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I will never forget the first time i played HL2, what a masterpiece that was and it still is. I feel bad for this younger generation of gamers, subjected to mediocre games like cod and it's respective clones.

GTA:SA was also brilliant, way too much fun.

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Basically they are porting the PC version to nextgen... stop tricking people

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Dlc and microtransactions going rampant ruined it for me...

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Screw you ea you don't deserve my money, besides my wallet is hanging out with steam right now.

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What happened to the joy of making videos for fun? it looks like these guys are only interested in making a quick buck and treat their viewers like zombies. Now I can see their true honesty.

Go ahead and dislike my opinion for all I care.

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I support this, go out and find a real job.

let's see how many disagrees i can collect on this one

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as long they dont monetize their vids everything is fine.

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I have a ps4, deal with it...

Wtf is this?

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I dont know about this game... dear esther was meh and I didn't like the path they went with amnesia machine for pigs.

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And your point is?

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These "youtubers"... you can fix this, go to your videos and un check the option that says "monetize this video"

problem solved you greedy bastards

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WTF why is this a problem??? youtube was way more fun back in the day, you know when people made vids just for fun but now...

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This Randy clown...

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Damn those microtransactions are looking good

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They will probably start banning these consoles from xbox live if they detect different hard drives.

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I miss ps and ps2 era...good times

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Shu is happy

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What a complete joke of a review....

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