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Is anyone still playing online? I haven't touched it in months. #1
They might do, but the game is going to fail, it is as dull as dishwater, last gen graphics with watchdogs awful handling.

Kinda reminds me of the last gen nfs games. #1.1
We are the Q&A team for ubi....... #1.1.2
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Shadowfall's SP was at 1080p@60

That watchdogs ad was taken down with-in hours after they realised there mistake. #3.2.4
Played the beta on PC & PS4, graphics were from last gen, just awful for a next gen title.
The downgrade from e3 is massive. #1.3.2
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Lol, that's pretty good.

Exactly the same reaction i had playing Alien but with oculus rift. #1.2
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We never get these kind of prices in the UK, tempted to open up a US account just for cheaper games. #2
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"Based on the massive changes MS has done in the span of 18 months and gains achieved, I expect MS to match PS4 next year"

Because Sony are sitting on there hands doing nothing right? The X1 has admittedly has been a resounding success during November and might actually win NPD for the month, but, Sony has something big in the works for December and January to counter the threat.
Playstation Experience is only days away and i can... #1.1.7
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I played the beta twice, once on PC the other on PS4, both were about 3 months apart. As far as i can see, nothing has improved over that time, graphics are PS360, driving mechanics are taken straight from watchdogs(driving on ice).
The E3 footage looked amazing, massive downgrade.

No doubt, this game will be a unplayable buggy mess on release, i can see this game getting 5-6/10. #1.2
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Gutted #1.3.1
Strange, i only got my x1 about six weeks ago, i got a email the other day from Xbox, i got a couple of free UI backgrounds, desktop wallpapers and access to a free Halo 4 movie. #1.2.2
Dont forget the influence of China, Sony are looking at Q1-Q2 release for PS4 in China as well. #1.1.4
TBH Cyber, i was one of those guys, i got caught up in the hype over watchdogs and spent £45 on a pre-order on Steam.

Taught me a lesson though, never buy a game on release day. #1.1.2
I did initially, but i have since returned them to vanilla settings, still the same effect.

ram is vanilla as well. #1.2

So once again, anybody other than xbox guys cant express an opinion?

"As a large gaming news website, their job is provide objective information about purchases, not their personal preferences. That is essentially BIAS itself"

Go tell that to Polygon..... #1.1.14

I respect your comment, but to be honest, it has been a gang bang on Sony on here ever since the early PS360 days, it's just that xbox has had a small lull.

As Septic put in above, are each of us are playing the "victim card"? #1.1.10
For the last 2-3 months there has been nothing but pro xbox articles on N4G, "X1 winner this, X1 winner that".
However, there has also been a sharp rise in anti-PS4 articles which the fanboys and trolls lapped up with grateful glee.

This place used to be about games and friendly banter, now it's just a forum about who has the bigger digital d~#k.

Peeps should just love their machine of choice, be it PS4, X1, PC and WiiU and not belittle... #1.1
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Already done, cards are running around 60-70 degrees.
Every other game runs fine, Shadow of Mordor with all settings on ultra runs like a dream, it's only FC4 that i'am having problems with.

I have emailed ubi, waiting for a reply. #1.1.1
Anybody getting blue/purple transparent squares all over the screen when playing, it's driving me nuts, it's unplayable in this state, every other game works perfectly.

I have tried everything, uninstalling, installing drivers and the game itself, i have a Asus Gtx970 Strix SLI setup. #1
Personally, i love Driveclub, i think it's one of the best racing games out there, same goes for Shadowfall, a very good FPS with amazing graphics, Knack was ok, not brilliant but OK, more of a technical demonstration than a game. #2.2.2
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