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Picked up the Japanese import last December and can can verify the game is probably the best Godzilla game yet! This includes Super Famicom Godzilla, Godzilla Melee games and so on.

Do not underestimate this one at all. The PS4 version will be even better, as it allows players to choose from all the other various characters! This was the only problem i had with the Japanese version.

Other than that, Godzilla feels like a true Godzilla game and is well worth i...

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Feel free to keep on trolling me wherever I go marloc. Get a life kid!

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Seriously, NO MORE REMAKES!!! I want a new Zelda and am getting sick of all these damn remakes! This is simply another lazy quick cash money grab.

Enough is enough and some of you gamers need to stop supporting this crap! This is becoming a huge trend this generation. We never had this garbage before.

Same goes for movies, they run outta ideas so heres another remake!

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Does this mean i have to have ps plus to even play the frikin game? If thats the case, i am going to have to pass!

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Definately will and thx!!!

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Great game and im not even big on fighting games. A little pissed off my preorder from Dell did not come with free Goro! Wasnt it supposed to be all preorders? Came with $25 Dell card though.

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At least there were no downloading, dlc, updates, delays or any of this nonsense back then, and you still got quality games! I do understand we have to be patient and how much time and effort goes into a game these days. I get all that! Why even announce it so early, like we should all expect it within the year, then 2 years later youre still waiting and in some cases gets cancelled. Last Guardian sound familiar?

Vectrex haha, havent heard that one in awhile. Those overlay ca...

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Ive been playing the Japanese version since its last year release for the PS3, and its a great Godzilla game, probably the best! You really dont even need to understand Japanese in order to play the import at all! Also nice that the PS3 is region free! You move and feel just like Godzilla should. Im a long time fan of Godzilla and can say that most godzilla games have not been very good in the past. I think the best one might be Godzilla Save the Earth. Unleashed had more monsters, but gamepl...

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Windwaker? Already played that on the gamecube years ago, thats not a new title! Hyrule Warriors is Dynasty Warriors with Zelda characters, didnt like it and thought it was very weak.

People like you are the reason that weak games even get released. Youll accept whatever you can without any questioning, thats pretty ignorant.

Dont keep announcing false release dates then, getting peoples hopes up for nothing! F all that dlc too, you can have at it, and pay ex...

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Whats going on with this game? Release the dang thing already! Shouldve been ready when the WiiU released at launch. Getting sick of game delays all the time, and that goes for all of them!

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Reimagined remake is the same thing. It does state its a remake and will be reimagined. Gameplay outdated? That would mean games like DK Country, Mario World and Mario Kart are outdated, when they are actually the biggest selling games today and still have a huge following of gamers, old and new!

Im looking forward to Shadow of the Beast regardless. Sounds like youre nitpicking maybe. Im looking forward to this one regardless.

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Well i dont care about online, but i dont like all this dlc crap! All of it should already be included in the $60 you spend for a new game!

Does anyone know if Goro is included with all preordered copies? I preordered from Dell and there is no mention about it.

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Dmc was great game, do not be fooled by some. I actually wanted to play to the end, unlike many games today that cant hold my attention for long. The port is not gonna look much different in terms of graphics, so dont get your hopes up. If you never played it, get this game!!!

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I heard Ori is $8 for gold members, is this true? No one seems to know and im not a gold member. Would this work for a trial gold member?

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Someone said xbox gold members get it for $8 something, is that true? If so, does it apply to free trial gold?

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Gotta agree with you! It was a great game!

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I bought the disc season 1 and just bought the season 2 character pack for $20. I only got 6 characters. Isnt it supposed to be 8, anyone know? Will i get the other 2 automatically later on or something?

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No problem, glad i could be of some help. It takes about an hour to charge which seems pretty quick, considering most others can take 3 to 4 hours. Ive only had to recharge it once and i must have put well over 15 hours into it. Lasted me days on end!

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Hey man, theres only one Plissken here! Haha, comedy

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Thx for bubble, just returned the favor. Anything third party like this nyko that plugs directly into your console, is probably not a very good idea. The Power A one plugs into the wall only and charges quick. Holds 2 controllers and can even keep them stored on it, without charging.

Ive also put many hours into it and its still going on same charge! My only complaint is you cannot charge the batteries by themselves, controller has to sit in cradle. Its minor though and not ...

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