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I was pleasantly surprised by the daily bonuses. Really awesome addition that keeps you wanting to come back. (Not that this game needed it, it's freaking incredible.) #1
I was just about to say, they're making so dang much off those Amiibos... I don't think they should have said something like this as a console maker. They're basically saying they're not going to try and expand their gaming selection, and that they're going to keep all that money instead to themselves. They should be using it to improve their product by expanding their list of games. #1.2
I'm just glad they're listening to fans and what they want fixed with the game. They're willing to update it until it's as good as it can be, and that's awesome of them. #1.3

For real, can't wait for this game. #2
I'm jealous too, because I had it in my cart. Then, right before I purchased it, they said it was no longer available.... :\ #1.2
Call it a K.O. all you want, I call that a win lol. #5.2
As someone who really enjoys collectibles and trying to 100% a game, I agree with you... You shouldn't have to beat a game on the hardest difficulty, or try to collect every single thing to unlock the 'real' ending. It's not fair to those that can't, and it's not fair to fans of your franchise in general. Everyone that bought the game deserves to see the actual ending.

I enjoy games like Kingdom Hearts, where you have to get 100% to see teasers for... #11.5
It's quite simple... Companies see money. If Kojima's last game doesn't earn much, Konami will think they made the right choice letting him go. However, if it gets really high sales, they'll see that nothing after this game will compete with MGS V's sales. Then they'll understand that it was a mistake to let him go. #1.5
It's personally my favorite mobile game, and one of the few I actually kept on my phone. I've not spent a single dollar, yet have an incredible team of all SSR characters nearing max levels. I never really felt like anything was designed to make me pay unless I wanted to. #1
Heh, for all we know this might have been the issue that Kojima got fired over. I could see him protesting this kind of thing. #2.1
Obviously those disagrees were people who hit the wrong button, trying to agree with you. #6.1
Just buy it man, one last hurrah for Kojima. Show Konami how great sales are for Hideo's last game, then withhold buying anything from them afterwards. That way, they'll get to SEE just how badly their decision was to boot him out. #9.2
Yesss, I can't freaking wait!! Now to go distract myself for a little over a week... #3
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Anything Konami will inevitably do with Metal Gear after Kojima's departure, I'm staying away from. This is the final Metal Gear from the creator, I sure as hell won't be playing any future titles without him being a part of it. I can only hope Konami doesn't start doing 'yearly' Metal Gear titles...

This is the sendoff the series deserves, I'd hate to see it being dragged through the dirt with constant new entries now that Kojima is not there. #1.1.1
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I'm looking forward to playthroughs of this and MGS V. Two amazing games that I'll play the hell out of, then watch others do so as well, lol. #1.1
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I agree, I'm scared to even refresh N4G now. The last thing I want is a major spoiler a little over a week from the game launching... :\

If it were any other series, I probably wouldn't care that much. Getting spoiled on something like Metal Gear Solid though, especially the last game from Kojima... That would be the worst... Considering how plot heavy these games are, a spoiler is detrimental.

I'm probably going to have to stay away until th... #1.2
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They've failed so many times with this game and localization. When it was first coming out, I was really excited. Now, I wouldn't play it if Sega paid me to do so. They lost all of my excitement. #2.2
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I'd buy the hell out of it... #1
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That's a heck of a gift! Can't wait for this game, so close now... #1
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@DragonKnight - So, just because a character looks kind of like something from an anime, it's cliche? I guarantee you the same could be said for just about any RPG game characters. There's way too much anime out there, of course some will resemble them.

@Godmars290 - No, I'm saying design in general. Not whether the sprite style is better/worse than the CG. Sephiroth just has a very cohesive and great 'bad guy' design. #4.1.3
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