You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!


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A cohesive story... Don't get me wrong, I love what they were going for. They just cut way too much out that needed to be in there.

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Did I say I was okay with that? No, no I did not.

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Just like everyone else has denounced PETA?

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Wait what? How old is this? I remember hearing someone did this a few years back.

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If they revamped Chrono Trigger and made it exclusive for one system I'd be kind of pissed. That is a game that everyone should be able to partake in. Though, I seriously doubt we'll ever see a comeback for that series... Square has just been sitting on the IP doing nothing with it for ages.

Still, interested to hear what this might be... I don't own a Switch, but I'm certainly looking for excuses to pick one up in the future.

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Hahaha, that is glorious!

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They're robots... of course they're not going to be destroyed so easily...

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Thank goodness, at least we know it's a real Kojima game if that's the case, lol.

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DoomeDx was talking about the hand on the wall animation.

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A little too late for that honestly. I'm sure they lost quite a few sales with Halo 5 because of that. The campaign for Halo games is always fun, but it's the multi-player aspect that keeps it going. It's just a lot more fun with friends when you're in the same room.

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It's because a lot of these people held FFVII to an absurd standard. If the remake isn't exactly to their imagined ideal, they rage. I am an enormous fan of FFVII myself, played it through at least 10+ times throughout the years. Yet I'm not upset on the changes we've seen so far. Let's face it, the game needs a little modernization. It's been what? Around two decades now? Like you said, at least they're giving us something. Considering how long it has been...

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Isn't that what you do when you're being shot at...? I don't think Cloud exactly wants to be riddled with bullets.

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I actually had fun with this one... Just for the entertainment value of seeing some of these characters go head-to-head, if nothing else.

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Yeah, Dokkan is a good case for the F2P model. Brave Exvius is another, as well as Naruto Blazing. None of these have ever felt to me like I needed to pay money to get better. Which is why they're some of the only mobile games I actually play.

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Mech Assault... Please do! Used to have a blast with that game back on the original Xbox!

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Really sucks man... Two of my friends were really looking forward to this...

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Despite its flaws, I had a blast playing through FFXV. Turned out to be a really great game, and I'm happy it did. Though, the story would have been fairly lackluster for those who never saw Kingsglaive or Brotherhood unfortunately.

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PLEASE, can we please get that noodle hat for Noctis!! I need that while I grind AP...

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Ys games have never been about graphics though. It looks decent enough, I just hope the frame rate is locked down tight. Excited to see a new Ys game coming though, really great series.

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I certainly wouldn't complain getting an Ardyn flashback chapter or something akin to that. Ardyn is one of the highlights of this game, no doubt. Really great antagonist!

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