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october 7th this year. #26.1
they are traditional in every sense. Or is traditional that you you have play a race for hours in order to see the day change to night? you set the time of day the race will start. You set how fast the sun goes down or comes up. Im not sure what else you are supposed to do to make it traditional. #3.9.1
from the article "We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up"... time lapse... time compression... time lapse... time compression...cmon now, say it with me #7.1.1
uhhhh it does have day night cycle.. what are you talking about now? Did you read the part about setting the time of day, and manually adjusting the time lapse? #3.3.2
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read...the... article. #9.1
"realtime" day/night cycle huh... interesting. #8.1
haha convas, you big dummy, RTFA #3.3
Is anyone reading the article... hahahahahhaha... oh man, this is N4G, of course not. There are day/night cycles, you get to adjust the time lapse manually. Whats not in there is dynamic, meaning the game knows what time it is where you are playing and sets the day/night racing accordingly. You guys are funny. #7
Damn, they shoulda made this for PS4. I might have actually made the jump if this game was on the platform, that really stinks actually. #3
dude, two radio stations were talking about it, KMEL (hip hop) and 95.7 the game (sports talk), were talking about the game this morning on my drive to work. Its not just N4G, its damn everywhere. #2.1
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wait a second.. its $50 for just his car pack, not all future car packs like a car pack season pass?!? Also you don't get the cars immediately, they just unlock and you have to use your in game currency to buy them? is this real life? #12
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boooo dish... cmon direct TV!!! #3
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I have the psn title, play it on PS3, its like $5 #3.1
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No shipping costs, no tax costs, no keyboard/mouse, no cooling in original costs, geez. #4
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Ironically, 4 PS4s costs less than 3 PS3s... #7
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as someone who lived in that era, wooden VCR finish was very rare. Wooden TV yes, wooden VCR, not so much. #1.1.2
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its kon!!!! #6
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I like how people negate every other game and every other discount people get with PS+. Its like they equat the $50 sub fee with only one game... break out that $50 with the 20+ IGC games and numerous discounts received throughout the year. #2.3.4
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what are you talking about, this game is all about hunting the greatest animal of all... man #2
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oh ok, its cool they fixed it then. #6.1.2
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