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"Because we're allergic to money."


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This was really funny, and a great idea. It may have even more entertainment value as a video, though! Just a thought.

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Seriously. I feel like I'm playing the same three or four maps in the master chief collection because of this.

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I got one after getting bored with my XB1A and PS4 and it's all I've played for the last few months. I've been having a lot of fun.

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I will just never understand how people put such a heavy emhpasis on graphics. Hell, I still go back and play the original Deus Ex sometimes and still have a blast because it's fun to PLAY. I don't play games to just stare at them.

High fidelity is great, but I'll take good gameplay over that any time.

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I think Mass Effect should be done now that Shepherd's story is over. Sure, there is a lot to explore in that universe, but the game's whole purpose - one where decisions carry over throughout a series - has been fulfilled. Move on to a new project.

However, with Metroid, Zelda, and Mario, those games don't really have character story archs that have the level of detail that the Uncharted series does. They can all act as self-contained games. Drake and Sully, how...

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That's what I'm getting at ravinash. I think it would be better for the series to go out not only at the height of its power, but with a well-rounded story that doesn't get weighed down with a bunch of forced threads. Judging by the trailer, I think this could be a great last game.

Also, I understand why people wouldn't want the series to end, but remember that Naughty Dog has consistently came correct when it has debuted a new IP. I'm sure that whatever ...

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I'm not saying that him working on it equated to a good game by default, but that they did have someone who had put together a good game in the past. When a head leaves in the middle of development, that's going to cause problems.

I played the game, and all of the ideas are great. Honestly, all of the problems are things that don't (always) directly affect the gameplay. There were blah graphics and textures, enemies OCCASSIONALLY saw me through a wall, and animat...

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Hey guys I wrote this, and just to clear things up, I'm not saying this is the last game in the article, but that, narratively, I think it should be. It's an opinion piece.

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I played it and enjoyed it a lot. Very unique game with some good ideas at work. You basically have to be willing to look past *some* bugs that affect game play and overall mediocre to bad presentation.

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This game was actually being developed by Stuart Black, who made Black awhile back. Problem is, he left during development, and I'm guessing it got forced out the door as a result.

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Uh what about Battlefield 4 and 3? If you're going to tell me those single-player campaigns aren't a joke, you're kidding yourself. You're basically playing for an online multiplayer suite with that game. Granted, there is a traditional campaign with levels, but it's so uninspired it might as well not even be there.

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It's because it's an XB/Windows exclusive. Everyone loves to hate on them. Infamous: Second Son hasn't exactly been making waves since its release and no one's calling that "dead." The same goes for Killzone: Shadowfall. Whoever says this site isn't full of Sony fan boys is full of crap.

MY honest opinion? This is one of the few online games that I've actually had fun with. I'm usually a single-player only kind of guy.

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I mention Brink in the article and explain why it didn't work there, but how it has in other games such as Mirror's Edge.

As for Mr. Cheese, the title says "first-person shooters," not video games in general. For first-person shooters, it is relatively fresh and has only really been implemented effectively in two games - Titanfall (judging by the beta) and Mirror's Edge.

I am also not talking strictly about free-running, but more natural...

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Brink and Mirror's Edge are both mentioned in the article. I'm talking more about it catching on and becoming more of a thing in all first-person games than being spotted in just a few.

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The Naughty Dog worship here is almost hyperbolic. "Naughty Gods"? You've gotta be kidding me.

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Well your friends do not equal the entire population. First of all, BF4 and Ghosts are not that far off in metascore over at metacritic. Yes, BF is in the lead by a few percent take points, but over all, they aren't far off.

As for sales, both BF and CoD saw a dip in sales with their latest iterations, and both publishers and developers attributed this to consumer uncertainty with the launch of the next gen consoles. CoD still put up $1 billion, despite the dip, while B...

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Explain "dying fast" and just what games it's dying in the wake of, in terms of popularity.

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There's no such thing as it being "time." It's up to another developer to come out with something that is both original and has mass appeal.

When CoD 4 came out, it was an original spin on first-person shooter multiplayer. It's played out now, but it was relatively original then. Someone else needs to do something on that level before any other IP can take over.

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