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"You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!"


Wonderful news if true! I'll definitely be picking it up on PS4 if that's the case. #3
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Haha yeah, just sort of came to me. They have been more or less forcing Kojima to keep doing Metal Gear for a long time. I'm curious to see what his next project will be after doing MGS for so long. #4.1.1
Nice! Looking forward to seeing more about it in the future! #2
Who's to say they don't change outfits in the game? Also, they act similar because they've been around each other for quite some time. You tend to get into a groove with friends you've known for a while. Just about everyone, some to a lesser extent, act certain ways around certain people. #1.1
Lol, next people are going to say P.T. was really Kojima's resignation and a metaphor for his life working at Konami. An endless cycle that gets darker and darker.

Nah though, it really is a shame such a great concept was lost because of stupid decisions by Konami. #4
Geralt is the main character for you the player, not for the story though. #2.1
Man this is too funny. Had to pause it half way through. #6
There will be a free demo (not this one). If the director of the game's words are anything to go by. It's just that people who picked up Type-0 early on got to check out something sooner. #3.2
*Unhooks PS4* Nah... *Hooks it back up* #1
That's exactly right, and that's why I'm liking it so much. I'm not too sure what it's like at high levels, but I'm a little ways into FF VI's area and I'm moving along smoothly with no issues. Just seems like a pure fan service game, which is awesome. #1.1.1
As does everyone in the world, lol. #1
Yeah, surprisingly it's one of the only phone games I really like. Not a lot of walls preventing you from playing without paying. Which is great. #1
Yeah, it's like saying any woman that's in the modeling business is too stereotypical. They just aren't realistic enough for me lol. #6.1.3
The story is coherent... Gotta pay attention to things man. There's a lot going on, so it can be a little overwhelming. When you get it though, it's really good. This is one of those series where anyone else trying to make a story out of this universe besides Kojima would just fall flat. #3.3
@Anorexorcist - I think the issue people took with Raiden was that he was taking the place of Solid Snake. Everyone wanted to play as Solid in MGS2. They were disappointed having to take over as someone new, which resulted in him taking a lot of flak. #3.1.2
So... If you've played Call of Duty, you'll like Call of Duty lol. #1
Don't forget Bloodborne as well. All of those games, and Witcher 3 just make this such a good year for gaming! #1.1.1
Dang haha, and I thought my friend and I getting from 70 to Paragon 50 in one night was good... #1
Exactly, it's like... Just because a girl turns a certain number, only then does she become attractive. It's a ridiculous notion. Just as long as you don't go chasing after them lol, that's when you're visited by... #3.3.1
Kojima and Guillermo need to remain teamed up, go elsewhere and make the same game. Just rename it Quiet Slopes, lol. Boom, problem solved. #1.1.5
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