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I see DX12 really pushed Quantum Break to the limits res wise...........

You are also selectively forgeting that UC4 runs at 1080p comfortably in SP mode.......

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Day one!

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"You think the demand is there for these people to suddenly strap on cumbersome headsets on their faces and jump around their rooms while playing mini games? "

Another completely uninformed statment from a person who has never tried VR.

Who says you are jumping around your room while using vr??

I've been using my DK2 for nearly two years now, games like Project CARS, Elite Dangerous, EVE, Eur...

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My collectors edtion got shipped today by Game in the UK.

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Damn, bought a 980ti a few months ago as i thought the new pascal cards would be around £700-800 on release, but jeez £500 is what i nearly paid for the 980ti.
Anybody want a slighty used 980ti?

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Looks very impressive, but still give the edge to Project CARS though.

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It's really pathetic that this website is going out off it's way to knock UC4, but are we really surprised, fanboys are hurting big time with the success of UC4 reviews.

I've reported the article as spam, but just look at the approvals pouring in, 90% of the approvals are from Xbox fans as well.

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Ahh man, along side Uncharted, Crash is one of my all time fave IP's, E3 megaton incoming.

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I just cancelled my pre-order from the PSN and ordered the UC4 Libertalia version from Game, yeah, the coin would of been nice as well.

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Has anybody checked if ND are actually human? Gods, aliens, doesn't matter to me, just keep on making truly awesome games!

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While 8.5 is still an impressive score, this is the same guy who knocked DriveClub because he had to(get this) brake going into corners, so..........

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Still, 8.8 from ign is still quite a impressive score.

The game is killing it, currently on 94% after 62 reviews on Meta, another 90+ game in Playstations ever impressive stable.

UC4 is the the No1 reason i bought a PS4, cant bloody wait till the 10th.


UC4 was my no1 reason, plenty other reasons since to justify me buying the PS4 two and a half years ago.

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Is anybody really surprised by this, this is what ign do.

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Same here.

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Good to see Sony returning slowly to thier glory days, a sleeping giant reawakens.

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I know bubs are gone, but here's a imaginary one for being funny!

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Totally agree with you about the TV show bit, i usually game for a couple of hours at night between 10-12pm if i'am lucky, so my gaming time is precious to me, i ended up skipping all but the first one, all i want to do is play the goddamn game, i wouldn't have minded if they were 5-10 mins long but 25 mins is way to long and as you say could have been done in-game quite easily. I'll probably go back and watch the remaining shows in the Time Line menu...

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Your comment and many like it is the reason bubbles should be bought back....

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Geez, the excitement is killing me, this is the game i want more than anything else, the number 1 reason i bought a PS4.

It looks absolutely amazing, ND have knocked the ball out of the park.

Anybody know if that was in-game or CGI like the last vid.

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There is a difference with product placement and outright advertising a product, outside the swimming pool where that Nissan leaf is parked to the side of the building, when you press the x button, the camara zooms and pans around to show the car at a "model" shot, just like it would be displayed in a magazine ad. Lol or when we see the same car plugged into a generator to recharge(cant remember which bit, might on the way to the dry docks) Jack even makes a comment about it.

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