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Yep, certainly wasn't the best game ever made, but two player was brilliant, the amount of satisfaction and pride seeing your mate stomp off in a strop because i whooped his team was great.

Live long Captain Sensible. #10.2
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Ah man, Sensi Soccer was awesone, broke alot of joysticks playing that.

Went through alot of these:
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Same here, once in a while i will pop in the River Raid or Battlezone carts for a quick Atari fix. #3.1.1
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Talk about milking....... #1
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Lol, yep, alot of gamers have said that, i'll pick it up in a year or so in it's full state in a Steam sale. #1.1
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I was invited to take part, but i was never able to log into the website to get my access code to download the beta.

Was it just for yesterday, as i tried this morning and was getting the same error as yesterday? #1.1.3
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Yeah, no SLI in VR for now.

VR is an amazing experience when it works well, even on lowest settings Project Cars is a absolute blast, Elite is a little less demanding and also is an amazing experience, i can not recommend VR more highly, game changer in my book.

I was ready to get the Rift CV1, but the high cost has delayed my purchase till next year, i think Sony would be stupid not to undercut the CV1's price(especially after the negativity the price go... #1.1.11
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Yeah, would be interesting to see what dx12 brings to the table, but i'am not gonna hold my breath. #1.2
One of the reasons i am upgrading to a 980ti from my 970's is for VR, i am currently a DK2 owner and have found that many new games with VR capabilities are struggling on a single 970(VR only uses single cards), even though Oculus say a 970 is minimum requirement, it's not, it struggles big time with VR even at the lowest settings.

If SLI worked however, i wouldn't be buying the 980ti as my OC 970s can easily match a vanilla 980ti with no problems. #1.1.9

I did look into pascale, but release date is still unconfirmed and the top end card(to match the 980ti) will most likely start around £700 - £800, which is outside of my price range.

Also, i am selling my 970's to counteract the price of the 980ti and those things are tumbling in price on a daily basis, the more i wait for pascale, the more i will have to pay extra, if you know what i mean. #1.1.2
I still think we are all setting ourselves up for a massive fall surrounding dx12, with all the hype, we have yet still to see tangible real world evidence that dx12 will live up to it's own hype. Havnt we seen this all before with dx10 and dx11? #1.1
Awesome indeed, just ordered a GTX980ti to replace my GTX970 SLI setup, cant wait to give the new Nvid features a try. #1.1
Native VR support hopefully, first one is amazing in VR using Vorpx. #4
"Gaming: FPS campaigns often costs "75% of the budget", says Cliff Bleszinski"

Yet MP games still cost the same as games with campaigns, by his thinking, his new MP game should cost 75% less to buy, right. #1.1

Take your pick. #1.5.2
Totally agree, i think they have lost thousands of potential sales within the first year to either PSVR or the Hive.
I was one of those potential customers and have opted to get a PSVR instead, Sony and Valve/HTC will look at that £500/$600 Rift price and will surely undercut it.

I think it was a bad move by Oculus confounded by bad PR. #2.1
It's not actually a bad OS, after you uninstall all the useless adware/bloatware crap that MS put on and there is a utility tool that gives you more control over the privacy levels.

OT: seems like a great deal, unfortunately i already bought it on Steam and i have uninstalled the windows store from my PC. #1.11
Has anybody experienced severe stuttering on the PC version after about an half an hour of play. I usually play on full settings on 4K and it runs like a dream, however, after half an hour the stuttering starts, even lowering the settings and res do nothing, i have to restart the game every half hour to get rid of the stuttering. #1.1
"@XiKuraoikaKurta "best playstation franchises" is completely subjective"

They are two of the highest rated franchises on Playstation, how is that completely subjective?

The "majority" have voted, with there keyboards and wallets, but hey, if you wanna be a hipster type person where it seems cool to hate popular things, be my guest.

Lol, only pulling your leg dude, the way I see it, every person has the right t... #3.1.3
I absolutely loved Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, another game that is treated with disdain here on N4G.

For me, it was one of my gaming highlights of 2015, a year filled with mostly FPS' and open world RPG's.

The beautiful setting, the music, the narrative, a great game that had me fully immersed for hours on end.

It currently sits at 78% on Metacritic, which by any means is not a bad score, but the trolls on N4G would have you... #1.2
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