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It's an issue with N4G. This has happened before in the past. All articles are experiencing this from what I can tell. #1.1
Then, you simply don't have the mentality we do. It's not a big deal, it's just not for you. I've always enjoyed simply watching friends play games. I don't care if I don't get the controller. So, to me it is like sitting there with a friend watching them play something. Also, it's not just because of that... We enjoy the personality of the person on screen, and we enjoy seeing the reactions they have to some of our favorite moments in games. For instance, U... #5.1
He just ignited the Let's Play scene on YouTube... Nothing big for the gaming culture... Except, you know, the millions upon millions of people who watch these guys every day. #4.1
There's really no reason to mock people who are excited for this. #1.2
There are still at least three chests that can contain a drop from my knowledge (if you're including the exotic drop secret chest). On top of that, four bosses that can have a drop. And even on top of that, is the Moldering Shard drop from Oryx. Even if you don't get something great from that drop, that's at least 7 chances for something. If you have 3 characters, that's 21 chances a week. People really shouldn't be complaining...

Those that are, I fe... #1.4.1
I remember when I bought the Red vs. Blue Bluray box set that was pretty huge. When it arrived, the mail man shoved it into the mailbox, despite it not fitting in there properly.

My cousin bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended bluray set back in the day. We waited for it to arrive at his place, and when it did... The woman literally slung it over 20 feet up his driveway and onto the doorstep. #9
Oh Kotaku, you put the 'new' in news... Very fresh story right here. #3
Also, if anyone wants any tips, advice, or maybe even some help with raiding (if you have a PS4 copy). Let me know, as I've been through it multiple times and have all the bosses down. Our clan has a really great group of people that knows that they're doing and are usually happy to help those who need it. #1.3
That's what I'm saying. I got a 300 handcannon, the worst roll you could get. Was still more than happy to throw it on one of my characters. Even if it's one or two more damage than what I had before, it's still an improvement. It's built this way so that you slowly progress from 300 to 310 over time. Those last 10 Light levels are supposed to be really hard to obtain. 300 is top tier after all. #1.2.1
You can't expect something every time you down a boss man, that's just not how it's supposed to work. If that were the case, I should have raid gear for every one of my characters already.

I get it though, you want something to drop for all the time you put in. My first run I got nothing but Moldering Shards.

That said, I understand where you're coming from when it takes forever to kill a boss. I've gotten rather annoyed when things tak... #1.1.1
This is the whole point of a raid! What did you expect to get every piece of gear on your first three tries? Good god, Polygon is such garbage. It's supposed to take a while to progress up to top tier after you've gotten to the raid. I've gotten a few drops that are lower attack/defense, but I'm not whining about it. I know I can have more chances the next week. It's supposed to keep people coming back each week to try for better gear. What would be the point of pla... #1
The ones streaming while half naked deserve no respect anyway. They're obviously doing it for attention. Though I have seen some legitimate girl gamers that get hounded. Now that is screwed up. #1.2
Haha, I've run those Strikes so many times now on all of my characters... Haven't once gotten a drop for one. Though, it would be under my current gear, I'd just like to have it regardless. #1.1
I did this the normal way on Crushing to get the platinum. I honestly think it's a little unfair to those that did it the right way, but hey... To each their own. #1.4
Not if they decide to drop support so quickly, like they did with Vita. Could have been an incredible device if they'd just stuck with it... #2
Bottom line, yes you need 2.8 before Kingdom Hearts 3. It's a worthwhile investment just for Dream Drop Distance alone. #3.3
That would be awesome... I put over 30 hours into the demo already. Would love to sink some more time into it. #5.1
Nah, it's really not all that bad. I've dealt with Sunbreakers before in PvP. Warlocks can counter them with Stormtrance, and Hunters have their Nightstalker class to counter them. #4.2
I agree man, I love Destiny since Taken King came out. It literally turned me from being rather disinterested in the game to spending sleepless nights doing raids with my friends.

The people who dislike Destiny most likely just don't have friends to play it with. Makes the game so much more rewarding.

Since the Taken King launched, I've put a little over 100 hours into Destiny. That's more play time spent than most AAA games give these days. #3.2.5
Why are you getting all those disagrees? You're making a valid point, this was brought up with Sony as well. I also agree that it's up to the developer to ensure that people won't get sick. You need 60+ frames per second, at the very least to have VR work right. We weren't meant to see things in choppy frames. Our eyes can't process it normally, and it in turn makes us sick. #2.1
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