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Was Far Cry 4 any good though? Haven't played it yet #1.2.3
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Yeah not acceptable
Ubisoft should change the name to Assassin's Greed #1.4
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The quality speaks for itself? Most reviews I've seen say the AI is not that good, and this article says that the AI is "lackluster" and then goes on to gush about how cool the water droplets look. What do I care about water droplets when the AI isn't that good. Come on guys AI is a really important component of a good racing game, one of the most important, why is that getting glossed over in favor of water droplets moving realistically. Fix the AI and then we can talk a... #1.1.13
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Good point, i wish Microsoft would've spent the money they are now losing by selling the Xbox much cheaper than they planned and by removing kinect etc. on a powerful console.
It would have changed everything, and gaming would have been pushed further instead of having all these ridiculous arguments on resolution and frame rate. The consoles are struggling and they just came out. #2.3
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Yeah totally agree, and the voice acting and dialogue are really well done #1.3
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Yeah exactly no dips, keep it a steady 30 fps
No low 20s that's ridiculous #20.1
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Hey Ubisoft you guys are on Fyah!! #1
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I know, Hey Assassin's Creed

“Don’t you want to give me the chance to miss you?” #1.5.3
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They should be announcing a sequel to this sequel later this month lol They're calling it Assassins Greed!
I'm trademarking that by the way

Ubisoft is becoming a joke, it's comical #3.3
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People disagreed with you getting a refund lol #2.3.2
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Ditto #2.23
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I agree, maybe most gamers are optimists, because every time I say this, they tell me the opposite, but all I see is the same bs in new packaging. #2.4
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Totally agree hit them where it hurts is the only way to change companies disregard for gamers #1.5.2
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I like LBP, but hopefully they fixed the character movement always felt a little off, they could take some notes from Mario on that. #4
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When they guy said he can't wait to play the "amazing" stories over the first thing that popped in my mind was, yeah like the tow truck missions with that crazy crack head...move that seat back Franklin, you know Imma make it right for you! #12
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I respect your opinion but I drive like a beast in GTAV, no problem with the driving at all. And the online is really good right now, at least for me. Tons of things to do. #1.1.36
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Well, it has been a good year, but not as far as innovations in gaming, gaming has been somewhat stagnant for me this year,as far as gameplay, story, and AI is concerned. #17
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I'm going to get you Snow White!! #6
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Come on guys this is one of the worst I can remember, not one game that has come out this year that has been a must buy for me, and I play most everything. We have gotten a bunch of overhyped mediocre games that aren't showing any true innovation or advances in ai or gameplay.
This year has sucked! I mean people are arguing about the resolution of this game vs that game. Who cares. The reason there's so much nit picking and arguing is because no game is blowing our sock... #23
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They didn't really care about a debate, that's just a typical PR excuse
Most likely Steve from accounting was like, MS isn't gonna be happy if a lot more ps4 versions sell sooo let's make em the same.

it's funny when they say something that is so clearly an excuse for some corporate BS

Like when EA sells micro transactions and says it's to give gamers "options" #1.5.3
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