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I have broken the R2 trigger on both my PS4 and PC(twice) DS4 controllers, it's not worth getting new triggers, just open up the controller and take out the broken trigger remove the spring and re-insert the broken trigger and close up the controller again. The white plastic piece behind the trigger will act as the spring pushing the trigger out again, also a benefit of this is that the the R2 trigger now has a lightning response as the trigger is now resting on the white plastic piece b...

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Your spot on, but us PC gamers are a pretty intelligent bunch, we never stood for gfwl, i'll doubt we'll stand for ms's crap in the future.

One thing i don't get is, why in the hell aren't Valve promoting the crap out of SteamOS?

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Hopefully, i'am waiting for the 1080ti as well.

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Even better in VR!

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QB was a good game(i enjoyed it), but not as good as ms and xbox fans made it out to be before release, they whipped up such a level of expectation that when the game did eventually hit shelves, it was well below the standards expected.

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The best MGS game to date, would love a remake.

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The VR experience is pretty good actually, really immersive, especially floating in space looking down at Earth below, shame the gameplay is average at best, i only paid £7 for it in the Steam sale so cant really complain.

The game i want to see in VR is No Man's Sky, Hello games have still to announce VR for that.

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"It's still not a con.. you don't pay extra for it, it will simply be an unused license"

But you are paying extra, no AAA game on Steam or GOG is priced at £50.

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Give him a few years and he'll look like Mr Burns.......


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Looking forward to this, not long now for PSVR!

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As a PC gamer yourself, you should know that PC games have always been traditionally cheaper than there console counterparts by almost £15, even £20 if you shop around, yet PC gamers who dont have a X1, dont want a scorpio or dont care about the xbox stuff you mentioned above, have to pay full console price, i went to pre-order FH3(one of the first games on "Play Anyware" ) the other day and baulked, i'am not paying £50 for a PC game, lol,...

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Nothing about overhauling career mode then? ea haven't really touched that since fifa 12, it seems all their efforts are focused on ut mode.

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Anybody know if Hello games have announced VR yet for this game?

Do i get it for PSVR or my DK2?

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Ah yes! This was an amazing shooter back in the day.

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I'am with you buddy, i really want to get into Witcher 3, like you, i bought it at launch on PC but just cant get into it forvthe same reasons you described, not really a big fantasy fan tbh, however, i'am a massive sci-fi fan and cant wait for Cyberpunk 2077.

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Looks pretty cool, have to give this a go.

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Not working anymore!

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I did'nt pay £350 to play last gen games, i can count the amount of times i have played on my PS3 on one hand since the PS4 launched, besides way to many new good games have been released on PS4 and PC to go back to old games.

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