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"You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!"


"The makers of Castlevania."

That line is going to make some people angry, lol... Just saying... Granted, I loved Lords of Shadow. Just, not the second game. #1
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Um, what? It's the MGS gameplay I've come to expect, except this time it's more fluid and a little faster paced. Nothing at all wrong with that, in fact it's an improvement in my opinion. I'm a super fan of Metal Gear, and I couldn't be any more excited about it. Ground Zeroes was a ton of fun, the only thing holding it back was the somewhat small area you could explore. #4.2
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Lol, "Are you still playing Rocket League?" Umm... Yes, it has cemented itself as a staple in my gaming lineup with friends. We'll definitely be playing this game for months and months.

Awesome that we're getting a free new map, and some other goodies as well! Can't wait! #1
Funny, considering Obsidian's Fallout was pretty much the same as Fallout 3 in terms of mechanics and style. I played, and loved both Fallout 3 and New Vegas but they were honestly really similar. New Vegas felt like a huge expansion to me, rather than a new Fallout game. #4.1
Not really a surprise if you played the original, I knew it would be fantastic. Haven't had quite this much fun gaming with friends in a long time. #2
Yet there were still people saying it was exclusive. I really don't mind either way though. I personally like Uncharted a lot better than Tomb Raider these days. I feel like all the rather mediocre Tomb Raider games that kept coming out before the reboot made me lose interest in the series completely. Don't know why, but I just couldn't get into the reboot like I wanted to. It looks like a really cool game, but Uncharted won over my heart it seems in Tomb Raider's absence. #5.1.1
Not going to go through freaking 17 pages... It's ridiculous when you can put several on one page just as easily. #1
It's definitely coming to PC as well, but I want this on my PS4 myself. The PS1 was where I first played FF7, and I want to experience it again on a PS system. Granted, I do own the FF7 PC version, which is awesome. I even took the time to completely remaster the soundtrack. I love that you can do that on PC...

It wouldn't surprise me if this ended up being a console exclusive for Sony. I think they're still in talks about a deal. Otherwise, they would have... #2.2
I believe they already said a while back they had a date in mind for release. They just haven't come out and said it yet. I'd bet money we have this game in our hands sometime next year. #5.1
The man certainly deserves some respect for taking on such huge responsibility. I would be terrified if I were in charge of remaking one of the most iconic games ever. #2.2.3
Bushido Blade is still fun to play even today. I don't get why we don't have any sword fighting games like this anymore. Even if it's not the same franchise, the combat system was so great. I want to see that implemented into a game with today's graphics. #2
I loved the original, and this game just perfects it. I've been playing this with friends over the past few weeks and it's just amazing. This is the kind of stuff I want in games, pure fun with a pretty coat of paint over top of it all. I would have gladly paid full price for this game, getting it free with PS+ is just a huge bonus. #1
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Yep, I agree completely. So long as a game runs smoothly, it doesn't matter if it's 30, 60, or 120 FPS. The main issue is the stutter or slow down effect when dips in the FPS occur. #1.1
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As someone who's played through FF VII at least 6-7 times... I would very much prefer turn based combat on this one. However, I wouldn't mind them going more the Crisis Core route for gameplay. Something that allows commands, but also involves movement. In a perfect world, it would have the ATB the original had, but a change up in combat style won't ruin it for me. The characters, world and the story are what matter most. So long as those remain intact. It'll all be good. #4.2
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Lol, that man was serious about the way he games. #3
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If this little stain is a 'human being', I don't want to be part of the species anymore. I sincerely hope he gets slammed with major time in jail/prison, or has such a huge fine slapped in his face that he can't hope to pay it off within the next 20 years.

Eh, that's just my opinion on things though. Here's hoping he does get broken and eliminated. #4.1.1
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Or, you know... You could find someone that actually accepts your gaming habits. Someone that you have things in common with? Man, some people are pathetic. If you don't like your girl getting in the way of your gaming, I don't know... Maybe she's not the girl you want to be dating? Just a crazy idea. #1
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One day the anime will get to this point after countless filler... One day... Nah, probably not.

At least we'll get to experience the finale of the series in Storm 4. #1
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Yep, Kingdom Hearts 2 was better than the first game in a lot of areas. Though the first will always be nostalgic, as it started this awesome series.

Birth by Sleep was amazing as well, although I felt some scenes were a little rushed. I was also sad that the epic cutscene battle with Xehanort wasn't actually in the game itself.

Overall, I have no worries about Kingdom Hearts 3. It will be incredible, Square Enix (or rather Nomura) have proven themselv... #1.1.1
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Aw, would have been better if it had been a Sony or Microsoft executive, lol. #1
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