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Everybody stop and listen to welly, because, once again, he is right, everybody who thinks Battlefront feels like battlefield stop thinking it now, only welly has played both games and only he can determine how both games play.............. /s

Thank god, no one gives a DAMN about your opinion. #2.3.2
It doesn't feel like a Battlefront game, it feels more like a Battlefield game, i'am not saying that's a bad thing, dunno, just cant put my finger on it, the magic of previous Battlefront games is just not there.

Think i'am gonna give this a miss. #2.3
Jeez, you guys are getting real real desperate to downplay The Uncharted Collection, port, whatever man, it's just pathetic. lol.

Pretty sure Star Wars and Black Ops will counter what Halo has to offer, and TR is no where near a system seller. #6.1
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All MS can do is drop the price on the X1 as well, which i do see happening, it's inevitable, but, at this point i dont see it doing much, they may win October with Halo, but it will still be to tight to guarantee a NPD for November.


Don't forget the week after E3, which MS claimed to have won by outselling the PS4. #1.1
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Your opinion is wrong, The Uncharted Collection has had a bump in framerate from 30 to 60, all textures have also been upgraded, all cutscenes are now rendered live by the PS4, while they were pre-recorded on the PS3 Blu-Ray and as you say, lighting has been improved.

I would say that is more of a re-master than a port.


I will get it, but probs after i get the Rift for my PC first. #1.1.3
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It's a great game, you wont regret it. #5.1
Have it on PS3 and PC, have pre-ordered it on PS4.

Just finished watching the 30th anniversary Blu-ray's as well, my fave films of all time. #6
Just turn of "Featured Content" and you will get no more ads. #1.1.4
As a mainly SP player, i am actually looking forward to this. #1.1

Yep, you were right, mine was turned on again, but no ads were on my XMB. #1.1.2
I turned off the "featured Content" option the day i got my PS4, it was the same on PS3, it would download random stuff and demos i had no interest in. #1.1
Is it still in beta? #2
Fantastic article.

I am in the same boat, my little lad is fast approaching 6 years old and i love gaming with him, we mainly play co-op Lego games together, he loves the Indiana Jones Lego games, he will occasionally boot up Knack and we have a blast in that, at the moment he is pre-occupied with Tearaway Unfolded.
I remember at the age of two, i gave him a old PS2 controller(with the wire cut off) so he thought he was playing a PS3 game with me, clever sod soon cli... #1
@ Peace

They announced R6 patriots ages ago, then cancelled it saying they had a change of direction, Seige is that change of direction. #1.2.2
Entitled brats? Lol, what a pathetic response.
When we are paying £60 for a game with our hard earned cash, we are entitled to moan once in a while.

"Games developers dont owe you squat"

Lol, who do you think pays there wages and game development costs?

The issue with this game is that in all it's previous incarnations this game has been mainly single player with bolt on MP. #1.6.1
As i rarely play MP games and always stick to SP, seeing R6 turn into a MP only is a totally disgraceful decision by ubisoft, i've been playing R6 games for years, right from the start, this online fad in recent gaming is getting tiresome. #1.2
Oh dear........ #2.1
Really? Dont you think the better game would sell better?

FIFA is the better seller because it offers a more complete package, FIFA has PES beat on menu presentation, graphics, licences, commentary, in-game presentation, career mode.

PES' overall presentation is p155 poor, not even a fabled option file can change that.

While i admit PES plays the better game of football, FIFA is not that far behind, 16 is leaps and bounds better than 15. #1.2
Those would be nice, but the only thing i would want in a new firmware is a folder option similar to PS3. #1.2
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