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I get that they didn't have original voice actors for some characters in previous games. I just mean with this being the big finale of the Kingdom Hearts series (up til now with the Xehanort saga.) You'd think they'd try to go all out with stuff like that, is all I'm saying.

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I mean, we still have time until the game releases. Would be weird if they didn't at least try to get original voice actors, especially for a game as big as KH3.

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I'll stick with Fortnite, lol.

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I realized it looked like crap from the first trailer. I'm a big fan of the series, sad to see it getting such poor treatment in video game form. Seven Deadly Sins definitely deserves better.

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Definitely agree, their prices are insane.

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As long as I can get it this year, whether it's tomorrow or the very last day of the year. Just knowing it's coming in 2018 is enough for me.

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Who cares if it's announced at E3. I mean, at least we know it's coming this year. That's all that really matters.

Still have this game locked down on pre-order from Amazon for like 40 bucks haha.

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The Ifrit fight was incredibly memorable. Best part of the game in my opinion.

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Saying it's getting whacky, when you don't even know how the story puts this all together yet... A little premature there buddy.

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I'll take some of what you're smoking please, lol.

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Don't know what you're playing. I hardly ever have crashes, and only rarely experience lag issues these days. The game has improved a whole lot compared to when it first came out.

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I mean, she grew up in America, right? Makes sense that she'd have a great English cover for her own song.

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Nice, I did the same with Destiny 2. Good on ya!

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Good for Twitch, take a hard stance against these parasites looking for easy cash.

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Ahhh, reminds me of when I tried using a DDR mat to play FF XII. Good times...

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I quit a few days before the Christmas event. Traded in my copy, and haven't looked back. Feels good man, feels good. This is what happens when you mistreat your community.

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Bruh... Couldn't have waited 2 years, or found someone else?

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Wow, in that case never mind what I said previously! Man, I don't understand how they manage to keep putting all this content out for Realm Reborn. It's crazy the amount of support they give it.

We may never get a Final Fantasy VI remake, but at least we are now able to see what the final fight would look like in HD. The glory Kefka deserves, lol.

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Looks awesome, kind of disappointed we didn't get his final form though. Considering that music played during the update trailer. Thought for sure it would go to form 4.

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Why don't people understand the difference between Remakes and Remasters...? You did NOT buy this game for PS2 or PS3. You bought the OLD version of SotC twice. This is an entirely new version of the game.

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