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I wish i'd waited for the PC demo, maybe this is why they didnt have one? I'll give it a week or so to see about any fixes, if no resolution i'll get a refund from ms and pixk it up next year, currently, it's unplayable due to micro stutter.

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Damn, thanks crazy, been pulling my hair out trying to get this damn thing to run smoothly, my PC can easily do [email protected](overclocked GTX980ti) but i was suffering from very distracting mirco stutter, so went down to [email protected], still same problem, [email protected], still experiencing microstutter, currently at medium settings and it seems to be ok, but i'll be dammed if i'am gonna spend £650 on a GPU and CPU to play games at medium settings.

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Nah, orig PS2, thing of beauty.

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One of most anticipated, really looking forward to playing this on my PS4P. It looks bloody amazing.

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Is there a PS3 version of KOFXIV? It could just mean it's a PS4 exclusive only and no ps3 version.

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You may be right.
In any case, it's weird they put that on there unless it's coming to PC as well.

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Think it might mean exclusive to the PS4 family of consoles eg, PS4 & PS4P.

Edit: Didnt the game only release in Japan with no translation to english on PS3? So this English translation version is only releasing on PS4 and not on PS3, hence the "PS4 Console exclusive"

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Cant wait till tomorrow, looking forward to FH3, lets hope T10 & PGG continue to bring good games to PC as well.

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"No hours,low pay and you have push all their crap on the customers"

I worked for Game(very similar to Game Stop) in the UK many many moons ago and i remember my key KPI one week was to sell little crappy lego men to any customer that walked through the door, even if they were just browsing, i had to push this stupid piece off plastic crap on them, lol, i would have thought selling consoles and games was more important, but my manager th...

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Uh-Huh, nothing wrong with Recore, apart from the 2 minute load times and frame rate issues all the people are complaining about, that these problems contributed to Recore's 63% on Metacritic just as Driveclub's problems contributed to it's low score at launch.

Half the negative comments in here about DC are coming from xbox trolls who havnt even played the damn game, DC was a mess when it launched and rightly deserved the criticisms it got, but Sony and Evo hav...

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Hey donthate

Kinda reminds me of Halo mcc and Recore...........

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PS4Pro for me, have no intersest in the scorpio what so ever, as my PC is currently better spec'd, the PS4P and PC will have me covered untill the PS5 drops in the next 3 years or so.

Edit: also have the PSVR on pre-order to go along side my DK2,wouldn't mind seeing what the NX has to offer though.

Interestingly, the little twitter poll done by the mirror(i know, i know) shows 25% of gamers are looking to buy the
PS4P and only 13% for t...

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Looks amazing, cant wait!

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Hopefully i can pick up the missing demos on the US store.

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Even the mighty San Marino could have knocked us out, especially with harry kane up front and taking corners.

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Just played the demo on PS4, WTF???

Dont get wrong, i love games like these, but seriously what the hell is going on in that Virginia demo?


It may have been me, but it kept jumping all over the place, one minute i'am investigating some kids room, next, i was in a car, the next moment, i wake in bed with a buffalo standing next to me. next i'am in some office, then i'am in some park area......

way to ...

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You guys are crazy if you think a person is going to splash £2000-£3000 on a good 4k/HDR TV and then watch movies on a cheap UHD drive in a console.

The X1S console doesn't even pass through DTS-HD/True HD/DTS-X/Dolby Atmos streams instead decoding to PCM which leads to a serious degradation of the LFE output and lower output levels on all speakers, it's the same for the PS4, PS3 and X1.

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You said that yesterday but have still to explain what needs tweaking.

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Very Moonraker

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