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I have got a feeling, No Man's Sky will have a VR option, cant wait till E3. #2.1
This might be a wheel Logi are producing in conjunction with Polyphony for GT7.

Here's hoping? #2
Two GTX970'S in SLI, since update, game keeps crashing.
Played it yesterday morning, game crashed on me 3 times. #3.1.2
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Ahh c'mon, pushing tech forward is a necessity to push business forward, AMD aren't making chips and cards from the fondness of there hearts, there doing it to make money, simple as. #4.1.4
Go for Nvid, way better driver support and the cards are fantastic as well.

I have 2 overclocked Asus Strix GTX970's in SLI, simply amazing, cost me £600 for both.

GTA5 runs smoothly at around 60-70fps at 4K on ultra settings, The witcher 3(after update) is around 60fps at 4k, Shadow of Mordor(with ultra grapics pack) is around 70fps at 4K.

Not saying AMD cards are bad, just think Nvid cards are better. Besides, most new games... #5.5
"Except it's pretty well known that Nvidia doesn't share it's code with AMD"

Look at it from a business perspective, would you?
Nvid are in it to make money, they want to sell there cards to as many people as they can, what's the point of giving your advantage to your main competitor. #4.1.2
You need a alcohol based cleaner to break up the grease, something like a window cleaner, then wipe away the residue with a damp cloth or baby wipe as Hellsvacancy suggests. #3.2
Nice! I hope they have my first car that i properly owned in there, a Mitsubishi FTO GPX with tiptronic gear box, i customised the hell outta that car after playing the Underground games. #9.1
A brief History of NFS games! #1.5
Shame, i'll be watching from bed though, it's 2 in the morning for us in the UK. #1.3
Underground 3 in the same mold as Underground 2 please, the new NFS games are so dull. #1.2

i7-2600@4.5ghz, 2x GTX970's in SLI, 10gb ram.

I recently upgraded to the 970's because i found my 670 SLI was struggling with the more highend VR games like Project CARS and Elite. #1.1.3
Ahh man, i would love to play the Uncharted remastered quadrilogy, swiftly followed by Uncharted 4. #2.4.1
I've had the Rift since last year, trust me when i say, you guys will love VR, it's a massive game changer, playing Project CARS, Elite:Dangerous and Alien Isolation just blew me away.

Planning to get both the Consumer Rift & the Morpheus next year, cant wait.

They also have virtual cinemas on the Rift as well, in fact i just watched The Empire Strikes Back on my Rift, amazing! #1.1.1
Firstly, i played the SP campaign, not everybody bought the game for MP you know, the SP campaign was actually well done and had a lot of meat on it, secondly you chill out "bro". #1.1.1
I wish this game had a SP campaign, i loved the Socom series, ordering my team using voice control.
Far to many games are becoming MP only, very frustrating as i want to play, but i'am not very fond of the whole MP scene. #1
Just curious, who are these people you talk of?

Could you also link me to there pages. #8.1
What i would like to know is, why weren't these problems picked up in the reviews? #16.3.1
I have two GTX970's in SLI on Ultra settings + HairWorks at 1080@60, with a i7-2600@4.5GHz, game runs like crap, at some points it must be in the 15-20 FPS range. #11.2.2
Easy tiger easy, breathe. #7.3
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