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"Disgaea 4 review; fin."


Yet, despite it "riding the coat tails of MW1", it generally sells more units year over year. So not only is it getting return consumers, but new ones (read: not based on MW1's success). #6.1.1
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No, lots of arguing and fighting went into putting this list together. It was a consensual list among staff, not our own personal lists. Trust me, mine is a little different, as is everyone else's. #2.2
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Awesome, apparently you guys don't like Call of Duty. Fantastic. How about you comment on games you do like and stop being so negative? Just a thought... #6
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Gran Turismo and a new Dissidia, too. #2
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But the POINT of this game is the story. Hunting Expeditions 2013 is about hunting. Not to mention the awkward controls in this game when time slows down for a "kill or be killed" shot. #1.1
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I may go on a Bad Company 3 campaign. An article a month. It HAS to happen. And DICE can't fudge it up, or I will never forgive them. I let them slide with BF3. #6.1
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Oh, yes, I would be worried if Criterion touched Underground. I spoke with a rep at E3, and asked why there was a lack of customization and the answer was along the lines of "we feel that the "Fast and Furious" vibe has passed". Those aren't his exact words, but along those lines.

I LOVED GTA;CTW more than most GTA games. The last 3D GTA game I liked was San Andreas, but the last one I loved was Vice City. I can't stand GTA4, but am interested in G... #1.2
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Totally agree, it is it's own game and it is worth a rent at the very least. I personally felt the actual kart racing was a little bland, which is why I made the comment I did about F1 Race Stars. Outside of that, the game still has a ton of charm. #3
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Reviews don't matter to me, I've played them both. Which makes the above statement my opinion (in short-form). #1.1.1
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Kids will love this. As a racing fan, no. As a kart racing fan, eh. I think F1 Race Stars is a notch above LBP Karting. #1
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Would love to check that out. I'm sure the design is the same as my 720+, and that thing is amazingly comfortable.. #1
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Ahhh, you want next-gen Assassin's Creed, need for speed, call of duty and LEGO games, right? ;) #2.1
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hahah. Interesting read.

I was pretty annoyed at Jay-Z being so overused in the game. #1
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@kopicha: I don't particularly like my son playing on my phone. I also wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like it much. #1.1.2
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As an adult gamer, I gave it a 3. I agree, though, the price is a big factor.

For kids (assuming you didn't read the review), it's better than a lot of games on the market for $40-60, and it actually gets kids to think. #1.1
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Admittingly, I have used a small allotment of headsets. But after sitting down, writing the review, and thinking about it, I went with a 5/5 because it really is a nice piece of hardware, especially at the price. If we did half-points, I would have given it a 4.5/5, but I figured it deserved the "free" 0.5 points.

Thank you for the compliment though. :) #1.1
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Of course I read the article. And quoting a small block from an article can be as misleading as a title, and taken out of context to whomever may read the quoted block. Like so:

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a good, but flawed, game. It kept so much of what made the original Deus Ex a classic. "

Again, from the article, but stating DE:HR is a "good, but flawed, game" #1.1.2
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Did you read the article, or are you basing that assumption on the title alone? O_o #1.1
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Which is why I picked that as the featured image. :) #1.1
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Wow, you should really look into the field before you throw around such comments like "I realize strategy game companies are trying to make their games simpler to attract a variety of new gamers."

Go play Victoria 2 or Crusader Kings 2. Individually, they are deeper than just most combinations of games that you listed. #1
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