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spartanlemur: I don't recall him saying anything about how a female character would just fix everything by virtue of her being female. I see no sign of Anita Sarkeesian here, or "those types" as you call them.

Foxtrot is just saying that he finds that character more compelling, and is concerned with the focus being split on two characters. I share that latter concern, but I don't know enough to comment as to who is the better character so far.

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I hope I am not proved wrong...but if I didn't know better, I'd say that the person who made these questions actually cared about the series and what fans had to say.

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For people who are not familiar, a Five is actually a totally average score from AngryJoe. He is not like most reviewers where a seven is closer to an average game.

Sorry if you already knew this, but I have met a lot of people who are not aware.

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More power to ya! But I'll be curious to check back in a few weeks and see if people regret it.

I have seen this show before. A hyped up new IP fails. On the other hand, I suppose every great series of games had to be a new IP at some point!

I never buy games day 1 (except Metal Gear!), so I'll just lay back and see.

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I'd give the writer some credit. I think it is important that some people who saw the review now see this as well.

Plenty of people, including me, have decided that Assassin's Creed games are not worth buying new, and we are just waiting for a price drop. I like to know what to expect, and I got to see this update.

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People have been requesting the game for you, SE is well aware that people want it. Yes, it was of course a tech demo, but it is natural to get excited because most rational people would assume they chose that game for a reason. No need to call them names over it.

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Strangely...this is the kind of thing I love video game journalism for. This is just nice, short, sweet, and something that would never make it in "real" professional media. Yet, I somehow feel more entertained after reading this than I have felt reading so many other articles.

(By the way, it is nice to be back commenting after being gone for two years!)

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Ok. But there is no reason to give up on the multi-plat performance front either. Most likely next gen, many of the great games will be multi-plat. Might as well make a strong effort to make them best on your preferred console.

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That would only be true if Sony made all $60 from each game.

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I agree that Sony will obviously not be making $60 off of each game. They have to pay the retailer, distributors, publishers and developers before Sony sees any of it.

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Exactly. What the advertising war will come down to will be whether Sony can put up quality ads that MS can't match, or will MS simply overwhelm Sony with numbers.
Sony can pull this off.
They need to do better than this gen though. That was just sad.

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Gears I have respect for as just a fun "Shoot-em-up". That's nice every now and again. Not saying that it convinces me to buy an xbox, but it can stand as a good game series (plot, not so much though).
Fable is a really sad story. The xbox lacks any really convincing exclusive RPG's now. Fable once held a lot of promise.
Forza 5- Not many people care about Forza any more, never really played it myself.
Halo- Used to be REALLY good. Haven't playe...

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Numbers are inaccurate. Most likely just old and outdated.

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Does it take place in the factory where they keep making new games every year?

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You mean Assassin's "press counter button to win" Creed?

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Exactly, as a Youtube fan of AJ I can tell you that to him a 5/10 really is average. A seven out of ten is a noticeably above average game.

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I find some hypocrisy in this video. They say that "butt-hurt fanboys" of physical media can't respect others' opinions. Yet they characterize everyone who supports physical media as a butt-hurt fanboy. Obviously they are not respecting gamers' opinions when they don't address any of the reasons people give for supporting physical media. They just resort to the types of insults that I would expect from a 12 year old youtube troll.

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You'd be surprised at how many people comment my video on Youtube and say that they had no idea this was going on. Casual gamers and the general public really don't know much about this. I feel gamers should make it more known. I feel it is important.

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I didn't understand until after I saw that video too. It looks like SR has become much more than a GTA clone.

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Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars Battlefront are probably my two most missed franchises from the PS2 days. Both of them played a major role in changing me from a casual to a hardcore gamer. I make Youtube videos, and I have mentioned these games plenty of times in my videos. Every time I talk about them I get tons of people commenting saying that they agree with me and wish new games would come out on a console. So the demand is there. When will they capitalize on it?

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