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"You thought it was Snookies 12, but it was me Dio!"


Good, little punk should be thrown in jail so that he can understand that his actions have consequences. #3
I believe the PSN has gone down a bit more than XBL has. Though, with that being said, both have had a lot of issues since launching their newest consoles.

Either way, you're going to have issues crop up once in a while. No service can always run flawlessly. I do think it's happening a bit too much though, to be honest. Not to the point where they owe us anything however. #1.1
Yesss, I loved the first game! Can't wait to check out their newest addition, and for free with PS+ no less! #5
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Another Generations maybe? Please...? Either that, or remaking Sonic 1-3. #1
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So... You have one already, to make this assessment?

It looks nice, but it all comes down to how it feels in your hands. I'm not trying to pay $150 for a cosmetic overhaul if the controller doesn't function any better than its much less expensive counterpart. #1.1
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Lol, Final Fantasy VII Remake was the most hyped I've ever been for an announcement. I don't care if they didn't announce a release date, just knowing it's being made is more than enough. #3
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I agree, I love the Diablo style games. Quite interested in this one. #2.1
I like the Advent Children model, I think a more refined version of that would be nice for her.

I'm most excited to see Bugenhagen in HD. I love that dried up old prune. #3
@Artemus - Sure, the port was a bad choice on Sony's end, but they're only half to blame for it. Capcom take the other half. They didn't bother making the definitive edition of their main fighting franchise in house, like they should have. If Capcom had actually cared enough to do it themselves, we wouldn't have had port issues. #1.2.8
Seriously? People are complaining about a mock up box art now? Here's a little hint for those that don't understand what 'placeholders' are. They're not the final version... #1
That's what I first thought as well. I'm not sure what to make of the game though, it looks... Interesting. Not sure if it's up my alley, but I'll keep a lookout for it down the road. #1.2
Ryse absolutely looks beautiful, it did when it came out and it still does. Why compare them though? Uncharted has a hell of a lot more going on with its destruction and physics. It's also a lot more open than Ryse, from what we've seen. I just don't see the point of a comparison between two completely different games. #4
I absolutely loved the first game, so I'm so excited for Rocket League! That is going to be insanely fun with friends!

Styx looks interesting as well, it's a game I wouldn't have bought myself. So, I'm really happy I get a chance to check it out. #1.1.4
The colored keys on that keyboard are really nice. It's funny to see something like this up first, considering I was just thinking about needing to get a replacement for mine. Going to be checking out WASD Keyboards now, as I hadn't heard of them before. #39
Gonna be hard to beat that 'deal'. #1
@PistolsAtDawn - Did I ever say I haven't tried them? I've played quite a few mobile games, and they just didn't interest me. #3.1.2
Or, you know... Both of you could wait and try No Man's Sky, as well as these other games before saying something is 'boring', or 'no longer interesting'. #7.1.1
The reason you can run old games on PC's is because their architecture remains the same. You can't run a PS3 game that used its cell processor on a PS4 because of how different the architecture of the system is.

I really like backwards compatibility, but it is not a 'must'. Even if you never had an older console to keep around, it's not like they're hard to find. You can get most older consoles for pretty cheap. I never wanted to trade in my BC PS3... #4.1.1
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I've been obsessing over grass since StarFox Adventures, lol. #7.1
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Let's not forget MGS V and Persona 5 coming out this year as well. #2
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