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Yes, best VGA so far isn't very hard to accomplish. Beyond the world premiere trailers, the event is always a boring piece of shit with MOUNTAIN DEW mentioned every other word. Dane Cook must write the jokes because none of them are ever funny.

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FINALLY! DUELS OF THE PLANESWALKERS FOR THE PS3! I am so excited they're finally bringing this to the PS3 as I was worried they may have canceled it due to silence since earlier this year.

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We've made too many [shitty] Sonic games. The IP is good, but a good property cannot carry poorly designed games.

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Harrison Ford was 39 when Raiders of the Lost Ark released in theaters. Just iMDb'd Fillion and see he too his 39. Age wouldn't, and shouldn't, be an issue here. Of course, Ford had a bit more notoriety seeing as he was in Star Wars and Fillion is mostly known for primetime TV.

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James Roday is terrible. To each their own, though.

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Either you don't get the reference of the joke (well played, Hellsvacancy), or you're furthering the point.

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All based on an interview by the PlayStation Blog with Amy Hennig back in 2007 around the release of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. She said action movies shaped Uncharted, and that she wants Joss Whedon (Firefly) to write and direct it while having Nathan Fillion (Firefly) star in it. Greg Edmonson (Firefly) composed the soundtrack for the series for crying out loud!

Hollywood is full of hacks who care less about appropriateness and art and more for who's popular at the ti...

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What more would you expect from Square Enix and the makers of Silent Hill Homecoming?

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Definitely a tough one, but I'd say Fang > Lightning > Vanille, but I'd much rather club all three over the head and drag them back to my cave.

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Don't know about your experience (lack thereof?) with Netflix, but the next-day shipping of the disks wasn't much of a wait. Good selection (how about a shit load better than any brick and mortar store), too. $14 bucks a month for two out at a time is better than renting movies at $3-5 bucks a pop, one at a time.

I feel for those losing their jobs. Just a shame corporations like this were too slow and stubborn to adjust to market climate. Survival of the fittest h...

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Dreamcast emulation almost completed. PSP ISOs running on the PS3. These hackers are capable of doing things so quickly with the cracked PS3s that it is really making Sony's firmware development team look so damn lazy. I'll most likely never support the jailbroken PS3s, but I cannot help but be amazed at what these freelance programmers are making possible.

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Sony was foolish to not sell the Move in pairs, or at least make the Nav controller also support sixaxis motion tracking. Such short-sightedness could cost some quality exclusives down the road, or at least limit what developers will be willing to do with their games.

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the early production photos with Leon S. Kennedy wearing Raccoon City PD uniform? Yes, Capcom said they didn't like the script...but look at the trash they ended up with. Romero isn't necessarily the greatest writer and director of all things horror, but he is the grandfather of the zombie genre AND does a great job at including social commentary into his horror. Perhaps the original script was too deep for Capcom?

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You must be the prize turd of the mound your ancestors crawled from. Speaking of which, I just ate a pot pie and drank a glass of milk, so I need to excuse myself in a moment to make you a brother.

Not once in your incoherent rambling did you make reference to the contents of my comment or the topic at hand. You must truly be a genius! Of course, you further proved how little merit your commenting has when you asked the question, "Durrrr, wtf is a game griefer?" ...

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I'm sure a Resident Evil TV series would be just as shitty as the movies. I remember the earlier days before the first RE movie was release:

George A. Romero wrote a script
Production design and story was based around Resident Evil 2

And what did we end up with? A series of mindless popcorn flicks with terrible story, even worse acting and cheesie over-the-top as well as uninspired action sequences, all thanks to the "vision" of Paul W...

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there's still no direct, or effective, method of reporting game griefers directly from the XMB, with direct video uploading. This method might not even make a difference for message griefing. They're very lax on punishing anyone as it is.

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He's excited. I'm excited. Don't come in here and rain on anyone's parade by being a douche bag. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were commercial flops, which any other company supporting a studio who wasn't bringing in good profits would have canned them. However, Sony still supports Ueda's team's vision with The Last Guardian and rereleasing improved ports with extra content. Sony really does cater to its fanbase at times better than anyone else and some of us...

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Walmart here in town has PS Move already on the shelves. I'm in Southeast US.

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There are a lot of talented freelance programmers out there with the capability of improving, by LEGAL means, a product, doing things the original manufacturer is either too lazy or uninterested in doing. As you've mentioned, a better music player (with custom visualization). Custom dynamic themes. .mkv support, a feature very frequently requested. Also, homebrew programs such as digital comic book viewer, improved web browsers, e-book viewer, .pdf viewers, freeware programs, return L...

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