This is a problem of Un-Natural proportions!
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Bruce balanced him out? What? How would you know that? You people are acting like he didn't write the first game, in which he probably had the same writing philosophy. "Oh no, Chloe is working with Nadine. Oh no"

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Every single article dude. Also, you keep using examples of games that literally cannot change perspective, and have it be the same experience, Battlefield could probably do it, cod could do it, deus ex could do it. They'd still be almost the same experience, but with a perspective shift.

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How do you know Mario is complete? what

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Then why have them at all?

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You must not have a fun time playing with other people

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Wait. Wait, wait. Overwatch lacks content? Literally every character plays differently, and there's like 8 maps

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You people are insane. If always online is holding you back, how interested where you in the game to begin with?

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Yes because you would know what they're good at? I suppose Naughty Dog should've stuck with crash bandicoot, because they obviously weren't good enough for uncharted, jak and last of us. Oh wait.....

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What is wrong with the MP? If your answer is that it's not Uncharted 2, I'm gonna need more than that.

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Firstly, you don't get to decide if the new Far Cry is a Far Cry game. Oh no, God forbid it's any different right? Same goes with RE7 btw. Second, don't boycott a game just because you need the Internet to play. It's a multiplayer focused title, buying for the most likely short campaign would be a stupid idea anyways.

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MP is fine the way it is

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A proper RE game? I'm pretty sure you don't decide that

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Do you hate everything that isn't Uncharted 2?

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Dude, games aren't made by one dude, you know that? Neil Druckmann didn't pull the last of us out of his ass, he had a story in mind, and the people around him helped shape and mould the game. Writers don't get fired for having different ideas. Nobody would write in video games if that was the case.

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On a decline? FFXIV would like a word with you.

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It blew up in their face? I'd say 7-8 is a good score. Just because it's not 9-10, doesn't mean it sucks.

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Damn, you are so negative dude. Maybe the story wasn't great, but the gameplay was on point (here comes the "it's repetitive" argument).

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Knew the Uncharted thing would trigger you.

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Damn, you are one negative Nancy. Why do you actively want games to be bad? It's a fun shooter. I've got 20 hours in, and I'm level 23. 20 hours is pretty damn good. You'd say Uncharted 2 is worth $60, yes? 15 hour campaign, with multiplayer. Same deal here.

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