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Nice, real nice. You do know there are actual people suffering from this, and this helps spread awareness and funding to aid them, right? Sorry if that inconveniences you because you don't want to see it. #1.2
DBZ... Does this have anything to do with gaming/tech though? Not sure it quite belongs on N4G. #1
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Agreed, I could see saying Uncharted 3 wasn't as good as Uncharted 2... That doesn't make it any less of an amazing game. Saying The Last of Us isn't great though... That's just so far off base it's hilarious. I was one of the people that wasn't hyped for Last of Us at all up to its release. Took me until just a few weeks ago to finally go through it. I couldn't have been more of an idiot to put it off that long. It's one of the few masterpieces of last... #10.1
Yeah, I know for a fact that game won't disappoint. Headed by the Uncharted 2 guys? That's just a plain and simple recipe for win right there. #2.2
Yeah, the article's title should say "free weekend" not "free". That's a little misleading. Considering Steam has had games you can keep for free once in a while, and free weekend games are pretty common. #3.2
I agree, I just couldn't get into Diablo 3 at all on PC... I was hesitant to even try on consoles afterwards. However, after sitting down and playing some on both Xbox 360 and PS3. I can definitely say it's a much better experience on console. Add friends into the mix, and you can play for hours upon hours on end. #1.1
I'd say it's about an 8/10. The only issues I have so far, are small ones with graphics and some rather poor translation work. (Specifically in the typo department. Seriously, I could have done a better job. They need to get some new people for quality assurance.)

Content-wise, this game is massive. So, I can't really complain with those small issues I have. If you're a fan of the series, you really should pick it up. #1
I used to dislike FF8 when I was younger. Then I realized it was just because I was immature and just didn't like changes to my beloved Final Fantasy series. Now that I'm older, it's one of my favorites of the franchise. #4.1
Wow, I feel... So very sorry for you... #3.3
Yeah, because in real life there are obviously no straight people. #2
I thought it was showing support, as well as showing that they donated. I could be wrong though. #1.1
Lol, didn't you leave a comment about all PS3 games being boring...?

Not sure why you feel the need to troll so much. :\ #1.3
Sweet! a 50-70 hour action RPG set in the SAO world? Sign me up! #1
If it's anything like the original game, I'm excited to play it. Even if it is on iPad...

So long as there are no micro-transactions or BS like that. #1.1
Yeah, Xseed is such a great company... A while back, I sent them a question about the possibility of a certain game's localization. Not only did I get a reply super fast, but it was actually written by an employee and didn't feel like some automated response. The message they sent felt like something you'd get from a friend. Very personal, and even gave some suggestions on games I might enjoy based on what I asked about.

Oh, also buying from their store, they... #9.1
I always thought "trap" was a term used for guys dressing/looking like girls, or the other way around. Not something that had to do with transgender... #2
Yeah sure there are great games that use the same formula, but it's the atmosphere I love most about Metroid. #1
Same here, those were the absolute best times to be a gamer. #5.1
Yep, I'd have no issue if it was just split into two halves. I'm not even bothering to continue reading when I have to click to another page for each one, though... #3.1
Oh no doubt. Xillia 2 will probably take around 50 hours, SAO will add on another 40-60 hours... Then Diablo... Well, it's Diablo, I've seen people put hundreds and hundreds of hours into that game. Any way you slice it, there's going to be a lot of leveling going on soon. #3.2
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