You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!


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Mech Assault... Please do! Used to have a blast with that game back on the original Xbox!

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Really sucks man... Two of my friends were really looking forward to this...

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Despite its flaws, I had a blast playing through FFXV. Turned out to be a really great game, and I'm happy it did. Though, the story would have been fairly lackluster for those who never saw Kingsglaive or Brotherhood unfortunately.

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PLEASE, can we please get that noodle hat for Noctis!! I need that while I grind AP...

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Ys games have never been about graphics though. It looks decent enough, I just hope the frame rate is locked down tight. Excited to see a new Ys game coming though, really great series.

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I certainly wouldn't complain getting an Ardyn flashback chapter or something akin to that. Ardyn is one of the highlights of this game, no doubt. Really great antagonist!

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If it wasn't episodic, we'd be waiting until 2020 to play the game... I'm much happier being able to experience it earlier than that.

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Haha, yeah, that camp scene hit hard...

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I really liked him as a character. Especially Ray Chase for his voice actor, it fits him perfectly. He does a great job of conveying his emotions throughout the game. (barring a few lines I thought could have been done better.) Having finished the game today, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kind of wish it'd been longer, because things were getting so interesting nearing the end.

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Calm down, you're trying too hard...

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I was hooked on this for a good hour when I first came across it. I kept wanting to do 'just one more', every time I tried to pull myself away.

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Disagreed, completely.

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Haha, beautiful! I really appreciated Leviathan in the noodle cup.

On a serious note though... I am in love with this game. Even with its flaws, I'm 33 hours in, and this might just be in my top 15 favorite games. Haven't been so enamored with a game in years. I just hope future updates sort out these small issues. Regardless, this is one of the only games I've pre-ordered that feels like it's worth every single bit of its retail price.

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4 and 5, definitely my favorites from this series. Fantastic games, with an incredible soundtrack.

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@MRMAgoo123 - Semantics my good sir. You get what I mean, lol. It's very addicting.

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Just going to say, as a LONG time fan of the Final Fantasy series, having played (and beaten) every mainline entry since FF1 on the Nintendo. I didn't care much for FF13, agreed. However, FF15 is amazing. FF13 was a decent RPG, not a good FF game. Whereas FF15 is certainly worthy of a place in the Final Fantasy series. Not saying 15 is perfect, it has its flaws, but I haven't been so hooked to a game in years. Literally can't stop playing it.

Also, as Noxr...

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Sorry, it won't. :)

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You're just spreading all this FF XV hate from the last 3-4 comments I've seen of yours. Stop acting like you 'know' it's a bad game. You don't, and you're coming off as being rather desperate to smear this game.

If it ends up disappointing, that's one thing. However, the game has not even officially launched yet, so you don't have any basis for your comments.

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Sigh... Now I have to be super wary of spoilers... Great...

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Did not even know this was a thing... I am now quite interested. Hoping it's on par or better than Rurouni Kenshin's live-action adaptation. FMA Brotherhood is one of the only anime series I actually own. Couldn't help buying the set, as it's one of the best anime series I've seen.

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