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i get mine at or amazon #14.2
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Gamefly and are good too! Just got saints row 3 from gamefly for 13 bucks with shipping #22
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yeah good point but they are not planing to dismantle or plan on telling Marvel how to run their comic/movie department, is the point i meant to get across. Like or hate them Disney is a well run company for the most part. #4.1.1
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I am soooo happy right now. Disney did a good job with Marvel i think they will do Star Wars good!!!! BTW the newer movies are not the worst thing except for jar jar but there has to be something there for fan to hate on(remember c3po anybody?). Fans are way too picky but then go see the movies on opening day and complain about it for the rest of their lives. #4
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if they put the old C&C's on xbox live arcade and had mutiplayer a lot of true C&C heads would get those insted of this new one #2
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i see this problem on my tv
but does anyone else notice that when ya hit like 5 or more dead dudes at once that there is a frame rate loss #9
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on a 1 - 10 scale
its a 8 #1
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Same old Sony :(
did you see a ps1/ps2 mem-card on the ps3? that will be really stupid if ya have to get ur save files thoght sumthin like game shark or AR? i think 360 does not have a way to get old save from xbox 1, but if the ps3 is gonna cost this much from putting all this extra hardware in it they should just ditch the plan cuz like they say there are 100 mil ps2 in the world then why still make the hardware in the new system and make the consumer pay more?(blue-ray and cell have already took a dump on... #15
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too little to late
this was console has been delayed so many times it just sick they should just release the keyboard #1
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