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what happened to Ozzy?

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Yeah but they would have saved a ton on not having a mid gen re release of updated consoles. I'm sure the expenditure has been huge.

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That's what EVERYBODY is saying, and the industry is not listening, they're trying so hard to push 4k and no one is really clamoring for it, most people are saying KEEP IT AT 60FPS, we don't want 4k at barely 30. Come on Listen to the people you are selling the product to, instead of pushing ahead and finding out the hard way, as has happened before. Don't be like Apple and release 160.00 wireless headphones that no one wants.

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Not sure why they are pushing 4k so hard, consoles are still struggling with 1080...ps4 pro and xbox scorpio, I wonder how much money sony and MS could have saved if they hadn't skimped and just made their new consoles more powerful from the get go

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Don't have an xbox 1 but this looks fun, looks like the scorpio will be pretty tempting next year, I would probably get it anyways since by then I will want a Uhd. It will fit right next to my ps4 pro in perfect harmony. No fanboy bs here just bout them games boss.

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I think all this 4k talk is partly the television industry behind the scenes really pushing to sell tvs, most people are happy with the tv they have and business is probably in a big slump

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Why are they pushing 4k so hard? The current consoles struggle with 1080, and it takes a beast to run 4k, so all that extra power of the newer consoles will just go to upping the resolution? Sounds kind of silly

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Wish I could play Arma...Looks like a lot of fun

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Most people I know have a PS3 or ps4 as their bluray player so it is a big issue going forward. Do u really plan on buying a separate expensive uhd player for watching movies in the future? At some point people are going to want one, possibly also you, and that plays right into microsofts hands. Not saying I care either but it is a misstep on sonys part.

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Good luck streaming 4K

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This guy is full of crap, I'm sure he'll be playing it. As a game journalist you don't just play a beta and give up lol.
As far as realism, there is a trade off, people like this guy don't realize that as a developer you have to try to get the most players possible, you don't do that by making a hardcore realistic sim.

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maybe they mean by 100 hours you have developed a hate for it, sounds like that could happen if you play something long enough and then you're done and like " I've had enough I never want to play that again"

I think a lot of people especially when they play something where you have to grind come to a point where they say " is this even fun?" and then they realize no they hate it and stop playing

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"unfortunately, the final fight was one of the worst attempts yet to get the whole final boss thing working."
lol you write as if you speak for a large group who think the same as you. I really liked the ending and thought it was like an homage to swashbuckling pirate adventures, You and the bad guy in a sword battle while surrounded by flames in a pirate ship full of gold on a secret pirate island! Come on that's fun for me at least.

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Played it yesterday had a lot of fun, liked the really large open map, armored car was pretty gangster, got killed by a guy in a horse, and shiskabobbed by a flamethrower,, the airplane was surprisingly fun but couldn't hit anything cause I suck. The only thing was movement could be faster and framerate in console was a bit iffy. I played titanfall the other week and it had some fun moments but it couldn't compare to the sense of scale of battlefield with 64 players. Now if titanfa...

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Mo money mo problems...

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Finally, been waiting for this to see what everyone else has been raving about.

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yeah I don't get it either, the ps4 can't run a primarily quick time event game without framerate issues?? What's going on Telltale?

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Nah totally disagree, I've been playing racers since I was a little kid and the gameplay on this as it is now is really tight I have a lot of fun with it. And it's actually one of my favorite arcade racers, it has modifiable time and weather, a hardcore mode great graphics etc. The only thing I don't like is their silly boundaries on tracks that are too close to the street and no actual damage options. But besides that it's great and I got it for 7 bucks! It completely and ...

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I used to think just like you but the sim aspect can really grow on you especially if you get good at it. They can both be fun, if u want short fun races then u play horizon. But if you're curious what an expensive car like a Ferrari really feels like on a track and you want to learn how to drive it and start to get good lap times then a sim can be a lot of fun too. I think what turns people off from sims is at first they spend a lot of time crashing. But once you get past the learning...

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What's your site to check out the review on?

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