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Currently on beta at the moment. #6.1

The problem with your theory is this, by selling the same game over two platforms(X1 & PC) the X1 will lose sales from gamers who would otherwise buy the game on PC, i am primarily a PC gamer and have bought most of the X1 exclusives on PC, Titanfall, Ryse and Ori to name a few, no serious PC gamer(there are a hell of a lot of us) is going to downgrade to the X1 just to play a game also available on PC, the same would apply to crossbuy games as well.
... #1.2.9
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Bought my X1 last October, still looking to add to the free game i got with it, nothing has appealed to me at all so far. #1.1.29
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Rolls eyes........ #5.1
Store keeps asking for a credit card even though it's free, what gives? #9
Believe it or not, i cant stand the Halo franchise and have no interest in Halo 5 at all, the Forza games are ok, nothing i would rush out to buy day one.
However, on the other hand, i would jump on a new Gears game like Chunk in a chocolate sweet shop and QB has also peaked my interest, but i doubt we'll see any of those two till late 2016.

I like the guy in the article am thinking of selling my X1 too, at the moment all i do on my X1 is stream music from my... #2.2
"Consider that lot of Xbox One digital games are seeing their PC release on Windows 10 with cross-buy support for XBO/Win10 -- easy way for MS to push their new platform, and also come up with a compelling alternative to Valve's Steam Monopoly"

Valid question here, but what kind of price is MS going to charge for these cross-buy games?

Traditionally, console versions of games are higher priced than there PC counterparts, all i can see is MS char... #1.2.3
You dont need any AA at that res, you wont see the difference, just a waste or resources. #1.2
"To say nothing of anti-American sentiment in the world, and the $100 higher price for 7 months."

Ah, give it up Foe, what about the other hundreds of american companies that sell their products well around the world, i work for a well known car manufacturer based in the UK and we source literally thousands of parts from the US for our cars, no "anti-American" here.

As for the $100 higher price, the X1 is now cheaper than the PS4(here in t... #1.5
Your having a laugh right?

MS will never lower there prices to be as low as Steam, in fact i see MS trying to raise PC game prices to be in line with console game prices. ea already do this with there scam service origin.

Live will never compete with Steam or GOG. #3.1.1
Exactly the same thing was said about Driveclub............... #1.2
This coming from you, everyone knows you bat for green, every single post you write is a stealth troll attack on PS4.

I like bestboxone, am thinking of selling my X1, i bought it last year and only own 2 games(one of them came with it), last time i turned it on was January to play some music from my phone. #6.1.2
I bought TF last year on PC, i gotta admit, i have not touched it in 6 months or so. #6.1.1

Yep, same here, i hardly ever touch MP anymore, i would much rather have a satisfying SP experience along the lines of The Order or SWKOTOR. #1.3.2
I have owned every Battlefront so far, but what i was hoping for was a a SP experience as well, especially since the battlefield games do have them.

I am not a big MP and do prefer single player games. #2.2.1
Knowing that EA are total scam artists, those space battles will likely come as over priced DLC six months down the line. #3.2
You are spot on, i havnt touched Titanfall in ages, Hardline & Evolve had no interest for me, as they were purely MP(which i hardly play).

This was going to be a day one purchase for me, now, it's not even on my list of games to buy, shame really, as i am dying to play a decent Star Wars game. #2.1
Fantastic game, loving it so far. It blows Simcity out of the water. #4.3

Running at 4K@60 with both cards now, only thing turned of is the AA options.

Smooth as butter. #1.3.2

Plenty of good racing games out there other than Forza.

I myself have been playing Project Cars for a while now(in my opinion it is way better than Forza), Asseto Corsa, Driveclub, Gran Turismo, iRacing. #4.2.2
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