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What? It's a mandatory update. You can't sign in to PSN otherwise.

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Here's the link guys: https://store.sonyentertain...

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I can't believe it either. The theme is pure awesome.

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I really hope all this stuff is true, I can't wait for a new raid. Had so much fun in VoG and the new one is supposed to be even better.

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Exactly, this is not cool at all. One version should not suffer because the other can't handle it. Gamers should vote with their wallets and tell Ubisoft that this stuff isn't gonna fly.

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Kinda disappointed with the items this week, but I get to save my strange coins so it's all good.

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Yeah the gun is definitely getting a nerf. I need to get to level 28 asap to do the vault of glass.

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How do I get to 28 though? Lol. I'm still at 25, so I needed the armor.

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Don't have 23 coins :( Got the helmet.

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This isn't as effective as the loot cave but it's the best so far after patch. Hate you Bungie for nerfing the cave >.<

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Its the slide + shotgun + knife combo.

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It is not "boring". It just has a poor campaign and is an unfinished game. The gameplay is really good.

Even the multiplayer has a horrible announcer. I love Crucible but that guy gets on my nerves.

It's little things like these that make Destiny an average game.

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Maybe they published early.

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Rockstar's doing great job with this game. This is how you make a remastered game.

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Everyone deserves to play a beautiful looking game. Silly article. Wish it was on PS4 as well.

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He's not developing games anymore though :( Wish he stayed at id for some more time.

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Yes, it does! There's a six month wait though lol

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Also, the game should look much better once they finish the demo. The current one is said to be 70 to 80% complete.

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Are you serious? The particle effects have more oomph in the new demo.

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I feel like the car count is really low, but I guess it's fine since they are highly detailed. Can't wait to play the game.

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