining ever stop?

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I bet CD Projekt are like, "Hey Dice, Um you might want to be careful about what you show before the game releases, they don't seem to like it when the visuals don't match actual gameplay"

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I agree with you, of course the cloud is possible, and in the future it will be inevitable, but most likely it's still a ways off. I'm guessing at least several years. If Microsoft skimped a little on the hardware of this generation, hoping that the cloud would help out I think they mistimed the implementation of it. Thus giving sony a lead by having a slightly more powerful console and at the time of release the ps4 was cheaper, putting sony in a valuable position in the market. I...

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Come on man, give us some credit, we know what a trailer is and what gameplay is... Many people complaining are referring to the 35 min gameplay vid that was just released recently not trailers that were obviously enhanced. We know the difference, its not rocket science and the "average consumer" is not complaining, the hardcore pc gamers are the most pissed because they were expecting cutting edge graphics, not this.

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Holy crap, that's a big difference!

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Ummm I don't know about gorgeous as Fck, it looks pretty different now. I think CDPR is in for a big hullaballoo that they are going to wish they didn't cause. It sucks because they are a great developer, but this is going to be a big controversy when the game is released, PC mainly gamers are going to make a big deal out of this. The gamers are already chirping and it's going to get ugly

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I'm curious how many people are playing, I tried the beta and it wasn't my cup of tea, but I'm sure lots of people think it's fun. Is it doing well, not well, mediocre?

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As much as I agree he is douchey, He's got a point Nintendo could have made a killing with their brand and cast of characters on mobile gaming, everybody has been saying for years how they are just sitting on their ip and not using it more in so many different venues.

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I don't think people are going to want to try it after this review pointing out its glaring flaws and Joe basically tearing it a new one. Ill probably check it out once it hits like 15bucks on ebay, but yikes that AI!!! I mean it's 2015 and the AI is not much better than the AI in super Mario bros...koopas can do what that werewolf does

Oh and isn't heinous pronounced Hayness not heenous?

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I agree Lukas, there's no way it's gonna be 60fps
but we don't need to mark your words because to me it seems pretty obvious. When a dev says what he said it's basically doublespeak for "I don't want to say right now that it's going to be 30fps but yes it will definitely be 30fps." Besides that if it could run at 60 fps they would probably add more graphical touches again lowering it to 30fps

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Or I'll just play GTAV instead and avoid that abomination

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Yeah I noticed this too, I'm guessing the game struggles to keep up if the car goes much faster than that so they reduce the top speed of the cars. I noticed this on PS4.

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Thanks for teaching us how to listen!
Thumbs up.
I love you posters who act like the guy no one listened to, or the only one who "gets" it. Or the one who "called" it when something happens

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Or the guy himself put the rocks in and claimed the previous customer did it. Unlikely a return will just have bags of rocks and no one notices, I can't imagine that the previous customer went in there with a bag of rocks in the box and just hoped they wouldn't look. Not a good plan. I would guess it's either an inside job or the guy himself did it.

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What I wonder is how Microsoft would have done if they hadn't screwed up the launch of the xbox one. I was one of the people who was ready to buy the one and got a ps4 instead. If the launch had gone smoothly and they didn't mess up all the goodwill they had built up they would be killing it right now.

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