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The tables are turned this time.....
Sony is learning from their mistakes.....what I do not get is how dumb Microsoft is looking in this whole Xbox one fiasco......oh well....I will wait for awhile like I always do but if push comes to shove I will be purchasing a ps4 first, #50
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This will not end well.....
Stay in the shadows Microsoft.....then come out at e3 with a vengeance....or fail miserably like the Xbox one announcement...whosoever has the cheapest next gen console wins.....remember that Sony and Microsoft. #39
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You forget te all new kinect that will have new features...
I won't be surprised at 400/500 range.....with a free year of Xbox live oh yea and the blue ray drive.... #4.1
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What if that deal was with soccer....north America will eat this up... #18.1
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Sitting out on the xbox1...for now...
I'm seeing this machine at 500$ thanks Microsoft....300 and I'm in. #20
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"Too Human is junk bunk and the only ass it kicks is your wallets."
But you have not even played too can you make a remark about gameplay when you dont even have a xbox 360.... i myself have played this game for about 2 hours and I must say while im not to immpressed with the graphics...I am a fan of the gameplay. #13.1
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"Alan Wake we have seen the best of and its what been canned? "
You are actually trying to call alan wake canned....I think you better check into heavy rain a little bit more....its basically a interactive book where you pick and choose your path..cant get more "canned" then that....hahaha wow. #11.8
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only when microsoft games are expected to flop you droids pay attention....
talk about little b*tches.....seriously...a game flops big are either going to buy it and not give a f*ck what idiots getting too human as we speak because I really liked the demo not because im a mindless drone who has to justify even buying it...if its a flop in my eyes i wont be buying the rest of the trilogy plain and simple....too bad for you guys...qte's really suck and if the game is stacked with them thats going to make it a interactive book..who wants that. take... #40.1
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hahaha what a b*tch...
you cry about every negative article on sony...why dont you just play your crappy console and be taking out BC only weakens their 80 gig bundle more then the 40 gig..60 more gigs going to make anyone go out and say "wow the ps3 sure is a bargain" when you can allready upgrade your HHD whats the point of 60 extra gigs....and add to the fact they are still losing money on every console sold and you droids dont even break a million a week in software sales regardless of h... #9.2
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Better then the scores for haze though....
Which does not make it the worst console exclusive on record...hell haze scored 33 from 1 up...laugh droids but remember your console has the biggest pile of sh*t on a disc. #22
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"Ya see...this is what happens when someone is completely blinded by Microsoft that it's not even funny. "
I think diabetes is contributing to your droid blindness as well fatso. for one thing, there are several ways to fix is stay on top of your bills....if your xbox live is about to run out, responsible people know the exact date...this guy clearly got screwed...another way to alleviate this problem alltogether is go with the store bought 12 months for 50 dollar cards and erase your credit card information completely. #1.6
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You droids just dont get it....
You pre order this game and you get the other game for free....I people paid about half as much for 1 game and your actually complaining about its price and length. #28
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"haha, pp thinks the ps3 is less powerful."
Everyone does think that....thats why they are not selling as well as the ps2 or even the ps1 did. hell..they cant even break 500K in software a week....somethings up. #22.1
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You kidding...
If you knew anything about this game,it has been a part of a trilogy. #5.1
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"Nice, hopefully the PS3 doesn't drag the 360 version down too much"
Well looking at madden 09 and that washed out seems the ps3 lead development strikes back again...that washed out look is just terrible but madden is fun so I will have to bear with it unlike burnout paradise that I have not touched since. #2.9
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I have to agree with you fishy..
I got my new computer 2 days ago..I am trying to get into lord of the rings with vista and the dam thing keeps crashing like hell....I got a nvidia 8200 card and 4 gigs of ram and its not even the manufacturers of my computer are passing the buck and blaming it on turbine.

dam wrong post...sorry. #1.1
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Game is up now on xbox live as of 1:30 am pacific time.
downloading as we speak. #7.3
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oh stop it lodossrage
its just one company and 47% could of jumped from zero...quit with your nonsense. truth is this can be just as much bullsh*t. #9.3
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please shut the f*ck up now...its sad when you droids dont believe npd any more...f*cking crybaby b*tches man..hahahahhaha #9.1
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So what if they are leads for development....
"we both know it has nothing to do with the PS3, or the 360 for that matter!?"

no we dont both know ...especially you ali_the_chav. We have seen stories time and time again on how ps3 slows development of games..patches and sometimes that effects xbox..keep your dumbass head stuck in the sand moron.

"superior hardware of the PS3"
nice joke there benny hill.

one example of many douche