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I can't wait for all the new things coming to Home, they said to expect big announcments in the coming months.

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What the heck are you some kind of private investigator lol, I no longer feel same on this site. Major props for bringing down the poster of the article, but you might have took it too far with that guys fiance.

Anyways, the guy who wrote the article was trying to bring down KZ2 for being #2 on Walmart's list after only being released for three days. WOW lol.

I preordered from Amazon also.

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I hope it comes to PS3. Just because I enjoyed the first game on 360 and no longer own a 360. The boss battles were amazing, the one that sticks out in my mind was the giant earth worm lol, that boss fight was great.

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You can have your 360 any color you want it right here so no, the red console is nothing special. The Jasper is a plus. The packaging.... really man? Once that thing comes out of the box the packaging is going in the top of the closet lol. Who ever buys anything because the packaging is awsome???

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That's all, just a red console? No Resident Evil marking or anything??? I was thinking about buying this bundle because i'm in need of a new 360, but there's nothing to show that it's an RE Xbox... it's just red is all :(

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GoW3 for me :)

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I believe the N64 and GameBoy Color both had cameras.

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Silly boy, everyone knows GT5 is going to be KING of racing games.

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that was great lol.

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lol @ uneducated

Better graphics than the 360? Feburary 27th my firend.

Decent exclusives? That argument is still going around lol, everyone knows the PS3 has games.

Online? What's wrong with the PSN?

You are right on the 1080p though. What was promised about 4d?

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Since when did we start calling DLC DMD?

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Doesn't that Sligon guy that posts on VG Tilt post on N4G alot?

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Chill people, Omega4 wasn't bashing the game in any way, he was just saying there hasn't been many enemy types revealed for KZ2 yet. Geez you guys will fight with your own kind if you think anything negative is said.

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Isn't this old news? Like two months old?

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@2 agreed, I liked the original much better. Also the Loco Roco costumes are crap, i'll wait on next weeks update.

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Did you see the crowd, those are Wii owners. They only cheered when the applause sign comes on :)

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Not it's not BS. It's gone from the US Store, i'm one of the users that posted on the PS Forums post. I got the same reply when I emailed Midway. They said it was still available on the Europe Store and they were looking into why it was gone from the US Store. It's nothing Sony or Midway has done.

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Uhh Silogon the only thing missing is that you won't be able to create levels with your friends online. Everyone can still create levels and upload for people to download. You can do this by yourself or OFFLINE with up to four people on one PS3. The ability to create levels ONLINE with your friends is being added in the first game update. So get your facts straight man, or better yet just shut up.

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Can you please give a link to where it was said that online uploading of your levels has been taken out of the game?

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Just report LightningPS3 as offensive. The best we can hope for is they get banned. I'm a Sony fan as well, but I know when to stop. Best wishes for the family and friends.

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