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Ubisoft's PC versions have always been good but this should help them even more.

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Yeah, I doubt GT6 will sell as much, it really should have been released on the PS4.

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$168 is a lot for a pre-order code, but I guess this just goes to show how popular this game is becoming.

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Wonder if it will run at 1080p on the PS4? They have not released any technical details so far though.

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Love the sound and physics. Game looks great.

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Same. I hope they improve it even more since it's official now.

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Yeah, I like the sliding and vaulting system though, it makes the gameplay fun.

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I'm really excited for this game but all these features have already been done in games before.

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Yeah mate, looks likely that they will close the studio.

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It's an exciting new technology for sure. But I wonder what will happen of id now? Doom 4 is yet to be released, so I have no idea what that studio is doing right now.

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I would love a PC version of the game.

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@thrust, Buying PS4 first. Need money for gaming PC too.

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Yep mate. The game looks addictive, but the console is a bit too expensive for me at this stage.

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360 sold 1.0 million units in Q1 and its total is 78.2 million, so it looks like the PS3 is slightly ahead now.

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It's an incomplete list from NeoGAF. Quite misleading.

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This is old. There is no startling difference. Ripping titles from a previous post is not cool.

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We already knew this.

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@Minato, he was asked about the 3GB limit, to which he said no RAM limit.

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Yeah, some insiders on NeoGAF were saying something about 3GB RAM limit, but Spencer dismissed it.

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