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"You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!"


Eugh, I kinda wanted to try this, but now I'm not so sure I'll enjoy it... I hate that kind of stuff, makes me cringe just hearing it. #1
Oh come on, if you're going to go Payday, at least rob a bank or something... McDonald's constitutes a ski mask at best, lol. #2
Yeah, I just want them to confirm stage fatalities, brutalities, and animalities... I'll be so stoked if even one of these three are announced! #3.1
Man, that's just awesome... I rarely get on WoW these days, as I used to be an avid player back around Burning Crusade... This is really nice to see though. Especially considering I quit because of all the negative people I kept getting grouped with. I just found it wasn't fun to play anymore because of all the people that took stats over strategy.

This however restores my faith a bit... Makes me think back to my early days in the game, when people were helpful a... #1
Man, the more I see it, the more I realize I need to own this game... Comes out right near my birthday too, I think I know what I'm picking up... ;] #1
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Yeah, he's been a favorite of mine since he first appeared UMK 3. #1.1
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"and the first numbered sequel to what is widely considered to be one of the greatest game of all time in seven years now"

The hell is this sentence trying to say? Lol, oh Gamingbolt...

Anyway, I'm extremely excited for Persona 5, I'm hoping we get to see some actual gameplay! Persona 4 sucked away my life for a short while, I fully expect P5 to do the same. #4
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Hmm, that's odd... I personally enjoyed the heck out of the demo. It's a little rough around the edges, but if you're a fan of the series it's really entertaining. #2.1
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I'd buy the heck out of this... #2
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Yeah, if we had an equivalent deal here in the US, I'd hop right on it... #2.1
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There are a lot of RPG games on Vita. #1.1.1
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I think they should have a period of time after changing your name. Like, being able to change it once every month or so... I don't believe you should have to pay for it. Maybe those that change it frequently should have to pay after a certain number of times. But, it's lame to charge when you just want to change it once after a couple years of having the same username... Wish PSN would step up and make this an option... #1.3.1
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AC 2 was my favorite... Until Black Flag...

Amazing game on both PS4 and X1, getting either of these versions for $15 or under is a steal. #2.1.1
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As a fan of the series, I enjoyed this a little too much. If this comes to NA, I'm definitely buying it. Love the epic yelling when a comrade dies in battle. Joseph yelling out "CEASAR!!" made me laugh so much. I like the combat of this one much better than the first game. It's still a little unrefined in some aspects, but man it's fun. I hope they do a really great story mode, something along the lines of the Naruto Storm series would be fantastic... #5
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Some people's creations on there are ridiculous... I was proud of my rainbow fortress lol. I had little pit traps set up with lava outside for any foolish souls that wandered too close. #6.1.1
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The last game nailed the art and style of the series. But, it felt very lacking in the actual fighting department. I'm hoping this one fixes that a bit, by adding some more combos and things like that. #1.1.1
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Yeah, they're taking nostalgia to a new level. #1.1.1
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"Oh my God!", my avatar is ready lol.

Going to grab this right now... Thanks for the heads up. :] #1
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Same here my RPG brother, same here... It's the genre that got me into gaming when I was a wee lad. My brother put a controller in my hands, with Final Fantasy I loaded up, and that was that. #1.1
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Hahahaha, that is the most amazing trailer I've seen in a long time. So hilarious, I'm considering backing it just for that video... #1
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