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now is your opportunity to replace your broken moneybox 360... dont forget to buy 2 of them, just in case.

clearly an inferior product

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i think thas the appropriate name for it... expect more flops to come in the near future

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A game that lasts 4h and has the same multiplayer maps...and bots continue to support their leaders. Expect more flops like this in the near future (halo reach?).

clearly a major flop

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The definitive racing sim on the crapbox arrived 2 years ago, with flopza 2.

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Bots in denial again...

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Clearly micro$oft marketing machine is driving 360 bots crasy.

Graphics: GT5 > Flopza 2.5
Gameplay: GT5 > Flopza 2.5
Cars: GT5 1000 > Flopza 2.5 400
GT5 on blu ray > Flopze 2.5 on 2 dvds
(arcade owners tottaly owned by their leaders)

GT5 truly is the definitive racing sim of this generation, only on Playstation 3.

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Clearly the best flop is yet to come on the moneybox 360.

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Silly bot, they just dont get it.

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microfags are feeling the pressure...they cant handle it. Poor bots, they keep being raped and raped by their leaders.

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They dont mind, it seems they are enjoying it...

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360 pigs continue to be raped by their leaders...

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To get the full experience of this game you have to play it on the superior console, the PS3.

360 contingent will never be able to achieve prestige level on this game, because their xboxs will not let them and they will die before that...i feel sorry for all of you.

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This game is meant to be played on the crapbox not on the superior console named Ps3.

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PS3 a superior console with a superior reward system.

360 contingent continues to deny that... their little minds cannot handle the truth...

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the 360 contingent will buy anything with the halo word on it, their little minds are too weak to realise that.

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Ps3 reveals once again why it is (and always was) the superior product, 360 contingent you better start hiding...

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gt5 psp> flopza 3

even mario kart ds is better than flopza 3, keep dreaming bots you won't be seeing a good sim racer on your dreambox in a looong time...

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Clearly massive flop 2 will set new standards on the crapbox, witch by the way never existed

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Only sh**, this game looks like fifa 2005 for ps2!!

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Dude shut the f*** up, the parents are suffering right now and everyone should help that family, life is not all about games you know, at least show some respect for the family...

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