You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!


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Wow... A whole 12 minute difference... PS4 is dead confirmed. /s

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Remasters? Not so much. Remakes on the other hand I'm all for.

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Definitely on topic with that, because we were all talking about PS4 Pro vs Scorpio in this Final Fantasy XV Xbox One gameplay... /s

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I freaking LOVED Lords of Shadow 1. It was probably one of my favorite games last-gen. I was so pumped for LoS 2 and was about to pre-order it. I just feel like the magic was lost with the second one. Part of the reason I liked the first so much was all the incredible scenery. Going from swamps to Gothic castles and everything in-between.

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Agreed, having played the demo... There's no way this game deserves a score this low. The graphics are freaking stunning (aside from some shadowing, but that's to be expected of any open game while moving at faster speeds.) I can't quite speak on the content of the game, as I only played the demo. However, if it's just more of what I played, I'm all for it.

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Seriously, I love the Persona franchise and will buy this day one. However, it sucks we have to wait five months for this to be translated. The translation should not take this long anymore. I could see it taking this long years ago, but come on... I already know I'm going to get spoiled on a majority of the story just from being on gaming sites now until the American/European release. I can understand maybe a month after Japanese release, but five months? That's way too long. ...

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Haha, can't wait to see them fail. Watch out, they might sue N4G next because people commenting on this site don't approve of them.

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Yes, because I'm sure you know more than the developers do. Seriously, wait for the game to come out before making unsubstantiated claims. If it runs like crap when it releases, then you have a reason to complain. Right now, you simply don't.

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What are you watching? Because compared to the Duscae demo, things have gotten better in terms of both frame rate and draw distance with just about every video. It's clear they're working their butts off in the last stage of development to make this run as smoothly as possible without sacrificing too much in visual fidelity.

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They've shown enough of the game as far as I'm concerned. Little bits here and there until release is perfect in my opinion. Not like we want every area/scene to be shown off before release. Besides, this shows there will be a good bit of outfit customization. For all those people complaining they were a 'boy band' before.

As far as the Behemoth jacket goes, it looks pretty good. Might just slap that on Noctis in my playthrough.

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I already know FFXV won't be disappointing to me. I've wanted an open world with a flyable airship since FFX came out... Not to mention, I'm already interested in the story after seeing Kingsglaive. Not to mention all of the awesome inclusions from past FF titles they're adding into this one. The Red Lady painting boss from FFVI got me so hyped.

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Yes please! My friend and I have been waiting for this! I'd be stoked for another Skate game on modern consoles.

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Was this running on PS4 Pro? The Duscae area looked a lot more flushed with greenery in this trailer. Either way it looks awesome, can't wait to finally sit down and play this from start to finish.

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What's with the summary for this 'story'? It's just an ad for's site. Nothing to do with what is being portrayed in the actual article...

"MMOGames is the Best Source for MMO Games, Free MMOs, Free MMORPGs, MMO Articles, MMO News, Reviews, Guides and Giveaways."

That's not a summary for an article, it's an ad for your website.

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I honestly loved it. Definitely a step-up from Advent Children in almost all areas. Not quite as much action, but I think the slower moments really help flesh it out nicely.

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How about waiting to actually see how it works in-game before complaining?

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Right? I feel like a more linear ending would serve the story well. Keep players focused on the bigger events that are sure to come mid to late game.

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Looks like it's shaping up really well. Super excited for this, especially after seeing Kingsglaive.

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Just because they have the right to do something, doesn't mean they have to do it. This was obviously a labor of love from a big fan of theirs. Yet all they see is their property being used without permission. It's one thing if someone is trying to make money off of something like this, then I could see being aggressive in taking it down. All this would have done was most likely generate more hype for any new Metroid titles that are released by Nintendo itself.

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Hmmm, very interesting. I really like extras like this. I'm just hoping I can actually play Bioshock 2 this time around... I loved the first, was super excited to get into the sequel. Then find out it's like the only game that has ever given me motion sickness 10 minutes in... Kind of holding out hope I can actually play the HD version without feeling sick for whatever reason.

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