This is a problem of Un-Natural proportions!
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Do you hate everything that isn't Uncharted 2?

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Dude, games aren't made by one dude, you know that? Neil Druckmann didn't pull the last of us out of his ass, he had a story in mind, and the people around him helped shape and mould the game. Writers don't get fired for having different ideas. Nobody would write in video games if that was the case.

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On a decline? FFXIV would like a word with you.

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It blew up in their face? I'd say 7-8 is a good score. Just because it's not 9-10, doesn't mean it sucks.

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Damn, you are so negative dude. Maybe the story wasn't great, but the gameplay was on point (here comes the "it's repetitive" argument).

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Knew the Uncharted thing would trigger you.

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Damn, you are one negative Nancy. Why do you actively want games to be bad? It's a fun shooter. I've got 20 hours in, and I'm level 23. 20 hours is pretty damn good. You'd say Uncharted 2 is worth $60, yes? 15 hour campaign, with multiplayer. Same deal here.

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Damn dude, give it a rest. It's a fun game. When Uncharted has server issues, which it will, I won't say is a bad game.

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15? Seriously?

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They said in an interview, that at launch it will be the lone wolf thing, for the most part. But, if people want it, they'll add the ability to party up or something. Its in one of the interviews that Sean Murray gave a few days ago.

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It's a god damn MMO.

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Games go gold like a month before release. The devs don't just sit on their asses, they check for bugs they didn't catch. Day one patches are here to stay people.

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So, literally all of fucking Manhattan, 1:1 ratio, isn't big enough for you? Sure.

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You don't have to be negative all the time dude.

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Dude, it's NEVER been advertised as anything but an online shooter. Why the hell wouldn't you want to play online anyway? The dark zone is good shit.

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You're kidding, right? I can play FFXIV solo all I want, It's still an MMO. Same with WoW.

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It's an MMO, jesus.

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Dude, did you watch the same video I did? And one we're paying for? Doubt you'll buy it. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about game development, but saying it (trading) was shown off in a demo from more than a year ago and assuming it would be balanced is kind of foolish. Trading will most likely be added, but not at launch.

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You do know that all of that is in the game right? Cars get messed up when you shoot them, to an absurd level of detail.

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