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Blame all those people who hacked their PSP to play games for free.

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It's not that the game mechanics are busted, it's that their not the norm that everyone is used to. I hard trouble with the game at first, but once you learn the controls and get the right sensitivity for yourself it becomes second nature. People wrote this game off so soon because it wasn't Call of Duty type twitch finger shooting. There's absolutly nothing wrong with Killzone 2's controls, you just have to get used to them.

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I beat the first game and really enjoyed it. I only own a PS3 now, so I wouldn't mind it coming to PS3 at all seeing as how i'm not going to buy a 360 just for it.

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Na, judging from the post it seems like it's just going to be more maps and a higher level cap because he says that by now we've probably figured out everything about to current maps. So I guess it's not going to be anything game changing, but I could be wrong. Although you made a good choice to trade for.

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Wow, that reviewer ripped the game hard for trying to copy Ninja Gaiden.

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The Last Remnant wasn't from Tri-Ace. Infinite Undiscovery was from Tri-Ace and it was a 360 exclusive. TLR was supose to be multiplatform, but they won't even comment on the PS3 version anymore, i'm sure MS bought it. I would not be surprised one bit if this title doesn't change to a 360 exclusive. SE probably announced their games as multiplatform anymore just to get another check from MS to keep it exclusive.

EDIT: My bad, this is being published by Sega. For some reason I ...

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That's exactly why I don't want it lol. I don't want the other team knowing where i'm at because someone on their team is dead and telling that team where I am. That's not online gaming to me, that's cheating and takes out all the fun.

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Ya it was there because it's another form of communication, it would make sense to put them together, but I assure you that you won't be able to chat cross-game tomorrow. I mean you have hundreds of fans begging for it on the Blog everyday. If it was coming with the firmware it would of definitly been in that video, or at least in the description of things coming. The more options he was talking about is attaching larger files (from 1 MB to 3 MB) which wasn't mentioned in the video, but is li...

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If voice chat really was included do you really think he would have been showing the text chat? No and he would have at least mentioned voice chat if it was cross-game. That voice chat you saw isn't going to be cross-game, that's only from your start up XMB.

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I actually am happy with it. It beats having to go into your inbox, going to the message you recieved, hitting reply, typing the message, hitting send. This way cuts alot of those steps out.

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Why does everyone want cross-game voice chat? It will ruin the experience just like it has done on Live. Do you want the other team knowing where your at because some guy who has already died is telling them everything? Come on people, that doesn't sound like fun to me. Just because Live has it doesn't mean we need it also.

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"Badman" or what you mean as "Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman!" was never announced as anything. It was only trademarked by Sony, it hasn't been announced as being anything and probably never will... companies trademark things all the time that never see the light of day. Please don't spread falsh information.

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Wow, Lionhead dropped the ball on that one. At least they make decent RPGs though.

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What makes you think that a sequel to a game that sold over 2 million won't sell. Collector's Edition of Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 for me!

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I loved Tools of Destruction and can't wait for this. Insomniac always delivers the goods.

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Ohh, I don't care about those lol. I rarely even post so agree, disagree I dont care lol.

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When did I ever say it was a bad thing? You act like I was slamming the idea, I wasn't lol...

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While Sony aren't buying disc releases or exclusive DLC like Microsoft do, they are buying exclusive PSN games. This is a real help to the small devs out there who don't have enough money to self-publish their games. So if someone has a great game, but don't have to funds to get it out there, Sony will fund them as long as it stays on their system. I can see why some would call it hypocritical because of things Sony has said in the past, but you have to do what you have to do to stay with the...

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The game of the year for whatever year it comes out in, and probably the next one after that too lol :)

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People's minds will be changed about Home once these updates are announced, and from what the Home managers are saying that will be in the coming months. Let's see what people have to say about it then :) .

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