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"AMD is likely making around $100 per console sold."

Nope fake.

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They won't patch it. Yoshida himself is telling people which game to play using DS4 on Twitter.

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You are joking, right? DirectX 11 belongs to Microsoft. They can do whatever they want with it.

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PS + is the greatest service everrrrr. Remember Me should be fun!

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Also Singularity was just a domain name, don't think it's actually the name of their PS4 project.

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I wonder what type of themes David Cage will tackle. I kind of appreciate the fact that he doesn't want to do a sequel and stick to something new.

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It's really easy with sticky bombs and grenades. Just throw and bam.

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I think most UK developers make risky, niche games like racing ones. To be fair, the market for such games is shrinking so it's not their fault really.

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Xbox 360 version has gone live, but PSN one is being rolled out slowly.

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PS4 owners don't get the game on November 15th which is a bit unfair.

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Yeah, that's one way to put it. Let's hope the PS4 and Xbox One sell a lot so that this investment is justified. AMD deserves some love.

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Hilarious thumbnail :D

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We never got a response from SE PR. :( But good to know they have reversed their decision.

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Vita is a much better handheld than the 3DS, just a shame developers aren't making AAA games for it.

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Link is broken.

They are loaning the dev kits which seems to be a great move in attracting indie devs to the console.

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They did the u-turns because of low preorder ratio not because they care about what gamers think. They would have pushed all the DRM and other policies if the PS4 didn't do so well.

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Origin is a great service mate. People who hate it simply have not tried it, or even if they did they are probably addicted to Steam.

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Don't think Sega will. They don't really care about doing that.

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Haha, but I think they have enough money.

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