You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!


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Exactly, it's the control layout you use most over time that becomes the most 'natural feeling'. It has nothing to do with offset or symmetrical sticks. I prefer symmetrical personally, but have no issues with offset.

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Lol, you want a sexy female Sephiroth...? Uh... Why?

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David Cage games are usually a bit divisive in terms of reviews. I don't care what score this gets, to be honest. I'm buying it to support him. I love all of his games, they're always really unique. This one will be no exception.

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That would be legendary, if they got him on board to direct or at least supervise the project somehow...

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Wait, this game didn't launch with an option for a private party?

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I mean, if this is true... I do love Fable, if done right it could be a heavy presence for Microsoft. I just feel like the Lionhead developers never lived up to what Fable could actually be. Hopefully if it has a new studio, it'll attain the greatness it was meant to be.

It's been a while since I've been excited for anything from Microsoft. This could be the one. Again, if it's actually a real thing. Fingers crossed that's the case! Also, please h...

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Your list is wrong. As UCForce mentioned, Bloodborne was released in 2015. You were just trying to mislead others by saying that year had "none" for Sony exclusives.

How about staying to articles that you actually have knowledge about? It's clear by anyone that sees your comment history that you're against Sony. Not to mention, all aboard the Microsoft train. Of course you're going to try and undermine the incredible exclusives that have come out ...

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Of course you are EA, we already know you're money hungry. You don't have to keep spelling it out for us, lol.

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Can I still hope the From Software teaser was for Tenchu...? Probably not, but man I want another Tenchu so bad...

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I honestly don't care what gets Game of the Year. The fact is, God of War is incredible, and this is going to be incredible. Just happy for both.

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Haha, it's not major... By any means. It may be a slight issue at times, but nothing that impacts the game's quality. Making a mountain out of a molehill as they say.

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She had an interesting design, so I can't wait to see her in the new engine. Would love a boss battle with her in KH3. We should get one for every member that returns.

I kind of hope we get something similar to 2's Final Mix. Where we can fight full powered versions of every member in the Organization as secret bosses.

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I am absolutely loving the game, although I have noticed a few minor issues. (Saw some rock textures floating in the air, had a few tiny frame drop spots. Also had a weird one, where I threw my axe at something and it made the game pause and have to load for a second before moving again. Even brought up the little loading symbol on the bottom right of the screen.) Regardless, these are tiny problems in a game that does so much right. Definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences I'...

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Yep, I got spoiled on a few things (including an image of the last boss) because of recommend videos on YouTube. Just because I looked at one trailer. One trailer after the game launched, hadn't watched anything else on it.

It's incredible how just how crappy YouTube has gotten over the last few years.

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Would love a remake of the Pod Racing game on N64. Didn't expect much from it when I rented it, but it turned out to be a really fun game.

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The grinding was never the issue with Destiny. It's the fact that there's just no point in this one, to even do it.

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Kind of hard not to, when you spend years upon years of your life working on something that is going to be judged.

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Haha, agreed. I bought it a while back, have yet to touch it... I've just had so many other things keeping me busy. Haven't really thought about it.

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Egyptian would be awesome! Would love a boss fight against Anubis, Ra, Osiris, etc.

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Nope, not interested in Mobile. I have two games I play on my phone, and it's mainly when I'm bored.

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