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"This is a problem of Un-Natural proportions!"


Didn't think Dank Souls had Co Op. cool. #1.1.2
Okay, so when Dark Souls barely has any story, unless you go digging around for it, it's okay. But when Destiny does the exact same thing (Grimoire), it's a shitty game? Logic. #1.1
Of all the games that "DLC Milk", Assassin's Creed isn't exactly known for that. #1.1.4
Stop crying about the story. Nobody cried about the Dark Souls story. If you want more story, pay more attention in-game, or read the damn Grimoire cards that you collect. The game is fun. #4.1
I'd say its one of the best games of this year. What've you been playing this year? (No Remasters) #7.1
I thought the PvP wasn't great, until I got better at it. Maybe that's your problem. #3.5
You're joking right? Did you even try the beta? I attempted the Strike at level 4, and I couldn't get past the second part without some serous help, and even then, it took like 20 minutes. It's a challenging FPS, which is what I like about it. #2.2.3
God damn, BUYING the game won't support microtransactions, buying the fu#king microtransactions supports the microtransactions. Why doesn't ANYBODY on this God foresaken site get that? I'd be mad if it was multiplayer micros, but Unity only has SP and Co-Op. It won't affect you personally if you choose not to buy the microtransactions. Send a message by not buying the micros. If you're interested in the game, then buy it for that, the damn game. #5.2
You could get the game, and not buy the Single-player-only-not-affecti ng-other-players-microtransatio ns. Just a thought. #2.3
Well, you could buy the game, and just not buy the OPTIONAL ("optional" being the key word here. That's why it's capitalized. Just thought I'd point that out.) microtransactions. #3.1.1
Haven't had any problems, besides the long matchmaking times. Stop making it out to be such a big deal. most, if not every, multiplayer in ANY game needs to be patched and fixed after launch. #9.4
Ubi Art made the newer Rayman games, so yeah, still Ubisoft. #7.1
Maybe if you'd watched trailers released recently before the game came out, you wouldn't have been disappointed. Why is f*cking everyone basing their arguments off a demo from over 2 years ago. A lot of devs make their game look better at E3. The Last of Us, not in graphics, but AI. And I truly believe TLoU is the best game ever made. Or Dark Souls. People bitched about Dark Souls, but it didn't go this far. #1.1.4
Goddamn, will you people ever stop bitching about a demo that was shown TWO YEARS before the game even came out? They didn't lie to you. If you wern't smart enough to look up recent trailers of the game, but instead based all your expectations off a demo from 2012, then it's your own fault. (f*cking every dev makes their game look better at E3, examples being Darks Souls, which people only bitched about for a month, then got back to the thing that MATTERS, like the gameplay) #7.1
It's funny because Watch Dogs did everything but flop. I bet you haven't even played it. Probably just some troll lurking around the Internet to hate on Watch Dogs. Everything they showed in commercials, TV spots and trailers right before release is what was shipped. Stop dwelling on a demo from over two years ago. #3.2
So, you present your argument based on prices that are NOT final, but then call it a ripoff, even though they haven't charged you for jack shit? #8.3
The ending to the the game was fantastic. #28.2
Can't believe you think Bioshock Infinite is a better game, and has a better story. And annoying characters in The Last of Us? Yeah, okay. Get your head out of your ass. #24.7
It's funny because the prices aren't final, and Sony isn't dumb enough to keep them where they're at. Airhead. #8.2
Still $69.99 in Canada... Such bullshit. Every game is that much here. #1.10
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