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Xbox gamers certainly got a great looking one with Dead Rising 4! The game looks fantastic. I really enjoyed the first game, but couldn't get into the second or third. This entry has renewed my interest though, no doubt! I don't have an X1, but games like this definitely tempt me.

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Definitely agree with you there. It looks like a cool fight, but man I can't really get hyped about it because of the guy holding the controller. I mean come on, he should have at least some knowledge on how to play the game if he's going to be doing it in front of a crowd...

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Wow, major letdown honestly... Don't know how to feel about this.

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Um, what? Don't complain about disagrees when you're saying something is a bad game. That's your opinion, and a lot of people just didn't agree with it. You're jumping to the conclusion that it's just Sony fanboys defending it, when in actuality it's just that people simply disagree with what you said.

There are plenty of games I really love that didn't get great reviews, just because the scores weren't the best doesn't mean it'...

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Can't say for sure, but the last two Persona games were incredible. The past two Final Fantasy titles, not so much... However, with that said... FFXV's scale and graphics set it ahead of most JRPG's we've seen the past few years. If it's as good as the trailers make it look, it'll be hard to compete with. Either way, I'm super pumped for both and will be buying both the day they release! Great time to be an RPG fan!

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Please no... He's not the right person for this series...

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Wish it was a remaster or something at least... Still, one of my favorite RPGs out there, so I'll most likely buy it anyway just to show support.

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Haha, my cousin did the same thing and got a lifetime suspension on his 360 back in the day. Ahh, memories...

It's really not that bad opening a console up and messing around, the only real drawback is that dang warranty BS.

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Seriously... You HAVE to be trolling, even as an Xbox fan. There were moments while playing Uncharted 4, that I had to remind myself it was a game. Some scenes look photo-realistic at times. Sure, it's not 100% across the board when it comes to realism, but it nails it a majority of the time. Not to mention, the game's attention to detail is beyond 95% of what we've seen in games up to this point in time. Again, it's not the perfect game (I don't think any game is pe...

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You say you know what Depth of Field is, yet you're clearly complaining about the blurriness of the background. The photos show a clear upgrade in character models. There was also no expectation of a massive improvement, the game already looked amazing beforehand, after all. It is however a rather apparent upgrade regardless, I don't even need to look at the full picture to see that.

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Haven't beaten it yet, but I always wished the Uncharted games were longer when it came to previous entries. So, this is definitely not a bad thing to hear for myself. The quality and attention to detail I've seen up to chapter 6 is incredible though. Unlike any game I've ever seen before. If the main negative point of a review is that we get too much of that, I don't see a downside honestly.

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Both, simple as that. It's always nice to switch up to a fresh character after playing for numerous hours on another. Yet at the same time, you're still having to grind out all the same things you did with your first character. So, in that regard, things are going to be exhausting in trying to get them up to par with your other character(s).

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Agreed! SimAnt was amazing back in the day. It was just so different, I still go back and play it from time to time.

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Gotta say, this is a unique spam... Um... Yeah, no...

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I really hope this is not the case... I hated when the 3DS did this, and I'll hate it if/when PS4 does this. It's a slap in the face to those that bought the inferior versions of the console, thinking they'd be able to play ALL games coming to that system for its lifetime. That's what you SHOULD expect, when buying a console. Not to have a newer version come out 2-3 years down the line and have exclusive higher detailed games that you can't play on the older hardware. ...

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Really depends on the game. The Disgaea series for instance, you can basically grind out infinite levels for your characters. However, it's done in a way that rewards all the extra effort. A lot of the end game stuff is just on a whole new level over the last boss. I enjoy games that have a ton of end game content. I don't want a game that takes forever to beat. I do want a game that takes forever to finish. That's where the line is drawn, between the time it takes to beat ...

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Still blows my mind... How did they achieve an open world of this scale? It seems enormous, almost too good to be true. One of the few games I'm actually really hyped for.

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I'm sure they'll release a PC version. Have faith! Square-Enix has been doing a lot of PC porting lately, so that's a very good sign.

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Even more hyped now! Awesome news, so good to hear Sakaguchi had some input in this game.

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