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man that's so cool about your pc

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Yup definitely seems like a beast, this is the Microsoft I remember before Don Mattrick and his creepy smile showed up, I remember I was ready to get the new successor to the 360 and then I was completely underwhelmed and disappointed. The ps4 has served me well but maybe next year I will be seeing that familiar logo on my tv again and saying : Xbox welcome back.

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Hey Fenixbazaar, thanks for letting us know that this is a shill site lol
"Strange fascination with VR"
VR is the future and everybody knows it and both ms and Sony will obviously be focusing on it.
You should really hire a better research and writing team like maybe anyone who has a middle school education or better

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Actually what makes weak characters is the constant nit picking and critiquing of decisions by gamers and gaming media, it's a double edged sword, yes dialogue creates progress, but game companies try to please everyone, and in so doing create mediocre stories and situations as not to offend or disappoint anyone. As an example take gameplay in uncharted4,

I have read reviews critiquing the lack of action sequences, while others critique that there was too much action...

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I've been wondering about this too, guess they're raking in so much dough from micro transactions that they don't feel it's a priority, or they're really polishing it, either way come on rockstar release that sh$%

Edit : I just realized they're probably waiting for a big lull in online players then they'll release it to bump the numbers back up

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Just got it, best 7 dollars I've spent on a game.

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Wow just got it for 7 bucks, I had never played it before, it's surprisingly good and at that price a steal. If you like driving games and own a ps4 get it!
I was impressed even the menus are well done and the load times are really short.

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Yeah I don't like the concept either, but it must be hard making games, and it's no wonder gaming is in a tumultuous time right now, you make a product and then there's immediate backlash, must be hard to deal with or make a company deal with, that said maybe the backlash is due to the extreme corporatizing of games so maybe it's deserved. And Ubisoft is ironically releasing games like watchdogs that critique corporations while acting like a greedy corporation that releases ga...

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If it's multiplatform why should the consoles pay twenty dollars more? And then they have to pay to play online as well
So why do console gamers have to pay more? Especially since nowadays console development is so close to pcs

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lol but what can Naughty dog achieve with 4Tflops? You might want to say get over here ps4 neo!

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so what? What's concerning about all xbox games being available on pc? The only ones who should be concerned would be MS since it might reduce the amount of xbox's sold and give sony a leg up, but as a consumer I don't see the concern

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Panic? Why would Anyone panic over a company's business ? Unless I have stock in it I don't care. I had a 360 then got a ps4, And I'll get whichever I think is best coming up. They're not sports teams lol. loyalty to a big corporation sounds really silly. True gamers are agnostic they go wherever the best experience is. On top of that grown ups can afford both. I'll take a ps4 Neo and a Scorpio. So what's to panic about ?

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Yeah the ending was pretty cool, and I really enjoyed the game overall. The only thing is I wish I hadn't watched the gameplay trailers and demos, because if I hadn't those scenes shown like Madagascar and the island would have really blown me away.

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Well said

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Come on guys! If you have a passion for games and decide to write about them then don't shoot yourself in the foot by being inconsistent and losing credibility. What's the point? In journalism credibility and respect are everything. Don't throw it away by writing poorly written inconsistent click bait. Make a name for yourself over time by showing you are someone trustworthy. Especially if it's something you love doing. There are no shortcuts. Work hard and over time you...

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Same thing all over again? Like driving jeeps through large areas of Madagascar and going scuba diving, and driving a boat, and driving through a city full of pedestrians and crashing through markets, while jumping off jeep and being dragged by a crane through water and mud all in real time, and visiting drakes homes and going through his memories, and playing Nathan as a kid exploring with his brother(not killing anybody) I could keep going but that would spoil too much. Same things like t...

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Good point, it also seems publishers like EA really want games to be around 100 a pop hence season pass and all the extra crap they push. They really want that hundred dollar price point. I know a lot of gamers are going along with it but not this gamer. I'm actually becoming more and more budget minded because of crap like this.

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Yeah, Microsoft lost in the first couple of months of the reveal. They shot themselves in the foot and have not been able to really overcome it. I'm sure the launch strategy for the xbox one is now being used in business classes as an example of what not to do to gain customers for a product.

as an aside, I was all set to plunk my money down on an xbox one, all they had to do was just reveal this new awesome gaming console and then "it" happened and my wall...

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Who the hell is disagreeing with you lol
The next thing will be most games should be cut in half and each half sold as full price, it's a good thing!!!

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exactly, this franchise makes too much money, there's no way Drake is going away permanently. He'll be back in some form or another.

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