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Like the Xbox one plan? Unless their plan was to lose market share I don't think it's going well. But seriously they could have invested more heavily into the Xbox ones design(eliminating these silly 30fps-60fps 1080p debates) and saved all the money they are spending now trying to make up for it. I'm one of the people that they would have had giving them money instead of sitting on the fence waiting, due to their plan. I've always seen them as a company that throws money at... #5.2
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I don't think they will have a "blast" paying for all the dlc that activision has planned. This thing will break records for the amount of paid dlc coming #1.1.9
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I think it's just that some people like a good story and one of the main complaints is weak story. The other thing is repetitiveness. I played the beta and gotta say it was really repetitive as reviewers have said. So weak story and repetitiveness are the main complaints I have heard and I have to agree. The hype also hurt it because it seemed to promise a deep story and greater variety than what ultimately was delivered. They have been working on it for five years you would have exp... #1.30
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You don'think a lot of gamers will be turned off by the buyout? And slowly abandon it. Since part of the appeal of minecraft is that it's an indie type game that wasn't pushed out by the triple A studios. #1.1.12
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Being a veteran coder as you say, and if adding these little touches is so simple, then you must be craving new experiences as much or even more than I do. Far from even having these simple little touches added to games, gaming now has devolved into simplistic repetitive rinse wash and repeat gameplay. If the coding for these details is so simple, then why don't we see more of it? I am losing the love of gaming because we have so few truly creative games out there, the clones of fps sho... #1.19
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Also, all the money MS is spending now to make up for the underpowered xbox, could have been spent on producing an xbox one with much better specs. :(
Which most likely I would have purchased instead of sitting this one out for a while. #1.5.1
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I agree with you on everything except more traffic, rockstar and people keep mentioning how the new versions will have more traffic. Why is that a good thing exactly? lol Half the time when I'm driving around the city I'm complaining about the damn cars in my way. Obviously you need some cars but I don't think more is necessary we don't want to recreate everything we experience in life, like traffic jams :) #1.1.8
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What irks me is that the ps4 doesn't seem to be able to handle a ps3 game at locked 60fps with minor enhancements. Its 60 but not locked. If the thing was even close to the 10x power increase they talked about wouldn't that be a piece of cake for it???? #2.4
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Yes! More fedility!!
Wait what's fedility? If it's good I want it! Must be a next gen thing. #4.1.1
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They're heeeeerrrre! #1.4
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Yeah! Can't wait to enjoy that!!

In two years....
/S #1.1.42
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Hey N4g, keep placing McDonald's pop up ads on each article and you'll be losing all the readers you're targeting the ads at! Annoying popups are a good way to make people using mobile devices say sayonara. #1
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Have you played it? Come on I don't think it's that bad looks fun to me. I prob won't be playing it cause its on the overpriced x1 but it looks pretty cool. #1.19
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Yeah, that's kind of sad #1.26
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Why do people keep saying this? It's not going to look close to pc at max settings.
I'm not a pc guy but I know what the ps4 is going to look like and it's far from a high end pc, which I wish I had. #1.1.21
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The division looks great, but I have a feeling its going to have a controversy similar to watchdogs before we have another huge controversy, console gamers should realize by now it's probably not going to look the way it did at its reveal, on ps4 and xbox one, especially since it was demoed on a high end pc.

Being a primarily console gamer I have seen what the new consoles are capable of and even though they will most likely get more adept at pushing high quality graphics... #2
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I don't mind the black bars if the graphics look great, ill take the better performance
and letterbox combo, if u have a big screen tv it shouldn't be an issue #12.1
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"To survive a war you gotta become war"
"Who are you?? I'm your worst nightmare!"
:) #2
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Does it come with a time machine?
You know so they can get a do over :)
I think I'll wait til they iron everything out. My 360 and ps3 have a huge backlog. #11
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Not only that, which is annoying, but they will have characters that sound so bland and don't seem like they are actual voice actors. #1.1.5
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