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What irks me is that the ps4 doesn't seem to be able to handle a ps3 game at locked 60fps with minor enhancements. Its 60 but not locked. If the thing was even close to the 10x power increase they talked about wouldn't that be a piece of cake for it???? #2.4
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Yes! More fedility!!
Wait what's fedility? If it's good I want it! Must be a next gen thing. #4.1.1
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They're heeeeerrrre! #1.4
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Yeah! Can't wait to enjoy that!!

In two years....
/S #1.1.42
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Hey N4g, keep placing McDonald's pop up ads on each article and you'll be losing all the readers you're targeting the ads at! Annoying popups are a good way to make people using mobile devices say sayonara. #1
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Have you played it? Come on I don't think it's that bad looks fun to me. I prob won't be playing it cause its on the overpriced x1 but it looks pretty cool. #1.19
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Yeah, that's kind of sad #1.26
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Why do people keep saying this? It's not going to look close to pc at max settings.
I'm not a pc guy but I know what the ps4 is going to look like and it's far from a high end pc, which I wish I had. #1.1.21
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The division looks great, but I have a feeling its going to have a controversy similar to watchdogs before we have another huge controversy, console gamers should realize by now it's probably not going to look the way it did at its reveal, on ps4 and xbox one, especially since it was demoed on a high end pc.

Being a primarily console gamer I have seen what the new consoles are capable of and even though they will most likely get more adept at pushing high quality graphics... #2
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I don't mind the black bars if the graphics look great, ill take the better performance
and letterbox combo, if u have a big screen tv it shouldn't be an issue #12.1
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"To survive a war you gotta become war"
"Who are you?? I'm your worst nightmare!"
:) #2
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Does it come with a time machine?
You know so they can get a do over :)
I think I'll wait til they iron everything out. My 360 and ps3 have a huge backlog. #11
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Not only that, which is annoying, but they will have characters that sound so bland and don't seem like they are actual voice actors. #1.1.5
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42 people huh? :) #1.1.11
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That's the good thing, there aren't many. #1.38
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How about some amazing AI tech, instead of just making things prettier and prettier.
I'd like to see much better AI in games as well. I heard shadowfall for all it's great visuals had pretty crappy AI. Thats a shame, games are becoming like beautiful models, skin deep beauty with no depth. #11
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I meant in relation to the 360, the color of the Xbox one is not showing proper color depth. The guys other vids also show a discrepancy in black levels from different sources. It doesn't look like his hdmi settings are equal for both systems making the forza 4 vid look much more colorful compared to F5.
I know a thing or two about calibration but thanks though. #2.3.1
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This guy needs to fix his hdmi black levels on the Xbox one input, both videos I've seen of his show a big difference in black levels when he switches sources. They are clearly incorrect, showing washed out blacks. #2
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You really can't see the problem? The problem, which is really, really, really, obvious is they made it take much longer than normal to obtain these cars, as compared to previous iterations of Forza, for example it would take 50 hours to get enough credit for a rare car and now it takes 400 hours, making it much more time consuming and at the same time attractive to just purchase tokens using real world money. Thats the problem!!

I'm getting so tired of all these pe... #1.2.8
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You're right, it's not ok, and when companies like EA get too greedy they shoot themselves in the foot. What's the point of shipping earlier or same time as cod
If you're going to gain notoriety for crappy quality and lose customers, thereby losing any advantage for rushing the product. All they achieved was to lose more frustrated gamers tired of this BS. I and I'm sure lots of other gamers will just adapt and not buy unfinished games, and wait til it's fi... #1.1.16
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