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"This is a problem of Un-Natural proportions!"


Oh no, is FFXV not turn based? Maybe if you cried more, they'd change the entire direction of the game. Just Cause is fun as hell, an Mad Max looks great. #7.1.2
Unity is way higher on my list. I'd say it'd be ACB, AC: BF, then AC2, and Unity. #6.1
Uncharted 4. #17.1
Never mind that it takes 40 fucking minutes to cross the map on a damn horse, or that the game still looks great. Let's just whine about a trailer from 2 years ago. #10.3
It's a reboot, not a sequel. Get used to it. #1.7
3 MP maps, new story missions and areas, new hub area, new guns and gear. BF4 and CoD charge $15 for 4 maps. I don't get the argument here. #6.1.2
LOTs of people still play BF4. If the launch is steady, this game will last a while. #1.3
the preorder bonus is a free map. you get it 8 days early if you pre order. they aren't releasing it on day one because episode 7. they want the hype to be real. #15.2
Oh my God, I have to wait eight days for a free map. Boo Hoo. #15.1
You've seen absolutely no real gameplay. none. at all. how is it ruined? #10.1.1
Guys, don't say anything nice about DX12 or Microsoft here, you'll get disagrees. #1.3
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$155 w/ shipping on #1.3.4
You do know that Ubisoft has different development teams, right? Ubisoft Montreal (AC, Watch Dogs) has nothing to do with this game. #2.1
Not at launch you wouldn't. I like the game, but it was pretty bad at launch. It's fine now though. #24.1.1
Nobody remembers Far Cry, or Rayman. Oh no, ubisoft released other games the looked and ran great? Better not mention them. #8.1.4
You want the game to fail? Little sad, don't you think? #4.1.1
I'll give you Watch Dogs (even though I liked it), but ACU was not downgraded, in terms of visuals. Gameplay? Yeah, it was messy from the get go, but the visuals were great. #5.2
Nobody was angry that Kratos was shirtless for every God of War, but when a woman looks like that, all hell breaks loose. #1.12
No tax on PSN. It's cheaper if bought digitally. #6.1
"Every single one has been a disappointment. Short story's, lacking multiplayer, poor performance, buggy or simply not working at all. These things have come to characterize games this gen so far"

The Last of Us says hello. #1.1.4
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