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"This is a problem of Un-Natural proportions!"


If Battlefront can run at 60, this game has literally no excuse. #3.4
Keep wearing them nostalgia goggles. I'm not singing the new games praises, hell I tell people not to buy the damn thing, but to say that the gameplay of Battlefront isn't as good, or better than the first two? Or to say that DICE was lazy, and didn't try to make a good game? Yeah, you are objectively wrong. Sure, EA selling a $70 season pass (it's worse here) is bad, but the game it's self is fun as shit. #1.2
EA isn't a developer. They fund the damn game, what is DICE supposed to do, say no to them? Battlefront is fine. Unlike you, I own the damn game. #9.2
That Battlefront hate. #9.1
Dude, don't criticize Bloodborne here. It's a good game, but apparently good games can't be criticized here, especially play station exclusives. #1.3
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Ruined Battlefield? Pop in Bf4 right now. It's not 2013 anymore. Fallout can have bugs, but a DICE game can't? k. #2.2.3
Games go gold a month (or less) before release. They keep working on it, until launch. #2.4
Yeah, I was picturing the end of Fanboys. They sit down in the theatre to see The Phantom Menace, and someone asks: "What if it sucks"? #10.1.1
Guys, what if it sucks? #10
It's funny cause the game will be super buggy, but it'll get a pass, because Bethesda. #1.1
Too smrat. #3.1.2
So, I have to be able to make a video game, or a film, to put my opinions of these things out into the world? Yeah, that's not how it works. #1.7
Dude, you say LITERALLY the same things in every comment section. It looks fine. I remember UC2, it was awesome. But it ain't coming back. #3.7
Maybe you aren't good at TLOU? I can still kick ass with just a revolver, and the shottie heavy. #1.4.3
It's funny because you think Halo will kill Destiny. #4.1
Battlefield is fine. Stop crying. #3.1
Hop on that hate bandwagon buddy. #2.2
Maybe I just think it's a fun game? #1.3
Lets just hate a game before it has any actual gameplay shown thats more than 5 seconds long. You don't think the devs have already thought of all this shit? I think you're jumping to conclusions. #2.9
Yeah, I think it looks great. I didn't play the other Battlefronts, so I don't have my nostalgia goggles on, and I think it looks good. #6.1
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