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That would actually be pretty interesting!

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I hope you're having fun! And don't be afraid to say hi to famous people! ;) I'm glad I wasn't when I was at CES!

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Lemme pull out my AP Style book and we will start knit-picking! :P jk

I'm looking forward to Infamous 2. I wasn't that big on the first one, but I didn't hate it.

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We are nuts...yes. Nuts. ;)

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Great job Dusty and the gang. Just woke up and everything is good to go!

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That's kind of good in my case. At least it happens after my finals are done lol. Though if it happened on the 14 I might not have a final that day.Either way, I don't mind though.

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Well, Cat did say she would probably wear heels so maybe people were thinking you were just wearing stilettos and were short. Though if you did, you may of been towering over him then ;)

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You should probably clarify a bit as you did on the forums. The staff aren't really involved in this like it is made out to be, but more so who owns the site, or as you say, "elite". To my knowledge, even the admins don't get paid nearly as much of the money you are suggesting either, and of course as said before the mods do not (which unlike contributors haven't been hired like mods/admins have).

As for your suggestion of upping the prize that probably could be done (I...

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You should send me a shirt since I can't be there. ;)

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In the future, just leave them alone and report them as necessary. Thanks.

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7 sku's? I can understand maybe 2 or 3 for people who either want something basic or want everything or stuff here and there, but some of this sounds a little overdone. Windows 7 basic allowing 3 apps concurrently? So you would only be able to run 3 at one go? Would this be in all netbooks perhaps? In that case I can sorta understand, though by then netbooks could be more powerful. but still a few versions would be good not 7 of them lol even if it matches windows 7 lol.

I was th...

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I loved the Rogue Squadron series a lot, and I wanted a sequel. Oh well lol

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I dont really mind if it is lol. I was thinking of getting rid of XP(it runs pretty well in bootcamp on my mbp but still gives me issues) and go to vista with SP2 in bootcamp, or use linux, but I might just wait untill windows 7 to upgrade, and wait to build a gaming rig then as well.

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There is a Brothers in Arms game I'm hearing about. It seems it has crashing issues so a lot people are complaining about that and rightly so, however it seems the people that are able to play it are liking it. It seems a step in a good direction.

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It seems for many vista has been hit or miss. I think to a certain extent its the bandwagon to hate vista however many have good reason to(plus the vista capable sticker was misleading in many cases, thus many had to go back to XP).

When my older computer died(was using windows xp media center 2005) I used the vista PC in the house and it was fairly powerful, and good enough to use vista(top of the line virus software, as in business virus software because my dad used it for work...

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Wow people make WAY too big of a deal of this lol. I saw a difference but nothing too bad. The ps3 version seemed blurrier, though the only time I really noticed it was at the very beginning in the water, so its really no big deal,

But that is just what I saw. There are sooo many different claims here lol. So the question is who is right?

I will still probably gamefly the ps3 version regardless of how it looks for the extra content depending on what it is lol. Then a...

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you know why i love my dS!!?? cause it doesnt YLOD or RROD liek the PS3 or 360 doez.

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the mods r all part of some defenseforce thingy for their INFERIOR console!

Maybe they shoudl come to the open zone where the real debates occur!

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"9.5 -
"Emma grows concerned about the groundhogs in Emma in the Mountains because they haven't come out of hibernation yet."

I mean she cares....She really cares. "

That moment could seriosuly be halied as one of the most touching thought provoking scenes in gaming history, and from the sounds of it is an underlying theme throughout the game that emanates in every moment.

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I haves a life!!! i gots a car anda job and 3 friendz what are you talkin about?

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