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They wont be, what happened with that policy for The Division and The Crew, both were heavily downgraded after stellar E3 reveals.
C'mon ubi, The Crew looks like a damn PS360 game, lol. #1.1
Didnt Bernie Eccleston or Max Mosley think that footage from Sony's F1 game back in PS3's early days was real footage and demanded to know if Sony had a licence to show F1 footage. #1.1
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I found GTA5 good as well at night, recommend to turn up the lightbar to full, when being chased by cops the lightbar pulses red and blue. #1.5.1
"The light bar can be a real immersion killer, especially when your playing a horror game at night and the light bar illuminates the whole room even when its on the dim setting"

Absolute rubbish, i do a lot of my gaming at night with the lights off, my controller light is set to dim and see no illumination from it what so ever.

"Eight months later and we have not had any big changes since"

Didn't Sony just drop a Medi... #1
I have the CronusMax dongle for the G27 to work on PS4, however there are a few downsides to this.

1) No FFB, which is quite important in a racing game.

2) There are currently two methods to connect the G27 to the PS4, one is to have a the wheel plugged into a PC(and a DS4 conected to the PS4 via the dongle) a USB cable running from PC to the Dongle plugged into the PS4, the other method plugs the G27 directly into the PS4(via dongle), however every 10 min... #2.1.1
Two of my favourite games were made by Ocean back in the day. Robocop & Batman The Movie, great days. #1
Got a feeling Sony will announce GT7 at TGS. #1.5
People generally buy a games console to play games and not play the UI.

The X1's UI is clunky and cumbersome to use, it irritates me sometimes just how hard it is to do anything. #5.1.7
Lol, what i find hilarious is that the Xbox community can get into such a excited frenzy over a poxy update, i also find it funny that MS has to hype every single update to the moon and back, i remember the days when gamers got excited about games.
Like many other millions of PS4 owners around the world, i bought my PS4 to play superior GAMES.

"But keep putting that PS4 on the pedestal, and soon me and many others will trade it in for an Xbox One"
... #3.1.13
The headliner title games for Sony will be Star Wars Battlefront and COD, those games are going to ship a hell of alot of PS4's over Christmas.

@rookie below

Didnt say jack about exclusives, just said those two games will sell alot of PS4's over Christmas, because apparently the PS4 has no games over Christmas. #7.2
Gotta say Mark Wahlberg is one of the worst actors in moderen film.

Wasn't Nathan Drake's appearence inspired my nathan fillion away, i knows he's a bit old, but what's wrong with nathan fillion playing Nate. #3.1
Have you guys got the all of the Nvid effects to work?

Eg, rain flowing down the side of batmans mask for one, i did have both PC and PS4(PC version has been refunded) and i did a side by side comparison, the rain is missing from the PC version. #4.5
How do you get into the beta?

ea actually gave me £20 worth of packs as part of some promotion last year, as i have no interest what so ever in ut, they are still sat opened somewhere. #1.3
While UT mode is making them money,(they say it's the most used mode, i call BS on that) they will hardly touch the career mode, there are still bugs present from FIFA 13 that persist in 15.

What is dont get is that fifa is made by a dev team in Canada, while i have nothing against Canada, they should really give the game to a dev team based in a powerhouse footballing nation, where passionate fans who understand football can make the game. #1.2
Lol, Sony's answer to Lara Croft is Nathan Drake. #1.1
Lol, Forza 5 was gimped to get that. #1.5.1
I bought the new Batman yesterday morning, when i remote played into my PS4 from work around 4pm, it still had over 5gb to download, to put that into perspective, i have 100mb fibre broadband.

I managed to play the game till Ace chemicals, when a notice popped saying i needed to install the game to progress, i checked Batman in System storage and i discovered it still needed to download over 42gb, that download is still going nearly a day and a half after i bought it. #1.1
Funny, lol


What about Ryse, it was dipping into the 15's for god sake!

Absolute rubbish you own a PS4, your total hatred of anything Sony would have stopped you from ever owning one. #1.2.1
There is also a fix for the 30fps cap, just google it or check out the Steam forums, it means editing a config file.

Unfortunately, this game has mutlple issues which need multiple solutions, i just cant be bothered with editing files, just wanna play the damn game.

Get a Steam refund and get the PS4 version, trust me, it's a 100 times better than the PC version. #1.3.1
Go in to nvidia settings on your desktop, in the SLI tab set one of your 970's to run PhysX, then click the dedicate to PhysX tick box. This is the only way to get decent framerates(still crap), of course this screws up the SLI, but that's ok because SLI didnt even work.

The game still stutters like a bitch, i have given up on it and bought the PS4 version instead. #1.2.1
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