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They gave them permission to demo PSVR, not to charge the public.

This is a total disgrace, i worked at Game along time ago for a short time and all they cared about was selling crappy plastic Lego men to people who walked in because it was pure profit to them, i still remember the conversation i had with my deputy manager after my shift, she was more concerned that i'd hadn't sold any Lego men that day but no mention of the 10 different consoles and software i had ...

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The same site tried to submit a another salty article last week, i cant link to it unfortunately as the article was deleted because nobody approved it due to the similar absurdity.

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"Breaking down the sales by platform, the game sold best on the PlayStation 4 with 4,772,691 units sold (69%), compared to 1,527,704 units sold on the Xbox One (22%)"

Doesn't MS have exclusive FIFA marketing rights as well?

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"It's only a first step in denting Sony's lead"

Come November 10th, i can see that "dent" disappearing, sure the X1S has done well, but that lead is only ever gonna get bigger.

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This is the company that will let you trade in a game for £12 and then put same game back on the pre-owned shelf priced at £35, these guys are total con artists.

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Oh hell yeah, as fishy says, full HD tv owners also benefit from the Pro.

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"I do all my gaming on the couch"

Like wise, but still, the Switch looks very intriguing and i'am pretty hyped for it.

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The Nvid Shield Tablet did a very similar thing back in 2014.

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I just see a Nvid Shield tablet.

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Kinda reminds me of the Nvidia shield tablet a little bit. Think all the gubbins are in the tablet screen and that dock is just a HDMI connection to your TV, anyway, i'am really hyped for it, but it needs that 3rd party support commitment though before i buy.

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Jesus, how many articles like this are there gonna be?

Simple really, everyone is waiting for the PS4Pro, so no one is buying the PS4Orig or PS4 Slim, for an extra £100 you get a much better machine, it's a no brainer.


There are many advantages of the Pro for full HD owners, improved graphics, improved AA, faster framerates, you dont need a 4K TV to take advantage of the Pro's extra grunt.


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Doesn't work(for me at least), i have calibrated both the PSVR and PS camera half a dozen times, played in a totally dark room(with TV off) , moved the PS camera from the top of my TV to the bottom, which is a no go for me as my racing seat setup blocks the PS cam from seeing the PSVR when playing DC.
Also, moving the camera closer has no effect.

Restarting the psvr helps for about 5 mins before drifting off the the left, never had any of these problems wi...

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Oh hell yeah, definitely the real deal, just sort out the bloody drifting issue.


The image on the PSVR drifts slowly to the left while playing a game and holding the Options button just adjusts the position and not the angle, bit of a pain in the butt especially cockpit games. Sometimes, after a couple of laps of Driveclub, i would be facing straight on to my TV, yet my head would be turned almost 45" to look straight at the steering wheel in t...

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Look, gonna be honest with you, the graphics you see on screen here are not what you see in your headset, the graphics are pretty pants, considering the orig Driveclub is the best looking racer to date, there has been a massive downgrade, but saying that, DCVR is a bloody great game, it drives really well and most importantly, it's loads of fun.

Just dont be to disappointed with the graphics.

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But i bet once vr hits scorpio, it will be the best thing in the world...... Smh

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Ahh man, that gives me hope of playing the game the way it should be.

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Oh no doubt, Farpoint does look good, especially on PS4Pro.

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Yeah, i heard that as well, i still have hope for Driveclub 2....but who am i kidding.

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