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50% sale? people don't want cheaper tokens, they want forza 5 without microtransactions...

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Damn it steam, out of the 200+ games in my account i only played/finished 10% of those...

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oh hi cliff, just stopped by to say you're an asshole.

take care

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I'm buying a ps4, not interested in the xbone because you know... microsoft.

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damn activision...

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Not just this year.

How people are still defending m$ is beyond me.

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So the game just came out... did they removed those maps from the game to sell them as dlc?


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Now this IS a review, not that gamespot or IGN bull.

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That's total misinformation. Why would we do that?

Take care gamers

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I blame the queen of england

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Remember kids you can do that move with your parents credit card as well.

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Congratulations, your game still blows.

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must buy, game of the year

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Lol microshaft... glad I didn't gave you a single cent for your os since windows98. Yes, I pirated every single os you released to date (minus windows8 it sucks)
Yes yes im still using their os but that's because there is no real alternative and im being forced to use your crap. Let's hope valve does a good job with their os.

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They are almost identical, xbone has more jaggies (lower res) but everything else is the same.

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"Logistics & Licensesing Issues"

Your console, your OS, WTF?

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This is basically Zombies mode from Black Ops but with aliens.... also this should have been included in the past 2 mw games

iw is 4 years late to the party

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Aren't we all tired of cod?

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ea, ubi... they deserve it

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