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"This is a problem of Un-Natural proportions!"


I'll give you Watch Dogs (even though I liked it), but ACU was not downgraded, in terms of visuals. Gameplay? Yeah, it was messy from the get go, but the visuals were great. #5.2
Nobody was angry that Kratos was shirtless for every God of War, but when a woman looks like that, all hell breaks loose. #1.12
No tax on PSN. It's cheaper if bought digitally. #6.1
"Every single one has been a disappointment. Short story's, lacking multiplayer, poor performance, buggy or simply not working at all. These things have come to characterize games this gen so far"

The Last of Us says hello. #1.1.4
So, you base your purchases of video games from trailers that come out 2 years before the game is out? k. #9.1.2
Cry more. #3.1
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In what world does Far Cry 4 have problems across all platforms? Haven't experienced anything bad on PS4. #1.1.3
Far Cry isn't broken, Watch Dogs wasn't, Rayamn wasn't. It's not like Ubi's track record is terrible. #4.1
IGN isn't one person smart guy. #1.6
TB is too full of himself. He'd just complain that the AA only has 3 options instead of 4. #8.1.1
What gamer buys games based off a screenshot? If you do, you aren't very intelligent. #3.4
So, when Rockstar, EA or any other dev uses bullshots for their game, it's okay. But if Ubi does it.... #1.4
So, let me get this straight.... They aren't allowed to work on the bugs after it's gone gold? Stop fu*king whining about it. 99% of people who give a shit about Assassins Creed have an internet connection. #3.2
"When the PS4 can handle 1080p and 60fps"
Yeah, hell no, it can't. If they took some graphical compromises, yeah, sure. But as it is now? Hell no it can't do 60fps. Don't know about 1080p, nor do I give a shit. #1.5
I think just Arno has an English accent. #4.1
You don't need to capitalize the "big" in LittleBigPlanet. #2.3
Get your eyes checked. It looks exactly the same. #4.1
Really? It looks EXACTLY like every demo they've showed off. #13.3
Seriously? It looks literally the same as the E3 demo. Stop it.

Edit: Also, I'll leave this here. #1.5
We'll, the Last of Us is the best game to release this year (so far), and it's a damn re-release. #1.5
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