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Only on N4G could a discussion thread turn into such a hilariously pointless and off topic tangent in so little time. I'm not sure whether to applaud you or cry a little.

Im just gonna go make a bagel.

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I response to everyone ever criticizing a console or talking about it's shortcomings:

who cares?

What you eat doesn't make me shit.

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I can't tell if you're joking or not, but how exactly is this immature? All sorts of articles about how idiotic people can be are published every day to give everyone a laugh. This is no different.

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If this guy's smart...he'll attach this to a resume when he goes into video game development. He has to...

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I agree with every last thing you just said.

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Man the flame wars were bound to happen on this one

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Besides Coutner Strike, who else has implemented the gametype?

Edit: This is for Blacknight btw

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It might make you look more like the computer sophisticate you claim to be if you didn't type like an imbecile. Your keyboard probably cost 100 dollars, at least use all of the letters on it.

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and that...

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Well if I absolutely know I am never going to play it again then I trade it before the value goes down even more. The last two games I traded were homefront and little big planet 2 close to launch because I just plain didn't like 'em.

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But will you be bitching about it because it's the same thing as the year before with a few tweaks? Or because there was some feature left out somewhere?

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I'll be buying this and Battlefield. I'm really tired of seeing the Battlefield trolls on here. It's annoying as hell.

Edit: I also find it interesting that noone ever bitches about sport games being the same every damn year and they buy them up just the same. Call of Duty is the Madden of shooters and y'know what I'm fine with it.

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I agree with lelo and I own all three consoles. Fuck disagrees. Fuck less bubbles. That's what I think.

I loves me some uncharted, killzone, valkyrie chronicles, demon's souls etc...but this looks weak. Didn't like warhawk and this is not changing my mind.

EDIT: and I do not think lelo is trolling, he's just saying what he thinks like everyone else on this damn board.

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well...I liked shadowrun when that came out and Im loving this now. I don't even like mp that much in games and this does it for me.

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I am not trying to justify anything. I got it and have been enjoying it. I also did not preorder the game. Also, if you care to browse around this fine thread a bit you will see that the game got a fair amount of good reviews (someone made a post about it)and the game holds a 73.36 average on gamerankings.

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Well I guess I should add more to my comment. Homefront also had terrible visuals, clunky aiming, a horrible/short single player (yes, I know this one is thrown in as an afterthought as well) and really just over all very short on anything original. At least this game is trying to set itself apart.

This is a very roundabout and convoluted way of saying I think IGN is full of shit on this one so I will be buying this game.

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Even the jerks at Eurogamer gave this a good review. I'm buying.

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I also cannot believe that, as a shooter, Homefront can be scored higher than this. Given that they gave it a 7 and called it a call of duty clone, I'm sure this game is better than a 6; just a gut feeling. I'll be picking mine up today.

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I have a hard time believing that Homefront could be better than this game. Sure I haven't played it, but I have played homefront and it was hot garbage. This is just a gut feeling of mine.

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