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"Lord Seventh"


Tabata already said, he was sorry about the day one demo thing. He stated that he wanted to do a public demo a little later on. Something different from what we get with Type-0.

I don't mind buying the game for the demo though, especially if the demo is as large as they said it is. It's like playing an actual part of the game, more than a demo. #1.2
They should do zombie dinosaurs. #1.1
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I hadn't realized they'd changed up composers. Whoever did the music from the PS2 remake of Romancing SaGa. I suppose that was Kenji Ito? #4.1.1
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Awesome series, I hope they keep the same person for the music. I've always loved the music of the SaGa games. #4
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Go away, no one likes your comments. Not Sony fans, not Nintendo fans, not PC fans, and not Microsoft Fans. #1.2
Am I missing something? How much is it? I looked up and down the article several times and couldn't find a price tag. #4
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Actually, that is J-Stars, but yeah it just takes you to a picture of it instead of the article. #1.1
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I was just mad that they built up the Ten Tail battle at the end, and then just basically ended. I was all hyped, thinking the battle was actually going to be in the game. #4.1
Um, what? Forza Horizon 2 does not look better... I mean, it looks great, but Driveclub definitely wins graphically with the attention to detail. It's almost obsessive. Especially the weather effects. #11.1
Motaro has always been one of my favorites. #13.1
It's still pretty fun, but they've just ruined it with lack of content, and having an 'expansion' that costs 1/3 the price of the full game for a few extra missions and a raid. The game could have been so much more, it's sad to see how they're squandering it away. #2.1
Now I want to hear what Master Chief's Japanese voice would sound like... #1
So... 10 sets of barely covered boobs bouncing around at once? #1
Make it so Nintendo, make it so... #3
I second this, Cyber Sleuth would be amazing to have... I'm not even really into Digimon, but that game looks freaking awesome. #5.1
This looks quite promising! Please... Please be good... #1
It was enjoyable at a base level though? If so, that's good to hear. Also, I'm curious how the PS4 version will be... Wonder if they're taking some time to amp up the graphics, frame rate, etc. #1.1.1
It's crazy that this is coming to NA... Never would have believed it. Did anyone actually play the imported version? Was it good? #1
Wow, never thought this would be coming to America... #1
This = mine

Can't wait to see the events of Naruto through to the end in motion. Gonna take way too long for the anime to get there, so I'm quite excited. The HD version of this trailer is so much better, like watching a completely new video lol. #1
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