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Libertalia Collector’s Edition for me!

Day one! #3.1
Just wondering that myself, i originally completed GZ on PS4 but got GZ free when i ordered PP on Steam last month.

I booted up GZ on PC and am about half way through, so hopefully, the same goes with the PC version. #11.1
Cant do anything myself either, i pre-ordered mine from Steam, cant even pre-download the damn thing. #1.1.4
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"In an attempt to find a solution to may ongoing PlayStation 4 storage problems"

It takes less than half an hour to install a new HDD into a PS4 and that includes putting on the OS.

Hardly a ongoing problem now is it. #2
With a simple ini file hack on PC, this game is truly terrifying in VR, just imagine being hunted by a Xenomorph in VR, one of my fave games because of it. #6.1
They are a rip-off where ever you are, in the UK prices on the PSN and Xbox Store are around £10-£15 more expensive than buying a hardcopy from Amazon. #2.1
Love the music as well, really sets the atmosphere.

Edit: Dont remember seeing that eagle thing at the end of the vid before hand, wow. #1.1
Absolutely love that this game is getting great reviews despite the trolling, my copy unlocks tomorrow, cant wait. #1
Looking forward to MGSV, have booked a week off work to play it, my little lad loved Tearaway on the Vita, so i'll get him Unfolded.

Mad Max i'll probs pick up later in a sale or something. #1.1
Trust me, at the price it is at the moment, game is worth it every penny. #2.1
Kinda hoping Driveclub and GT7 get the VR treatment, If Project CARS VR on PC is anything to go by, Morpheus will be brilliant! #1.2
Polygon's bank account must be a little fatter this morning....... #1.1.4
In some quarters, your comment could be construed as trolling itself. :P #2.1.3
What the **** planet are you on!?!

Technically your right, nobody asked for Sharplay, but damn, did it blow everyone away when Sony reveled it. It's a great feature that alot of my friends and family use. #1.3.1

So MS didnt copy

HDMI out
internal HDD support(PS2)
Remote Play(streaming to Vita or Tablet/Phone)
Suspend(was talked about by Sony at the original PS4 unveil, but never implemented untill recently)
PSN(oh yes, we can thank MS that we are all PAYING to play our games online)

Both can play that game. #1.1.4
Yeah totally, at some points it looks almost photo realistic.

It's a great game to play as well, love the music, love the narrative. A very calming influence in todays market that's over populated with bro shooters. #1.1
Please be beware that you have to format the USB pen drive into FAT before saving the PS4 OS on it, otherwise the PS4 will not recognise it when you plug it in, learnt that the hard way during my own HDD upgrade.

Could the author please add to this to the article to reflect that. #1.1

"I disagree with that, because we all saw what the PS3 delivered. It wasn't what consumers wanted, and they revoled and moved to the Xbox 360"

That's why the PS3 outsold the 360 in the end even with the year head start the 360 had.

The PS3 bought pioneering technology to consoles and the masses, a Blu-ray player, a HDMI port, Bluetooth connectivity, a powerful CPU, Eyetoy, Move.

You are living in f... #1.1.6
Can not wait for GT7, the benchmark for console racing games. #1.2
Strange, i have never experienced stutter on this game, played through twice now. #1.2
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