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I'm loving the game. Have a level 50 Arcanist and Alchemist now, and am continually finding things enjoyable. Endgame so far has even been fun, which I find kind of rare in the opening months of an MMO.

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Hearthstone to me seems like a simulation of an actual game, but without all the animation and actual interaction.

Totally makes sense that you'd play that ACTUAL game. Good article. Super logical conclusions.

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This feels slightly unfair, as reviews go. The majority of the negatives are based around the hardware. That's like someone with a lower end PC rating the game poorly because it doesn't play as well as it could.

The core of the gameplay, the game itself, rates higher than a 5, and most of your reviews would suggest just that. I'm not sure where the dislike is coming from.

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I can't figure out why people are clamoring to reach max level so quickly. This is the first MMO I've played in a long time where I relished exploring each zone I was in and actually reading quest text. I'm not sure what the rush is.

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This is dumb. Mario never loses his hat.

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Nice. Was hoping this would happen. I don't mind playing on PC, but if I can get trophies, more the better.

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I'm sad at this. I love that franchise and don't want to see it on phones. Ports maybe, but not numbered installments. Those belong on consoles (and frankly belong on the Vita).

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Dang. It's too bad one person has the capability of killing a series with millions and millions of fans. Why did they give you all the power? :(

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Seriously...I was waiting for a price drop on it but didn't expect a price collapse.

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The lesson here is that winning beauty pageants will get you a career as a pro gamer!

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She remains my favorite FF character of all time. Good stuff.

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Praise the sun.

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If you think about the 3DS sales versus the WiiU sales, I think this is and unlikely scenario, even though the other two console releases (Gamecube and Wii) were some of the best games I've ever played.

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Honestly feel like a lost a close friend today. Been listening to Ryan for the past four years on the podcast. This is a hole in my life I don't see being filled.

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Yeah that really only applies to crappy games. I bet if they changed their data to reflect metascores (which suck but I can't think of a better "quality" number to go with), that things would look much different. Overall sales might drop, but I bet quality games have a much higher sale rate because of demos.

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I don't have any friends. Why would I need a second controller...

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What a pointless article. Is this gaming journalism now? Whining and pouting about incidental things?

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Releasing a new game every month just makes me think it'll be a slew of half-assed, boring games.

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Amazon numbers are, why is Maw, a game that's years old, on the top five sellers? That's crackers.

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I really love those two dudes.

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