Disgaea 4 review; fin.


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Yeah, I was very interested in it up until a month or so ago. Now, I've pretty much forgotten about it. -.-

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Captain, it wasn't bad... it was just disappointing.

Kariyanine, I know and realize that NOW. But I don't have the option to play it again at the moment. I heard the words "loot" "Action-RPG" So I was thinking of a Diablo style game. Which it is not...

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See, I don't have a 360, which cuts out some nice exclusives. I think I would have enjoyed The Witcher 2 quite a bit,..

KOA was a big disappointment for me, too, but RE:ORC was my most disappointing lol.

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I work hard just for you then. :D Thanks though, it's nice to know the effort doesn't go unappreciated. :)

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It is different, which is probably one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. It also gets old very quick.

As for the price tag, you get WAY more content than you do with a COD map pack. The assignments actually keep me playing since I have hit level 45, too.

The next map pack will be what BF gamers really want/need.

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I agree; I played it again a few years back. It still holds as one of my three favorite retro titles, and I really think with the right creative force behind it, a W&W4 would be an amazing game this-gen.

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I had problems connecting too, but saw a lot of people didn't. I just assumed it was me. :\

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Yeah, I'm about 99% sure I didn't experience any input lag. Not to mention, it's corded. The controller was very responsive.

I would generally agree, most third party controllers suck. Especially the cheap ones. This is actually a quality controller.

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I reviewed this title. I haven't gotten around to Dangerous Hunts, but it looks the same.

So far, oddly enough, my favorite Move titles are Eyepet & Friends and Air Conflicts: Secret War. Eyepet was great for the whole family (I play and review about anything, and while I LOVE my serious games, I have a casual side; not afraid to admit that), and Air Conflicts was a great flying shooter, where the Move controls were better than the Dual Shock.

Hope th...

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This truly was a case of "It was my pleasure to review this game (collection)"

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I sent them your comment. :)

Nice list! Did you hear their draft episode (the one before)?

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Yeah, seems the problem is really bad on PS3, which is what I was sent to review. I am actually irritated right now, because I want to play, but am waiting for a patch.

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I lost two nights worth of playing back to back. I gave up and will return when the save bug is fixed.

That said, I do agree, most bugs, I can overlook, but not being able to save my progress was one I couldn't overlook. Besides that, the game was amazing and I was having a blast.

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Approved. Though I think a 7/10 is a little harsh.

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I totally agree, I didn't want a "winner", but hearing more discussion about all three companies was what I thought I was about to read. :)

I don't believe in a "winner". They are all doing fantastic.

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I agree with the report, that cheating is lame, but why report it? If people want to spoil the game by glitching, it's their choice; they bought it.

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Enjoyed the read. Thought it was going to rate the consoles in different areas, with a panel of writers, though.

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I never played the third one, but loved one and two. Now I want to go back and play Disgaea 3.

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Thank you sir!! ^^

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If you like strategy RPGs, don't skip this game, just go buy it. :)

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