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R.I.P Dude, way to young.

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Where Horizon Zero Dawn will wipe the floor.......

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Really glad DF are proving the Pro to be a great console, some of the guys on here must be eating crow since the Cod footage shown at the Pro release had framerate issues.

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Where does it state that X1 has passed the PS4 in total sales?

"According to NPD Group sales data, Xbox One has been the best-selling console in Australia since the launch of the slimmer Xbox One S in August, a period that spans from August 1 to October 30. The data also confirms that the Xbox One S is also Australia’s highest-selling 4K Blu-Ray player."

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Why not the kitchen sink......

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Great guide, but dont forget to format the USB stick in FAT32 before you download the OS as the PS4P wont recognise it, happened to me when i upgraded my PS4 to a 2TB HDD, spent ages trying to figure out why it wouldn't read the usb drive.

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The game runs at native 1800p then checkerboard takes it to 2160p(4K), not difficult to understand.

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Seems like the guys at DF are impressed by what they have seen with the Pro, a true testament to Mark Cerny and his team at Sony.

Cant wait till next Thursday!


In the UK unfortunately, but still hoping Tesco have a brain meltdown and send it to me tomorrow.

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My little lad is getting my PS4, he can play Dragon Quest Builder and Minecraft to his hearts content without using up my gaming time.

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Thankyou, that's one of my little lads Christmas presents sorted it out.

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Disappointing if true, think they have missed a huge opportunity here, driving games in VR are the way forward.

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Still think for pure fun factor, nothing touches Driveclub, amazing racer with breathtaking graphics and awesome support.

Kinda hoping Sony build on the present Driveclub and develope Driveclub 2 with another developer, shame it wont be Evo, but Sony has many talented people under their wings.

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I swear this was a tech demo called Dinosaur Island on PC, i remember playing something similar on my DK2.

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Thanks Mike, you legend! Just ordered the Pro from Tesco for £319 with Clubcard points discount and cancelled my £350 pre-order from Amazon, £31 saved!

Tesco aren't bad, got a X1 from them as well.

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I have a overclocked Asus Strix 980ti in my PC which is around the 6.8Tfop mark, on some more intensive games it struggles to even hit 30fps at 4K.

8Tflops sounds about right for [email protected], looking to get the 1080ti(if released) sometime next year.

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Clickbait/flamebait title, this has nothing to do with the PS4pro.

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Both are bloody hideous, but if i had to buy one, it would be the Razor, asymmetric sticks are the better option for me.

EDIT: sorry meant symmetrical.

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Lol, retake? When exactly did Playstation lose it.

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Jesus Christ! both are monstrosity's, both look like hill billy off spring of the DS4 and X1 controller.

Nah, think i'll stick with the best controller out there, the DS4 by miles.

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Oh wow, my bad. Still, it says Sony do not profit from it, but no punter should not be charged for demos.

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