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I got Move for X-mas last year and have to admit, I didn't use it much, felt like that was money well wasted.

UNTIL, I got Killzone 3 and FINALLY got it set up (toggles/sensitivities/crossha irs, etc.)..
NOW, I couldn't imagine playing KZ3 without move and don't play it with DS3. The feel of nailing some hig that you've been tracking with a headshot INSTANTLY is just too much to ignore...

P.S., don't use any crosshair support w/ K...

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b/c it uses the deferred rendering engine, which was TAILORED to the PS3's strengths.

Even on the developers circles i've been to, no one thinks that deferred rendering is a very good approach when considering the 360's hardware.

Granted, something similar could be done, and that's not to say the 360 couldn't run a deferred rendering engine. BUT, consensus is that the PS3 is way better suited for a DR engine.

SO, it could be done, but, it wouldn't...

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I should have waited for E3 first, b/c now i'm thinking i'm gonna want a 360 again.

Honestly, they did a REAL good job this year. All of the announcements i am liking so far.

Oh, and if I could install an ENTIRE game, OPTIONALLY, kinda like my CFW PSP. I'd be all for it, b/c it would run quicker, quieter, and get rid of needing multiple discs, and save on reliability.

The PS3 does installs, but they are mandatory, and that's only so the game can run ha...

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I don't want to spread the fire.

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post removed. I don't want to be a part of it, reconsidered.

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somebody gonna get canned probably b/c of this though b/c rabid fanboys have to dig around like fricking pirhanas.

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I did just this last night, but with an HDMI cable. with the discount and free shipping.... it was FREE. I paid nothing and it'll be here this week.

google checkout ftw.

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1/4 the power. no fricking way. Among the developers i've talked to, it's currently believed that base CPU/GPU layout in the 360 is more capable than the base layout of the PS3 (assuming using just RSX for GPU/cell for CPU). BUT, since SPU's can be employed to help out with GPU functions for culling and lighting, etc. etc., most think it's a wash to, if anything, the PS3 being more capable (yet to be "proven", but when the time is put into it, i think it already has. i.e. 1st pa...

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I loved the beta on 360, it had a few "gameplay" issues, but for the most part a solid batllefield package.

sold the 360 and just PS3 now. BUT, for anyone wondering about screen tear, it aint the vid. must be Something about all that destructable makes it too much of a perf hit to lock the frames b/c it happens a lot when stuff is blowing up around you... Oh well, didn't bug me much at all while playing and wasn't all the time either.

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is highly suspect. No way is it 1800!! The PS3 and 360 GPU's are on par so why is it....

nevermind. They just updated the site and took out the GPU numbers with a update as to the PS3's inflated number for RSX. There is NO WAY it was 3 times or whatever the 360's.
""""" ;We have received numerous emails and comments voicing doubt over the floating point capability of the RSX GPU in the PS3. While original specs put the GPU at an of...

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and now just have the PS3.

All you fanboys arguing over which game is better are gay... This game looks incredible. I WILL, save up my money for another 360 come November or December.... After seeing this i will.

Game looks Frickin incredible, i love gears, one of the best games i ever played.

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i thought there was supposed to be a playable demo.

am i just a dumsh1t. I don't see one on PSN

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in my trusty PS3. I'm gonna hop on over to PSN and see for myself though.

BUT, i just put my 360 on ebay, i hope i'm keeping the right system.

The list of multiplat games that run in a higher resolution on 360 than ps3 is much bigger than the other way around. I am a member of b3d, so i've been paying attention.

doesn't give me that warm feeling for the PS3. 576P is pretty pitiful, SD is 480 folks, ouch.

OH, BTW, judging from a demo is pr...

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I could feel a change in the air. 360 still has great stuff left to see, but, i'm feeling the PS3 more lately as are more and more people from the looks of things.

I think this will be the trend for the rest of the year, PS3 will prob get a big boost from GTA for the next numbers too i'd bet...

who cares about wii, i wish everyone would shut up about it...

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It does have the vaseline effect. According to this one.

I'm starting to think that the 360 version is the better version. Just because it always turns out that way, except for 2 or 3 games.

360 720P and 2xMSAA
PS3 640P and no AA Seems like the 360 would look better, despite all the FUD, and propaganda which i am seeing spread RAMPANTLY. It's like a disinformation movement or something.

I don't care, i'm still getting it for PS3, my 360 n...

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I had myself convinced of getting the PS3 version. Then today i hear that the PS3 version has no AA and the 360 version has 2xMSAA. Hear about much more jaggies on PS3 than 360 and now don't know what to get.
I would like to get the best version, but i think it just has to come down to personal preference. I do know that jaggies bug the hell out of me (Halo 3 taught me that).. I've seen comparisons and the 360 does have better AA (bowling alley steps picture), but i liked the way th...

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First i'm not an xbot. Did you even read that i'm getting it FOR PS3!!.

Second. It is 630P NATIVE resolution and 360 is 720p NATIVE resolution. For now, that is the story and Quaz has NEVER been wrong.
This coming from a forum of GAME DEVELOPERS folks!! I don't care if you like it or not, but, you'll have to either completely deny it (which i'm sure you will), or deal with it. I've dealt with it, and i'm still going to get it.

And yeah, how else are the gi...

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it's an intro, not gameplay.

Also, the 360 pop in problems were on pirated discs. Which user burned discs are slower than retail discs for seek times etc. b/c they're lower quality. I'm sure that the HDD install helps the PS3 in that respect though, but i think it's being blown out of proportion

*****Also, word around town is 360 version is 720P
PS3 version is 630P!!!!. I'm surprised there's not a story posted about it on here, the GAF is hitting core meltdo...

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b/c i was going to say the same thing.

Only mine was going to say.

"looks like the tides are turning, luckily i have both, so i got it covered", lol.

But with the latest news, i'm starting to think there was a reason why i got that PS3 after all. I just had a feeling that we were on the cusp of a change.

And yeah, 360 was supposed to have free AA with the 10MB edram daughter die. What happened to that, supposedly if the game is i...

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in the night club scene, 360 colors were a bit more vibrant, but on the bridges, PS3 looked better...

6 o one, half doz. of the other... I couldn't make out anything else that was different.

I actually like that it installs on the HDD. I have 160gigs free on it, so i could care less as long as the game runs as good as it can...

That said, i'm going to get this on PS3. It sounds like the version for me and i actually like sixaxis unlike most everyone...

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