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Little of topic, i am looking to get a new card to replace my ageing 670's, is the 970 worth it or do i get the more expensive 980?

My overclocked 670's are currently getting around 40fps on ultra settings, but that 40fps is up and down like a yoyo, if i use high textures, that rises to around a stable 55fps. #1.1
I was on the PC beta a few weeks back, after an hour or so i didnt want to play it anymore, it was boring as hell and had poor car handling. It reminded me of the driving sections in Watchdogs(which i despised) due to major handling issues. #4.2
I have 2 overclocked gtx 670's in SLI with a gtx 570 for phys X with everything set to ultra apart from the texture(which is set to high), the games chuggs along at around 40 - 60 fps, with ultra textures thats drops to around 30fps.
However, i dont see this as a particularly demanding game graphics wise, i just see a poorly optimised console port with tons of problems.
The forums over at Steam are heaving with requests for help trying to run this game properly, there... #5.2.2
Logi don't make wheels anymore. They decided to pull out of the wheel market and concentrate on mice & keyboards. #2.2
Ok, cool.

Mighty impressive figures, sure Sony is looking at the X1 launch in China and looking to look down a date soonish. #5.1
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and the rest?

57 + 11 = 68% #4.1
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Yeah, you are right Ryse is a good looking game, but it struggled big style framerate wise, dropping below 20fps quite often, i remember playing it at my mates house, annoyed the hell out us. #2.3.3
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I think it will drop to under £300 this Christmas or January sales, that is all i am waiting for, get the X1 below that price and i will happily part with my hard earned cash. #1.1
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I think Uwe Boll has a lot to answer for! #1.4
China is a PC orientated market and will always will be, both the PS4 and X1 will be luxury products that a few elite individuals will buy.
Besides, MS's pricing is way through the roof and game activation codes will kill it quickly. #1.5
Where did you get those figures from dude? #1.3.2
I stopped online gaming around mw3 due to the constant stream of abuse from douche bag 12 year olds, my mum had just passed away from cancer around that time and to hear "your momma this/your momma that" every 10 seconds was pretty upseting.

Also the b3llend guy who thinks his polish gangsta rap music is so good, he has to share it will the whole world via his headset mic. #3.2.3
Lol, easy there tiger. #4.3
Agreed, cracking looking game. Will be one of the first games i get when i eventully pick up the X1 in January. #1.1
Jeez, absolutely stunning, almost photographic.

Not even the mighty Project CARS is even close to this. #1.2
"My people love that name thats it"

Er no, your people love better multiplats and better exclusives. #7.1
What? Hype does not sell a product for nearly a year.
People are buying PS4 because it is the better product, besides hype never sold X1's when Titanfall released. #5.3
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Lol, i had a "debate" with PCBOX(who lives in Germany) about the ratio of PS4 to X1 & i said it was 4-1, but jeez 10-1! Wow just wow.

Not forgeting this is vgchartz, PS4 is undertracked while X1 overtracked. #1.1.2
I didnt mind the movies that much, but you're right, the books are the best way to experience Middle Earth. #1.1.1
Just check out the beta youtube clips, looks fantastic! #2.2.1
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