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Lizard squad apparently, xbox live was down earlier due to them. #1.2
I am waiting for the inevitable "shouldn't Driveclub be on the list because it is garbage" comment from desperate trolls.

Lol, i got bought Rambo as a present, what a awful awful game, i went to trade it in, i only got £10 for it. #2
i agree, but to me, TLoU is the best game last gen, nothing even comes close to it.(well, maybe uncharted 2)

Also glad that some of the gamers who missed out on it last gen, have the opportunity to play it this gen. #2.1
There will be some sort of box, but it will have a no optical drive or HDD, everything will stream to it, much live PS TV streaming PS4 to a TV. #1.1.3
I see foe is keeping up with the times....... #1.2.4
Cor Blimey Guvner! Just had me a Cilla Black watching that! #1.1
yep, same here, looks like game fixed the loop hole. #4.1
I see morepowerofgreen..... Urm, sorry heman76 is plucking more delusional stuff from where the sun dont shine. #2.1.6
You do realise, this deal is not sanctioned by Sony, this is a retailer deal. Sony still sold the console to the retailer at full price, it's up to the retailer what they set the RRP at. #2.7
Wow, Cap'n Salty.....or is it Cap'n Bitter?

You do realise, i was one of the people who benefited from the X1's great price, not all people on here think like that.

Also, for your information, this is not a Sony sanctioned deal, it has been done by the retailer. #1.1.1
In my opinion, DC is the best racer this gen so far, i am loving it big time. I can get online 99% of the time and have had no problems with challenges and leaderboards.
The A.I, handling physics and penalty systems have all been over hauled, the weather update and extra tours add to the game tremendously.

The game rightfully got low scores because it was a broken mess, at the moment, a well deserved 9/10 in my book. #1.4
Wow, another great deal. #1
i have been saying this ever since the PS360 days, games on console digital stores are way to expensive, guys above talk about being to lazy to change a disc in a console 6 foot away, you guys are paying £15-20 more over a hardcopy game, thats £150-£200 a year extra if you bought 10 games, you could buy 3 extra games for that.

Sure there are a few rarities like TLoUR, Driveclub and MCC which were the same price as the harycopy prices, but those are very rare.... #1.2.2
Obviously 16 million PS4 owners do and so do around 750 million PC gamers. #2.4
I have been playing MP most of today, no problems what so ever with MP. #2.1.4
The only jokes i see are the people calling DC a garbage game, 99% have never played the game and are just desperate to knock it at every turn.

Current standing, i would rate DC around 9/10, it was rightfully a 6-7/10 at launch, but Evo have put alot of work into fixing the issues. #1.2.3
Friend of mine picked this up yesterday, crazy deal.

Well worth it for £400. #2
Didnt Roger Moore throw you off a bridge......... #7.5.2
Coming from someone who has never played it..... #1.3.1
Congrats to MS for an incredible November, i was one of those 1.2 million gamers that bought a X1, however MS need to keep this up and not just until January.
The only reason MS has done this well is because of the huge discounts and free bundled games, i fear that the sales will stagnate once again come the return of full price.
Even with there deep pockets, i just dont see MS continuing the discount beyond Jan.
That's also when Sony's two big hitters are ki... #3
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