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Man, the amount of goal post shifting by ms and xbox fans is hilarious, you guys have single handed moved the goals post half way around the world, lol.

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Looks like a new build, graphics way better than the reveal graphics.

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Looks very impressive, lot better than the earlier stuff, this must be a new build.

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Not gonna lie, but i thought it was Star Citizen at first.

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MS' conference was weak because they had hardly anything of relevance to put in there, by announcing a new console to release 18 months from now shows thier desperation to stay relevent with gamers.

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Yep, Sony once again killed it, nothing but great games. Best conference at E3 by far.

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It's an attempt by MS and Xbox to stay relevent for the next 18 months, i mean which company in the past has announced a console with no games or tech demos to show, stinks of desperation if you ask me.

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They also said games would be heavily downgraded, didnt look that way to me.

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Megaton right there, wow, looks bloody amazing!

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Remedy did visit Naughty Dog last year..............

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Like to hear a vacuum that sounds like that.

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Sat on 72% on meta and dropping, i knew this would score poorly, ea have a habit of turning good ip's into 5h1t, i'll wait till this hits bargin bin price in the pre-owned section before i jump.

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If devs actually spent some time optimising there damn PC games then stuttering wouldn't be a problem, most of the time, PC gamers get lazy afterthought 5h1tty ports of console games with hardly any noticible difference between the two versions.

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Driveclub, EVE, Robinson, No Mans Sky(it will come) etc etc.

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I see DX12 really pushed Quantum Break to the limits res wise...........

You are also selectively forgeting that UC4 runs at 1080p comfortably in SP mode.......

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Day one!

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"You think the demand is there for these people to suddenly strap on cumbersome headsets on their faces and jump around their rooms while playing mini games? "

Another completely uninformed statment from a person who has never tried VR.

Who says you are jumping around your room while using vr??

I've been using my DK2 for nearly two years now, games like Project CARS, Elite Dangerous, EVE, Eur...

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My collectors edtion got shipped today by Game in the UK.

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Damn, bought a 980ti a few months ago as i thought the new pascal cards would be around £700-800 on release, but jeez £500 is what i nearly paid for the 980ti.
Anybody want a slighty used 980ti?

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Looks very impressive, but still give the edge to Project CARS though.

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