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I'd like to see more Religion in games. Real religion as in our God, and not made up religion.

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Not another Puff Daddy, or was it PDiddy, or Diddy, or Puffy, or Sean Puffy Combs, or Sean John, ahhhhh forget it!

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and obviously more than a mere demo that some people believe or Sony wouldn't be trying to get rid of all these videos and talk about it.

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I posted this in the official Playstation forums and my thread was deleted. Obviously this is something Sony doesn't want us seeing, ohh well too late lol.

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I'm going to post this on the official PS forum and see if my post gets removed. We will see how much Sony wants this secret.

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It's just my opinion here buddy, it's not like i'm sending Jaffe hate mail. You can chill out.

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He changes his mind too much. He was all for $10 PS3 games a year ago. I'm getting tired of hearing about him.

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"So now I'm back in France since the 3rd of september 2007 to work as concept designer for Ubisoft."

The guy has been gone since September. I'm sure he was replaced a long time ago. I think he went to Ubi so he could be in France again, that's where he was born.

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Wow I live 20 minutes away from that Sparta Walmart. No joke. That is a small town, and i'm sure that Wal Mart puts stuff like that on the shelf all the time. Never thought i'd be seeing that story on N4G!

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