You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!


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You mean he went with Squall instead of Zell?? Pshh, wasted opportunity... Lol.

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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 1&2 would be an awesome candidate for a remake, in my opinion.

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Oh man, An Ultimecia boss fight, or a Kuja one would be awesome. Sephiroth is great, but we've already had him in two main games.

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Wolf Among Us, finally!

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Ha, meanwhile I beat it shortly after release and wish I had waited... With all the new stuff they've put into this game through patches. Though it will surely make the 2nd playthrough all the better whenever I decide to get to it.

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I can't see a game of this graphical fidelity on Switch. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the Switch. They'd have to make some sacrifices to get it running smoothly though. Still, it would be nice to include Switch gamers as well. The more the merrier.

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The destruction in Crackdown 3 is nice, the visuals? Not so much... Crackdown had me so pumped at first, but the latest trailers have done nothing but disappoint for me personally. Still hoping it turns out well regardless, only time will tell.

On the other hand, Spider-man has gotten me more excited with each bit of news on it. Used to play Spider-man 2 all the time on Gamecube back in the day. I've been wanting a REAL next-gen Spider-man experience for a loooong ...

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It's easier to troll if you sound believable, just saying lol.

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Nah, development of this game has been going smoothly ever since the transition to Unreal Engine 4. I could see that if they were still using FFXV's engine, but they're not. I actually kind of expected a 2018 release date, but it's just really nice to hear.

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Gotta be either Kairi or Aqua. I don't see them doing DDD all over again with Riku/Sora. Especially with the way Kingdom Hearts likes to change things up each game.

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Still awesome to see this addition if nothing else. It'll be nice to have the whole group actually fighting together.

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Can't really say that as of yet. Though I do have mention, I was already impressed with the indoor visuals of the Toy Story world. When they were outside the house though? That kind of blew me away, the world looked so damn good.

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Finally, we have a release year at last people!

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They've made the web swinging traversal faster since the last trailer! All I needed to hear, even more pumped!!

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Definitely going to buy it again on PC if this is true. Loved Ys Seven!

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The hell? I thought I'd heard it was taking so long to port to PS4 BECAUSE of the story mode... Wow, if this is true my hype for this game just dropped quite a bit...

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Wish they wouldn't call it Metal Gear, gotta cash in on that brand recognition though right Konami? It's all they've got left now that they lost their best talent, lol.

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Exactly, this was actually one of my favorite games during the PS3/360 era. (Despite the framerate issues on console) the game was really good. I think the music and the set pieces are what really made it shine. Some of those backdrops were amazing in the first Lords of Shadow.

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That's really cool of them! Must be an awesome feeling to be creating a fan-based project. Then have the actual developers give you the go-ahead on it. I didn't care for Halo 5, but I definitely have some new respect for 343 Industries.

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Looked pretty good to me. Despite the fact that I'm a bit fatigued on zombie games at the moment. I know some of my friends are going to get it, so I'll wait and see... Hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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