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Nice! I'm super glad to have put off playing much of Fallout 4. Really fun game, but I've just been busy with other stuff. Great to see it'll look and possibly even run better when the mood strikes to get back into it. #10
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I'm actually getting it on PS4, since I've always gotten the Storm series on PS consoles (I tend to like keeping a series on the system I started them on). Not to mention, I'm also getting it for local multi-player to game with friends. I realize I can use multiple controllers on my PC, but it's a bit of a hassle getting things set up. Plus it gives me an excuse to game a bit more on console, which I haven't been doing much lately.

Yep though, comes out... #1.1.3
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Can't... Wait... Argh, it's been so hard not watching anything on this. I mean, I know the story and all that, but I just don't want the epic boss fights spoiled for me. Already have it installed, just waiting for it to unlock... #1
I'm the same, I used to love their videos. Just unsubscribed to all their channels the other day. They really blew it, no way around it. #1.2
About time... But hey, this 'sounds' good to me. #1
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Don't you toy with my Bushido Blade emotions. I know it'll never happen, but damn it all I can dream!

Still don't get why no other (aside from Deadliest Warrior) fighting games are like this, with swords, one hit kills and dismemberment. It's such a satisfying combat system. It's a shame we can't have a game like it in glorious HD. #1
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All this real money stuff has quickly turned me away from Destiny. I was getting into it so much, I was pulling multiple all-nighters one after another with friends upon Taken King's release. However, since all this real money stuff started to be added, I haven't touched the game in about 3 months. Way to kill all my enthusiasm about your game Bungie. #1
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Nintendo of America might have to censor your comment, as it could be seen as offensive. ;)

Lol, I hate censorship. Don't care if you're hiding a pixel on the screen or full-on nudity. If the original creator(s) wanted something that might be offensive or inappropriate in their work, it should STAY like that. At least, that's how I see it. I feel like the integrity of the work is destroyed when something is changed afterwards. This goes for any medium. Game... #3.1.1
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Yesss, my favorite Doom! #1
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I want to see this scene so bad, Neji was one of my favorite characters in the series. However, I shall wait and see it in-game. I hope they've done the scene justice! #2
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It's not about dying over and over, it's about succeeding after countless deaths. The feeling of overcoming something you thought you were going to give up on. You start to get a drive that pushes you further and further once you get past the first 2-3 bosses. A lot of satisfaction is had, when finding a new lamp after clearing a seemingly insurmountable boss. #3.1
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I still remember playing FF1 as my first RPG back in the day. I made it to the end of the game before fighting Chaos... Then forgot to hold the reset button along with the power button (which of course saved progress back then). Needless to say, next time I started it up, my save was no longer there. My young gaming heart was crushed, lol. #1
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Well, looks like this game will be easy... I mean, if you have Saitama's power there's no point in even playing, lol. #2.1
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What's impressive is your trolling.

On topic, this is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this charger. 60 seconds seems way too fast, I feel like that would cause some serious issues for the battery itself.

If it does indeed charge it that fast without any adverse effects. Bravo to them, that's awesome. Just feels a little too good to be true. #1.1
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I have literally called Sony while having an issue with this. The guy stated that while it's not really encouraged, it isn't breaking any rules. The only warning he gave me is not to share my account with anyone I didn't trust lol. #4.2
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Yes, I've played off and on for about 9 years now. Just recently got back into it and I'm having a blast. Sure, I get bored of it and lose interest for long periods of time. However, WoW is one thing I can always get back into. Plus, with the in-game 30 day subscription tokens you can buy with gold I don't even have to pay for game time anymore. #1.1
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This man gets it. Lol, I never really could get into Ni No Kuni despite trying multiple times. I recognize it's a beautifully made game, and by all rights I should love it but I just can't seem to get into it the way I want to. #21.1
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I agree, I feel like I both know a lot about XV, and yet know next to nothing about it. That's the exciting part, I'm tired of knowing just about everything that's going to be in a game. It's to the point where I feel like I've already played it by the time I actually fire up a new game. #6.1
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That would be really cool, I'm also secretly hoping for a CC2 developed Bleach game haha. #2.1
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I admit, I kinda laughed a little too... Really sucks though, whoever did this needs to be slapped across the face, hard. #1.1
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